2009-12-16: Crazy Names


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Summary: Dallas meets Coyote and Robyn on his first day at the school.

Date: December 16, 2009

Log Title Crazy Names

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

For almost the last month Robyn's been stuck as a frog. Not a small tree frog but a two foot tall, almost cartoonish, looking green frog. At the moment he's sitting on the couch with the remote in front of him, flipping through the channels. On the table in front of him sits a plate of cookies, which occasionally Robyn shoots out his tounge, grabs one of the oatmeal raisin cookies, and munches on it.

Dallas wanders in, his eyes already slightly wide and features a bit set from just the usual sights of Xavier's. He could not be any more obviously new if the word were painted on his forehead. Lured by the comfortingly familiar babble of the television, he wanders into the Rec Room and then stops, staring the sight of the frog on the couch. His expression is momentarily shocked before he obviously tries to remember his manners and looks towards the TV trying to brazen the odd situation out. His tone is hesitant as he clears his throat and says, "Um. Hi. Anything good on?"

Luckily for Coyote, she's been living at Xavier's long enough to no longer be shocked by all the bizarre happenings. Unfortunately for her, she's still a complete space cadet and heads straight into the recreational room, walking with her head down without paying attention to the fact that someone or something could be standing in the door way. "Oh, crap, sorry." She says, having just walked straight into Dallas.

Robyn has his tounge out, attached to a cookie, when Dallas walks in. If a Frog can blush, he's doing it right now. He quickly flips the cookie in his mouth and swallows, with a bit of coughing. "Sorry, um..not that I can find right now. It all depends on what you like, if you like reality TV, there's tons of it on." He says giving a smile. "I'm Robyn, I haven't seen you around here." Coyote on the other hand he has met briefly and gives a four digited hand wave to her. "Hello Coyote."

Dallas lets out a quiet 'Uff!' as Coyote tries to occupy the same space and he grins faintly at her as he takes a step back out of her way. "Well, I guess that beats pinching myself to prove I'm not just having a really weird dream." His tone is sardonic and light. "Hi." He looks back to Robyn, stopping himself by staring more by looking resolutely at the TV again. "Dallas. And I'm more of an ESPN kind of guy. Reality is overrated." He pauses a moment and says, "And yea. I'm new. Well, new here. Not actually new new." Because in his new world of talking frogs and superpowers, specifying that you were not born yesterday might be necessary.

"Oh, hey… Robyn?" The near albino teen says, looking at the rather large frog sitting before the television. "When did that happen?" Coyote asks flat out, as if people turn into frogs around the campus all the time,maneuvering herself around the poor new kids she just walked into. "Oh, and sorry for hitting you there, wasn't paying attention… obviously." She says to Dallas, adding a briefly lived smile at the end, then adding, "Coyote."

Robyn rubs a hand on his head and nods. "Yeah, it's me, I got turned into a Frog. About a month ago it happened?" Robyn says biting his lower lip. "I just want to be back to normal." He really is normally human looking. "Welcome to the school then Dallas, and I'm not really an ESPN guy, I'm more of a cartoon guy. I'm not athletic at all." He says with a chuckle.

Dallas looks back at Coyote with a slightly worried expression. "Coyote? We go by codenames in the school. Yours is cool, but I'm kind of still working on mine. That's not going to be a problem is it?" Robyn's explanation of his current form gets an uncertain nod and he can't repress a grin as he says, "Well, I bet you're good at long jumping. That's a sport. But hey, you got here first. He who controls the remote controls the universe."

"Damn, that really sucks." The words simply fall flat through Coyote's teeth before them both begin chewing down onto her bottom lip. A quick arm movement and the girl is rubbing at the back of her head, applying scratches every so often. "Code name?" She says, looking at Dallas, sounding incredibly confused. "Oh, no, not at all, it's actually my name." The color in her cheeks begin to take on a deep red. "… it's my middle name actually, but way less embarrassing than my real name."

"It does suck." Robyn says agreeing with Coyote. "I thought it was he who controls the spice?" Robyn says chucklig as he hands the remote over to Dallas. "Really, I don't mind. I'd probably leave it on cartoons. And like I said, it really does suck Coyote. I can't even do any scuplting with these hands." He says holding up a frog hand.

Dallas blushes a little himself and says, "Ah, oh. Wow. Really? Sorry." He winces faintly as he realizes he just expressed sympathy for Coyote's name and then shrugs and offers an embarrassed faint smile and shrug. "Um, I'm not thrilled with Dallas, myself." He glances back to Robyn and grins faintly as the young …frog… gets the reference. He asks, "Are you going to be able to change back or is this your, um, mutation?" The last word is slightly hushed and hesitant, as though he's saying something rude and offensive.

Coyote nods at Robyn. "Wouldn't imagine those would work too well with sculpting, but I bet you'd still be better with those than these." She holds up both her hands, obviously very human in construct. "Thanks. You wouldn't feel as sorry if you knew my first name." She laughs, obviouslyinterpreting his sympathy for just her name and not mistaking it for her code name. "I don't think Dallas is that bad."

Robyn shakes his head. "No, this has nothing to do with my mutation. Something happened in the city and once in a while I believe I'm the Frog Prince, like really believe it, and other times, I'm just me as a frog. And I like Coyote's name. That's right Coyote, we were supposed to have a 'guess your name' competion right?" He says teasing. "Dallas isn't that bad, there's another Robin here, so you're lucky that people won't be confusing you with another Dallas."

Dallas grins a bit wider and says, "It's not bad until you start getting the Texas jokes and you live in Illinois. But your first name is even worse?" His expression is curious and his open features betray a sudden urge to tease that he crushes ruthlessly, not wanting to get a reputation for being a jerk before he even settles in. Robyn's story gets another long look and after a moment Dallas just shakes his head and says, "You know, people told me that New York was going to be strange. I just don't think anybody realizes how strange. I, ah, hope you get better soon."

"And me too! But I'm sure you will, though I will be honest, if it's lasted about a months time, you might be in it for the long haul." It's hard to tell if she's joking or not, her voice holding a very monotone quality. "As Robyn said, there was suppose to be a competition to figure out what my first name is, but nothing was really set - no rules, timeframes or winning prize."

"Oh, New York is strange. I grew up in Brooklyn. I saw Superhero fights in the city fairly often, I hated it." Robyn says making a bit of a face. "I'm more used to it now, now that I found out I have powers. And hrm…I think I'm going to hazard a guess at your name. Consuela." He grins as he's just joking with the guess, not really being serious about it but thinking of a bad "Yeah, things can get kinda crazy around here Dallas, I hope that doesn't scare you."

Dallas shrugs and says, "If you want to play ball, you have to step on the field. Or I guess, if you want to learn to play ball when and how you want to, in my case. So better occasionally freaked out here than dropping a truck on somebody back home by accident." He pauses a moment, going a little grim as he apparently pictures that or something like it and then shakes it off, looking back to Coyote. He says, "I'm going with Raven or Hummingbird or something like that. Continuing with the animal motif."

"Nope, you're both way off." Coyote says, a smile quickly adding a space between her lips. "Can't really applaud the efforts either." She shrugs, taking several more steps into the room before plopping herself down onto one of the couches. "Sorry, but I'm not allowed to provide any hints either."

"No, I didn't drop a truck o anwyone, I just accidentally put a nurse into a coma for a few days." Robyn says but he doesn't feel guilty about it. It's not like it did any pemanant damage. "Wait, dd you drop a truck on someone, and what are you powers? If you don't mind me asking." He says as he looks to Coyote and chuckles. "Alright, I'll think a better guess next time."

Dallas grins openly at Coyote and follows, levering himself over the back of Robyn's couch with the kind of casual athleticism and energy that only an active teenager has and sprawling out on the opposite side from the frog boy. He pauses a moment and says, "Well, it has to be something good. If it turns out to be Ethel or Eunice or something, everybody's going to be disappointed." At Robyn's question he sobers a bit and says, "It was a fishing boat. Caused my grandfather to have a heart attack. And, um, I kind of call my shadow around me. When he's wrapped around me I get stronger and faster and tougher." Dallas shrugs. "It's a little scary. And I kind of suck at keeping it under control. So, you know, it's off to Mutant High for me." He gives Robyn a closer look. "That nurse got better, right?" The question seems important to him, as though he's projecting a little of his own anxiety.

Coyote shakes her head rapidly, "Oh no, it's definitely not something lame like Ethel…" she laughs briefly, quickly catching herself. "Oh, sorry if any of your relatives are named Ethel." Both legs are quickly pulled up, crossing over each other as she leans fully back into the couch. "Aw man, I totally gave my dad a heart attack! Guess that's how it goes, when your mutation shows itself, right?" For the first time a little emotion actually comes through from the girl, her smile quickly fading away.

"My great aunt Ethel, she's really nice…and sorry, I don't have a great aunt Ethel..that I know of." Robyn couldn't help but joke around about that. "Yes, she got better. I can't put anyone permantly in a coma luckily, and you Grandfather had a heart attack? That's horrible." He thinks Dallas's powers sound cool but he doesn't want to say it now. "And seriously, you too…wow…I'm sorry."

Dallas laughs at the first part of Coyote's statement. His smile is wide and momentarily untroubled, making him look younger than he is. "I don't know anybody old enough to be named Ethel. I'm pretty sure they outlawed it as a name in the mid 50s." He shakes his head once, smile fading at the news about Coyote's father and adds, "Sorry about your dad. I wish things didn't come on as unexpectedly as they do with this mutation crap." He looks back to Robyn and says, "He's getting better. And he doesn't blame me. He even said that if things don't work out here or it goes away or something, I can come live with him and help out around the house."

"Yeah, good point - the name has to be outlawed. And if not, I think I'm going to contact our local senator about it." Coyote says, her smile quickly returning. "Ah, don't be sorry. It was minor. Doctor said it probably would have happened eventually anyway. Not like he was in great health, though he is way better now. So I guess my mutation helped change his lifestyle. That's good, right?"

"I'm glad both your Grandfathe and your father are okay in the long run." Robyn says as he stretchs a bit with a yawn. "I'll sign that petition with you if you want Coyote. Though I have to get going, I have some homework I have to finish up. Just cause you'r e a frog doesn't excuse you from math homework. Though I wish it did." He says hoping off the couch. "It was nice meeting you Dallas." He says before hopping off.

Dallas waves a genial goodbye and watches Robyn hop away and then shakes his head again. "There should be a law against that, too. Mutant AND cursed. That's like a double-dip in the sucky karma pool. He must have been a trig teacher or serial killer in a former life." He looks back to Coyote and says, "And yea, that's probably my cue to go find my room. My bags kind of floated upstairs without me. I'm not sure what was up with that but I should probably find them. Cool meeting both of you." He stands and starts for the door himself.

"Agreed!" Coyote says right after offering up a wave to Robyn as he splits from the room. "Yeah, it was nice meeting you as well. Sure I'll see you around all the time." She moves over, picking up the remote as she begins to clicking through all the different channels.

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