2011-05-21: Crazies With Cookies


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Summary: The world is about to end which draws out not only the doomsayers but organizations that hold grudges as well.

Date: May 21, 2011

Log Title: Crazies with Cookies

Rating: PG-13

Stark Towers - NYC- Main Tower

Exterior Stark Towers and Main Lobby

It's the End of the World!!1!!!1! —Or so says H.P. Kumpfinger, the Stark Towers very own doom-and-gloomer. He's been going around for WEEKS sticking Post-It(tm) Notes on people's doors saying that May 21 is the day when the dead will rise and Heaven itself shall open its gates to let the angels ride forth!… or something. There isn't a lot of room on a Post-It(tm), so he had to use several each door to complete his screed, and the other janitors cleaned most of them away.
Which didn't stop Kumpfinger, of course. He's a determined doom-and-gloomer. Which might get him fired, except for the fact that he's the janitor with the most seniority, and he never Post-It(tm)s a door on company time. Also? His wife makes him leave a cookie for every screed. (They're VERY good cookies.)

It's the rapture! Not the Blondie song but the day that Tony will apparently be left on Earth while the good people ascend to heaven to have one hell of a party. Might as well get some work done before the big event! The doors of an elevator part allowing a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers clad Stark to wander down the long hall to his office. As he approaches he notices the bright neon colored warnings affixed to his door. "Hmm, I wonder if he went to Costco and got post-its in bulk or if he couldn't figure out how to use the copier." Kumpfinger amuses him to tell the truth. "Oh hey!" Finding the bagged up cookie stuck to the door he snatches that up and stuffs it into his mouth. "Mmm, the true rapture." Opens the door to his office and spins in leaving the post-it's where they are.

Pietro appears with a handful of cookies, and one between his teeth to boot. Dressed business casual, so might even be mistaken for working here. If he didn't have that hair of his and the snarky manner anyway. There's a slip of neon yellow between fingers as well as he pulls cookie from between his teeth to note to Tony, "Did you know that we missed the end of the world?" Offers another cookie to the inventor because that's the kind of friend he is. "He could have stolen them all from the Stark closet." The post-it notes the speedster means. "Certainly needs to bring more of these cookies however." This time he bites down into the one he had been holding between his teeth.

A third man to the party: Agent Corrin Kelly has arrived in the downstairs lobby, where he meets the Man Himself. "Have you repented?!" Kumpfinger get in his face, as the startled SHIELD agent backs up toward the door. "It's the end of the world! If you have not repented, you will go down into darkness forever more, and be lost to all!" The old man's face crumples. "That would be very sad. You look like a nice boy."

"Er?" says Corrin, who isn't sure if he should be paying attention to this person. A glance at the lobby guards shows him THEY are laughing their guts out, which only tells him that he'll get no help from them. "Um… thank you?"
He's backed up almost to the outside doors, which gives everyone out on the sidewalk a good view of the confrontation — not that most people care enough to watch. The world ends for everyone eventually, but meanwhile, there are restaurant dates to make and parties to attend and end-of-the-work-day chores to do. You know, important things.
But for some people, the work day is just starting. One tries to end Corrin's the permanent way by firing a rocket launcher at his now-visible back. This crew was arguing whether to go into the building after him, but hey! If he's going to make it easy on them….

Not too easy, though. It IS Stark Towers. Home of Iron Man. Reinforced lobby windows, for the win! … At least for the first shot….

"Did we? I thought we had a few hours left." Never been good at telling time or keeping appointments. "What did you do? Rip the cookies off all the doors on a floor?" A hand outstretches in the classic gimmy-gimmy until Pietro hands over a cookie. "These are really good," mumbled and barely intelligible as cookie is stuffed in his mouth. Waves towards a chair where the speedster can take a seat or dump the pile of cookies. "What are we…" murphle mumble crunch.
Then alarms are silently blaring in Tony's mind as the building rattles just slightly from the impact. "Aww c'mon. I nearly made it a week without an attack!" Flails his arms out in frustration as he steals another cookie and heads into the elevator as lobby security begins to scramble calling the NYPD, SHIELD and trying to clear the people scattering about the lobby.

"Three o'clock." So it's been missed by a few hours now. Tony is welcome to claim more than one cookie as well. "Of course." Pietro totally stole cookies off doors. "They are good." Then of course there's that shake and the speedster frowns. Bright eyes narrowing. "Do you have one of those how many days since last disaster signs up anywhere?" Of course he goes with Tony! Totally wants to see what's going on down stairs. He'll even wait for the elevator, but the speedster seems to disappear once those elevator doors open. Cookies are left to hover a moment before dropping to the floor. Pietro doesn't know what's going on, but he plans to move people out of harms way. He can clear the area in the blink of an eye.

The rocket explodes against the front windows and sends cracks through them and a shockwave ahead of them. Corrin is shoved into Kumpfinger and both men end up on the floor. Corrin is addled from the hit; Kumpfinger is ecstatic. "You see?! The World is Ending!" Kumpfinger wriggles out from under the SHIELD agent and points toward the street. "See! The agents of Satan attack this spire to justice!"

Corrin rather blearily looks over his shoulder. He doesn't see 'agents of Satan' — he sees AIM mechanized units. One is pointing a rocket launcher right at him. "Sir! GET DOWN!" He flings himself over Kumpfinger and *Ping!* his force field goes up around them both. And then the front windows blow inward in a hail of fire and glass shrapnel.

The buildings defenses have activated attempting to create a magnetic force field over the gaping hole that used to be a large window. "God, he's nuts!" One of the lobby guards blurts out when Kumpfinger flails about proclaiming the situation suits his end of the world scenario. Cries rise all around the lobby as people scoot across the ground trying to get into the cafeteria.
There's a ping of the lobby doors opening, rock n'roll elevator music sings out as a hail of cookies lands on the floor. Striding out of the opened doors with cookie in hand Tony stands just behind the lobby desk munching on the cookie clad in only the golden metal. As he stands there a briefcase pops open underneath a table allowing pieces of red n'gold armor to be manipulated into place completing the armor. "Did they not get a cookie?" Tony asks walking over broken glass and through the front doors.

Pietro doesn't hear the music, and he can't hear the explosion. Moving too fast for that. He plucks shards out of the air before they can reach people, pauses as he notes Corrin there, then starts moving people in the lobby. As Tony strides towards the front doors the people huddling around him disappear. The guards, a receptionist, and even the doomsayer if he can be pulled from under Corrin's protective shell. Back through the building to safer locations. They are sure to be surprised when they find themselves in the mailroom.

Outside on the sidewalk, the AIM crew has an 'Oh, $#!+!' moment. "That's…!" "Yeah! How…?" "'Cuz it's STARK TOWERS, bonehead." "That's not what my GPS says it is!" "Like those things are EVER right…."

Of course, that's when they open fire on Iron Man with everything they've got. It's a mechanized crew, five man team: they've got a lot. Rocket launchers, slug throwers, and ECM jammers. One has a sonic cannon; another has a heavy-duty laser. A third fires an armor-piercing round into the nearest fire hydrant. The last two just let fly with mines.

They may not get Iron Man, but they WILL get bystanders. Even Pietro can't clear a New York street in less time than it takes all that ordinance to go off.

Kumpfinger cannot be taken from Corrin — Pietro keeps slipping off the skidfield. Which means that Kumpfinger is still there and still cheering when the bad guys let fly. "You see!" He points at Iron Man. "The first of the angelic host arrives!"

Apparently the AIM squad came heavily armed which meant they were not there for Corrin more than likely. The man had probably been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The poor AIM goons will find that their ECM jammer is no longer functioning. «When will they learn that shooting at me is most ineffective?» Sigh. The building itself has erected the force field at maximum strength. The sonic devices, and electromagnetic generators have not been activated seeing as Iron Man is out front of the main building. «Do these jokers even know what they're doing?» He shakes his head as water spews into the air and mines litter the ground. Communicating on a frequency Corrin can pick up as well as the Avenger comm he mentions, "Mines can be disabled, later. I'll take the two on the left. Quicksilver the two on the right? We'll clean up the one running out of rockets to fire."

People start disappearing even as some of them start running. They appear behind buildings near at hand. Not as far as he wants, but Pietro has a lot to do out here. "On it." Didn't even notice the mines, but then he's been focused on other things. Like ducking beneath a piece of shrapnel and catching a little girl before she gets hit. Once she's somewhere safer, much safer, the speedster returns to the scene and scoops up those mines on the right. Takes them down to the bay and wings them out over the water. Let's pray no one appears over them on the water, eh?

The one 'running out of rockets' sends up vast clouds of metal-riddled smoke, which interferes with most types of scanners currently available even on the high-tech markets. He's the leader of this bunch, and he's already figured that with Iron Man on the scene and probably Quicksilver, as well (he hasn't seen the Avenger, but his tracking systems say Pietro is there), his crew is NOT getting back to barracks.

All right. Cut losses. Smoke screen, then dive forward, into the Stark Towers lobby. He only needs a moment to smash this particular bug….

….Not that the bug in question is going to make it easy. Corrin is feeling light-headed from incipient shock (a body-sized shockwave hitting him without his shield up will do that). He sees Iron Man confront the AIM mechanized and sees the Pietro-shaped wind effect go past him (several times), and feels this is all very familiar in an unpleasant way.

Then the AIM mechanical comes out of the smoke at him. "GET AWAY!" He shoves Kumpfinger aside — the old man tumbles into the scattered cushions of the lobby sofas. Then Corrin has his sword out. "YAAAAGH!" A slash, and the rocket launcher falls aside.

See? This bug smashes BACK.

The mines were cleared away a moment before the smokescreen went into effect. Plan B then. Backing up towards the Towers at his back since his sensors are useless Iron Man steps into the lobby in time to turn around catching Corrin handling the rocket launcher. One of the AIM team is trembling nearby pointing a laser that is activated cutting through wood and metal though when it passes over Iron Man it does nothing. Tony watches the beam cut across his chest and takes several steps towards the man breaking the device in half then casually knocking the man out with a closed fist. It's a love tap; no love.

Pietro skids back and finds smoke billowing everywhere. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another. Briefly visible, his clothing showing signs of extreme wear, the man is moving again. Starts running in as much of a circle as he can, faster and faster until he's not visible at all. The wind funnel appears almost immediately, but it takes long seconds to get all that heavy stuff to start rising upwards. Hopefully he can get most of stuff out of the air.

It takes a moment for Kumpfinger to fight free of the pillows (they're tough pillows.) "I'm here, Lord!" he cries, and he jumps onto the back of a sofa and launches himself at the AIM mechanical.

Corrin almost has a heart attack on the spot. "Sir! No!" He fends off a blow from the mechanical, because whether Tony Stark believes it or not, killing Corrin was the point of this mission, and the mission leader is intent on completing it. At the moment, he's trying to stomp Corrin to death. "Stand still and die, Kelly!"

He really shouldn't ignore Kumpfinger, though. The old man howls, and then stuffs double-handfuls of Post-It(tm) Notes into the suit's air vent at the back of the neck. A safety system notes the blockage, and the suit … shuts down. Ooorooooo…

The one mechanical facing Iron Man tries to do a 'Death Hug' on him. (One suspects that isn't going to work very well.) The two on Quicksilver look at each other, and then one spools out a cable and the other catches it, and both rocket off down the street with the cable held knee-high, hoping to catch the speedster that way. Open-mouthed onlookers watch from inside cars, where Pietro left them.

"What did you do to piss these idiots off?" Iron Man asks of Corrin via the SHIELD comm. Then the press of mechanical arms come about him, "Hey! Hey…not on the first date!" Not that kinda guy! An electrical pulse is sent through the suit enough to disable it yet leave the person relatively unharmed.
Kumpfinger has taken to trying to get his message across by stuffing it down someone's throat which seems to be working rather well. "Quicksilver? You Crescent Fresh out there or you need a hand? Agent Kelly was saved by the doomsayer." The armored Avenger has come about to put himself between Kelly and the mechanized suit however and taps at the head with a fingertip to see if it'll keel over.

Pietro jumps up and casually runs over one of the AIM suits. Honestly. Do people realize they appear to be statues? No, he rather doubts they do. In fact he runs over both of them several times in making that funnel start pulling smoke away from the scene. "AIMwantstoplayjumprope." Sorry, not slowing down enough to get words through. Jarvis will slow them down for Tony. "Ihavenoideawhatyouaretalkingabout,Tony." After a moment the speedster grumps and leaves the fight. Just seems to vanish. Mainly because he's gone off to get his costume. Fighting naked isn't all that comfortable. He'll leave that to Tony.

Corrin sputters as Iron Man tips the mechanical over. "Sir! The old guy…!" He launches himself forward and drags a howling, wriggling, triumphant Kumpfinger off his perch before said perch lands on him. "Sir?" To Kumpfinger. "Sir! Will you stop fighting, please? We need to get you to safety!"

And to Iron Man (with the suit on, he's Iron Man, not Tony): "I infiltrated a base and sicced SHIELD on it." This comes out in pieces, as Kumpfinger crows, "I did it, Lord! I helped save the world! I did it! Hallelujah!"

The two remaining suits end up at the far end of the block, sans speedster, and with footie-prints all over them. This baffles them both. One keys up his comm system. "Boss? Hey, boss? What do we do now?"

Tony watches as Corrin gets Kumpfinger out of the way before the man becomes a pancake underneath the inactive mechanized unit. "We're you expecting this party? They never were the brightest lot." To Kumpfinger he points an angry digit, "Sit down." A note is sent out to security that they are to take Mr. Kumpfinger down to HR at their earliest convenience to get the man some help and to task him to one of the other towers ASAP.
With a hand pushing the faceplate up Tony reaches out for a nearby cookie in the debris, shakes off the glass and takes over the AIM comm. "You've reached the Invincible Iron Man. He advises you to stop playing double dutch with Quicksilver and turn yourselves in before he twines you up with your own cable and leaves you dangling from a flag pole somewhere. Just a suggestion. If I were you I'd allow the approaching police force to arrest you." Turns off the comm and munches the cookie while using the fallen mechanized AIM goon as a foot stool. To Corrin, "General hate-on? What were they working on that they'd attack you in the open with enough ammo to drop a building?"

The funnel begins to disperse, and the dust starts settling back down when Pietro returns to the scene. Resumes that running in a circle too, and this time he's moving at far faster speeds. Not going to run his costume off. He focuses in on getting that dust cloud high up in the sky. Then it will take long enough to fall that they can resolve this. The dust cloud is pulled into funnel and then upwards into the sky. Only once that's done does he stop before those two with their cable. There's blood running down one cheek where a bit of glass grazed a cheek, but he is now in his costume. The cheek is a bit smeared as he's rubbed at it a couple of times. "Well, are we going to play flag pole?" Asked of those two. No, he's not expecting them to give in.

Of course they don't give in, not to Iron Man and definitely not to Quicksilver. —Where does Pietro leave them afterwards?

In the lobby, Corrin turns one of the chairs right-side up and plumps down into it. "Uh… I don't know? Don't remember that bit. I don't remember a lot of that time." He makes a face. "It's a long story." He looks in the direction that security is taking Kumpfinger — the lobby is echoing with 'Hallelujah!' and 'Praise the Lord!' and 'I saved the world!' and 'SPECIAL cookies for this!' Then he looks back to Iron Man. "Sorry about your building." Sheepish.

Kumpfinger is met by a duo of security guards that want to hear all about his saving the world as they escort him away from the scene to get some help. Of course they'd also like to have the slightly cracked man deliver them some more cookies in the future so they're sure polite about the escort.
"You don't remember?" Face meet palm. "Don't worry for the building. What's important is you're in one piece and Damage Control sweeps through here on a regular basis that I get a discount on repairs." As his SHIELD friend settles into a seat in the damaged lobby Iron Man leans back glancing out of the busted doors to where Pietro is playing and decides to make things easier by breaking a few connections in the AIM gear effectively making them a heavy sidewalk statue. Leaning down he taps the suit beneath his foot like one would knock on a door. "You wouldn't happen to want to explain what happened at your base would you?"

Pietro is even disappointed when the suits stop moving. Trust someone to take all his fun out of this. So he amuses himself with using the cable to pull the things off their feet. Won't do much, but he will feel better! So there are soon some loud sounds as battle suits hit pavement. "What base?" Asked as he appears where Corrin and Tony are. Idly plucks a post-it note that managed to survive the explosion. Glass crunches under his feet, and instead of that business casual he's now in two toned blue. Arches an eyebrow at the message on that note. Well, the free cookies were right.

The man inside the suit under Tony's foot yells, "I ain't tellin' you nothin'! I know my rights!" and he'll maintain that attitude. He figures he's safe (enough) inside the suit, and he can hear police sirens. And Iron Man isn't known for beating on henchpeople like him. (He thinks… 'cuz there's always barracks rumors on what the supers are REALLY like, up close and 'personal' …

Corrin looks up and nods to Pietro as he appears. "It was in Ireland. And… uh… what else I remember, I can't tell you. SHIELD security clearance, that sort of thing." He shrugs. "I suppose you both have SHIELD security clearances…?" He's now thinking he shouldn't have said 'Ireland'. Damn, his ears are still ringing.

Heard all this before a million times over. The booted foot resting atop the pinned man presses down exerting more force that could start to be worrisome. "I don't think I heard him right. Did he say melt him into the suit? Then he'll talk? That's fine by me." The boot thrums to life already sparking against the metal.
"Probably best not to speak of this out in the open, and yes. I've got my clearance." Even if Tony didn't have clearance he could pull any information he wanted at the drop of a hat which annoys Fury to no end. A tip of the head as he notices the nick on Pietro's cheek.

"There are two more on the street if you run out of fun on this one." Pietro notes to Tony. That doesn't mean he isn't watching Corrin though with those electric blue eyes of his though. "Honestly I've never bothered to find out." If he has SHIELD clearance. "They would be hard pressed to stop me from getting anywhere I wanted." A casual shrug, and he looks out to the street. "I'm going to check the bay where I dropped those mines. Call me if you need anything." Doesn't bother with more of a good-bye than that. Merely blurs away and is gone.

Corrin blinks a couple of times as Pietro disappears. "I might get used to that. Eventually." Then he turns his attention to the suited bad guy. "Probably best if he didn't talk in the open, either. For the good of Fury's blood pressure, if nothing else." He gives Iron Man a half-smile, and then he pushes out of the chair. Wobble. "Woah. I think I need a drink." And never mind he looks like he's already had one too many.

The boot is deactivated thus ending Tony's fun just when it was about to get interesting. The police are running up from the fountain at the main entrance of the Towers main building so the force field in place drops. Lobby security is seeing to those people still on the first floor that Quicksilver did not move. When Corrin wobbles Tony reacts quickly to steady the man offering his metal clad arm as support. "Trust me, you don't want to go down that path." Directing traffic with the police, a call into Damage Control, and he's offering to escort Corrin upstairs and will call in the doc that likes to hang out over at the Avenger mansion to come take a look at the dazed SHIELD agent.

Corrin allows Iron Man to direct him around the building. "I meant water," he says. "Or did you mean Fury's blood pressure…? It's entertaining, if you're an onlooker and not the target…." He's babbling. He even knows he's babbling. He decides to continue to babble, because if he stops talking, he'll start thinking, and he has the awful feeling that will be worse. "He knows the most amazing curse words, and he strings them together so smoothly the air blisters before you realize he's got a head of steam up. Some of the guys take bets on how many adjectives he can string in a row, all different."

Lobby to elevator, elevator to the ninety-third floor, and Tony shows Corrin over to the couch. Once the man has slumped there pieces of armor swirl about in the air to pile up in a corner underneath the bar. The gold plating slowly vanishes from head to waist then mid thigh to foot leaving Tony in a shiny pair of shorts effectively. "Nick certainly has a mouth on him. Have you heard him and Dugan go at it? Really need to remember popcorn for such occasions." A glass is fetched from a cabinet and filled with ice water then brought to Corrin. "Be right back," he says heading over to the elevator to scoop up the cast off clothes. Shirt and pants pulled on he forgoes the shoes to come back into the living room to sit across from Corrin. "The doc should be here in a few minutes. Not far for him to have to travel."

The water helps. Corrin stops being a motormouth long enough to down half of it, then hold the glass to his temple. That helps, too. "I've heard them when they mean business, and when they're just trying to top each other. Dugan usually wins those." Smile. He leans back on the couch, then winces and leans forward again. "Uh. Thanks. And did I say sorry about the building? I mean, I knew I was being followed, but I didn't know it was AIM, or mechanicals, and I didn't think they'd attack the building to get to me. I mean, it's Stark Towers! How dumb would they have to be…?!"

Tony waves an open hand towards Corrin. "Want an icepack? I've not got much up here and I don't want to risk giving you anything that could cotton up your brain." Does also offer to refill that glass since you've downed half of it already. "Don't worry about the building," as he mentioned before. Perhaps a concussion is in play at the moment, hmm. Tony rises to his feet to slip back into the kitchen to pull out one of the frozen gel ice packs then offer that to Corrin. "They're AIM. Nuff said? Besides, you did the right thing coming here regardless."

Corrin accepts the icepack. "Thanks. —I'm just glad the front window took most of the initial blast shock. I don't think either I nor that old guy would be alive if it didn't. By the way, who was that guy? He was…" Corrin accepts the refilled water glass while he searches for a polite word. "Um… over-enthusiastic, given the circumstances."

Tony finds himself bubbling with laughter. "He's the senior janitor for this building. Normally an alright guy though he's gone around the bend about this Rapture nonsense. Makes excellent cookies however." The building itself can withstand attacks and has done so over time. It is truly fortunate that Corrin as well as the others within the lobby were behind that special glass as things could have gone horribly wrong otherwise. "So, you were in Ireland on a mission?" Stark loves to change subjects at the drop of a hat which should be no surprise at all to Agent Kelly.

Corrin puts the icepack on the back of his neck and eyes Tony from under his brows. "Uh… no offense, Tony, but could you please prove your SHIELD security level before I tell you anything? I may have said more than I should have, already." Take that, Mr. Subject Changer. Meet your nemesis, Mr. Straight Laced (when his head isn't addled.)

"Honestly?" No offense is taken though there's quite a bit of disbelief present in the way Tony's eyebrow raises towards his bedraggled hair. "Hrm," ticks off on his fingers. "Secretary of Defense, Iron Man, Avenger…" Does he need to keep listing all of his various job titles? Calls upon his AI to do the real work for him in this regard. A screen pops up nearby for Corrin to look at that has Tony's SHIELD security level as well as a calendar that points out that Tony has golf with the President every other Sunday unless canceled. "If you'd rather kick back and nurse your no doubt blinding headache I can find out what happened on my own."

Corrin reaches for the screen — Tony can interpret that as he's having a bit of trouble with his depth perception. Corrin's fingers pass through the screen and he twitches. "What's your handicap?" A finger pokes through a Sunday golf date.

Then he sighs and leans forward again. "Sorry, but if I didn't at least say I asked, Fury would have my hide nailed to a wall, raw." He grimaces. "And some things, SHIELD doesn't tell even the president."

A pause. "Okay. Short version: I got seconded to infiltrate an AIM base. I went in. I didn't come out. SHIELD lost track of me. They bounced the base, but I wasn't there. I turned up here, in New York, about a year ago. Not a clue who I was, until a SHIELD special healer got his hands on me."

He looks up at Tony. "SHIELD doesn't like that sort of thing. Not losing people, and not having them pop up without explanation months later. That's why I'm not on full duty."

Cringe, wouldn't want to be on the end of Fury's wrath. "It's no sweat off my back, Corrin. I know how things work over there and you had to ask." As Corrin relates what happened over the course of a year and some change Tony settles into his chair crossing one leg over the other looking thoughtful at best. "They no doubt ran the barrage of tests on you to see if you've been implanted with something, or are a clone, possibly a Skrull, etc…"

Corrin waves a hand, then picks up his water glass again. "Yeah, all of that. As far as can be determined, I am Michael Corrin Kelly, born in New York, SHIELD agent. I have scars from childhood accidents, so I'm not a clone. The healer says there's no foreign stuff in me, and that I'm not a Skrull, and that I *was* an unactivated mutant. I *am* an active one now, and I have brain damage as a direct result. Memory loss. Instability." He rolls his shoulders; he's not comfortable saying this. "Anyway. There you have it. If you want details, you're probably better off reading the SHIELD file. I honestly don't know all of it."

"Well you've certainly been screwed over." Tony shakes his head resting an arm across the top of a chair arm bending it at the elbow them propping up his head upon that hand. "They have you on limited duty keeping an eye on you then? And insofar as you know they have no idea what was going on at that AIM base?" Tony will certainly have to dig through the database at SHIELD to pull up information on Corrin and the particular mission where he went MIA. "I can look up everything to spare you the conversation but if you don't mind me asking; How does the instability affect you?"

Corrin frowns and leans back, wincing, against the couch. Very careful. "Do you blame them? About the limited duty?" He tilts his head a degree at Tony. Really? "But the base… uh… something about a major op happening out of it. Or maybe just a major op affecting Ireland." He massages the icepack across the back of his neck. "I know I was in deep… and something happened. I gave SHIELD an alert… and then disappeared." He shakes his head. "It's confusing. AIM worked me over real good. That's part of the reason I'm now an active." Quirk to the corner of his mouth.
Then the hard question. "Uh. Affects. Well." He winces and leans forward again. "Flashbacks. Bad ones. Sometimes I have memory skips, and sometimes… I lose it. Completely." He looks away. "I'm on limited duty for those reasons, too."

Where in the world was that doctor? "No, I don't. It's pretty standard to put someone on limited duty if they've been cleared." As far as Tony is aware there hasn't been anything out of the norm regarding Ireland. Perhaps when SHIELD leveled the building they pretty much put an end to what was happening there. Doesn't explain why a squad would be sent after a man a year later however. "Have they considered that AIM deliberately kicked your mutation into action? I wouldn't put it past them. Also, if you're suffering these bouts have they branched out to others that have a bit more experience dealing with neurological damage? IF they haven't I can give you some recommendations on that front."

Corrin shrugs. "I don't know why AIM came after me. Maybe their computer hiccupped or something. It could be that random — that's the sort of luck I have. And as for the neuro stuff… the healer is top flight. He says most of my problems are power related, due to the unusual activation circumstances." Another shrug. "That's a long story, too. But At least I know why it's happening."

He looks up as the elevator door dings. The doctor steps out and starts over. "Looks like the medic is here…."

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