2009-03-06: Cuddle Pile


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Summary: Drew, Kaden, Keith and Xane spend some cuddle time together.

Date: March 6, 2009

Log Title Cuddle Pile

Rating: R (Adult themes)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

Most of last night is a blur for Kaden, mainly because he was knocked out cold. He's been asleep all of last night and most of today and is just waking up now. His jaw aches pretty good and he figures the best the best thing would be some ice. He shifts in the bed and realizes he's in Drew's room right now. "Drew?" He mutters out sleepily as he sits up. "Ow, shit, my jaw hurts."

Drew's sitting right beside the bed, waiting with a hand on Kaden's chest. "Hey. I'm right here." He says, smiling softly. "Welcome back." He chuckles. He hasn't slept yet. He's been that worried.

"You look tired." Kaden says to Drew giving him a smile as he moves a hand to take Drew's. "What happened last night, after…well what happened?" The fist came up so fast and so hard that he doesn't really remember how he went from standing to waking up now. "Did you smack that pussy version of me?"

Drew can't help but chuckle. "No. He smacked the others down. He was just waiting for an excuse." He chuckles. "He had a better control over the water than I did." He shrugs softly. "You got cold cocked by their Keith."

Kaden smiles at Drew and shakes his head. "All of you had more control over everthing than I do. I really have to work on it, I want to be better with fire." Kaden says pulling Drew into the bed if he's willing. "Yeah, I don't think cold cocked describes our Keith at all, he's too much…Keith." He says trying to make a joke.

"Our Keith is too loving to do something like that. I mean, he'll hurt someone hurting himself or us, but he wouldn't do anything like that to us." Drew says firmly. "An' apparently, we missed Xane beating the hell out of his counterpart. Xane had a bloody lip. The other one was unconscious." He says with a wrinkled nose, moving to join Kaden in the bed, and sending a quick text to Keith to say that Kaden is awake.

Xane walks by, his knuckles in bandages. His right eye darkened by a bruise. He heard some of the "I got sucker punched by myself, a more eager to fight me." He's currently without shirt, and he's got two fist sized bruises on his ribcage. "At least the other Xane fought fair, refrained from below the belt shit."

Kaden hugs Drew and for once it's Kaden nuzzling into him. He's still a bit groggy from just waking up. "Damn, well I'm glad Xane, our Xane is…oh hey Xane. I was just saying I'm glad you're okay. And good, I hate it when people cheat in a fight." He looks at Drew and smiles at him. "I'm glad you're okay too Drew."

"Technically, the other you was cheating." Drew says with a chuckle, motioning for Xane to come join if he wants. "He was using water while making it look like me.But it took both of us to get other-Keith. Dmitri took himself out."

The chef does move into the room, taking a seat on the bed. "Mine was doing something to the water, putting hate into it. Apparently he can do more than just food." The soul spirit lies down, legs off of the bed. "I kinda had fun though."

At Xane's words, Kaden looks up at Drew. "Maybe that's why the water was aggitated and stuff, is it doing better or is it still…?" Kaden says hoping it's over. "Well that's good cheating, he was helping you out. See no matter who I am, I wanna help you out." He says chuckling as he cuddles against Drew, but reaching out a hand to see if he can reach Xane to ruffle his hair.

"I just… don't wanna be like that me and… well…" Drew says with a bit of a wince. "He kinda had the other-you on a leash." He smilrks, moving around to be able to snuggle up against both Kaden AND Xane. "You'll learn." He says happily. "Well, maybe not to poison the water like that was, but… something."

Woken by his phone's 'hey you have a text!' tone, Keith's stumbled his way down there stairs. Dressed in just a pair of pajama pants, he makes his way into the room. He's got some bandages on long scratches on his arms and shoulders with a few bruises but all in all looks mostly unharmed. Messed up hair though. "Oh good, and here I was thinking you were bored," he smirks to Xane. "Good to see you awake, K-man," he adds, leaning against the doorframe.

Xane lifts his head up, looking to Keith. "Keith, is that you? Everything's so dark." He says as he closes his good left eye. "I think I've got the Shiner!" He says, laughing, and sticking out his tongue.

Kaden shifts to join, or help make, the cuddle pile. "You won't ever be like that, you're too nice Drew, and I mean that in a good way. And I love you Drew but I think that'd be one thing that would actually make me mad at you, doing that…leash…thing." It's a strange concept to him. "Hey! Keith! ow…" He says smiling though. "How are you?" he asks noticing the scratches. He can't help but shake his head at Xane. "You're crazy." He says.

"Ok, fine. I'll kiss them all and make them all better." Drew says with a snicker. He got off light. No damage to him, other than his pride. "Just tell me where." He sighs softly before blinking. "WAit. I shouldn't make that offer to Keith."

Keith shrugs. "Been better, been worse. The other Drew scratched me up when the other Kaden smacked him. And don't knock leashes and collars. They can be pretty fun to play with sometimes," he teases with a wink. Moving into the room, he climbs onto the bed to grab Xane for a kiss. "That answer the question?" he asks with a smirk. "Aww? Why not, Drew?"

The chef closes both eyes as he's kissed. "I don't know, you may have to run the test again." Xane looks over to Kaden, giving a smirk. "Now how can I explain this to the guys at the restaurant without making it look dirty… fuck it. I'll make it sound dirty. Handcuffs, cheesecloth, and a chocolate torte."

"You can kiss me all you want to make my jaw better." Kaden says to Drew with a chuckle. He turns a bit red and moves his face agasint Drew a bit flustered by Keith's comment. "Anyway…how's Dmitri?" But then turns red again as Xane tacks on more. "I really do love you guys and from what I saw yesterday, I'm really glad that we're not like them….wait..when did I get naked?" He asks as he looks under the blanket.

Drew moves around so he has access to all three other spirits. "Cause I know where you'd want me to kiss you." He snickers at Keith. "Not that I'd mind or anything." Looking up at Kaden. "Cause I thought you'd sleep more comfortably that way?"

Keith smirks and leans in to kiss Xane again. He doesn't mind. He chuckles at what Xane tacks on. "Oh, now you're just giving me ideas," he says. "Last I saw he was resting off the fight down in the room on the ground floor. I left him some good booze too," he says. Drew gets a wink before Keith speaks up again. "Would you have wanted to sleep in sandy, soggy, sooty clothes?"

"I'll never forget, this one freaky girl. Some rope, a wire whisk, and a whole side of tuna. After that my fish guy wouldn't accept any fish that I had bought from the market, he'd always go himself." Xane says after the second kiss. "Well, maybe you four forgot but by now, I'm thirty years old. Spent my b-day trapped in Manhattan amid mass hysteria." Not to guilt-trip anyone, but he now wants to do something now that they can leave the island.

"I… never knew." Drew says, sheepishly. Nobody told him. But then, his only got told because he mentioned it the day before. Drew slides down to wrap himself around Xane. "Well, I'll help do something if you wanna. I just dunno what. I mean, all I really got to give is a good batch of mama's special herb." He laughs.

"Well it's not fair if I'm the only one naked." Kaden says as he crawls out from under the blanket so he can join the others more comfortably in the cuddle pile. Keith's ideas are a bit over Kaden's head at the moment. He doesn't even know what to say to Xane at his comment of the girl and he is obviously flustered by it. "Well…we'll have to do something to make it up…but not with a wire whisk and tuna…" He doesn't even know what you'd do with that.

Keith makes a face. "Had me up until the tuna. No fish in my bedrooms," he says with a nod. Shrugging, he reaches down and slips out of his pajama pants. "There. Now you're not the only one naked, K-man," he says with a smile. "Hmm. So how about I buy us an RC and we take a roadtrip? All five of us? See this country?"

Xane raises an eyebrow to the weed, but soon shakes his head. "I don't do that stuff anymore, log time ago I had the munchies while cooking, and some of the people who ate it decided to skip out on the check, and go over to the nearest White Castle." "I don't think we could use the wire whisk on you or Keith, Kaden, it does things to a person, terrible terrible things." Xane does like the idea of an RV. "That sounds like fun, I already got stuff, I just want to have fun."

Kaden snuggles up with the three and nods to Keith with a chuckle. "Roadtrip? That could be fun. I've only been to New York and California, just as long as we skip LA, okay?" He says with a smile. He has a happy look on his face as he's cuddled with the three spirits, though when Xane continues talking about the whisk he just looks at Xane with this weirded out look on his face. "Why? Ya know, don't answer, please don't." He's still innocent when it comes to most things sexual.

Of course, Drew and Xane are the only ones still clothed, but that changes in moments from when Kaden points it out. He shrugs and joins the other two. "I'll teach you some things later." He winks at Kaden as he yawns. He's been up since Kaden passed out, and before. So, about 40 hours now. He's obviously sleepy.

Keith gives Drew and Kaden his most mischievious look before reaching down to tug on Xane's pants. "Yeah, a whisk…not for you, K-man. Plenty of wants to have fun without that," he chuckles. "If you want another teacher…just come ask, he says as he moves to lean over Xane and kiss Kaden then Drew. "And yes. Roadtrip, Skip LA and all the other crazy places. But right now, naked sleep pile sounds good to me."

Xane gets up a little fast. "I wish I could stay and rock out with cocks out, but I've got to make sure that my place isn't looted. We're supposed to open on Monday." The chef starts to walk out of the room. "don't have too much fun, with the wire whisks now." He says, just letting that one meld into their minds, even if Keith would find it kinky.

Kaden returns the kiss from Keith and smiles. "Okay, and awww, okay Xane. See ya later. We'll have to make up your birthday being missed." Kaden says as he looks to Drew and gives him a not so small kiss. "Okay, I look forward to what you can teach me." He says quietly with a smile, but Keith can definately here. "Sleep sounds good." Even though he just woke up, he could snuggle with the two and easily fall asleep again as he cuddles up close with the two. "I love you guys." He says smiling.

"We love you too, Kaden." Drew says with a chuckle as he moves up, waving to the departing Xane. He moves into the bed, trying to make sure he can reach both of them while laying in the bed.

Keith waves. "Bye, Xane. I'll be making up missing your birthday to you later," he calls, licking his lips slightly. Overhearing Kaden brings a chuckle out of Keith but he says nothing. Wrapping arms around both spirits, he pulls them in close. "Love you guys too. Now rest up."

Kaden gives both Drew and Keith one last kiss before snuggling up and falling asleep, with a smile on his face.

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