2010-11-22: Creative Insults


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Summary: Christopher meets the new student Shane.

Date: November 22, 2010

Log Title: Creative Insults

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Walking into the Cafeteria with a large tray balanced on both hands that seems to hold a few different varities of pie on it is Christopher. He walks over to the area where most the food is served and puts down the tray along with a stack of paper plates, plates and pie servers. Once done he spots a lone blue haired girl sitting by herself and decides to go introduce himself since he is a teacher here and he got the notice about two new students. "Good afternoon." He says as he walks over carrying two pieces of chocolate mousse pie with him.

The game is paused, but the headphone not removed. "Yes, I dye my hair," she says, not looking up, "yes I know it's not Halloween, is there anything el—" At that moment, her eyes rise to the teacher, and the pie, and her mouth closes with a snap as she tugs off the huge cups. "…Sorry. Reflex."

Christopher smiles down at the girl and takes a seat across from her with a chuckle. "Sorry to disturb you, but I just thought I'd welcome you to the school with a piece of chocolate mousse pie." He says putting it down on the table. "You must get that question a lot about your hair." Though he can't help but think about how dryed out it looks. "I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I'm the culinary teacher at Xavier's." He says offering her a hand.

Shane glances down at the proffered hand, eyebrows twitching together, but after a moment's consideration, takes it and squeezes. "…Shane," she replies. "Any relation to the guy they're calling my team leader?"

Christopher smiles and nods. "Yes, that would be my husband. He's Dr. though I'm just Mr. And it's a pleasure to meet you Shane." He's very friendly with how he talks and holds himself but then it's just his nature to be Mr. Optimisic. "So how are you settling in so far?"

Shane shrugs lightly, reaching for a french fry. "Waiting for the other shoe to drop," she says lightly. "And wondering if being a mutant means you eventually go crazy."

Christopher shakes his head. "No, being a mutant doesn't mean you eventually go crazy. I like to think that I am far from crazy. Being a mutant just means that you're a person who happens to have super powers. You can do anything you want with your life still. Though there might be a few hardships on the way with being a mutant, I won't deny that." He is honest at least. "What makes you so sure that there is going to be this other shoe that is going to drop?"

Shane says, "Because that's how the world *works,*" Shane says, in that special teenager how-can-you-be-so-dense tone of voice. "If that wasn't true, Mason wouldn't be here.""

Christopher gives Shane a soft smile that kind of shows that he feels a bit sad that she feels that way. "I heard there was a new student named Mason, I have not met him yet." He doesn't state the obvious that she knew him before coming here. "I won't lie, it must be hard coming some place new to have someone from your past haunt you. So who is this Mason?"

Shane is silent for a moment, looking down at her game, and shakes her head. "I already said I wouldn't talk about him. *I'm* not going to back out of that, and *I* won't talk about him behind his back." Turning the system off, she sets it aside and reaches for her burger.

Christopher smiles and nods. "I understand that." And thus the subject is dropped. "You know Shane, I have a mutant power that allows me to change the colour of anything I touch…and I'm a stylist. So anytime you wish to dye you hair, you can always ask me to. It's free of charge." And it won't do the damage to it that is making his insides scream. He can tell she dyes it frequently from the condition of her hair. "Also then you won't have to worry about dying the sink blue or any colours fading."

"Thanks, but you'd get tired of it after a week," Shane answers, taking a sip of her soda. "I dye it every morning, and I've already got all the colors I want."

Christopher tries not to wince but he can't fully stop himself. "Sorry, it's just I'm a stylist and honestly, if I'm around in the morning, I don't mind." The wince turning back into a smile. "So how many different colours do you dye it?"

Shane shrugs. "Lots," is her initial reply. "I've got maybe two dozen colors or something? I'm pretty used to it by now."

Christopher raises his eyebrows in a somewhat impressed state. "Two dozen, wow. And you dye your hair a different colour everyday? Do you also bleach it every day?" He asks as he is impressed but in a mixture of a good and bad way.

"If I'm feeling something really different than the day before, or I just use a wash. It's all the temporary stuff they use for professional actors anyhow, it washes out pretty easily since it's not supposed to be around long." While Shane seems no less walled off, the topic of dying hair, at least, something light enough that she feels like holding a conversation.

"Well my offer is always open, if you want anything done with your hair if it's a colour change or hair cut or anything, let me know. I honestly do not mind." Christopher says giving a wave of his hand. "I actually own my own salon in Salem Center besides also being a teacher here. So like to think I know a bit about hair." He says with a chuckle.

"I'll give it a thought," Shane answers, nodding. "…So where'd you get married?"

"We got married in Vermont. It was a small ceremony at the Justice of the Peace, nothing overly spectacular." But it definately was special for Christopher. "Unfortunately we couldn't get married here in New York State."

Shane nods slowly. "Dad had to go to Washington. But I got pictures at least, and I do the March with him and my stepdad every year. Turns out the fundies go extra crazy when they see a little girl in a maid's dress walking between a couple."

Christopher raises his eyebrows in a bit of surprise and smiles. "Oh so your father had to go out of state too. Where are you from?" He asks as he doesn't really go over students files much. He'd rather talk to a student than read a piece of paper. "And fundies?" He's not one hundred percent certain with the term. "Jeri and I actually adopted a son, he's a little older than you now."

"LA," is the answer to the first question, eyes narrowing briefly in incredulous confusion. "…Fundies. Glenn Beck? Rush Limbaugh? Religious wackos who eat Wheaties made out of the Bible?"

Christopher can't help but smirk at that. "Oh yes, I like to just call them assholes." He doesn't usually swear in front of students but he thinks she might understand. "Wheaties made out of the bible, I am quite amused by that." He admits. "Those are always fun people to try to deal with."

Shane grunts. "It's not enough, though. Anyone can be an asshole. It takes real work and practice to turn yourself into that *much* of a used colostomy bag, so you need more creativity when talking about them."

A chuckle is unsuccessfully surpressed and he smiles at Shane. "Sorry, I just try not to be so..crass in front of the students though what you are saying is a perfect description for what they are. You're a little spitfire." He says and it's meant to be a compliment as he thinks it's a good thing. "Those are people I probably wouldn't pee on if they were on fire."

Shane nods once, curtly. "I know what you mean," she says, but doesn't elaborate. Instead, the burger is picked up and bitten into, her free hand pulling the headphone cord from her DS and plugging it into the iPod at her hip.

"So this must be quite a change for you, from LA to New York. Is this your first time to the East Coast?" Christopher asks Shane. "I've never gotten the chance to go out to the West Coast yet, I think I'm too much of a New Yorker."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Reminds me of Napa, just colder. Never been to New York City, though, probably it'll be one of the first things I do once I get my license."

Christopher smiles and waves a hand. "You don't need a license to visit New York City. There is so much public transportation there that you can get around just fine. And there's a train you can easily take into the city. I some how get the feeling you would enjoy Chinatown and Astor Place."

Shane blinks. "Train? Egh, no thanks," she says, the corner of her upper lip rising for a moment. "I'd rather drive myself, personally. Besides, why bother getting a license if you're not going to get a car?"

"Well they do offer drivers ed here if you haven't already been learning how to drive." Christopher says to Shane as he stands up. "Well it was my pleasure meeting you Shane and if you need anything or have any troubles here, just let me know, okay?"

Shane nods. "Will do," she says, knocking once on the tableside Christopher had sat at, before reaching up to replace her earphones. A tap on the device at her hip later, and loud, loud music drowns out the rest of the world once more.

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