2010-07-07: Curious Fun


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Summary: Star comes across Victor "playing" with some boys in the park and becomes a target. Robyn wanders by and tries to save her.

Date: July 7, 2010

Log Title Curious Fun

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

Incidentally, the large male near the side of the lake at the edge of the trees isn't a hero. He just so happened to pick on a gang of four teenage males that were attempting to get a little too cosy with a pair of women that had been passing through. The 'thank yous!' really are unnecessary, as the women run away, and the teens scatter like roaches, because, well, had the women lingered, they may have been just as apt to have been played with as the teen boys. Victor has made one of them wet himself, crying over the giant rakes of bloody claws in his arms, fleeing down along the edge of the lake, while Victor lopes smoothly after him, taking his time. Playing. The feral mutant's amusement is high, a sense of greedy boredom to it, not, well, a particularly heroic sensation.

Sunset turns the western horizon into a fiery mass of orange, bloody reds, and gold; the heat of the day lingering in the streets and sidewalks to slowly leech back into the air as the day cools into night. The sky to the east is already tinted lavender and dark blue, fading into darkness and danger. Mostly, the park is empty, a few more daring people braving the paths or heading home. One such hearty individual just happens to be one of the newest students at Xavier's in Westchester. Star Rosen has come to the big city to stretch her legs, explore, and do a little shopping. The shopping fell through, as proven by her lack of bags, but the exploration and stretching of legs is going quite well, thank you!
The teenager is just heading to the lake, her long brown hair pulled back in a tail high on the back of her head and allowed to swing around her shoulders with every step. Her hands are shoved into the back pockets of her shorts, the denim a little shorter than is really descent, her elbows allowed to hang away from her body. Her dark blue tank top boldly declares 'Brat' in bright red lettering across her chest and a pair of black and white Converse hightops are on her feet. Her eyes widen slightly when she sees a guy about her own age go running past her in the opposite direction and she blinks at the fear that rolls over her suddenly, "Oh crap…" Her hands come out of her pockets and she presses the heels of her hands to her eyes for a moment before she looks in the direction the boy came from, nostrils flaring slightly as she unconsciously tries to pick up on exactly what's going on.

It's probably a lot worse than just fear. Victor's scared the boy severely, who is running as fast as he physically can. Another is slower, but was of less interest (he wasn't bleeding) who is scrambling up an embankment, yelling something to the other, along the line of "JOHN? We're bailin, man!" down at him. Both radiate panic, mixed with an angry undertone; they were going to get 'some', and some bigger nasty came along. Victor's distracted by the yelling one: the problem of a predator that thinks all of the sheep could be tasty, but they're milling all over and he just can't decide which is the tastiest one of the group.
But as for Star's immediate vicinity, it will be Victor himself that rolls up next, with the emotional assortment similar to someone playing a sport, but the game is too easy, he's bored with winning so simply. He slows near Star, but appears to not really be paying much attention to her. Victor wears his mutancy on his sleeves— well, sort of. Long taloned hands and a tendancy to be very toothy make it clear what he is, while his general physical size COULD still have been human. He draws in three quick deep breaths through his nose, orienting to the shouter on the hill: the same nostril flare that Star just did. Perhaps he's like a TRex, and just can't see her when she's not moving?

Star's eyes widen violet flooding them when she sees just what it was that had the boy that ran past her so terrified. She closes her eyes for just a moment and swallows audibly, fear not quite as powerful as that from 'John' rolling off of her before she turns and runs at a right angle to the path she'd been taking. Tall grass whips around her legs, leaving tiny whelps on her bare flesh, as she races toward the lake to head around it. This young empath is no dummy! She's not going to stick around and let some freak grab her. Not again. She glances back at the huge man, fear, wariness, and a hint of anger for having her peaceful walk disturbed by some brute that just can't keep out of trouble trailing behind her. Her school issued phone is pulled out of her pocket to dial the number she was told to call in case of trouble. If anything is trouble, this guy sure looks it.

As one may or may not be aware of, the best toys come from Xavier's, lately. There have been some awesome, shiny new mutants that didn't know some of the basic lessons of being new heroes…. like how to not get in over your head. Victor ignored Star entirely, really; he gets lots of people running away from the sight of him, let alone when others are screaming in panic and milling about fit to annoy him. He crosses the area that Star had been standing in… and suddenly turns his head to the breeze she left in her wake. A shiny Xavier Institute toy is worth deviating for. He might not have chased, but … but… she RAN. It's like running from a dog. If she had just quietly sat and been boring, well. As it is, Victor grins, and darts after her, speeding up from his previous bored slower lope after the other teen. (John, who is now probably very very happy that Star came by and let him get away with his spleen intact to nurse his injuries). "What're ya runnin' forrrrr," Victor asks, an amused growl deepchested.

"Oh crap!" Star's little curse is more emphatic than before when she hears the monstrous mutant starting to chase her and does the worst thing she possibly could when being chased: She looks over her shoulder. This, of course, causes her to slow down and take her eyes off of the ground in front of her giving Victor just that much more of a chance to catch up to her. Frack! Why couldn't she have gotten a cool power like her brother? Why'd she have to be the twin to end up with some lame power that lets her make other people feel the way she wants them to? With her eyes off of the ground racing below her feet, she, of course, doesn't see the dip in the ground and stumbles, arms wheeling to keep from falling and true terror spiking around her like a cat that's just had its tail stepped on, "SHIT!!!" She doesn't quite fall, but it's a near thing.
Why, oh why, couldn't she have had a little more time to learn how to protect herself? Or, better yet, why couldn't she have managed to drag her roommate out with her for the day? If Laura were here, then all Star would have to worry about would be getting away and getting help! She's seen Laura covered head to toe in blood before. She's sure the other girl could take care of herself against this big mutant. Well… Maybe. She'd at least be able to hold him off until Star could get help, anyway. Instead, the elder Rosen twin is on her own and has to try to face down a man that's well over a foot taller than she is, weighs probably at least twice as much, and looks like he's got muscles in his earlobes. She turns, wielding the phone as though it were a sword, "I'm running because you're… you're scary!" Indeed, a cloud of fear and defiance hang around her, her eyes violet shot through with flecks of brown.

Victor puts on a burst of speed, in the form of a jump, lunging hard and fast to cover a sudden burst of ground in a leap. He's strong, and a jump while running covers most of the ground between them. Loose shoelaces from his heavy boots click on the concrete as he lands, smoothly adjusting his body, natural predator, clearing the dip in the ground and then some. "Yeah…. I am!" Victor laughs, leaking amusement everywhere. His fun is vicious, but it's not ….directly so. There's actually no malice in it, if she has enough time between yelping out lightweight profanity to notice. It's more the fun of say, a tiger, that just happens to have giant claws and fangs that end up used in the play to maul someone. That doesn't always apply, but for now, it does. "Run faster, you might get away, little mansion mousie," Victor taunts, closing the gap to swat loosely at her, ideally just close enough to send a rush of air from his heavy raking palm across her, but not intended to actually hit. He'll actually let her go ahead a little, before catching up. It's quite possibly …insulting; the fast mutant is, well, messing with her, although at least he hasn't pounced and ended the game with a bloody crunch of bones, right?

Star yelps when the huge mutant swats at her and scrambles backwards, her eyes wide and a very vivid violet in her fear. Her fear, however, makes her stupidly brave and she just backs away a few steps, her breathing fast from both the exertion and the panic that's racing through her veins and rolling off of her in waves, "Why should I even try? You're obviously faster than I am." Her voice trembles slightly with terror, but she's going to stand up to this man for as long as she can. That's the best way to deal with a bully, right? Little flecks of black flicker in her eyes and a spike of anger joins the fear hanging around her like a cloak, "I don't belong to any mansion…" Her voice drips with scorn when she says that, bravado making her act very much the idiot. Much like she did with the men that kidnapped her a couple of weeks ago.
Looks like she didn't learn her lesson from them: Don't taunt the bad guys!

"Then you shouldn't rub y'self all over someone that does, you reek of heroes that fart sunshine," Victor says helpfully. It's possible he smelled the wrong thing. He focuses more on her scent. Which is… weird. She has some odd smells going on, which aren't in his general knowledge base. "What IS that? Shut up," he growls, irritated abruptly, picking up on her anger, smoothly, almost naturally. The fear coming off her channels more into anger than anything else, since fear emotions make him destructive and jumpy, neither of which will benefit her here. He lets her keep her distance from him, but circles, downwind, obviously breathing in slowly through his nose, judging her, feral eyes narrowed, intense. "I don't like your smell," Victor says, voice hardening, darker, as his mood clouds, alarmingly rapidly. Any fuel into an anger fire can rapidly make a pyre out of a tiny little spark.

Star glares and draws herself up to her full, though inconsiderable height, "I don't 'rub myself' on anyone." Her hands ball up into fists at her sides, the cell phone still grasped forgotten in her right hand. She opens her mouth to speak again, but he growls at her to shut up and she makes a small squeak in response, taking another step backwards and away from him. The anger bleeds out of the cloud of pheromones around her and she's left just with fear and mild determination that she's not going to let Victor push her around anymore. She huffs softly at the mention of her smell and folds her arms over her chest, "Yeah, well you don't smell like roses, either, you know." Her voice trembles again as she takes another half a step backwards, watching him warily.

Victor has some awareness that there's something going on with how she smells, and although he doesn't link that it has directly something to do with feeling one way, or another, he's conscious of /something/. Which… doesn't really help a great deal in deciding what he thinks of her and her smell-issue. He looks at the phone briefly, but with total unconcern. She can call people if she likes. More people to play with, or bloody… or be bloodied by. It's all the same mixture, really. He steps forwards, once for each step she made back, but his steps are a lot larger. Rather…. discouraging the backing off as being helpful, at least at this point. He's looming, though it may not be on purpose; just that he's huge, and she's more of a normal person. The loss of the angry pheromone is reflected in Victor, though, he's watching, smelling, but has chilled out accordingly.

A small shudder races through Star's petite frame as he takes a step toward her for every step backwards that she takes and she closes her eyes. Unfortunately for her, the wind is blowing towards him so she can't pick up on his emotions. Not that she's ever conciously done so before, but she'd really like to know what's going on in that scary head of his. She takes a couple of deep breaths, her eyes still closed so that she can't see him looming over her; trying to calm herself down at least a little. When she does open her eyes and look up at him, some of the violet has faded to be replaced by gray as fear is replaced by worry over just what he's going to do, "Look… I've only been in this blasted area for a few weeks and I've already seen more crap than I could ever want to see in an entire lifetime. I just want to go back to the school so that I can go to bed and forget about all this."

Victor can't decide what it is that's making her smell like that. Or why it's causing a natural unease. That something is messing with him… but it isn't in his head. Messing with his senses, and he wants to pin it down and maul it, that thing. But it makes him restless, and he starts to circle her. Which will briefly make her able to read him… which is a sort of agitated curiosity. A puzzle that he doesn't have the key to, but is deciding if he wants to try beating it with a bat to see if it'll pop open to brute force. "So I haven't been memorable enough yet?" Victor asks, a touch of dark humor.

Star shudders again, closing her eyes for a moment when she catches a whiff of his feelings and opens her eyes to look at him again, "I'm not anybody special… I'm just a kid." That apparently has some kind of freaky thing going on with 'feelings', "And I don't think I'm going to be forgetting tonight anytime soon!" He's been pleanty memorable. She grimaces faintly and disgust leaks into the haze of fear and worry around her, "I can't seem to stay away from people that seem to want to do bad things, though…" There's a power for you: Troublemagnet! She seems to be one, that's for sure. Maybe it's genetic because her brother seems to be one as well… That's going to require some thought.

Victor settles back downwind of her, just because… then he can keep scent tabs on her, but he does it without thinking about it, really. Mostly in that if she runs or something happens, she'd move away from him, obviously, and he's best able to track in that direction. If other people noticed him bothering the girl, they've… apparently had the good sense to just keep out of it and stay well away. He narrowly watches, her snickers loudly at her commentary. That is true, probably. She might not forget soon. "Bad things, huh. You call this so far bad things?" Amusement is thick, just since… well. He played with her but hasn't even touched her! "If I'm gonna be in trouble, I'd rather be in trouble for somethin /good/," Victor says, grinning a bit, and slides forwards unpredictably, grabbing at her wrist, mostly just with the intent to haul or lift her by it, not to break her. If she gets a scent of him, he's … /playing/ again. Curious too, but he's really not angry. Which means her eyes are lying, since his teeth are bared? Confusing signals, really.

As soon as her wrist is grabbed, Star lets out a little shriek of fright. Her eyes are wide and vivid violet again, though she catches his playful curiosity and blinks a couple of times, confusion almost overwhelming her fear for a moment as she takes in the totally at odds feeling she's getting from him and his ferocious appearance with teeth bared as he grins at her, "Let me go!" She tries to jerk her hand back, dropping her phone on the ground in the process. She takes a step forward to try to stomp on the arch of his foot in a move that her older brothers taught her for if someone grabs her. It worked well when she got kidnapped… Maybe it'll work now?

Victor doesn't dodge her kick, her foot meets quite well, and a heavy pulse of anger flares from it. Eep, you made it angry. The emotion takes a wrecking ball through the playful amusement, twisting it, a horrible smell for Star to pick up on, and recognize as some growing, and far more pure, vicious anger. The other version really was play, compared to the snarl that comes out now, bared teeth open briefly in an expressive primal gape. Oh, the fun is still here, but he's more likely to tear her arm off and poke her with it, type of game, as opposed to just maybe the idea of lifting her and giving her a good shake. He lifts and arches a whip motion through his arm, clamping down his grip; a common motion intended to dislocate a limb on a smaller lightweight target; a low key punishment or retaliation for her attempt to /defend/ herself. Really, how silly was that, honestly. She can probably roll with the motion if she spots it coming, though if not, he could probably cause some damage in her arm or shoulder. "Calm down, you'd think I'd maimed you," Victor snorts at her, lip peeled back scornfully, tempted to, well, maim. He'll just drag her at him, and put his face near her shoulder, smelling her, close. -Slightly- in her personal space. Stranger danger!

Early this morning Robyn's parents came and picked him up from Xavier's and since he lives in Brooklyn, he's decided to spend the morning in Manhattan. He's walking through Central Park on his way from the East Side to the West Side when he hears the scream. As much as he's afraid of what it might be the cause of the scream he can't ignore it. Stupid Xavier's and their stupid danger room practices combined with stupid morals. He stops in his tracks as he recognizes both Star and Sabertooth from that day in the mall. "Star!" He shouts out as he tries to figure out what to do.

Star's eyes widen as Victor's anger crashes over her, small sparks of black joining the violet-gray in her eyes as she responds to it and unintentionally echos his rage with a much milder form of her own, though fear is still the dominant emotion. She doesn't see the motion coming, or rather, doesn't recognize it for what it is, and shrieks again; this time in pain as her arm is dislocated. It sure feels like it's been ripped off, anyway. Tears that weren't there before roll down her cheeks as she fights the urge to scream again, her jaw clenched as she glares up at the monster that has hold of her arm still. She squeezes her eyes shut and whimpers softly when she's dragged closer only to glare defiantly up at him when he sniffs at her. Her eyes have gone black as coal with anger, better than being afraid, anyway, "Let me go." Her voice is hissed out through clenched teeth.
Then her attention is caught by someone calling her name and she almost sobs in relief to have a classmate- and not only a classmate, but a teammate, show up unexpectedly, "Help!"

Victor hears her arm pop with the dislocation. Ah, what a satisfying noise. He squeezes her wrist tighter, claws involved, but not enough to draw blood. She might have some battle bruises to show later though in the shape of a giant hand. "Mmmmmm, I poke it, and it makes such nice noise," Victor announces to nobody in particular, just to .. well, it's his form of dark play. "The thing is, though, if I feel like it, I'll do the same to your little neck. And I don't think a neck can /be/ dislocated. Let's test it?" Victor says, amiable. Friendly, yeah, right, his mood is terrible; he's gone from a playful/mild mood and a vicious exterior to the complete opposite. …And really, the latter is much worse. "Tell your friend we're having /private/ time," Victor smirks, turning his head a little bit to cock an ear towards the direction that the 'Star!' call came from. To keep tabs, of course; it's a good idea to know what sort of assistance might be incoming. He draws his head back, done with sniffing her. Some kind of… smell that's making him irritable. He thinks he's figured it out. Like a pepper-spray aura. How… worthless. And starts to lift. The problem is, he'll be lifting by said dislocated arm. Which may or may not have good results.

At the pop of the arm dislocating, Robyn probably does something very foolish or heroic, who knows that line is blurred between the two. "Leave her alone!" He shouts knowing it's just as idioic as it sounds but he doesn't exactly think of himself as in the 'super hero' business. His eyes flash with purple energy as he rushes forward, a psychic dagger forming in his hand. His aim is to try to hit Sabertooth in the back with it so he can let Star go. Foolish and stupid but the scared teen isn't really thiking about himself more of Star. He'll think of what to do next -after- Star is released.

Star swallows hard, fighting back stupid tears and feeling mostly impatient with herself for her scream when her arm was dislocated. She's never handled bullies well, and Victor appears to her to be nothing but a huge bully picking on someone that's obviously smaller than he is and unable to really defend herself against him. Her eyes widen at the thought of him trying to dislocate her neck and terror spikes for a moment before it's once again smothered in anger, her heartbeat a visible fluttering in the hollow of her throat, every beat sending agony through her arm and shoulder. When he starts to lift her by her injured arm, her eyes widen again and another little scream of pain comes from the empathic teenager. It hurts! She glances at Robyn as he rushes at her attacker, pain and rage still coloring her eyes.

Victor was certainly paying attention, and turns his head a little bit, and turns his whole body smoothly around, pulling Star by the arm, still, and then using the other across and up under— to bodily fling her, with a whipped sideways motion across himself, directly at her 'rescuer'. He wasn't actually that interested in hanging onto her anymore… it was more that he wanted to solve the mystery of her strange pheromone smell. And now she's just squalling and being trouble. And how many more of the kids will dribble by? His mood has soured, attacked by Star's own emotions, which has drained most of the fun away, and left him feeling irritated, rubbed the wrong way, a mix of anger, but not high energy fun that would make him more prone to actually want to rip them up more for the sheer joy of it. "All right," Victor says, chilly. Hopefully she doesn't, say, land on a psychic knife, or anything.

Before he can even land his attack, Star is thrown his way and Robyn does the best he can to react quickly and catch her which doesn't exactly result in that. He does manage to dismiss his psychic dagger but Star does crash into him. Robyn can't manage to really stop her and Star crashes into him and sends the two crashing to the ground. He doesn't exactly have the strength to catch someone either being a skinny kid. "Star…are you okay." He doesn't want to say her arm looks horrid.

Star clenches her jaw as she's dragged around, refusing to scream again as she's manhandled by her throbbing arm. Then she's thrown and terror rips a scream from her that pain couldn't just moments before. She crashes into her teammate, fortunately not with her injured arm, and tumbles to the ground on top of him with another little whimper. It's a good thing that she's not very big, either… She has to physically grab her dislocated arm and pulls it up across her stomach as she moves to the ground beside Robyn with a wince, "Ow…" She might be able to keep from screaming, but she can't help the tears that shine in her eyes or roll down her cheeks. Anger still rolls off of her, but it's muted by fear and misery.
The petite girl glares up at Victor for a moment, seeing him as the cause of her pain and wishing with every fiber of her being that she could make him feel a little of that. Her voice is tight as she responds to the question with an obvious lie, "I'm fine." She'll actually take note of how much she hurts later. When she gets back to the school.

Robyn is about to sit up when Sabertooth stands above them for a bit and his heart does stop for a second but once he starts to walk off, Robyn lets out a sigh of relief. After a few seconds of just lying there, he does push himself up and looks at her arm. "Oh god Star, your arm looks horrible. We gotta get you to a doctor or to the school. Or get someone to come pick you up." He knows a bit of first aid but not in regards to a dislocated arm. "I'm sorry you had Sabertooth do this."

When Victor stands over them, Star just glares hatred up at him and flips him the bird when he turns his back. She's stupid, but she's not dumb. She's not going to do something like that to his face! It's only when Robyn mentions how bad her arm looks that the pain of it really hits her and she curls over it, cradling the injured limb against her stomach and holding it there with her other arm, "Oh god…" Yes, now she's feeling it. She shakes her head at the apology and shoots the boy at weak smile, "Not your fault. I shouldn't have stood up to him." Or talked trash to him and then stomped on his foot. She's apparently as much of an idiot as Cloud is when it comes to standing up to a bad guy she shouldn't…

Robyn shakes his head and gets to his feet, offering a hand to get her up. "I'll call the school and get someone to pick you up. And if he decided to pick a fight with you well…Sabertooth is dangerous. I've run into him once before and he's scary. He nailed Jono pretty good." He knows a little about Sabertooth and knows that he's not someone to take lightly. "At least you didn't just roll over and let hurt you."

Star gratefully accepts the hand up, wincing a little when her arm is jostled, "Thanks." The mention of calling earns a grimace and she looks off in the direction she flew from, "I dropped my phone when he grabbed me…" She shakes her head at Sabertooth having picked a fight with her, "He was chasing someone else and I ran in another direction… He followed me." She grimaces again, "I think I might have gotten of easier if I had… I tried stomping on his foot like my older brothers taught me and he just got angry." That's when she got her shoulder dislocated.

Robyn takes out his phone and listens to her, shaking his head. "No…it's Sabertooth, stomping on his foot wouldn't have changed anything. He's…he's a psychotic monster. I've read a bit about him back at the school. He's fought several of the X-Men and he's not just a 'bad guy'." He says as he finally calls the school so hopefully someone can pick up Star. "Unfortunately I can't go back to the school, my parents would be so pissed." He says as he looks at her arm and then, takes off his shirt so he can make a sort of sling for her. He's definitely skinny and has two nasty looking scars, one on his left shoulder and the other on his lower right side.

Star winces and nods, giving a small sigh and trying to focus on something to distract herself from the pain, "Looks like I should really sit down and do some reading before school starts, huh?" She makes a face at him not going back to the school because he's got to spend time with his parents, "No, that's fine. I understand." She blushes very faintly when he takes off his shirt and murmurs a quiet word of thanks for the makeshift sling, wincing slightly at the sight of the scars. "Ow… Looks like you got on somebody's bad side…" She needs something to focus on besides her own pain… Someone else's scars make a good thing to latch onto. Maybe not the most comfortable of subjects, but…

"I'm just lucky that I have a boyfriend who like superheroes and knows about them." Robyn says with a chuckle. "But it doesn't hurt, looking through the archives and such. I mean I keep saying I don't want to be a hero but I keep finding myself in situations where I end up playing it." Today is an example as he just rushed in, even if he didn't really -do- anything. "Huh? Bad side?" He looks down. "Oh that was from when Jordan was a Marauder."

There's a small sigh at the thought of boyfriends that like superheroes and the faintest hint of jealousy joins the distress, anger, and basic unpleasant feelings hanging around the teenage empath, "I'll probably do that while I'm grounded this time…" If she was grounded for a week just for being delivered outside the gates unconscious, then she can only imagine how long she'll be confined to grounds this time when she's actually hurt. She nods, "I don't even know if I could be a hero… What can I do? Make people mad?" She scoffs a little bitterly and shakes her head, "I'm more likely to get myself killed than save anybody." Her eyes widen a little when she hears that something apparently happened with his boyfriend when he wasn't in control of himself, "Ugh… Well it looks really bad." She pauses for a moment and starts to say something, but closes her mouth instead and just shakes her head again.

"I got better." Robyn says in regards to it looking bad, in his best, horrible, Monty Python impression. "It's okay really, I'm just happy I got Jordan back is all." He says as he really does care a lot for the other teen. "Let's hope you're not grounded and if Jono gives you a hard time about getting your arm dislocated by Sabertooth, I'll give Jono a hard time." Which is funny since Robyn not good at giving people a hard time. "I don't know if I could either, I mean, my powers aren't anything for actually combat or anything." Or so he believes. "You're still new at Xavier's, you'll learn that things are different…but not bad. Just..you'll grow into your powers and get more comfortable with them. I did."

Star giggles very faintly at the impression and shakes her head in amusement before she nods at the mention of getting the other mutant teenager back, "Yeah, I'm glad you did, too." She grimaces and nods a little more emphatically, "Yeah." She really doesn't want to be grounded, after all. A small surprised look crosses her face at his promise to give Jono a hard time if she is grounded and another amused little smile plays at the corners of her mouth, "Thanks." The thought of him not being able to be a hero gets another shocked look, "But… But that knife thing was so cool!" Not that she has the least bit of a clue what it would have done, but it sure looked cool. Se shrugs her good shoulder, "Yeah, maybe."

Robyn blushes a bit and shrugs. "It's not that cool, I mean, it just attacks people psychicly and I have to get close if it doesn't work and they hit me back, I'm toast." It's a good power though as much as he doesn't admit it though. "I'm all mental with my powers, they're all psychic based." He explains as looks at his phone as it beeps. "Okay there's a teacher not to far away to pick you up. I'll walk to one of the park exits and you can meet up with them so you can get the help you need for your arm." He says as he starts to lead her to an exit.

"Better than what I can do, anyway." She still isn't entirely sure what her powers do other than share her emotions. Star nods at the news that there's a teacher nearby and walks with him to the exit, her wrist already starting to bruise, "Thanks, Robyn." She really means that and it's obvious.

"I'm just glad I was in the city at the right time. I'll see you in a day or two." Robyn says as sees her off and then looks at his watch. "I gotta run now, late to meet my parents for lunch!" He says as he makes sure she's okay and then runs towards his destination, realizing he has to get a new shirt on the way.

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