2010-02-04: Courtyard Encounter With Optional Snowballs


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Summary: Jono, Kael, and Mike randomly meet in the courtyard. Snowballs are thrown at them.

Date: February 4, 2010

Log Title Courtyard Encounter With Optional Snowballs

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

One of the school cars returns with Jonothon behind the wheel. Nothing fancy here. Nothing to really pay much mind to, and he parks in the garage where it should go. The exciting life of a Starsmore! Oh yes. …Not. He's some bags with him, mostly from music stores, when he emerges from the garage. Yeah, just went out and did some errands. Can't stay at the school twenty four/seven. Does stop at one point to let some enthusiastic kids race past. They get a dirty look for the snow ball that impacts his back shoulder, but that's the worst of it. Just some shrieking and laughing as they race, gallumph, and even fly out of sight. Mutant kids will still be kids. Sigh. Dusting off his jacket, he cranes a little to see if he got it all.

Kael is walking from the direction of one of the dormitories, his head tilted back to look up at the sky as he watches the snow fall still. A soft smile forms before he looks down; watching Jono let others by and the aerokinetic steps out of the way as well. Hopping into one of the snowbanks made by one of the students. As he turns around, a snowball hit him in the back; neatly between the showers and he just stands there. He clicks his tongue a bit before his hair flares white before he turns around; a rush of wind blasting around him as clumps of snow fly in the other students direction.

Dnager Oom Session Is OvaH! And Mike-the-Macheen was expressly successful today, he …oK, well it wasn't that amazing really. He aced the agility test part. Didn't get dented up, which means no need for Magic Fixit, and Dr. McCoy hinted vaguely at something which means he MIGHT! be getting his voice soon. His own, not-borrowed-not-blue voice!
NOTHING can mess up his day, not even when a perfect flight of snowballs impacts like giant wet cold spitballs on the creamsicle-orange of his Excelsior uniform. Oh. It will be ON. Soon as Mike clears the snow off his eyes.

«Oy!» Comes a familiar call as Mike is peppered. Well, familiar to some anyway. «Leave off. Stop throwing that shit!» It was okay when it was just himself, but Jonothon grows a little irked when they take on other victims. Not that he chases after the group, who suddenly have remembered an important date elsewhere. Letting them scamper away, he eyes the two of you. Kael he doesn't know, but Mike? Yeah. He should start calling you Mike the TV. «You okay, mate?» Asking the macheen. Kael gets a wave in greeting. Not irked with you, never fear. His face covered, he can't really show much emotion, but the wave is friendly enough.

Kael turns around at Jono's voice, quirking a brow slightly as if he was in trouble. And he's about ready to defense himself! But then Jono heads over towards Mike, and Kael just tilts his head a bit. "So many new people," mutters Kael under his breath and he looks up, hming a bit before he shrugs. He starts to head over towards the two, just curious at the moment as to who they are.

Snow cleared away from his eyes, Mike looks around, just in time to see his future snowbert victims escaping Jono's wrath. Rats!
He does the "thumbs-up" gesture for Jono, and appears to be moving in a way that would be laughing if he could breathe.
He had come out of the mansion door, heading out to check on the state of the roads, but that can wait. As soon as Kael gets near he says "HIThere!" in the voice of Peter Gabriel; sample #1 is still classic.

Jonothon mostly agrees about the new people. He's still not used to how many people are here. The school used to be much, much smaller. A nod to Mike and he turns his attention to Kael. Yep, all covered up, to just under his nose. «They didn't get you too, did they?» A furrow of brows, but he does motion a hand to his head before pointing at Mike. The gesture is mostly lazy. Speak away there, Mike. Then back to Kael he offers, «I'm Jonothon Starsmore, but people call me Jono.» Been around a while, but that doesn't mean he's met everyone.

Kael gives a wave as he says, "They got me, yeah. But I sent a farewell package to them." A mischievous smile on his face before he looks back at Mike, just blinking as he hears a voice… that isn't a normal person's. "Uh… Hi." He looks back at Jono, he gives back, "I'm Kael Langford." He looks back at Mike and just blinks a bit more.

"Thanks, Jono. Hi, Kael, I'm Mike Drakos. I think I've seen the back of your head in the hallway once. Hey Jono, the Sub of Doom will be gone on Monday, isn't that great? Now all I have to do is skip home-ec until then." Mike's voice comes across a mental link courtesy the man in black, black, black, and oh yeah, black. It doesn't sound much like a robot. More like a teenage kid.

There's approval for retaliation, so Jonothon lets that go. Kids and snow. No really getting away from it, unless you move. «Nice to meet you, Kael. Mike here can't talk normally, so I help when I'm around.» Explaining a little why it when from weird radio to the teen-age boy. Oh, and you forgot a black. What? he likes black! At least he's not Goth. The man honestly just likes wearing dark things. «Mike, want me to try and get you out of those classes?» Asked with a bit of a puzzled frown. «They didn't make me cook things, so why should you.» That's kind of cruel really. «Got something you'd rather take?»

Kael lets out a soft ah and nods. That's why there's voices in his head. Not that that's something different here. Just a little odd at times. He lets out a laugh, "Back of my head, eh? Gotta be the weirdest way of saying ya've seen someone yet." He listens to the two of them for a moment before he looks back at Mike, letting out a soft hm. "Why not go for sports?" It's a mutant school. They know how to deal with enhanced stuff.

Mike answers in a puzzled mental voice. "get out of? Oh, oh right. No, thanks. My mom set up the initial schedule, they were thinking I'd be here at the beginning of the year but I had the accident and someone else got in my slot in autoshop so I got Home-Ec and I really like cooking and I guess I need to learn how to do the other stuff anyway, it's not that bad but I just can't TASTE the food, Mrs. Schmertz (not her real name) just doesn't get that."
Imagine if he'd had to breathe while saying that. Mike would have fallen right over.

A shrug then, «So long as you're happy.» Jonothon won't worry about it then. Not being able to eat either, he's conscious of the issues it brings up. Removes some important social activities. «…Mike, if I thought you needed to breath I'd tell you to slow down. I think you'd have turned blue otherwise.» You really don't need to get in all those words as quickly as you did. «Maybe I should let you go back to your sharpie.» Teasing of course!

Kael snickers a bit as he listens. "Jono's right. Breathing is good. Or even spacing your sentences out and such." He hms to himself, looking at Mike; idly wondering if it was a mutation that made him a machine or something else. Ya never know at this school.

Mike makes an odd noise over the connection. Sorta like laughter. He answers in a second, "I know, I'm sorry. So what's your raisin d'be-here Kael? I can merge with vehicles. The robot thing is a fortunate side-effect of an unfortunate accident."
Jonothon lifts his handful of bags to let them drape over a shoulder. He didn't buy a whole lot, but the bags stick out in odd directions. Raisin? He just doesn't ask though, and lets Mike do the talking. The dialog has slowed some, and he's curious.

Thankfully, Kael comes from the south so he's heard a good deal of strange ways to say words, so he has a slight understanding of what Mike's asking. "Oh? You merge with vehicles? That's gotta be one way to get around needing a driver's license." He laughs a bit before he says, "My reason to be here, ya mean? Well, so I can control this." He hops backwards a bit, stopping in mid air on the second jump as he's lifted up by wind for a few feet or so.

Mike stares at that for a moment, and slightly uncensored thoughts go… "What the f… ruck wow COOL. Your hair goes white when you do that thing too. Hey, I think I remember now. I met your roommate Leo my first real day here. I saw your names on the door down the hall. I'm down the leftward hall. I only ever see my roommate gone, or asleep and snoring like ten elephants in labor."
He tilts his head to one side, "Hey you wanna go inside or anything, I don't really notice the cold but if you do, it's coo … fine with me."

Now if only he had powers like that. No sign of that though though as Jonothon motions towards the door. «I'm not cold, but let's get out of the wet.» He doesn't much like wet boots. «Mike, do you even sleep?» Doesn't remember if that's been covered already. This one totally doesn't have a perfect memory. Luckily. Bags swing and he heads for the door. A thin man in black.

Kael smiles softly as he lands on the ground, the winds dying down around him as he hops back onto the path. "I'm used to the cold really." What with his boyfriend being around this cold. "But, wet is never really fun." He follows Jono as he looks back at Mike, "Yup, dunno why my hair goes white though. And yup. Leo… was my roommate. I think he's leaving soon…" He looks down at the ground and sighs a bit.

Mike follows, thinking, "But… why? I know he did that thing for Nathaniel and I heard he wasn't all sparkly any more but … man, that sucks. Hope he's gonna be OK then, do you know where he's going?"

«Home.» That's where he thinks Leo is going. Said with a little disapproval. Jonothon doesn't linger though, he's inside, and
shaking off his boots, as soon as he can. «He's scared he won't have a power anymore.» There's a shrug and he keeps the rest of his opinion to himself. Jono believes Leo's powers will return. Leo seems to believe otherwise.

Kael grins a bit, "I agree with Jono. He may be going home. He never really talked about it when I was helping him pack." He looks back at Mike and says, "It does suck. I wish he didn't resort to that. But, love makes you do strange things." Sometimes deadly.

Mike removes the boot-chains from his feet before going in. "Well crumb. I kinda like him, he put up with my sound effects. So what year are you, Kael? I already know Jono here is all grown up and old and stuff." He blinks one eye, for a prolonged half-second when he says that.

Jonothon glances back to Kael about the love issue. Maybe there was something he missed about that. Love? All he knew was Leo lost his powers and wanted to leave. Totally doesn't ask about it though. «Yeah, I'm ready to retire.» He rolls his eyes at Mike for that. «Someone get me my bloody walker.» He's old! Needs help walking! «Really, if Leo would wait, I don't doubt his powers would return. Pushing things that hard takes time to heal.» A shrug and he motions a sigh.

Kael lets out a bright laugh at Mike, and shakes his head. "I'm a junior. Just trying to survive in this crazy world. Even worse, this hectic school." He looks back at Jono and nods. "But… it is his decision. Can't really force him one way or another."

Mike thinks JUST loudly enough to be heard on the link, "geez, I really AM the youngest guy in the dorm" with a slightly horrified slightly embarrassed tone, but then he deliberately thinks, "Well, I'm a freshman. Born on New Years Day, but my folks made them take me a bit early so I'm not trailing way behind."

«Of course.» That it's Leo's choice. Another shrug and Jonothon continues, «Don't want to force him. If going home helps, then so be it. It's one of those..» He trails off to look at Mike for thinking loudly. Pauses to smile at the robot-boy, for all this only shows in his eyes. «There are some boys who are younger.» They are all npcs, but they still count. And thanks to Mike he totally got derailed and forgot what he was going to say.

Kael nods softly, to both Jono and Mike as he smirks. "Mike, ya might be the youngest. But. My boyfriend is the same age as you. So, ya ain't the youngest." He chuckles a bit before he looks back at Jono. "Now I'm wondering whom I'm gonna get landed with as a replacement roommate."

Mike blinks. "Your boyfriend is 15? Huh. OK." He's heard of these may/december things before. A nearly devilish gleam crosses his eyes, and he thinks, "Hey Jono, if you really want I can merge with a wheelchair and we can get you to your room faster." That would be mean if he wasn't laughing so hard.

<Wheel me upstairs then, mate.» No, doesn't expect it, and with an eye-smile, Jonothon lifts a hand in fare-well before he takes his leave of you both. «Nice to meet you, Kael. Feel free to ask for help if you need anything. That's what I'm here for.» And with that he's gone. Sadly he takes the mental voice for Mike with him.

Kael gives a wave back to Jono. "I'll make sure to!" He looks back at Mike, and hms a bit. "I'd ask if ya were hungry. But… you said ya don't eat. … Wanna head back to the dining hall to chat more?"

Mike waves, laughing for a moment before the voice fades. He nods to Kael, and does the "lead on," gesture.

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