2010-02-18: Critical Failure


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Summary: Chloe meets Dunstin on his first day of school, he has some bad luck.

Date: February 18, 2010

Log Title Critical Failure

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Lobby

A large chandelier causes light to shine over the polished surfaces of the Lobby creating a bright welcome. A few wooden benches blend in with the wooden walls. A large portrait of Professor Xavier is displayed on the wall. On each wall is a doorway that leads to a different part of the school.

Just minutes ago, Dunstin finished unloading all his stuff from the family car and had it brought to his new dorm room. Well he didn't unload it himself one but that doesn't really matter. He's just said good-bye to his father and now is in the Lobby of the new school just kind of looking around. Mr. Summers is supposed to meet him as some point but he doesn't know where this Mr. Summers is. So for now he's dressed in a button down shirt over jeans while looking at the portrait of Professor Xavier. "So this is the guy the school is named after." He says to himself.

From outside there is the sound of rapid footsteps, then suddenly the front door bursts open and Chloe bounds inside. Her shoes leaving a trail of scuff marks as she does her best to break. "Woah. Hiyounewhere?" she blurts, coming to an unsteady stop. "Ijustgotbackfrom a run and… need to slow myself down."

Dunstin turns abrputly and stumbles backwards a bit with surprise. He pushes his glasses up and his voice cracks a bit as he speaks. "Yeah, I'm new here." Then he clears his throat and tries to act like he isn't nervous. Ha! "I just got here an hour ago, my father left about five minutes ago." He looks around approvingly at the Lobby of the mansion. "Seems, nice here, even if the dorm rooms are a bit small." He doesn't mean it to sound stuck up or rude though.

"He did? He's cool with mutants right…?" Chloe wonders, tapping her fingers against the wall in a rhythmic beat. "Because if not then my morning run might have spooked him. Small… They're no worse than the room I shared with my sister back home, although I guess I know what you mean. More room is always good. I'm Chloe by the way."

Dunstin offers a hand to Chole and smiles. "Dunstin, Dunstin VonThurston." He leaves of 'the fourth' bit as he knows it might sound a bit presumptious here, unlike at his old school. "It's kind of new to both of us, the mutant thing. But he seems to be supportive and he sent me here to get better control. And he actually took the day off of work to see me get settled in." Which is a bit deal for the VonThurston Family. "This is my first time sharing a room."

Chloe shakes the offered hand, a little too quick in her movements for comfort. "It'll be an experience then, especially if you have an odd roomie. Of which there are /many/. But still odd doesn't mean bad, right? Sorry if I'm babbling or bombarding with questions, I'm a fast worlder and it's hard to adjust to slow worlder speeds at times."

"Well I know my roommates name is Topher? Do you know if he's one of the odd ones?" And what does she mean by odd? Dunstin's not quite sure. "Fast worlder and slow worlder? I'm not sure if I'm following you with that?" This is his first time around mutants so it's all new to him and Dunstin's just trying to soak it all in.

"Never met the guy I'm afraid and a fast worlder is someone who has super speed. I'm running six times faster than normal," Chloe explains cheerfully, her tapping finally steadying. "And a slow worlder is anyone who is normal."

"Ah so you're like a Quickling!" Dunstin surmises with a look of understanding. "I think I understand what this Fast World is now." It's like the Fey lands where everythign is different. "I just have the power to make the dice come true."

Chloe rapid blinks, tilts her head, then blinks again. "Huh? Dice come true… You can cheat at dice games?"

Dunstin shakes his head and speaks a bit dramatically. Not on purpose it's just the way he is. "No, it's not cheating. I can't decide what they roll but the higher I roll, the better things happen. Like if I rolled a natural 20, it's a automatic success and things just work out, but if I roll a critial failure…" Dunstin winces at that one.

"Natural twenty? You can roll unnatural numbers now?" Chloe asks, confusion keeping her at normal speeds far better than any amount of self control could. "Let me get this straight, you roll a dice and big numbers make something random but good happen and little ones make something bad happen? What if you roll several at the same time and get a one and a twenty?"

Dunstin shakes his head like Chole is crazy. "No." He says and digs into his pocket and pulls out a twenty sided dice. "This here, a d20. If I roll it, the higher the number the better the results, the lower the number, the wosre the results. The more sides on a dice the less chances I have to screw something up or make something better. I'm like Tymora, I control luck."

Chloe shrugs. "If you insist! Have you done a double roll before then? Or just thrown a whole bag full and hoped they'd come out beneficial?"

"I haven't tried more than one, I'm kind of scared to try that." Dunstin says as he's mostly just stuck to once dice. "Here…I'll show you." And he kneels down on the floor and rolls the dice. When it stops it stops on a '1'. "Oh fuck." He says staring at the dice with fear.

"What were you trying to alter?" Chloe wonders, glancing around expectantly. "And whatever happens lets both stay away from the chandelier."

"I was just rolling." Dunstin says not trying to affect anything and his voice is squeaking and cracking a bit. He starts to stand up when the portriat of Charles Xavier, that's been hanging on the wall for years, shifts, than crashes to the ground. The frame shatters and part of the broken frame goes through the canvas, piercing Xavier through the chest. "I'm fucked." He says in that high pitched, nervous, voice.

"I…. Yes," Chloe agrees after staring at the wreckage. "But don't worry they're certain to be insured. Place like this'll have tons of accidents. And you're not in control yet, so people won't blame you… Just be sure to own up because the security in this place is killer tight."

"My first five minutes at the school and I destroy the portrait of the founding father." Dunstin says throwing up his hands in disbeliefe. He picks up the dice and shoves it in his pocket. "Great, my father's gonna love this." He notes the insurance and sighs. "I'll offer to pay for it to be restored, since I rolled the dice."

"You can afford that sort of thing from your allowance?" Chloe asks in awe. "Lucky, I'm going through shoes fast enough that mine is vanishing as fast as I receive it."

Dunstin isn't used to being at a school where everyone isn't as rich as him so he doesn't always think of having a ton of money as 'lucky'. "My father owns a business called VT Textiles, it's been in the family for years." He then looks down at her shoes to see how worn they are. "Do they make special Quickling shoes?"

Chloe sticks her foot out for inspection, revealing soles which are rather sorry looking. "Special what shoes? No wait, I suspect I wouldn't get the answer even if you explained it. The school has uniforms for group power training and /those/ are pretty tough, but I can't wear them all the time." She frowns. "At least I don't think I can… I might ask."

"Quicklings, they're Fae creatures. Like Fairies, kind of, but they're speedsters." Dunstin doesn't mention that they tend to be evil but for his mind it's best to associate her power with that of a Quickling. "Group powers training? How do they do that? I'm not one of those powerful types, I just roll dice."

"They have this big room which projects things. Like that show with the bald guy in space," Chloe explains, waving her hand. "Every group has a different set of people. I'm in Corsairs, which are like pirates only our mentor is the Head teacher so we're unlikely to pillage any shipping. You'll also have lessons in things like self defence, so I guess they'll make you learn to get the hell out of the way. Then roll dice and help or hinder stuff…. Plus if I was in charge I'd make you learn how to roll specific numbers, Vegas style."

"I don't know, cheating with dice, it's never been right." Ah Dunstin, the DnD nerd. Thinks of too many thinks in terms of fantasy and text book at times. "That sounds cool, a room like that. I can't wait to see it. And pirates are always cool. I ran this one Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my friends back home where they had to find these pirates and get them to help..um…you probably don't want to hear about it." No one ever does but that's okay. "Actually I should be finding this. Mr. Summers, finish getting settled in and figure out what to do about that." He points to the painting.

Chloe shrugs apologetically. "I have to admit I don't even know what Dungeons and dragons /is/. But anyway you'll probably find Cyclops up in his office, which is thataway." She points in the general direction of Scotts office. "I'll probably cya around sometime. Anyway I should grab some food, going past a hundred miles an hour builds up a mighty need for snacks."

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