2010-12-12: Culture Clash


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Summary: Cloud comes in from a college party. He and Mason learn something about growing up in a Chinese Prison from Xorn.

Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010. 7:00pm

Log Title: Culture Clash

Rating: PG-13 (Drug reference)

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Entering into the cafeteria with Mason, Xorn looks about never really having been to the cafeteria in the students' dormitory. He walks past the various soda and snack machines and ponders, "So this is what I missed out on during my youth?" He shakes his head, "I think eating nothing was healthier for me," as he looks over the contents of the vending machines. He is dressed in ceremonial white Buddhist robes, with a red overlaying sash emblazoned with the X insignia.

"So. I got a question," Mason asks as the two enter. The teen has been doing some thinking. "When Cloud and I were in that Danger Room session, I asked if were were gonna beat up bad guys. You said 'Not exactly'." He stops playing again. "Were we the bad guys?" After all, Spider-man was one of the people they fought. He wears a true blue fleece and sagging blue jeans, which bring out the his blue eyes even more. Apparently it's a blue theme today for him.

A few minutes later, what should enter but a Bleached Blond Vampire!!!, Cloud is getting back from a costume party he was invited to in the city, he left early when some of the collage kids started talking about scoring drugs, his costume consists of black jeans and sneakers, a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, glue in fangs and a small amount of eye liner, he's just gonna grab something to eat and head back to his room.

Looking over Cloud as he walks into the cafeteria. The masked mutant would blink if he had eyes. Instead, he just turns to Mason and back to Cloud,"Your clothes. *pauses* is nice, Cloud. I see today's fashion sense has taken a flare for the dramatic." Xorn's tone sounds like he is trying to be nice and compliment Cloud and has no idea that this is not how Cloud would typically dress.

Mason grabs a tray and starts piling some food on the tray. A banana, a turkey sandwich, some potato chips… he glances to the side as he takes the sun chips personal sized bag from the selection, and arches his brow. "Twilight Party?" he asks teasingly. He opens the bag of sun chips and takes a few out to bite into before walking toward one of the tables.

Cloud rolls his eyes at Mason, "No, i'm dressed as a vampire." He doesn't really think Twilight vamps count as vampires, "I was at a costume party in the city, but thanks for the compliment Xorn", he takes off his jacket and throws it onto a chair before grabbing a tray, "You two been up to much?"

Xorn hmmmmns a moment, not quite understanding what Twilight they are referring too. He looks pout the window noting that it is not twilight outside and so he shrugs his shoulders, "Awww. A costume party, and though Halloween has already passed. since you were not here for that 'holiday' then, I guess it would seem alright." He hmmmmns again, "Though those of us here wear costumes ona somewhat regular basis, without the need for Halloween."

Mason takes his tray to where Cloud's jacket is, and sits at the chair next to him. He pulls a small rock from his pocket and spins it like a top. It starts to amble its way around the table as Mason waits for his answer from Xorn about his previous question, and takes a large bite out of his sandwich.

Cloud shrugs, "College students don't seem to realize what time of the year it is, so not really that odd", he puts a few things onto his tray and walks over to the table Mason is at and sits down, he holds his arm up to Mason, "See no body glitter."

"Body glitter. Goodness. There is still much to learn about American culture." With that the masked mutant stands up, "Well, I must be going now. I have to review all the files for the Alphas before tomorrow's first official training session." He turns to Cloud, "Oh, Forge has taken a leave of absence and so I will be taking over his duties as leader for the Alpha Squadron. So Cloud, when we get the chance I would like to have a one-on-one session." He nods to Mason, "This was nice getting to know you. I will be sure to listen to some of your music." Turning to both, "Also, please let the other Alphas that I will be seeking them out." With that he walks out of the cafeteria and dormitory to return to the mansion.

Mason shrugs. "How'd you get invited to a college party?" he asks, rather impressed with Cloud. He watches as Xorn leaves, and once the squad leader is out of earshot, he adds. "Any good booze there?" He drags his finger across the table in a circular pattern, keeping the small rock spinning rather than falling to itse side while he takes another bite out of his sandwich.

"My cousin Liam started ESU last semester so i get invites though him", Cloud has no idea how Liam got into College, he's dumber than Cloud is, he gives a nod to Xorn as he leaves, "There was a lot of beer there", he may have partaken in that part of the party, "But i decided to leave when people started moving onto drugs".

"Ahh," Mason acknowledges, eyes still on his rock. He loses the correct spin, and the small rock clatters to a stop on the table. "Like acid? Or E, or what kinds?" He picks up the rock and sniffs it before grabbing a drink from his lemonade. Yes, he just sniffed a rock. "Lots of those college parties add up to drugs, alcohol, and sex," he claims, as if he were an expert on the subject. "Or a bunch of D&D nerds. Then you just replace sex with 9th level warlock." He rolls his eyes at the thought of the latter form for college party.

Cloud shrugs, "I dunno, drugs aren't my thing, I'd never try 'em, my dads a cop." He is however ok with alcohol and sex, though these kinda parties never happen at Xaviers, he doesn't comment on the rock sniffing, he's seen weirder things here before.

"That's good," Mason says, chewing another bite of his sandwich. "I've seen some messed up stuff from people on drugs." And he's had not shortage of things to witness given the circles he's traveled in. "Not to mention when you mix booze and drugs, it can be really bad. Sometimes I wonder if the people who mix them aren't just trying to kill themselves." He starts to peel open his banana.

"Just utter stupidity i guess", Cloud pulls out his fangs and bites into an apple, "I'm really not looking forward to classes tomorrow, i hate tests", still he has done plenty of studying in preparation for it.

"Yeah, I hear that. It's a good thing that none of that stuff matters anyway." Truth be known, Mason hadn't even paid attention that the tests were coming up. "I haven't really studied, so I'm probably going to bomb them." He seems markedly unconcerned. "Too bad I can't just pay some brainiac to take the test for me. It's not like I'm gonna ever use any of this stuff anyway. Who cares about what happened in Rome thousands of years ago, anyway?" He takes a bite from the banana, but holds the rock to his nose again with the other hand at the same time.

"I guess the education system does, not sure why though," Cloud sighs, "Plus we have squad practice in the morning, sooo not gonna help my concentration for the tests," hopefully Xorn won't have too much planed for tomorrow.

Mason nods, and finishes the banana in short order. "Well," he states. "I'm gonna at least try to get a little studying done. Gotta make a B in Algebra or I'll fail. And I sure don't want to take that stupid class again." He takes the rock and puts it back in his pocket before picking up his tray.

Cloud nods, "Good luck with that, i hate algebra, math shouldn't have letters," he takes another bite from his apple as Mason gets up to go, "Guess i'll see you at practise tomorrow then".

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