2011-09-16: Cove Side Chat


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Summary: Xavier's School classes are done with for the week so many students find themselves down at the cove for one reason or another. Tyler is looking to enjoy the environment, Heather is running a test, Sage would like to build a campfire to sit beside, and Quenton is letting off steam.

Date: September 16, 2011

Log Title: Cove Side Chat

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

Yay for the weekend!!! It's late Friday afternoon which means classes are out, the sun is still shining over head, and it's relaxation time. Ushering in this freedom from school work Tyler comes running down a path towards the cove wearing a pair of board shorts and carrying a towel. Bare feet thunder down the small dock as he casts the towel off to the side then leaps from the end of the dock cheering loudly then splashing down into the water.

Heather is on the shore of the lake, ready to give a run towards the water as she seems to be trying something. She's already soaking wet at the moment, but doesn't seem to mind the cold of it, and there is a towel not far away. She is not here for swimming, though, rather she is here to practice something. She zips off towards the water, and her feet help her to skip off of the water as she stays above it by using all those crazy speed physics. In fact, she stays up for awhile, before attempting to turn, which causes a wipeout and her to flail rapidly back to the shore to her towel. "I am not sure why you are swimming," she plays, picking up her tape recorder from a rock she rested it on beside her.

Walking down to the water, dressed in his usual hippy fashion, is Sage. In his arms is a bundle of wood and the strands of his dreads all hold little piles of sticks and logs as well. Once he gets down to the shore he places them all down in a pile before looking around. "Hello Tyler!" He waves to his friend. "Hello to you as well." He says to Heather. "I was about to make a campfire on the beach and relax since it's getting cooler out and we don't have to do classes tomorrow if you would like to join me. I just need to get the fire extinguisher before I light it." He says in his thick British accent.

Far off in the distance is suddenly a large crash, like the sound of thunder. But it isn't thunder. It's Quenton. And he's working on his landing. Into the air he takes once more, sighing as he flies twenty feet up, crossing his arms and staring at the sand below him. A nice little round convex has been made in the sand, about four inches deep, with a ten feet radius. And then he drops down once more, another loud crash. He pauses, however, as he sees other studends down the way. Should he go over and make friends? Quenton? Friends? Hah. He shakes his head. He's still in his clothes, jacket and all.

Having spluttered to the surface laughing as he does so Tyler caught sight of Heather's wipe out and continues to giggle for a moment before calling out to her. "Nice day, no more classes, and the weekend approach-ith! Oh, the water is kinda chilly but it doesn't bother me so here I am enjoying." Floating over to be closer to the others he reaches up a hand waving at Sage causing water droplets to spray about. "Hey, buddy! A campfire sounds cool. I'll be back once I go get my towel." With that the teen vanishes underwater heading in the direction of the dock.

Heather towels herself down a bit and says, "I don't think I could stay in that water for very long, it's quite chilly, I'm just trying to see if I can manage to consistently cross it without falling, which apparently I cannot." She turns towards Sage and says, "Oh, hello. I think a campfire would be excellent, as I am starting to feel more and more chilly as time passes. I wouldn't mind warming up." She glances between Tyler and Sage, playing on her tape recorder, "I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip."

Sage sits down in the sand and starts to dig a little hole he can build a fire in. He's arranging sticks when he hears the crash and looks around. "I hope it isn't about to rain soon." He says looking at the sky. "But there isn't a cloud, strange, you heard that right?" He says before nodding at Tyler. "Okay, can you grab the fire extinguisher from the boathouse for me?" He then looks at Heather and smiles offering a hand. "I'm Sage, Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the fourth. Why do you speak with that…box thing."

Quenton rises into the air once more, exhaling as he glances up at the cloudless sky, before glancing down at the sand. He probably is going to draw attention to himself this way. Anyway, he saw Rapunzel that way, so he lands onto the ground, stuffing his hands in his pockkets and making his way towards the campsite, lips pressed tightly together. When he sees there are more students, he jogs over, instead. More students means cool new powers to see. Once he'd be in sight, he'd slow down to a jog. "Yo."

Nearing the dock Tyler pops back up from beneath the water then slowly hovers up over the surface to step onto the dock fishing up his towel then strolls off towards the boathouse to pick up the extinguisher that Sage needs for the fire. As he returns with extinguisher in one hand, and toweling off with the other he notices a guy he's not seen around the school before. "Hello!" Tyler calls out. He sets the extinguisher down then smiles as he wraps the towel around his neck. "Nice to see you all, I'm Tyler for those that don't know me."

Heather says to Tyler, "Yes, we are in the same squad, I am sure we will be seeing plenty of one another throughout the school year. I prefer to keep myself to the role of tactician within the squad, so I will likely often be asking you questions." She glances towards Sage and says, "Oh, and I speak using a tape recorder, because it translates my voice from fast world to slow world. I am in fast world, and you are in slow world, and it's hard to understand me, I believe some say that I sound like squeaks and chirps naturally." She turns towards Quenton, and tilts her head slightly, playing, "I am Heather Brown. Codename: Timeslip."

"Thank you very much mate." Sage says to Tyler as he takes the extinguisher and puts it near by before he starts to put enough kindling together to make a fire. "Which squad are you two on? I'm with Alpha Squadron and Xorn, I haven't met Xorn yet." He comments. "What is a tape recorder? And what is fast world, it sounds interesting." He thinks it's some magical land or something. "Hello Quenton, would you like to join us? I'm building a campfire."

"That's the weirdest thing I ever heard in my life," comments Quenton to Heather, before pausing, and correcting himself. "Actually, the Doodielallies giving mutantkind their powers is the weirdest thing I ever heard, but that's a close second." He tips his chin towards Tyler and Sage. "Hello, Rapunzel. And… whoever this kid is." The tall mutant lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "I'm Quenton. Part of the Paragons."

"Oh, that's right Heather! I had totally forgotten about the squad thing. There's been too much going on this week for me but I'm looking forward to doing team type stuff together." Finding a place to seat himself Tyler pulls his towel away from his neck then flaps it out to sit upon watching Sage build the campfire. "Heather and I are on the New Mutants squad. It's such an odd name to have for a squad I think. All of the other squads sound like something that could be in a sci-fi film and ours is idunno. Sage, Xorn is pretty weird but he's alright. Rapunzel? Sorry if I'm talking in one long sentence by the way. Nice to meet you Quenton and the Paragons were my old squad."

"Yes, New Mutants. And I look forward to doing team building as well. It is an important part of working together," says Heather, nodding a few times firmly. "The name is rather fine, I think. We are mutants who are new. Young mutants. I suppose." She tilts her head lightly and then plays another message to Quenton, "I am not sure what you find weird, but I assure you, it is likely quite normal with a closer look." And the final message is played for Sage, "This is a tape recorder. It records sounds on tape, and then I use it to make those sounds into sounds you here. Fast world is my world, because it most through time faster than your world. Every time you experience a single second, I experience several."

Heather says, ""*it moves through time"

"I thought she said her name is Heather, why are you calling her Rapunzel?" Sage asks Quenton as he doesn't realize that his roommate is making fun of him. "And they are dunlalaps, I don't understand why they are so strange to you. Cellphones, that is something that is quite strange to me." He says as he gets a flame going and starts to feed more tiny branches and twigs to it. "Tyler, Quenton is my new roommate. How is your new roommate doing?" He asks. "Wow, that's pretty neat Heather Brown. I wish I could understand it better but it sounds fascinating!"

"Weird," repeats Quenton, shrugging towards the girl. "And I'm calling you Rapunzel," the tall boy mutters towards his room mate, glancing at Sage. "Because you know… hair powers? And whatever. Dunlalaladingdongs didn't give me my powers," he mutters. He puts his hands behind his neck, interlocking his fingers. "So, what, Sage, you just gonna stay here overnight or something? And are we bringing some Kumbaya up in this peice?" He glances towards Tyler, squinting now. "Jeez, you can talk."

Tyler wriggles his feet from side to side watching his toes as the others speak. "Point taken Heather. I just don't think it sounds as cool as the others but we're totally the coolest squad so it evens things out. The tape recorders pretty wicked too. I wonder if I could live in fastworld if I had your abilities. Seems pretty neat." Peering up at Quenton he tips his head in acknowledgement of Sage's new roommate wondering what the deal is with the guy. "Sage is a pretty cool guy to hang out with even if he doesn't know much about the technical stuff just yet. Me? Yeah I tend to talk a lot but I have quite a lot to say. Hence the sorry. I try not to inflict my babble upon people as best I can AND back to the other thing. I landed with the worst roommate I could possibly have and I'm stuck with him so at the moment I'm avoiding my room. It's much nicer out here with you guys."

"Well, fast world is kind of boring. Because I have to wait for you guys for a minute any time you say something that is twelve seconds long," says Heather, shaking her head lightly at that, "But yes, our squad is simply the best there is, and that is all there is to say on the matter. If it is /not/ the best, then we will make it the best." She tilts her head slightly and says, "Well, something gave us our mutant abilities, and to call such a thing a Dunlalap seems equally as reasonable as anything else. While there is plenty of genetics behind mutantcy, at a certain point, it seems to boil down to what appears to be magic. It is like magnetic tape for recording. Magnets, they are pretty much magic."

"But I'm not a female." Sage says to Quenton sounding quite confused. "No, I am just happy that it is a weekend and I don't have classes for two days. Sometimes sitting by a fire is just relaxing. If you would like to sing songs I can head up to our room and grab my ukulele." He offers before wincing at Tyler's words. "I'm terribly sorry you had to get a horrible roommate Tyler. Too bad you and I aren't still roommates but at least we're still friends." He says before nodding at Heather's words. "Sooo.." He begins slowly before taking as fast as he possibly can. "SoifItrytotalkasfastaspoosibledoesithelpwiththeboredomforyou? Idon'tknowhowfastIcantalkbutIknowIcan'tmovethatfastbutifithelpsIcantrytotalktoyoulikethis. Iagreethatmagnetsareprettymuchmagacial." It's not micromachine man speed but he does have to take a break to catch his breath.

"Hey, if you believe Dadumdadumtishes gave you your powers, that's your thing," Quenton murmurs, shoulders lifting as he glances between Heather and Sage. "And Sage is cooler than anyone else in this school so far, student wise, sure, except for maybe Nathanial. That dude's bona fide badass. Ice powers and really fast and strong? Man, that guy's gonna have a lot going for him in the future." He settles his gaze on Heather from behind his sunglasses. "Huh. You can probably beat up a guy like me easy with that kind of power. Cool." At Sage's apology to Tyler, Quenton chortles mischeviously. "Too bad you and him aren't strill roommates," he echoes Sage to Tyler, chuckling. "He wants to get rid of me already."

"Damn, I was kinda hoping it would be cool to zip around really fast and no one would know you're there. Though it would be cool to watch a glass of water fall off a table in slow-mo." Tyler is mainly thinking aloud though it's still conversational. "He's joking, Sage. At least I hope Quenton here is joking and not being mean just to be mean. I've had enough of mean crap for a week thanks. Glad you and I are still friends Sage and sadly I just understood everything Sage just said. Phew, good work with the super speedy speech there." Glancing over at Quneton, "Nathaniel? Haven't met him. Also, you don't want to room together? I'll have to keep that in mind though I wouldn't want you to have to switch places with me Quenton. You're crater making skills are pretty cool b-t-dub."

Heather looks towards Quenton and says, "I suppose I could beat up many people with my ability, but I tend to stick to the role of tactician within a group setting. I am not quite focused on beating people up, though I engage in combat sports from a game perspective." She shrugs lightly and then nods at Sage, "If nothing else, when you speak faster it saves on the time between me getting your message and you sending it. And yes, magnets are strange. My tape recorder runs on magnets." She shrugs lightly at Tyler and says, "I suppose I have little context for what looks cool."

"That's now what I said Quenton, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Actually back home I shared a room with my two brothers and my cousin so the more the merrier in a roommate situation." SAge says giving him a friendly smile. "I don't believe I've met Nathaniel, is he a student here?" He then looks at Heather and grins. "Oh that is wonderful to hear, it seems like everyone here likes to get into fights. It's nice to see someone who avoids it as well, or isn't focused on it. Kieran is horrible about it."

"Hurts my feelings? I doubt you're capable of hurting anything's feelings, from an oversenstive chick with weight issues who you call pleasantly plump or somebody with a really dumb power that you take pity on so obviously that they know you're taking puty on them. Much less me," Quenton rants, and not the adorable rants Tyler gives, but the condescending rants that Sage perhaps has heard before. Hands still behind his head, he glances towards Tyler. "Can't stand the heat, get out the - well, that's probably what you're doing here, isn't it? Did you just actually say the cyberhand for by the way?" And finally, he turns his eyes towards Heather. "Eh. If I had your power I'd just kick everyone's ass in sight."

"Erm…" Tyler mutters leaning back using his hands to keep himself seated upright albeit at an angle. "Kieran is horrible at what exactly? For Kieran happens to be his boyfriend and he's curious if a bit defensive about anything that might involve the other teen. "If you mean prone to getting into violent situations at the drop of a hat I have to agree with you there. I turn my back so to speak and he's gotten into another scrape. He doesn't really pick fights though." To Quenton, "Pretty much like that. Also, what's your deal, man? Why would you want to go roughing up people just because you can? Totally not cool."

"I engage only when there is no other reasonable and safe option. I would not be kicking everyone's ass in sight, that seems like a waste of a power I can use to garner other kinds of advantages than the physical. I have all the time in the world. I am working on stopping time completely, but it is difficult," says Heather, tilting her head lightly at Quenton, "In any case, most powers can serve a tactical purpose. That's what I'm here for. To explore such purposes." As systematically as usual, she finally addresses Sage with the recorder, shifting, "I do not get excited about violence, but I admit that I get excited over games. Some people think there are similarities between those things."

"I think if were to take pity on anything it'd be your rudeness Quenton." Sage says and how it's says it is quite polite. "Oh no I just mean that he's horrible about accepting the fact that I hate violence. He seems convinced that it's necessary and needs to tell me it is even when I ask him to stop." Sage says standing up as the fire gets started. "Games are quite different than violence, you don't fight in games." He says shuddering. "I hate fighting. Anyway I'll be back, I'm going to run upstairs and grab my ukulele, watch over the fire and I'll be back." Sage says as he dashes off.

"Oh, please, sunshine," Quenton murmurs to Tyler. "If I go roughing up people just because I can I'd skip you like a rock over the water right now. That isn't me. While the idea does sound fun right now, it's not going to happen. Not while I can't control my powers." He simply shrugs to Heather. "Most of the bad villains who are around wouldn't be a match for you. Or most teachers, really. Just keep that in mind." He lifts a hand to scratch idly at his cheek. He glances over at Sage, chuckling while he watches the boy leave. "He pities my rudeness? I'm hurt." And then Sage is gone.

"Heh, think what you will Quenton. The point being that you would use powers to give people beat downs but you just can't at the moment. I wouldn't use mine against anyone unless it's absolutely necessary to save myself or someone else." Tyler opts not to comment about Quenton's view of the teachers here at the school. When Sage heads off towards the dorms he shakes his head, "Why in the hell didn't they pair you up with Theo is beyond me at the moment. Eesh."

"I am aware that I am a difficult target to overtake. I can run faster than highway speeds, and in turn, if people strike me it hurts much less than I think it hurts normal people," says Heather, shrugging lightly, "And in such situations that I need to, I will do precisely that. But I have no reason to engage the teachers. They are trying to help me improve. They understand the nature of the world better than I do."

"Oh, no, I can use my powers to beat people down right now. The problem is I'll accidentally kill them because of my lack of control. Much more of a 'meaner' thing than beating on someone randomly, don't you think?" wonders Quenton, shrugging his shoulders while he glances at the boy, having made air quotes when he said the word: meaner. "And hey, I'm just saying if you ever had to. You need to relax, sugart-" He's cut off by a wave crashing, which is probably a good thing.

"Not that re-arranging someone's face is ok just because you can't kill them…oh never mind!" Tyler tosses his hands at the entire conversation. "It's all mean if you ask me but if being mean's your thing whatever. I think the campfire might not be happening if Sage is gone for too long. That's cool. That's cool. Not a big fan of fire as it is." He decides to stand up to shake his towel off spraying sand away from the group. "Heather, I totally agree with you."

Heather shakes her head and says in response to Quenton, "Well, my hackles are certainly not raised. I am perfectly relaxed, centered and neutral right now. I am not prone to anger or fear. The psychiatrist here says it's a 'symptom', but it is what it is. Which is to say, not upset." By her eyeroll around the time 'psychiatrist' is said, she probably does not put too much stock into that.

"I like fearless people. They're more common than you think," Quenton notes, while he glances up at the sky and picks up one of the logs Sage was going to use for firewood. Like a football, he rears back and launches it into the air, watching it disappear for a while. "Anyway, if Sage doesn't come back, whether you guys are staying or not, I'm gonna be here. Mine and Sage's room smells like marijuana."

"Glad you're not feeling all bristly Heather," Tyler smiles rolling up the towel to hold on to. "Erm…you do realize that throwing something like that could land on someone." Hopefully there's no one in the direction of the log that's been thrown. "You know, squit no more head sort of thing? Sage's clothes could be made of hemp though not the kind you can light up and get buzzed off of."

Heather watches as the log goes up, and when it's out of sight, she looks back down, her eyes flicking up every once in awhile, "Well, I assume the arc of that throw is pretty near to where we are. Given that most object's terminal velocities are not too much higher than my sprinting speed, I cannot imagine it doing me any damage, and I can prevent damage being done to you." She glances towards Quenton and notes, "Presumably you'll be fine either way." She looks back to Tyler and shrugs, "So I think we'll be okay."

"That was sort of the plan," Queton agrees with Heather, before he glances down at her face a moment. "So are we talking in slow motion to you? That'd be weird. We must all sound really dumb." He flies into the air suddenly, levitating at about ten feet off the ground, hands moving behind his head once more. He leans back slightly, as if resting on an air current, though that's not how his power works. "And yeah, though Sage's clothes being made of herb would be sort of funny."

Tyler laughs, "Hearing me slowly would probably be a bonus sometimes. I don't get really bad unless I'm super nervous or excited about something. Though if we sound like people do in the movies when things are going really slow that would be pretty weird." Watches Quenton with a confused expression, "What're you doing? You're super strong from what I've seen but that's kinda all Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal right there."

"You sound like a dark, hideous green, most voices melding into almost undifferentiable shades of it," says Heather, shaking her head lightly, "While my voice is a deep royal purple. I assume your voices would be richer if I was hearing them properly, and the tape recorder garbles everything up."
"So we sound sorta sinister or eww and not at all like Kermit the Frog if that's what you mean." +

"Must do wonders for your ego, hearing the world sound like that," comments Quenton, while glancing briefly towards Tyler a moment. "It sucks for anyone who ever develops a crush or, god forbid, real feelings for you. Your image of them will be forever messed up because they sound like a frog." He takes in a breath before turning slightly in mid air towards the other mutant boy. "Flying is Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal? The one where he beats up and kills a bunch of people in the video?"

"So we sound sorta sinister or eww and not at all like Kermit the Frog if that's what you mean. Must be hard to tell people apart sometimes. Suddenly I don't think superspeed is all that hot. No offense." Tyler snickers when Quenton makes a joke in the same vein he brought up the muppet. "Yeah. He does a lot of weird stuff in Moonwalker but in that scene he does that trippy lean and he does a lot of aerial work before/after shooting up the place. Can't remember it exactly. I can sorta kinda fly. Don't think I want to even try seeing if I can."

"Connor sounded like azure…" says Heather, tilting her head slightly, "But only when our ratios were brought to one. And Chloe's voice, is orange, it's usually orange when she's speaking to me, but most people sound precisely the same." She shakes her head and says, "I do not take offense to people not envying my abilities. They are what they are, I would not trade them, but I would not covet them."

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