2010-04-14: Couple Of Accidents


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Summary: James and Robyn discuss their recent run-ins.

Date: April 14, 2010

Couple of Accidents

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

This large metal tower has many mysteries and stories surrounding it. Deep in the woods it supplies most of the radio frequencies of the school. Danger and High Voltage signs hang all around the tower, but that doesn't stop the occasional group of students from trying to climb it.

Tonight James finds himself at the communication's tower. He should be at team practice. 'Should be.' But Jono did say take his time if he felt stressed so, in true James fashion, he's taking advantage of the edict. Sitting under a tree, which isn't far from the fence, the hyena enjoys a little piece and quiet. He's far away from the worries of the DR and having to play nice with people he feels forced to work with, and that's just fine with him!

It's been an eventful day for Robyn since after getting into a tiff with Theo and ending up with a broken nose, he was excused from his classes for the rest of the day. He's just had dinner and now is walking around the woods, just kind of heading in the direction of the communication tower not fully realizing it. He pauses for a second when he notices someone there, but it's hard not to recognize the hyena shaped person as James. "Hey James, mind some company?" And as Robyn gets closer it'd be easy to see his nose is swollen and black and blue, along with under his eyes.

James responds with a friendly enough, "Nope!" and hits the spot next to him with a loud thump of a an oversized hand. He watches Robyn as the friend nears and narrows his eyes a little as he inspects a little more deeply, "What happened to you?" It's a question of concern, ears taking on an uneven stance.

Robyn walks over and sits next to James. "I kinda did something stupid, but Theo is just…he can ruffle peoples feathers but the minute someone ruffles his he throws a pot at their face." As if that sums it up just fine. "Though the present I was working on for you got ruined." He says with a frown. "What about you James, everything going okay?" And he's heard rumours but just bits and pieces that don't make sense.

James makes an 'mmmmmm' sound, no where near a growl, but there is some disappointment, "Theo needs his ass kicked good and hard. I already gave him a warning…he keeps pushing his luck and something bad's gonna happen." He shakes his head a little, trying to look kind, "That sucks. I'm sorry. If you keep having issues, let me know, I'll take care of it." He avoids the latter topic, only responding with a shrug, "You know how it goes around here. Some days are good, somedays suck."

"It was my first time meeting Theo and it was like he purposefully makes himself niserable and not likable." Robyn says with a shrug. "Ya know, I don't care if you don't like me, but….I shouldn't have provoked him by saying what I did." Robyn just wanted to ruffle his feathers and he didn't realize how bad he would have by saying that. "But anyway, my vacation was great. Jordan's parents are cool and I got to go to Disney World."

James hmphs and nods, allowing the topic of the small, unlikable troll to be dropped, "Really?" gives Robyn a smile, "How was it? I've always wanted to go." Like all kids do. "But my parents never had a lot of money and then this happened…so…" There's a shrug, "Though…maybe I could sneak in as a Lion King cast person thing…Ha! Now that would be funny."

"We'll find a way to get down there." Robyn says as he thinks James looking how he is shouldn't stop him from enjoying life. "I know, my parents would never been able to take me but Jordan, well he doesn't live far and it was a lot of fun." He reaches over and can't help but put an arm around James for a side hug. "Have you ever thought about using the image inducer to go out and just get away from here for a bit? I know it sucks hiding like that but, people are idiots."

James leans against Robyn in a rare sign of affection, one that only about 4 people in total on campus receive. "Someday is a theme with me," the hyena says with a smile, "And…yeah, no." Shake of his head as a bird distracts him for a moment, "I've got one, it's me, but every time I turn it on 'I' see the monster from the mall. Just with out the wings." He clicks his tongue, "It's something I need to work through. Just…getting sidetracked with life. Ya know?" A arm wraps behind the boy's back as the creature's attention turn back towards that bird. Just another crow. One of millions.

Robyn notices the crow only because he sees James paying attention to it. "Yeah I know. I like you as a Hyena and like I said when I first met you, I think it's cool. I've always thought that physical mutations had a need sort of beauty, you know?" It's the artist in Robyn. "I'm sorry James, about all the shit that's happened. You deserve some time away from here as much as the rest of us. Hey…how about this weekend we go for something like a midnight picnic at the reseviour. Get a few of us together and just sneak out for a bit when no one can see it and freak out.

James avoids a good 60% of what Robyn just said. It almost sounded like a compliment, and he doesn't do so well with those. Instead he concentrates on the question by screwing up his face a little, "Ehhh…maaaaaybe?" There's a tension in his jaw as it shuts mixed with hesitation, "Jono, Dr. McCoy, Kenta….well…the entire staff are watching me. I'm not supposed to leave the grounds until Addison sees me." Funny, a warning of that caliber never stopped him before. He shrugs and admits, "Normally I'd tell them to shine on, but…stuff happened. AND Dr. McCoy asked. I sorta owe him for not mentioning to anyone I still have part of his old discarded uniforms."

Robyn looks up at James and nods. "I heard part of it, that you had a rough time and something about Theo being there for a fight and if he wasn't you wouldn't have been breathing?" He's got the story wrong but it's how Theo worded it. "Do I not have to leave you alone to make sure you don't get into trouble?" Robyn teases his friend a bit. "So do you want to talk about what happened?"

James snorts a little and looks Robyn over with one visible black eye, "Couple of accidents. People think I'm messed up because of it." It's been more than 24 hours since his last discussion about this, so James is back to Square One: It's not him, he's not the problem. "Lucas and I got into a fight…no biggee. I just forgot how much bigger I am," the hyena says as his ears flatten a little in shame, "I reacted at one point and crushed him against the wall. I feel really bad about it. He's healing, and he says it's his fault and all that, but…you know." The next mention makes his cough a little out of self consciousness, "Then, I locked Jono into a cell so he couldn't leave without talking to me first. But, the inhibators came on full strength and literally almost killed him." Ears are not fully back. "See…couple of accidents…but everyone's sure there's more to it."

Robyn moves his hand to reach out and put it on James' paw, giving it a light squeeze. "Yeah…couple of accidents." He says winces a bit as he thinks about things. "Have you been okay? I mean you're not stressed out about something are you?" He's just thinking things are getting to James, maybe just too much with the school. "Lucas is okay right?" Since he saw Jono today, he knows that Jono is.

James raises an eye ridge as Robyn responds, "Yeah, well…no more stressed than usual? I mean, honest to god…I don't see it. I mean I can from their 'OMG, James is knocking us off one-by-one! Hide da womenz!'" The hyena makes Jazz Hands, moving his paw away from Robyn for a second as he expresses 'their' shock. "But…Jono…I was trying to actually do some good for once. I didn't even know how to turn the inhibitor on." He doesn't replace his hand, instead letting them fall in his lap, but Robyn does get his leg bumped by the hyenas', a friendly offering.

Robyn nudges James' leg back with his down and nods. He doesn't say much as he's not sure what's really going on but he's taking James' word for it. "Accidents happen, I'm sorry it was so extreme. Sorry things seem to be difficult for you. If anyone deserves a break around here, it's you James. Really, it's like how much shit can you take with them putting….whatever on you. I'm just glad you're out of that holding cell."

James makes a face, "Reminds me…forgot to call when I got out. Sorry, said I would, didn't. No excuse." The hyena gives the boy a nod, "Yeah…people act like these things only happen rarely. but Julian says otherwise." Well, he 'sorta' did. "I feel a little picked on but hey…can't tell me I don't deserve it." Another click of his tongue follows before adding, "Speaking of being picked on…I missed the Pair-a-goons DR lesson tonight. Better go find Jono before he calls the X-men on me." He stands, stretches, and offers Robyn a hand up, "I wanna hear about your trip later. Okay?"

Robyn takes the hand and pulls himself up. "Definitely, I got some pictures I'll show you. And sorry, but noone deserves to be picked on really." Even if they were the ones doing it before. "I should get my homework done too. Just, don't let them get you too down and if you ever wanna talk, just find me. I'm usually holed up in the art room." He says with a smile as he goes to walk back to the school with James before parting ways.

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