2010-07-21: Curiosity About Now And Then


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Summary: Kael's sitting at the lake when Connor runs around, and they chat.

Date: July 21, 2010

Log Title: Curiosity About Now And Then

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

It's rather late at night, more than likely past midnight already and the lake seems like the best place to just rest and watch the scenery. Or probably think. It's a toss up for what Kael's doing out here this late at night. The aerokinetic looking out over the lake, or up at the sky with a soft smile. A lantern sitting next to him, just barely enough illumination to let the teen see.

A second figure can be seen coming up the path from the cove, someone running at night. The form would not be familiar save for the two pin-point blazes of blue-green that bounce occasionally in view and then are gone again. Coming up along the path is Connor, or the form of Connor anyways on a hard run and panting quite a bit from the exertion. Coming to a stop along the side of the lake, he takes a moment to look down into the water as he checks his pulse, jogging in place the whole time.

Kael looks behind him, winds around him flaring up for a second before they die back down to normal when he spots the two blazes of light. A quirk of a brow before Kael moves to stand up on the deck. Rumors floating around the school. "Connor?" asks Kael, spoken with more curiosity than needed.

Connor hmphs once before he looks up towards the voice speaking to him, tilting his head for a moment in consideration before saying in a tone that sounds a little too gruff behind the voice catching it's breath, "Who's askin." Not able to see the face clearly, or feigning ignorance for the moment.

The light of the lantern lifts up, revealing Kael's face as he walks closer towards him. "Uh… it's Kael." He tilts his head a bit as he continues heading towards Connor. "Hm, I guess they were right." Connor rolls his eyes and offers a tired grunt before he frowns some and then crosses his arms over his chest as he stands to his full height, the voice off for the inflection it gives, tired and resigned, "Allright… we going to do this here? I *assume* you're here to try and kick my ass. Because you're just like that. Always trying to find out if you're better."

Kael just blinks a bit, the lantern lowering as his arms drop to his side. "Say what?" He rubs at the back of his head before he sets the lantern down on the ground with a soft laugh. "Uh… I just wanted to talk really. Everyone said that you're acting different. So… I was just… curious."

Connor looks away for a moment and shakes his head, before letting the frown go, "Allright… here's the sit-rep. I'm me, just me from ten years from now, and not a happy tens years. I'm here to but a very bad guy in a very small hurt locker. Then hopefully I'll be gone and people can stop talking up new ways to get rid of Xavier's latest problem." All stated with an overabundance of sarcasm, "Curious… well… s'better than most. No. I'm not telling you your future, either. And I don't know who wins what sporting events either. Wasn't my thing."

Kael blinks a bit more, obviously confused as he processes this information. "I doubt I'd even want to know my future if you're acting like this. Future me is probably a dick." He rubs at his forehead with a mutter before he looks back at Connor. "Uh… I guess… Good luck?" He's at a loss as what to say now.

Connor moves to sit at a bench and rubs at his eyes a moment before tilting his head to look at Kael a long moment, before there's a sigh and he sits back to stare up at the moon, "No… you're pretty much the same. You seem to have this habit of letting shit roll off your back. Me? Not so lucky. See… there's a point every person in their life can reach where they can break or rise above it… I broke." The last two words coming out hollow, "What you see's what's left, kid. Ain't much, but I'm content with it. Everything I did was for reasons I felt were right… and even if I face life in prison… I'll do it knowin this place, and this dream are safe. GOD… I envy you all."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Heh… Well, I do try and live like how the wind blows. Just let things roll by, deal with it the best I can and just… roll with it." He shrugs, "Guess I stuck to it in your future." He listens and bites his lower lip a bit, "I guess ya haven't heard much thanks for trying to keep this timeline safe… And… I hope I never have to reach that point." He brings his free hand up, gripping at the arm holding the lantern.

Connor looks back up at Kael, "I stole their friend… right in the middle of dealing with all that bullshit with Selene. Now all that little group sees when they look at me is another problem waiting to blow up in their face. They've been warned… next one who thinks they'll get up in my face is going to pay for it. I'm not a student here. I don't play nice. Nice gets you killed nine times out of ten where I work, kid." But then he stops and hangs his head once more, wincing once before reaching into his pocket and grumbling, "Goddamn fucking migraines…" And out comes a bottle of high-end painkillers, which he pops and chews down dry.

Kael quirks a brow at the bit about Selene, and he lets out an audible hum. "Iiii can see that." He nods and adds, "Yup." He shakes his head with a laugh, "I don't know much of what goes on with other students or squads. I mainly keep to my own and whom I hang around." Nor does he really want to know all the fun drama. The bottle is eyed a bit before he says, "You're not a student. But the body you are in is one." He lets out a soft laugh before he bites his lower lip a bit and says, "Uh… what… can my future self do that I can't…"

Connor continues to wince one eye shut, then covers that with the palm of his hand, but there's a small trickle of blood that goes down his nostrils before the panting of the pain subsides, and he exhales in relief, "Don't wanna say. Told someone else what happened before, and it didn't end well, Kael. Besides… you'd figure it all out… eventually."

Kael lets otu a soft 'eugh' at the trickle of blood. Mainly at the migraine deal before he lets out an, "Aww! Dammit." He scuffs a foot against the ground, letting out a breath of frustrated air. He looks back over at Connor and says, "Are those migraines something you brought with you? Or does Connor deal with those all the time."

Connor grumbles out in reply, "The further off the present timeline drifts from the future timeline, the harder it is to maintain the connection I have to this body, and the harder it is to stay in. This is just the physical byproduct of it… signs of rejection. I'd hoped it wouldn't start happening, but there you go…"

Kael lets out a soft ah. Unsure of what to say about that. "That guy you're looking for. You sure he's still in our time? … Though I'm guessin' you'd know that…" He blinks a bit, shrugging a bit before he rubs at the back of his head.

Connor grunts out as he stands back up once more, the sheen of sweat back as he rolls his neck, "Better… ah… too bad I can't take those more often… but I don't want to get the poor kid addicted. Not allowed more then one a day." Smirking a bit he walks over and stands in front of Kael, "I don't. I'm guessing he's got plans to accelerate or even start what happened to my time here, ensuring he gets what hewants. Which is the destruction of the X-gene. Which means all of us. Including your popsicle boyfriend."

Kael is silent for a bit, watching him come closer before he has to look up at him slightly. "If you know me in the future, then you know that if anyone harms me or my friends; they're cruisin' for a bruisin'." Kael's tone goes serious at that before he says, "Then I think you should go find this jackass."

Connor's tone is as gruff as it is final, "No. Kael, if you go after him and he's ready for you, he'll turn you into what's called a Hound. Hounds are everything you hate about yourself, and absolutely loyal to Ahab. As a Hound, even Max wouldn't be safe… you might love him, but you'd kill him if Ahab told you to. Because that's who you'd be. His slave. Signed, sealed, delivered… and you in the future will change, and everything good you've done will be erased."

Kael gulps at the knowledge of that, and he goes to say something before he just looks down at his feet. "When you put it like that, I think it's best that you find some way of taking care of him." He looks back up at Connor, looking at him right in the eyes, "Because, if he comes to the school; I'm going to be at the front lines fighting whether that happens or not."

Connor reaches up with his fingers, and flicks Kael on the nose, "Wouldn't expect any less… but if you do, you be careful. These people aren't like Sinister's Marauders, or anything you've seen. You might see someone you called friend… and they'd use that against you. Pity isn't in their vocabulary, and neither is honor. I've faced down Hounds, but it was almost always one to one, and to be blunt… I usually had enough guns on me to arm a fire-team to take them on. Ahab picks his beasts carefully, and if he thinks you're useful after seeing you fight, he'll come after you. I'm a teleporter. One thought and I'm gone. It's the only advantage I have."

Kael lets out a laugh, rubbing at his nose after its flicked, "I'll keep that in mind. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that." The aerokinetic moves to start to head back towards the school. "Now if you'll excuse me." He gulps a bit before he laughs. "I'm going to gospend time with someone whom I care for." A slight twinge of fear in his voice about all of this as his walking soon turns into running, and soon after that he's flying back to the school.

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