2009-04-27: Courtyard Meeting


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Summary: Kael gets a nice welcome to the school when he runs into three students in the Courtyard.

Date: April 27, 2009

Log Title: Courtyard Meeting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

With the unusually hot weather that New York is having, Robyn's decided to spend the later half of his day outside in the nice weather. He's actually lying on the pavement on his stomach wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. It's hard to tell what's on the shirt he's wearing. He has a tray infront of him with a bowl of water and a large thing of clay and he seems to be slowly scuplting something with his hands. His tools for the more intricate details sit next to the brunette teen as he's just begining his design.

July comes from the path leading to the dorms, only to find Robyn laid down on the floor, and she giggles softly, "Heh, you'll get your clothes all dirty like that, Robyn." The elastic girl says, smiling down at her frient.

Seems there's a new kid in the school. And he's already looking a little bit lost. Kael is turning his head every which way, taking in the new sights and all of that as he walks around the school. Getting the new feeling for his surroundings and all of that. Though curiously, there seems to be a constant breeze following him; one that you'd find a rather nice spring day. Only noticible because his hair is swaying slightly and it's slightly tipped white.

Not really phased by the heat so much as wearing shorts, Eddie's walking out of the mansion at the moment. Dressed in shorts and a Fantastic Four t-shirt, he's got his backpack with him. Humming a little tune, he almost doesn't see Robyn up head. Luckily, he spots him before he gets near enough to trip. Blinking a few times, he approaches with a smile. "Hey, Robyn," he greets. "How's it going, July?" he adds on. Looking around for a moment, he blinks when he sees someone that looks lost and tries to remember if he's seen them before.

Robyn looks up at July and smiles. "I'm out here working with clay, I'm going to get dirty now matter what. I'm not that much of a wuss." He says with a laugh as he rises his hands off on the water and pours a bit on the clay to make sure it doesn't dry out. Rolling over so he's sitting up it now shows that Robyn's wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt. "Oh hey…um..uh..Eddie, right?"

July chuckles softly and shakes her head, smiling a bit, "With clay? What are you doing with clay?" she asks, tilting her head a bit before hearing Eddie's voice, and turning to look at him, "Oh, hey, Eddie. What's up?" She asks, not yet noticing the new guy in school.

Kael looks up as Eddie is looking at him and the shorter kid gulps slightly before he gives a nervous wave and a "Hey.." at the group in front of him. He's wearing a light jacket, shorts, and some sandals while wearing a DarkSector shirt under that jacket. The wind around him dies slightly as he's noticed and he's stopped his walking. Nervous much?

Eddie nods. "Yep. I'm Eddie," he says with a little chuckle. "Not too much right now, July. Just kinda wandering," he shrugs. He starts to ask if anyone knows who Kael is but the other studen speaks up first. Eddie smiles and waves back. "Hi. I haven't seen you around before…are you new here?"

July nods to Eddie, before noticing he shifted his attention elsewhere, and so does July, always being the curious one, and notices Kael for the first time, "Oh, hi there!" the girl says, smiling, "Welcome to Xavier's School!" she giggles softly.

"I like to sculpt." Robyn says as if it should be common knowledge. "I had free time and I figured I'd make something." He says as he smiles at July with a nod. "Good, I remembered your name. I think we've only met one." Robyn says with a smile as he looks at Kael and offers a small wave. "Hello, welcome to the school."

Kael smiles softly. "H-hey." A nervous laugh once more. "I'm Kael. Kael Langford… and yeah. I'm new here." He rubs the back of his head absently, the wind dying down around him completely before he looks at July and Robyn, giving them a small wave respectively. "Kinda… obvious, huh?"

"It looks like it's gonna be something cool, Robyn," Eddie chimes. He then flashes a grin Kael's way. "Well, like they said…Welcome to the school!" he says. "I'm Eddie Parker-Mayfair. Nice to meet you!" he offers his hand to the new student.

"It's going to be a skull with a bunch of little mice forming a weird sort of set of hair. It's going to take a while." Robyn says kind of embarassedly but Robyn has a tendancy to enjoy macabre sort of things. "I'm Robyn Larkin, I'm fairly new here too. About three weeks I think?" Says Robyn as he brushes his bangs to the side so they're not floping in his eyes.

July blinks as she looks at Robyn's soon-to-be clay sculpture, "Ooooh-kay…?" she chuckles, smiling a bit, before looking at Kael, "Oh? Langford? Well, nice to meet you Kael. I'm July. July Lanford."

Kael looks down at the clay and tilts his head slightly before he looks back at Eddie and gives him a quick handshake. "Nice to meet ya, Eddie." He laughs a bit, still a bit nervous before he looks over at July and Robyn, smiling still. "Nice to meet all of ya'll, really."

Eddie just stares at Robyn for a moment. He's not quite sure how to respond to that. Blinking, he shrugs it off and then smiles again. "So umm…sorry if I sound rude but umm…what's your power, Kael?" he asks curiously.

Robyn blushes a bit and stays quiet. He likes what he likes and he sometimes feels weird for admitting it. Welcome to be the weird kid at yet another school. "Nice to mee you too Kael." He's kind of shy around the group of people, esepcally after Eddie and July's reaction to what he's scuplting.

July chuckles softly at Robyn, and reaches down to pat his shoulder a bit, "Just go on. I find if a bit weird, but if it's what you like, go ahead." she says, before looking at Kael, letting him answer Eddie's question if he wants.

Kael smiles brightly, and he says, "I can control the wind." He tilts his his head as his hair starts to bleed white from the tips as the wind around him picks up; only strong enough to be noticed at first. But it blasts through the area, strong enough to do something to that clay, before Kael drops control; letting it blow off into nothing. "Still not that good with it." His hair slowly bleeds back to the normal dark brown.

Eddie lets out a little squeak as the wind picks up, shielding his eyes for a moment against potential debris for a momren. Blinking a few times, Eddie smiles once more. "That is cool!"

Robyn notices the beginings of his scuplture start to warp from the wind, one side being forcefully pressed so it's all leaning. He lets out a sigh. "At least it was only the begining of that." He says as he notices the wind also blew the water in his bowl all over too. "Yeah, a lot of us are not that good with our powers. Just ask about me with July here." Robyn says with a chuckle. He's not mad at Kael about it, he just has to start over.

July smiles to Kael, "Oh, that's a nice power." she nods, grinning, "I have some elasticity powers. I guess that's why all of us are here. To learn to control our power better." she nods again.

This is probably the first time that someone's said that, and Kael blushes ever so slightly at Eddie's compliment. "Uh… thanks." He's completely lost at it and he switches to July with a blink.
"Elasticity?" Then he looks over at Robyn. "Oh, man. I'm so sorry about that!" The wind controller walks over there, crouching down to see just how much he wrecked it. He's concerned… really.

Eddie nods and points to July and then the picture of Mr. Fantastic on his shirt. "Yeah, July's all stretchy. She's got a cool power too," he says. "Just like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four," he adds. He finally notices the damage to the sculpting and winces. "Oh man…"

Robyn smiles and shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, I just started. It's frustrating but not the end of the world. I know all about lack of control with my powers. I drain other peoples psychic energy and can do a few others as well. I can't get mad when he doesn't have much control when I have none."

July smiles and pats Robyn's shoulder gently, before looking back at Kael as he expresses his confusion, "Yes. I guess you can say my body is like Robyn's clay. I can mold myself in any shape I want, or stretch my body in any way. I can even flatten myself against a flat surface, becoming real thin." She nods.

Kael just blinks. "That… is… awesome." He looks over at Robyn, smiling softly as he says, "Well… I'm glad that your sculpture isn't ruined cause of me. Though I'm sorry that I made it fall onto itself." He stands up and looks over at Eddit and says, "What about you, Eddie? What can ya do?"

Eddie jumps slightly when he's turned to and them smiles again. "Well…um…it's complicated but I can boost the powers of other people, and when I do it I can mimic their powers. Also, other people can boost me but uh…still figuring that part out," he admits with a blush. "It's confusing empathy stuff."

Robyn waves his hands. "I only just started it today, it's not like I spent more than a half hour on it." He leans back, still sitting on the ground, he's comfortable down there on the brick. "You have confusing empathy stuff and I have confusting mental stuff. I think it seems to be a trend around here."

July giggles softly, and then she looks to Robyn. "You know, I was reading some stuff about the X-men, and your powers seem a bit like Rogue's." she says, smiling and nodding, before looking at KAel, "Yeah. You want a demonstration?"

Kael smiles a bit. "Sure! If I can see Eddie's as well… Just not at the same time. I don't think I'd be able take it all in at once!" He laughs softly, and looks over at Robyn for a moment. "Well… I bet the next time you'll start. You'll have an even better grasp for how it should look." THen he looks back at July to watch.

Eddie smiles to Robyn, nodding. "Well…it is why we're all here. To learn more about our powers and how to use and control them properly," he says with a nod. He's then surprised once more. "Umm…alright. I guess I can demonstrate,"

"Rogue?" Robyn doesn't have a clue who that is. "Was she also able to possess other people and make psychic weapons?" Robyn asks sounding hopeful. He's learned what he /can/ do he just have to figure out how to use his power. "Who knows, I might lose the idea and go with something else all together." He look sover at Eddie, curious to see his demonstration.

July rubs the back of her head, "Ah… no, not really, not her." she shakes her head softly, smiling a bit, "I'm sorry, I'm gonna go read the books better to see if I have a better idea."

Kael lets out a small laugh. "Heh, I definitely need to learn control…" He rubs the back of his head a bit before he slips his hands into his jacket pockets; a soft breeze blowing through the area as the very tips of Kael's hair turn white.

"Only if she absorbs the powers of someone that can do that," Eddie speaks up, fanboy mode clicking on. "Ms. Rogue has the ability to drain the energy or anyone that makes skin contact with her, copying powers, skills, and memories at the same time," he explains. Glancing to July, he nods and closes his eyes. Suddenly, all those scars light up bright blue and July's powers and natural abilities are increased by one and a half times their normal levels. Eddie's clothing suddenly shifts into a blue and white version of what July wears and the mutant holds up a hand. "Alright, here we go…" he trails off, letting his hand stretch and twist around a bit.

Robyn blinks at he watches Eddie and his powers. "Woah." He comments as he hopes he's not next for a deminstration. He's still unsure about his powers and he's not really a 'spotlight' kind of guy. "That's pretty crazy." Robyn says as he brushes his bangs out of his eyes as Kael's gust of wing blows his hair back in his face.

July shudders as she feels the power boost, "Warn me next time, blue-boy." she chuckles, after Eddie boosts her power, and then she looks at one of the faraway trees, and she snaps her right arm toward it, the arm stretching longer and longer i na fast pace before reaching the tree, snapping a twig off it, and then retract back to normal. "See?" she asks, smiling.

Kael blinks softly. "Whoa… that is… awesome." He looks over at Eddie and just grins a bit. "And you called my power cool? I find your's to be cooler, man." He lets out a laugh and then hms a bit, "This might be… an odd question. But, do any of you know who Leo is?"

"Sorry," Eddie says quickly to July. "I wonder what it'll be like to mimic Mr. Wagner or Dr. McCoy…" he trails off thpughtfully. Shaking it off, the teen blushes and stops mimicking and boosting. His clothing returns to normal and Eddie shifts bashfully. "Thanks…" he trails off. "Leo? Leo's awesome! He's on our squad," he says, gesturing to July.

Robyn streches back so he's lying on the ground again and sighs. "Nope, I don't know Leo. I think I've heard him mentioned but I'm not exactly the social butterfly of the school." Robyn says with a chuckle as he's just happy to do what he enjoys. "Just don't ask me to do any demonstrations, it'd be awkward."

July blinks softly, and then she nods, "Ah, Leo. Yeah. He's in the New Mutants squad." she says softly, and rubs the back of her head, "Haven't had many interactions with him aside from the group training, though…' She says, while twirling the stolen twig betwen her fingers.

Kael smiles, heartened by what Eddie says. "Really? Hopefully I'll get to meet him soon then. He's my roomie." He looks over at Robyn and laughs softly, "If you say so… I'll take your word for it." He smiles a bit, shifting on his feet a bit before he puts a hand on his stomach; letting out a soft groan. "Uh… where's the kitchen in this place? I… only got here an hour or so ago."

Eddie keeps smiling. "You'll meet him. Hard to miss a guy that glows like Leo," he says. "Kitchen is…inside the mansion. Or you can visit the cafeteria in the dorms."

Robyn starts to pick up his clay and put it back in the plastic back he brought it down in. "Well I have to get going, I have to call my Dad. He wants to get together for dinner soon." Robyn says as that's the only parent that's talking to him at the moment. "They have really good cookies here." Robyn says with a chuckle. "It was nice meeting you Kael and I'll see you guys around." He says giving a smile to July and Eddie before wandering back inside.

July smiles, "There's the kitchen, over at the main building, or the cafeteria, at the dorms building." she says, nodding to Kael, "I prefer to hang out in the cafeteria, most of the itme, than in the kitchen." She says as Robyn packs up to leave, and the rubber girl turns her head to look at him, "Ah, alright, Robyn. Talk to you later, man."

Kael gives a wave to Robyn as he leaves, "See ya around, Robyn!" He looks back over at Eddie and July, blinking a bit and he laughs softly. "Ehhe… I still don't know my way aorund here. Is there a map for this place?" He laughs a bit once more before he snaps his fingers a bit. "Oh! I forgot something that I've been wanting to try out. A few months ago, I made myself float! Wanna see?" Young teens. Attention switch.

"Bye, Robyn. See ya later," Eddie calls after the psionic mutant, offering a wave. He starts to say something else but stops when he sees his watch. Letting out a squeak, Eddie jumps. "Oh man, sorry but I gotta run. I promised my Dads I'd be home for dinner," he says. "See ya later, July. And great to meet ya, Kael. Don't worry, this place is awesome!" he calls, running for the gates.

July waves to Robyn as the guy makes his way out, "Well, sure, Kael, I—" But then Eddie interrupts her, announcing he has to depart as well, making the girl blink softly, "Oh, um… ok." She chuckles a bit, smiling ruefully, "See you later, Eddie." she waves to him as well as he makes his way out.

Kael looks back at Eddie, letitng out a soft aww before he waves. "Thanks Eddie! See ya around!" He looks back at July with a smile. "Just be ready to catch me if I fall, please?" He rubs the back of his head before he clears his throat; his hair starting to bleed more white so it starts to look streaked with the color as the winds around him start to swirl.

July waves to Eddie as he departs, then switches her attention to the remaining male in the area. "Ah, sure?" She asks, wondering how to catch him if he falls. "I'll try." she says, smiling a bit.

Kael gulps a bit as he starts to float a few inches off of the ground; his eyes closed as he starts to concentrate more; the winds whipping his coat and hair around. He lets out a soft grunt as his hair turns more white and he lifts himself more before the winds let loose in a blast and he flails backwards towards the ground.

July watches you starting to float up and smiles. That is, until you seem to lose control of your powers and start falling down to the ground. July's eyes widen at that and she looks down at the spot where you'll fall. She quickly jumps on that spot, laying on her back and quickly sucking in air, inflating herself into a big air mattress to prevent any damage to you.

Kael bounces for a moment, panting slightly as he puts a hand on his stomach as a hunger pang racks him. "Urgh, should've eaten first." He looks up, expecting to see July there but he looks down and lets out a squeak as he leaps up off of her and blinks rapidly. "What the…!"

July lets out a long sigh, the air coming out of her after you jump off her. "Whew…" she mumbles, laid out on the floor still, "I didn't know if that'd work…"

Kael wraps an arm around his stomach, letting out a soft laugh as he says, "I'm quite amazed that worked myself. Didn't think you could do that even after you stretched your arms." He looks down at his stomach and then back at July. "You okay?"

July sits up and then stands up, "Yeah, I'm fine." she says, nodding, smiling, but then she notices Kael holding his stomach, "Are you alright, though? Hurt your stomach?"

Kael shakes his head a bit. "From what I can gather. My controlling the wind runs off of my energy. Meaning… I'm really hungry right now." If they were both silent, they'd hear Kael's stomach growl and groan loudly right then.

July chuckles softly, shaking her head softly, "Alright, alright. Let's go, then, I'll show you where the cafeteria is." She gestures to Kael to follow her.

Kael smiles brightly. "Thanks!" He follows July's trail, making sure he'll know this way for sure.

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