2009-02-14: Crustaceous Crew


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Summary: While in the city, a group of super powered teens stop the Crustaceous Crew from robbing a bank.

Date: February 14, 2009

Log Title Crustaeceous Crew!

Rating: PG-13 (Violence)

NYC - East 42nd Street

Traveling from East to West in the center of Manhattan is 42nd street. The long street is home to Grand Central Station, United Nations, Bryant Park, New York Public Library and Times Square. This street has many stores and restaurants tailored to the more upscale and tourists of the city. There are also many theatres along this street for Broadway Musicals and motion pictures.

It's a nice day and still early afternoon in the city and Daisuke, Eddie, Pallaton and Julian decided to get out of the mansion, have some lunch and just hang out. Daisuke is wearing a black jacket over a plaid button down shirt, stripped tie and ripped jeans. He adjusts his fedora style hat as the walk out of Grand Central Station to the busy street. "I know I'm hungry, so anywhere you want to get something to eat?" Daisuke asks resting an elbow on Eddie's shoulder in a friendly way.

Pallaton still looks a bit down after their trek, but he does seem to be doing his best to grin and bear it as he wanders New York with his friends instead of alone. "I don't know a lot of places here. What is there to eat here?" he asks the two. He does give an occasional glance around, but after meeting with Terry and almost being found out a second time, he's on his guard. Just in case.

Eddie's dressed in jeans and a 'New Mutants' t-shirt today. He's got his backpack on and a -huge- grin. Starting at last night and then moving into this morning, things have been going GREAT for him. Now out with friends, he's practically humming. "Anywhere's good with me. I gotta tell you guys about that demon chick from last night when we get something though. It was great," he says.

Julian is in his red shirt brown belt and jeans. The telekinetic looks about the group, Pallaton is a new addition, and he's not too sure about him. "Any type of food you want is around here, it's freaking NYC." And then the demon chick is brought up. "Huh? Is that some new fad or something, like the new goth?"

Daisuke just stops and his eyes grow wide, he has a bit of a fear of deamons. "What..deamon? you met a deamon? Eddie…she didn't do anything to you right?" He sounds a bit panicked as he's had run-ins with daemons before and none of them have turned out well for him.

Pallaton seems concerned, too. Of course, with his magical knowledge, it's likely he's heard of demons of some sort. He seems to drop his emo-ness and swaps it for concern, looking to Eddie for an answer, but trying not to look like he's desperate for an answer. And failing miserably.

Eddie smiles, reaching over to give Dai a quick hug. "Yeah, I met this demon woman named Kali. She tried to get me to make a deal with her but I scared her off with my powers and the Goblin Gauntlets. Nailed her with a pepper bomb too," he declares. "Man…it was great!" he says, laughing happily.

Julian raises a brow not being too concerned though, since Eddie is quite alright. "Good one Eddie." Being supportive of his friend. Since Mr. Faith does want to go into heroing and all.

Daisuke nods. "Just be careful and never make any deals." He says, he made that mistake once. "I'm glad you did okay and that you.." His sentence is cut off as down the street there's a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass. There's a few screams and people start running in various directions, a few straight towards the four. A gruff voice can be heard yelling "Good one CrabMan, Mighty Shrimp you're with me, Colony you and CrabMan make sure no capes show up."

Pallaton nods too, looking relieved. Well, until the sounds of smashing. There are times being half-man, half-wolf disguised by a hologram works well, and this is one of them. He scowls, suppressing a growl at the same time, looking over to that group. "I know I'm not used to cities, but I think they're up to no good." Understatement of the year, perhaps?

Eddie smiles up at Julian. "Thanks," he says with a blush. "Don't worry, Dai. I know not to make deals with demons. I just wonder if she was working for Mephisto or something…" he trails off. And then the explosions. Squeaking, Eddie jumps and looks around. "Oh man…" he trails off. "Guys…" yep…Dai might guess what he wants to do.

Julian quips to Pallaton. "No shit Sherlock." And with that the teen lifts into the air. He flies off to whatever building has been broken into, above the screaming bystanders. Hellion looks to see exactly who are the goons and to size them up.

Daisuke just looks at Eddie and gives him a smile, the two have done will fighting together. "Let's go check it out." Daisuke says as he runs to push through he crowd. When the four get to where the commotions is, they can see a large, Crab looking device (http://3danimation.e-spaces.com/character_animation/character_animation_monster.jpg) out side of a bank where the glass and wall have been smashed in. A guy with big giant lobster claws comes stepping out of the hole with a woman dressed in pink. "Lobster Claw and I got the loot, time to get out of here!" She exclaims. Off to the side is one man wearing a long trench coat, sunglasses and a hat, just looking around.

Pallaton nods as everyone else heads towards the … thing. Pallaton, however, ducks into a side-alley and hides. Or at least, seems to. What comes out of that alley isn't human or even in any way similar to Pallaton on the way in, except the deep voice. Instead, a large wolf-man comes charging out on all fours, running pretty fast towards the mechanical menace, attempting to… leap onto it? Well, that's a bit nuts, but who knows? Might work…

Eddie slips both hands into his pockets, removing them with the Goblin Gauntlets on. Funny thing is that they're blue now. Must be why he had that blue dye the other day. "Okay, that's messed up," he murmurs when he sees the machine. The youth squeaks a bit when Pallaton goes up and into the fray and then looks to Dai. "I…dunno who these guys are. They're either new or -really- pathetic," he says. "C'mon," he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of smokebombs, flinging them at Lobster claw and the woman.

Julian attempts to face Lobster Claw himself, lowering to the ground as the pepperbomb explodes in front of Lobster Claw, the telekinetic puts up a barrier around his head so he's not affected by the weapon, the telekinetic sends out a push of 700 lbs to hit the crustacean. This is going to be a good brawl, hopefully.

Daisuke runs forward as well and seeing that Eddie has the smoke bomb ready for LobsterClaw and Mighty Shrimp, Julian is going one on one with LobsterClaw and Pallaton is jumping on CrabMan, Daisuke decides to go for the guy in the coat and sunglasses. He uses his sonics to hit a certain pitch and try to stun the guy out.

As Pallaton leaps up, he lands on CrabMan, or well his armour. "Get offa me!" He gruffs out as the machine moves sideways to hopefully crash it, and Pallaton, into the wall of the bank. CrabMan knows the machine can withstand the impact. As for Eddie and his smokebomb, LobsterMan and Mighty Shrimp start coughing but Mighty Shrimp starts to grow about fifteen feet in height to get away from it. "Tough break little man!" She calls out and moves to kick him with the large foot of hers. The smokebomb does have an effect and LobsterMan doesn't see Julian's telekinetic push coming and before he can defend himself he goes flying back into the building with a loud crash. Daisuke hits Colony with the sonic stun but it seems to have an odd effect as the man seems to fall apart into thousands of tiny bugs over the pavement.

Pallaton shifts himself as the machine moves towards a nearby wall. Then he just does what he does best. Pounding. He digs his claws into the machine, trying to hold on with two legs and a hand while his other just starts bashing the machine, each blow enough to punch through bricks. The smoke bomb does cause a bit of problems, though, and he returns to holding on as the machine is bashed about, before resuming the beating if he even manages to hold on.

Eddie yelps as he sees Mighty Shrimp get bigger, diving out of the way of the kick and cringing as he gets scraped on the ground. "Alright. You wanna get bigger…" he trails off, getting up and reaching to pull his backpack around. In a quick move, he's got the Goblin Glider out and unfolded. Hopping on, Eddie takes to the air. "Have some of this then," he says, pointing a hand at Mighty Shrimp and letting loose one of the Goblin Gauntlet's blasts.

Julian moves farther into the smoke, trying to find the LobsterClaw. Following the loud crashing noise. The telekinetic looks around inside, maybe the fiend got the slip, but Julian did hit the guy hard. He starts moving around furniture with his telekinesis, searching out the lobster man.

Seeing Colony scatter into thousands of pillbugs on the ground, he turns to the others just in time to see MightyShrimp get bigger. And as Eddie zaps her with his electricity he decides to help out and hit her with his sonic scream at the same time.

Pallaton doesn't have much luck with his claws trying to grab onto the metal as they just can't seem to pierce whatever it's made of. He is able to get a few punches in to slowly dent the machine. "Mighty Shrimp, get him offa me!" He yells as Pallaton's just annoying at this point. Mighty Shrimp raises up both of her fists to hit Pallaton when she's hit by the electricity and the sonic scream and the punch never connects, instead she just stumbles forward looking stunned. Lobster Man, his red armour and large claws are designed for two things, damage and durability. As he did go flying back, he was barely injured. As Julian searches for him, Lobster Claw comes up behind him to try to grab him with one of his large claws. Colony on the other hand, shouldn't be counted out yet as the thousands of little bugs make their way over to Daisuke and start to cover his entire body.

Pallaton looks ready to counter, but with the Shrimp getting blasted past, she does clip him and knock him off the crap. Well, that worked, at least, but now he's mad. He growls and heads for one of the legs, trying to grab on and pull the machine off-balance. It's strange to see Pallaton get worked up like this. Usually he's calmer, but he looks really angry.

Eddie goes around Mighty Shrimp's head, pulling out a Pepper Bomb this time. He prepares to throw it when he sees what's going on down below. "Dai!" he yelps, scars lighting up to boost his friend to three times the maximum. He chucks the pepper bomb (the kind that explode on impact) in the direction of Mighty Shrimp's face and dives down to see what he can do to help his friend.

Julian is no mind reader, the large claw does grab Julian on his midsection. The boy is turned in the claw to fit in. And the pressure from the pincer is hurting the young mutant. He groans out in pain loudly as he tries to pry his way out. He's got to focus, placing his hands in front of the two parts of the pincer, he starts to pull to either side, trying to escape.

Daisuke tries to stay calm as he's quickly encased by the pill bugs. He concentrates on them for a bit before trying to call out to his friends. "Fire, his wea-" but he's not able to finish his sentence as the pillbugs crawl into his mouth and up his noise to try to suffocate him. He tries to get them off of him, but even with Eddie's boost, he can't really scream and the pillbugs completely cover him.

Unfortunately for Pallaton the machine won't budge, his strength just isn't enough to pull the crablike machine off balance. CrabMan just laughs as he lifts a leg to try to crush Pallaton with. Julian keeps getting squeezed by the claws as his physical strength just isn't enough to pull them apart. In a few seconds it's possible that ribs might start to crack. As for Eddie, his pepper bombs ring true and smack Mighty Shrimp in the face and she lets out quite the shriek as she starts to tear and cough. She's not out but she's not very useful either as she stumbles around in her large form.

Pallaton growls angrily. Time for a change of tactics. But first, there's a Julian that needs saving. Pallaton's at the acrobatics again, trying his best to climb towards that claw in an attempt to put his all into giving Julian that little bit breathing space, as it were, obviously straining as he puts every once of his strength into it. "Just… hold… on… Rrrgaaaaaagh!" he growls as he attempts to free him.

Eddie tenses as he sees his friend get covered up. "Fire? Firefirefire…" he looks around in a panicky way. "Worth a shot," he grumbles, reaching into his backpack again and yanking out a notebook. It was new but he'd get another. "Not the HumanTorch but…FLAME ON!" he says, using some sparks from the gauntlet to light the book up and approach the bugs. "Hey! Let him go!" he yells, getting closer.

Julian is getting the wrong side of a squeeze, and it's hurting a ton. He seethes with pain before he can focus enough to get a telekinetic grasp in, and then here comes the fuzzy beast. "I'm a telekinetic you idiot….I…can…get…out of" He's pushing out with his telekinesis, the green glow around his body a symbol of his telekinesis in use, it eventually waves out as a force on all sides of the boy, hopefully in unison it's good enough to release him from LobsterClaw's grasp.

Between Pallaton and mostly Hellion's telekinetics, the claw is split in two and each piece goes flying off. One claw down! He scream in a mix of rage in pain as it can be seen that's the claw is cybernetics. "You little shits are going to pay!" He yells as he swings the claw full force at Pallaton. Eddie, with the flaming notebook, brings it right up to Daisuke and the bugs all immediately scatter off of him, leaving Daisuke gasping for air on all fours on the pavement. As for MightyShrimp, she's just about gotten over being stunned and pepperbombed and CrabMan sees Eddie with the fire and the machine loudly rushes over, sideways of course, swinging the front arm to smack both Daisuke and Eddie.

"I don't read minds!" he shouts out as he swings his own arm towards that oncoming claw, going to meet the blow head-on with his own than bother dodging or blocking. Sure, it'd hurt, but with a bit of luck, he might just damage that one, too. If not, well… some damage is better than none at all.

Discarding the flaming notebook in the direction the bugs went, Eddie crouches down on the glider to check on his friend. "Dai? Are you alright?" he asks, keeping the boost up. Hearing something odd, he glances up in time to see the CrabMan come rushing. Jumping slightly, he tries to shove Dai out of the way but gets smacked and goes tumbling through the air. That's gonna hurt in the morning…and right now.

Julian gives a sigh of relief at his release from he claw. And as the cybernetics show, Julian gives a scoff to LobsterClaw. "That's lame! You're not even real." He says, leaving the wolf-thing and the big phony to fight each other. Grabbing his chest, he flies out to meet the Crab Machine, perhaps this is a better choice for Jules.

Daisuke looks up at Eddie. "Thanks." He breaths out as it's obvious he was almost at that point where he passed out from lack of air. He's still recovering when Eddie pushes him away and gets smacked with the Crabarm. "Hahaha! No one can mess with CrabMan!" He shouts as he lifts the arm to try to go after Eddie. Mighty Shrimp has finally recovered and reaches down to pick up Daisuke right after he's pushed out of the way and starts to squeeze him with both hands. "You aren't going to stop the Crustaceous Crew from getting what's ours!" She says as Daisuke lets out a scream of pain, which is a sonic scream of pain, right in her face. Mighty Shrimp drops Daisuke and he falls ten feet down, on to the pavement, as she falls backwards, knocked out. Colony forms himself back into a 'human' form which is just a mass of pill bugs, he stays away from the fire that's consuming the notebook, who knows how long that fire will last thought. LobsterClaw's Claw and Pallaton's furry fist meet with a metallic clang that hurts for Pallaton, but it stops the fist. "You can't stop LobsterClaw!" He says bringing the claw up and over for a downward swing at Pallaton.

Pallaton winces as the punch connects. It hurt, but it worked. And possibly looked awesome at the same time. He works on the dodging for now, seemingly calmed. A little, anyway. He just needs to time it right. "I just did. And I'm nowhere near done yet!" He's dropping to all fours and flitting back and forth in a zig-zag towards Colony, quickly spinning around to fire off a few pebbles towards CrabMan every now and again, more to agitate than damage. All he needs is luck on his side…

Eddie rights himself in the air, shaking his head to clear it. "Owww…" he groans. Glancing up, he spots Dai falling and jumps. "Hellion!" he calls out, pointing and hoping the telekinetic can catch his friend. Eddie can't get past the crab in time so he's counting on one friend to save another. Speaking of the Crab, Eddie scowls and shoots to the side, letting loose a pair of electrical blasts at the machine.

Julian holds out both arms to hold the crab arm that was moving to hit Eddie. He twists his arms in order to cripple the mechanical arm. "Come on you ass, bend!" He yells out, this crab needs to be broken, before there can be any kind of getaway.

LobsterClaw maybe be strong and durable but he's far from fast and as Pallaton keeps dodging around, he keeps missing. He keeps getting more and more frustrated and brings his claw down for a crushing blow, but it misses again as Pallaton is just quicker. The claw slams into the ground and it looks like he's having trouble getting it out. Faith vs Crabman, and Eddie has one advantage, electricity. Metal is a nice conductor and as the pair of electoral blasts hit the machine it shorts out half of it, disabling one of the big arms in front and half of the machine. "Curses!" yells Crabman as he' can't move with only half the legs. And as if that wasn't a big enough problem, Julian's telekinesis cripple the other arm, leaving Crabman stuck inside the crippled machine, cursing.

Daisuke on the other hand, pushes himself up off the pavement, looking a little pale, but determined. He notices that notebook has gone out and Colony is fully formed. He screams with full force scattering the bugs that make up the
creepy man.

Well, that's that for now. Pallaton will leave that to Eddie. However, there's some bugs that need squishing. Pallaton springs into action, running towards Colony with a fist ready, going for an all-out Falcon Punch to the chest. Hopefully, anyway.

Smiling slightly, Mr. Faith lets out a breath he'd been holding in. Glancing to see if Dai's okay, he notices LobsterClaw stuck in the ground. Shrugging, he lifts a hand and fires an electrical blast his way as well. "Howl? You okay?" he calls, remembering his friend's codename.

Lobsterclaw is knocked free from the ground with the electrical blast and he's still conscious but groaning as he tries to get up. Mighty Shrimp and CrabMan both have been disabled and Colony is scattering away as fast as he can, even as Pallaton squishes a few of the bugs, most make it away. In the distance sirens can be heard as the police rush to the scene.

Daisuke walks over to Eddie and gives him a tired smile. "Yeah, my arm just hurts a lot from where I feel, you okay, from that hit?" Daisuke asks as he looks to Pallaton and Hellion. "What about you two? Are you okay also?"

Julian looks to Eddie. "Nice work, Faith." Since the mechanical crab is now down, and the guy inside is cursing. He looks back to Pallaton, who has abandoned his enemy for another one. "You didn't finish the last guy!" He yells out to Pallaton. And there goes Eddie with an electric blast. Hellion keeps an eye on LobsterClaw, just in case he is going to fight back. "I'm fine." He touches his chest, wincing from the tenderness, he may have a cracked rib.

Pallaton looks like he was about ready to chase Colony, but re-thinks that idea. Instead, he's making sure the last guy gets what he deserves. Namely, aiming what can only be described as a Falcon Uppercut to the chest. "I'm fine. Took a bad hit when I punched the claw thing, but I'll live."

Eddie groans slightly on the glider, holding his chest. "I'll live but it hurts," he calls back. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Piloting the glider over to the others, he glances back at the sound of sirens. "We should get going. Howl can ride with me. Can you carry our wolfy friend?" he asks Hellion, turning up his boosting so that Dai and Julian's natural abilities to heal triple. He can't make 'em like Wolverine but he can at least help a bit.

"I can." Julian says, his eyes glowing green, ready to get out of this place. Wonder if dinner is still going to be had.

"Good.' Daisuke says as puts the arm that's not hurting around Eddie and gets on the glider with him. Adrenaline is the only thing that's keeping him going right now. lucky for Eddie's boost the few bruises he's got are healing nicely though it's going to take quite some time for the fracture in his arm to heal. "Let's go back to the mansion.

The cops show up to the scene to start to arrest LobsterClaw, Mighty Shrimp and CrabMan, though it seems Colony has gotten away.

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