Coyote Fredriksen
Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Evanna Lynch
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 28th
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Ghost
Place of Birth San Francisco
Current Location Xaviers
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mom and Dad
Significant Other none currently
Identity Public
Known Abilities Astral Projection
First Appearance -

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It's no surprise to those that know Coyote Fredriksen that she was born in San Francisco, California, and that her parents are an old, burned out hippie couple - you'd have to be to think naming your daughter Sunburst Coyote was ok. Most people don't actually know is that Coyote is actually her middle name and her first name is Sunburst, even those that are close to her. She's incredibly embarrassed by her name, and has decided to go with the lesser of two evils in her mind - Coyote.

Coyote's life was fairly normal for a kid growing up around the Mission of San Fran. Under normal circumstances there would be no way her parents could afford a house in one of the more expensive cities in the United States, but lucky for them it was given up as an inheritance when Coyote's grandfather passed away on her mothers side. She was the only child of an only child, which pretty much forced the decision from her grandparents. They'd rather not have left it to their only daughter who decided it was better to run off with her boyfriend and follow the Grateful Dead instead of living the normal life; getting married, moving to the suburbs and popping out the expected 2.5 kids. Though they did eventually get married, Coyote's parents never seemed to do much of anything with their lives. They on and off found jobs at local record shops, head shops, and later on organic grocers.This isn't to give the impression that they were terrible parents, they were just different.

It was very much a thrift store style life for Coyote, who never seemed to lack in the usual torment designated for the poorer kids in school. She never had the newest and coolest things; whether we're talking clothes or toys. Everything was second hand - everything. It wasn't because that's all her parents could afford; it was a lifestyle choice they forced upon her. So she was quick to learn how to make her own stuff the older she got, taking thrift store clothes and mashing them up. It was her own little way of finding her own niche and attempting to separate herself from her parents hippie image. In reality, she just seemed like a hippie disaster, incorporating several different looks and styles she'd attempt to copy from other students or magazines. Lucky for her they did live in San Francisco, and finding other children of old burned out hippie parents wasn't exactly impossible.

Being an average student, Coyote was able to just glide through school, trying to ditch class more often than attending. It would be right around her fifteenth birthday that her life would change drastically.
She loved the fact that her parent's let her do pretty much anything she wanted, whether this meant dying her hair some strange color or staying out as late as she wanted, she loved the freedom. It was towards the end of her 14th year that her mutation would bring itself to life late one night. She had been hanging out with some of her friends on a school night, and wandered home around 4 in the morning. She new there would be no way she'd get up in enough time for classes if she tried to get a couple hours of sleep and decided to sit down at her desk and sketch out some drawings for some clothing designs she'd be thinking about. She began to feel cold when all of a sudden she felt this instantaneous disassociation with her body. She'd read and heard about astral traveling and assumed she was able to somehow fall into a meditation and slip into the astral plane. Always curious, she quickly began to explore in her 'astral' form.

That morning her parents didn't see her get up for classes, but thought nothing of it. They knew their daughter skipped classes occasionally and always told her they were fine as long as she was fine dealing with the consequences in the chance she got caught. It wasn't until around dinner time that Coyote's father decided to see if she was in her bed room. To his surprise, he found his daughter, who appeared to be dead. Immediately the paramedics were called and the body eventually hauled off.

This was quite the shock to Coyote, when she finally wandered home to find her body missing and her parents grieving. When they first saw her, they thought it was their daughters ghost, and wouldn't be convinced that she was not in fact dead. Eventually she was able to get them to tell her what Morgue her body was being held at and went to retrieve it. Needless to say, she scared the living crap out of the mortician when she reconnected with her body, got up and walked out of the morgue. Her parents were very relieved to find that their daughter was still alive. Her parent's began to call her ghost because the initial separation of her body and 'spirit' left her skin very pale and all her hair white, not quite as extreme but similar to an albino.

For a little over a year they would continue to live with Coyotes condition, her random slips starting to happen more and more frequently without her control. By this time they had also figured out that she was a mutant, and the only disappointment either parent ever showed was the fact that neither of them had such luck as to get some sort of super power (her father is a huge comic book fan). Coyote was forced to stay at home from school when her 'spirit' was in periods of constant separation from her body. During the heart of these episodes, they would receive a pamphlet for the Xavier Institute in New York. After several phone conversations with the institution, they felt that this school would be the only place to help Coyote regain control of her life, and so she was shipped off to New York, her tuition paid entirely by loans the family had taken out.


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