2020-07-26: Curried plans


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Summary: Rebel's finally get a good hot meal and the tides of change begin again

Date: July 26, 2020

Curried plans

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground - Mutant Base

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their have, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. There’s a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here don’t take any chances.

Even in the tunnels, Kalindi still keeps her gold-adorned appearance intact, though her jewellery contrasts with the camo that she has taken to wearing while down here, though it seems at the moment she is just putting it on over her clothes. She is standing over a very large pot, staring at it. It is a vegetable curry that she made herself (vegetable curry because she is, after all, a vegetarian). She used to cook for her servants when she was still running her cult, so it comes naturally to her, though she assembled it back in her birth country and only just a few minutes ago transported it back into the tunnels. Because of her inability to teleport accurately, though, even though she can traverse far distances, she is in a bit of an awkward place this evening, outside of any of the usual areas that the Rebellion members eat.

"Been a long time since I've had a decent curry," Rashmi speaks up from not far away, one of her SMGs dismantled on a swatch of burlap in front of her. "That's the trouble with food raids; it's not often they keep spices in the same crates as barley and spam." Lifting a shoulder in a half-shrug, she picks up the barrel, peering critically down its length. "Still haven't figured out why you're here and not in the communal kitchens, though."

From one of the many dancing shadows in the tunnels the resounding sound of a click came. Ever since the large raid Domino had kept more to herself than anything else, patrolling and only seen if in one place and that was when she was sleeping. Word of Kalindi joining the ranks of the Rebellion should come to no surprise but Domino had still been unaware and had the sights of one of her Browning's aimed dead at the back of the gold clad woman until Rashmi seemed to make a calmed appearance and began talking to her. Though, the weapon did not get holstered after the click of the safety back into place, it remained in her hand and at her side when the shadows seemed to peel from her form and light reflected off the cocaine pale complexion. "I was wondering the same thing." The voice was indifferent even as slate blue gaze flicked between the two.

"The problem with the way that I teleport is that it is very easy for me to transport to India, but it is very difficult for me to transport myself over there," says Kalindi, pointing across the area that she's in, about 40 meters away. "Also, I am a little bit lost still, so I do not know where to walk it to." She watches as Rashmi picks up the pot and she nods, "It is very good, though, I hope to these people's tastes. I take pride in my cooking." She glances over her shoulder at Domino, eyeing her and then the weapon for a moment, looking back towards Rashmi.

"Makes sense," Rashmi says after a moment, looking up to Domino, cocking an eyebrow and nodding. "I took her to Addison myself, Domino. She's clear, if not precisely popular. I'd not worry about taste here, Kalindi. Like I said, we haven't had the luxury of a decent cooking setup, so like as not what you've got there will be the biggest hit since the hydroponics started working."

"Perhaps that is safer for all of us." Domino spoke up in regards to Kalindi not knowing her way, little Alice fell down the rabbit hole of post apocalyptic wonderland. Rashmi's words got a return arch in dark brow over the pale slope of forehead and a slow nod. She understood, but putting much faith in a rambling red head that made little to no sense in the babble was something that did not ease her enough to put away her pistol, but it was no longer aimed at vitals. Coming closer she paused as nostrils flared to take in the aroma of spices from the cooking Kalindi had been making. Deep and low her stomach twisted, threatening to release a groan. "So reformed Hunter now Rebel's cook? Find that crack in the contract did we?" Pausing with a body's length of distance between herself and Kalindi she tapped the Browning along the curve of outer thigh, a timed beat as if counting down how long it took for response.

Kalindi twitches a bit at even the slight motions of the gun, saying, "Please put that away. It is making me uncomfortable. I am aware that I am unliked, and I am not surprised if people want me shot dead." She looks at the gun, not taking her eyes off of it and adds, "And yes, that I showed doubts at all down here, well, yes, my contract is broken and not by my fault. I had always prepared meals for my followers, before everything changed anyways." She gestures towards the pot and says, "It is vegetarian. I hope that is alright. I do not cook with meat."

"I'm sure we'll be able to deal, Kalindi," Rashmi says with something like a chuckle, getting to work on the re-assembly of her weapon. "Where've you been, Domino? Any news we'll want to hear?"
The discomfort shown by Kalindi was noted but given no response in Domino's reaction. She was not about to milk something that was already making a crystal clear point - apparently she was not the only one that had done so. "I don't want you shot dead. On the contrary, I just want to eventually know where your loyalties lie. Who has your soul oath here, or is it free will now?" The words were not smug, in fact they showed true curiosity, and to emphasize the point the pistol was put back into the shoulder rig, but not clipped in. Glancing to Rashmi one shoulder rolled back, working out a day old pinch in musculature still from sleeping wrong. "Patrolling, what you'll want to hear is that thus far its calm - not a thing, it's what you make of that is what worries me." Stepping to the side she leaned against the wall, glancing back to Kalindi. "I haven't trusted much in the way of meat for the past five years, vegetable curry sounds far more safe, as long as that doesn't make me one of your followers."A small smile curling one corner of dark lips, trying to ease down any tension with a bit of humor.

"No, it is just an anecdote, a little story. You are not my follower any more than I am yours. As for my soul oath? There is no oath or contract that I have signed here, but I have given my word that I want to help, and that may as well be contract for me. And I do want to help. Honestly, there are mutants who have always been a thorn in my side, but I think as sentients, they should live," says Kalindi, shrugging. She crosses her arms and looks over Domino, "My loyalties lie with me, but until this war is over, they lie too with the Rebellion. I want this government toppled and replaced with one that is less terrible. I want the complaints about the government to be again taxation, mismanaged finance and stupid but harmless laws."

"That is worrying," Rashmi says, nodding slowly. "But it still gives up breathing room, and no sense in wasting a decent break in the fighting. Probably they're shipping down more Patriots, to make up for the fact that Magneto, Jono, and Julian scoured Salem Center clean off the map." Shaking her head, she draws in a breath, looking up at the other two women. "But, there's good news. Tony Stark responded to my message. We'll be meeting, soon."

Arsenal dropped down into the shaft shaft lightly for a man of his size. The bulk of muscle and armor had the new weight of the shield latched to his back. He wasn't bothering with his helmet, seemed pointless, a renewed sense of… well, words were failing him mentally. A surge, energy, vigor; something clung to him as he moved ducking under several low beams that ran through hidden tunnel-ways that would eventually lead him into the area adjacent to where Kalindi, Domino and Rashmi were, he'd heard them speaking a few dozen feet off, their voices only audible and clear now as he came into view, what was guiding him more than any of that though was the smell, that… was something worth a detour.

Domino nodded in near complete agreement with Kalindi looking down at the pot before looking at an empty spot on the wall. "Even if they are a hassle or different I think we all were entitled to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. Always been something to fight over though." For those three things the body count was beyond reasonable numbers, and not all of them made sense or belonged amongst the dead. This was just another shining example. Rashmi's words had her arms coming up to fold over her chest, her head lowering in a bit of thought as the small flicker of distrust in Kalindi carried her eyes from the gold clad woman back to Rashmi. She'd just have to put faith in other people's judgment once again. "How soon?" She did not know what to say in regards to Salem Center being gone or who was involved, all names save one in that she did not know. When Arsenal approached a nod in greeting was offered to him with a slow dip in chin.

Kalindi looks towards Arsenal with a tilted head as he appears. She reacts to his appearance the same as she does any of these tunnel dwellers: wary, uncomfortable staring, as if she has expectations that she's going to take a hit to the jaw. She blinks a few times at the mention of Tony Stark and then she nods slowly. She had seen the broadcast made by Iron Man, but is still a little surprised at hearing about him actually doing something again.

"Soon," Rashmi answers, brow furrowing as she watches Arsenal's entrance. "Couple of days at most. I'll be taking Pietro with me, maybe Tony can do something about his shoes. Lord knows we could use as many Avengers as we can get… Hi Arsenal, what's that on your back?"

The voices were familiar save one, his eyes trained on Kalindi then the pot of food before he was able to speak he heard Rashmi's question, Arsenal reaches one hand over breaking his dazed expression to grip the rim of the shield, unholstering it from the makeshift catch he had made on the back of armor bringing it forward to display it. "Ironic you mention the Avengers." He said quietly, "One of the Harbingers came to me, her name was Hope; she entrusted this into my hands it would seem. I am still coming to terms with all that it means but I think the message is clear."

"Considering how he broadcasted the fact that he is still alive, well and kicking, you sure it's safe to take just one?" Domino spoke lowly and with calm precision to her words to make sure that all of the meaning was heard in the inquiry as well. "And what is to say there are more where he came from?" She was not much on taking major risks for a wing and a prayer, considering anything that answered prayers anymore seemed to be long dead or ignoring them. When Rashmi inquired about what was on Arsenal's back Domino's gaze lifted again, narrowing to adjust her sight upon what was there aside from the typical munitions she was used to seeing him carry. When he withdrew what was being pointed out it seemed like almost every muscle in her body froze, save the one that kept her jaw tight. Lips parted slightly and then sealed back closed with a click of her tongue behind teeth. Nothing to say now.
Kalindi's eyes follow Arsenal's gaze and she quietly chimes in for his benefit, "I cooked." That is pretty much her whole explanation on the pot of curry for Jakob's benefit. She blinks a few times at seeing the shield though, her eyes widening like dinner plates. "Is that… ?" She doesn't finish her question, though, thinking better of it. As strange as it is, she has a certain kind of admiration, respect and idolization of Captain America, despite her regular run-ins with superheroic sorts even before the world became so bleak.

"It is," Rashmi says softly. "Well… That explains what the harbingers were talking about… Probably why Tony's looking to meet, too." Tearing her eyes away from the white star in the center of the shield, the redhead meets Jakob's eyes. "I hear that shield's a pretty heavy burden, Arse—sorry. Captain. You ready to pick it up?"

Jakob looking down at Captain America's shield he turns it over once more in his hands, his fingers sliding along the rim to places where the amazingly strong metal seemed to almost have grooves from past use, he could only imagine the story such an indent held. "I've already picked it up. Question is, am I able to keep up with the rather imposing shadow it carries. The feet of a giant are hard ones to step in to." He stopped turning it in his hands to place it over his shoulders, settling it there on them. It fell well enough, he was of the size to wear it, six two to six three and broad, muscled from toe to head where he wasn't cybernetic. "I feel my minds not working, and I am not even going to question why she is here but from the two of your demeanors I can imagine it's kosher… mind if I?" He motions towards the curry moving forward, not done speaking but the food was beyond inviting and his stomach proclaimed as much with a roar.

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "I do not mind. It is here to feed. I can make more at any time, so long as I am not needed elsewhere," says Kalindi, stepping back from the curry. She glances about and adds, "But maybe we should bring it to a feeding area first." After these words are said, though, she looks over at the shield again. "So… you are Captain America, now? You have inherited from Rogers?"
Rashmi pulls back the slide once reassembly is done, checking her weapon's action. Satisfied, she nods, looping the strap over her shoulder and standing. "Seems like, Kalindi… We should see if Erik's up to working his magic again. Captain America ought to look the part, right?" Glancing over at Domino, the redhead cocks an eyebrow, tilting her head in silent question.

Domino had remained in silence, her eyes climbing from the shield to Arsenal and then to the other two in a swift sweep. The look from Rashmi had one given back in return, her hands coming up to sweep long dark strands from her face, twisting them at the back of her neck for a temporary hold and releasing. "I think Arsenal will do fine filling those shoes." Clearing her throat slightly she pushed from the wall and asks again. "Do you think it is safe to go see Tony with just one person and lay faith in the fact that there are more Avengers than just him…And now Arsenal?"

"Cannot say I am comfortable calling myself Captain America but I will do my best so… Captain America it is I guess." Jakob mused outloud, his hand scraping a fingertip along his jawline feeling along the stubble there as he decided he would shave here once he'd eaten. Making room so the curry could be moved to the feeding area. "Yeah… all means, move it out there and let folks eat, I still have some manners in here somewhere. " He replies to Kalindi a small smile appears on his features before he looked towards Rashmi once more, "Hrm, change of attire? Guess that comes with the territory. I'll get this." He made motion towards the food, picking the pot up cybernetic hand bracing the bottom as his fingers curled around the handle. In passing he'd give Domino a passing look too, glad she had some faith in him but unsure what all the conversation was they had been having, coming into it late someone would fill him in eventually.

Kalindi gives a small smile in reply to the new Captain America's own. At least she is trying to be civil to other tunnel dwellers. She watches Jakob pick up the pot and says, "I am sorry that it was not already brought. This place is like a maze, and I feel so disoriented whenever I reappear." The gold manipulator steps back from the pot and simply watches.

"Not as safe as usual," Rashmi answers as the quartet starts down to the makeshift common area. "Usually I make drop runs alone. But in this case, the rewards outweigh the risks; the Harbingers say there's to be more Avengers coming back, and we *need* to coordinate with Tony if we're to have a chance of winning this in the long run. Like I said before, Arse—Captain. We can fight all we want, but in the end, it's going to be the rest of the country that decides our fate. We'll need the Avengers, and the banner they represent." Just before they leave the chamber, she looks back at Kalindi, nodding. "We're all still getting used to the new surroundings; we haven't begun to do much mapping of the lower tunnels here yet."

"I still do not even know who the Harbinger's are." Domino was clueless and it all seemed a little too sudden and little too abrupt, so absorbing and thought time was to be taken. Murmuring moreso to herself than anything else she stepped back, letting them pass and looking back down the length of the tunnels. "Seems like everything's handled, I am going to do another round of the tunnels and catch up." A rise in fingers to temple and a small salute was given in parting before she turned to start making her way back down where she had come from.

The pot would be placed down center of one of the tables set up in the dining area. Jakob stepped aside but was obviously eager to dig in despite the fact the conversation going had him catching bits and pieces. Thumb and forefinger rose up to press together on the bridge of his nose, his eyes shift to watch Domino depart as he gazes on towards Kalindi and Rashmi. "Someone want to update me? Feel like I am catching half a conversation here."

"Me neither. What are Harbringers? I have heard them talked about," says Kalindi. She doesn't mention where she's heard them talked about since, as a former Huntress. She offers a small not to Domino, only to acknowledge that she is heading off. She watches the other woman go and turns her attention back to Rashmi and Jakob, shrugging. "It is not my place to explain the conversation. All I understand is that Tony Stark is meeting with her," says Kali, gesturing at Rashmi.

It's been extra time spent with the machines lately, since the disturbing news that came to the Ghost in the Machine. It might've been days, or just many hours, really, with the lack of sun or moon to mark time's passage, but Mike has his atomic clock, and it tells him just how long it's been since he learned the fate of his sometime-friend Jonas. Too bad, really, that Mike doesn't remember ALL the things that Jonas could do, because, that sometime trick he had, "Hi, I'll be your Kang today, is there anywhen you'd like to be?" … that would be so helpful. But, lost that information is.
The small drone is almost invisible, actually, stealthy quiet to ears, sensors and psionics, and cloaked with a holographic field set to display nothing. Thus, when a muffled SNORT is heard from nowhere at Rashmi's declaration, it may be a surprise.
"Did you call this guy Arse Captain? Rashmi, mind on the job please, check him out later." The drone hovers off the ground, surrounded by a holograph-image of Mike Drakos as he was at age 20, see-thru, human looking but with slightly metallic glints from time to time. The image appears to regard the departing Domino with a handwave, then looks to Kalindi as well. "Hello, you look very familiar. I'm sorry if I don't remember your name, but being dead for five years can be the very devil on the backups. I'm Mike."

"The Harbingers are a group fighting on their own terms. Nobody knows much about them, except that Sentinels can't track them, they can move in and out of a lot of places the Rebels can't. Not sure why, but, I don't complain. I can't get in contact with them reliably, but, they tend to show up when they're needed. According to the message drop, they told Tony how to reach me, and I'm arranging a meet. I'm bringing Pietro, and I want you with me too, Captain." Glancing from Kalindi to Jakob, the redhead smiles a bit, before nodding to Domino. "Good luck, Dom—" The sudden snort is met with a sudden whirl, a leveling of her gun at the nothingness, lowered only when the hologram resolves, a rough sigh pushing past her lips. "Damn it, Mike… Don't *do* that."

Jakob's brows knit together momentarily, as Domino made off the woman was quiet lately it had him curious what ran through her mind or was. Mikes appearance had him tightening his fists and the audible noise of a clenched cybernetic limb but he made no move seeing the holographic projection his own implants picking up no heat signatures or life signs. "Hrm. I'll be there, curious to see what Mr.Stark has planned. " His familiarity didn't run the grounds of using first name basis with people around here or someone like Tony Stark. Who in his past life was one of them enigmatic spoke about sorts in SHIELD but not one he had ever directly interacted with unlike people like Sam Wilson.

Kalindi's reaction to Mike's appearance is a couple of streams of gold shooting from her sleeves, but they just as quickly retract when it's apparent the machine means her no harm. She's a little bit jumpy lately, perhaps. After Mike speaks she says, "Oh, you do not remember who I am? I think that is better than if you do… I am Kalindi." She steps up to the pot of curry and says, "Are there containers to serve into? I can get my own if it is needed."

"Don't do what?" Mike says blandly, giving Rashmi the grown-up version of his blankly innocent look. The one he copied from Lucas.
"Kalindi. No, that's on the missing set, but I do remember a Kalindi in the data stream the Sentinels were sending. So, are you newly enlightened, or deep cover?"
Meanwhile, and oddly separately, a completely different image is visible to the man with the interesting shield on his back, the hologram image sketches a quick cadet-salute (sloppy like it was in Barnes when Mike was in one of his classes, which could be familiar) … and after his comments to Rashmi and Kalindi, the drone addresses Jakob. "Are you the new Captain America? And let me know if you need repairs or upgrades to the machinery. I'm apparently good with machines."

"Practice your hologram ninja skills in the tunnels," Rashmi answers sourly in response to the blank innocence, glancing toward Kalindi. "Everyone's got a bowl they keep with them; you'll probably find some extras over in that crate in the corner. She's newly enlightened, Mike, unless Addison's slipping. Which when it comes to keeping kids safe, he doesn't. And yes… We have a new Captain America. Which is good… because we'll need that kind of hope before long," she says to Jakob, leaning against the wall.

It took Jakob a few seconds to connect point A to B. "Drakos… should have recognized that sunblock eyesore you call a salute. Good to see you survived… " Ironically the few instructional courses former SHIELD Agent Kincaid had pulled off for Barnes involved the mutant robot. "My arm can use some additional repairs here later on when we can manage the time." He dropped down into one of the chairs turning it around to place heavy forearms over the back of it, waiting on Kalindi patiently. "Who else has Stark managed to connect to? Any of the others recently been nudged a certain direction by the Harbingers?"

"Well, it is not as though my worldview has changed. I was under contract with the Hunters, and I am unable to violate contract," states Kalindi, the tone that of someone just relaying basic facts. "But yes, newly enlightened fits better than any kind of cover. I am very genuine." At the explanation, Kalindi shakes her head at Rashmi, that gold slipping out of her sleeves again to form utensils for herself, "I can find a bowl easily. It is not a problem." She then reforms the bowl into a serving spoon and glances towards Jakob, gesturing for him to give her his personal bowl.

"So you were or weren't checking out his ass," Mike says in a concerned-litte-brother whisper, directionally aimed at Rashmi. Why yes, he HAS been practicing new tricks. For instance, all the people whose clothes, shoes, were worst off, have been finding evidence that the shoemaker's elves are real: clothing has been un-wearing-out. Toys, repaired. Mike hasn't told anyone how it happened.
"Yes, apparently that's me, but survived is almost too much credit. I'm down to body-hopping off of random clockwork at the moment. And thus, I cannot taste any of that wonderful-smelling curry, but then I don't NEED to which is a good thing since there's more for you guys."
There's just the slightest pressure run across the gold Kalindi is forming, as the Ghost tests it… he murmurs, "99.99 pure. Wow."

"Not," Rashmi mutters in response, eyes rolling. "I wish I could tell you, Captain," Rashmi says at a much more conversational level, "but the Harbingers play things very close. All I've got is, they've brought some back, and there's more yet to come. Tony will probably be able to fill you in better." Her own bowl is retrieved from a niche in the wall, tossed onto the table to be filed once Jakob sets his down.

Nodding quietly Jakob accepted the answer while drawing out his canteen, the bottom portion was pulled away from the plastic displaying the ready use tin that acted as it's casing, this was slid over towards Kalindi. Obviously he had faith in the safeguards here as he was being this open with the woman, at this point though he was trying his best to trust in the judgment of others. Hope had placed some in him as did the other Harbinger there, it was his turn to try for others beyond just Domino and their former motley crew, being called Captain at least wasn't too farfetched in accord with prior rank amongst SHIELD but it was still something to get used to, especially whenever he thought of actual officers his first thought was, 'I work for my rank.' Something his predecessor very much did.

Thoughts trailing back towards the present, "Guess we're winging it, not always a bad thing, I would suggest though for those of us who have the time we start routine training with eachother, X-Men used to do it from what I heard, it won't be a hard thing for people to get used to. Some of us could learn alot from working with one another and I admittedly need more practice with this, "A metallic finger drummed on the rim of the shield with a thunk sound. "I have experience but can always use more besides old saying… do not try to rise to the occasion, fall back on training it's more reliable."
"Yes, it is very pure… I spend a lot of time purging it of impurity, since it is easier to use that way," says Kalindi, nodding at the comment from Mike about the gold. She starts serving the food she brought here, pulling off the lid so that some steam emerges in a burst from the heat of the contents. Hot food is a bit unusual in the tunnels, but Kali brought this here pretty fresh. "It is strange to even hear of Avengers being talked about as anything but stories in these days."

And if we're going to discuss repairs later, I'd better get ready for later, Mike thinks, and runs a fast sensory pass over the new Captain's cybernetic systems. Nice… can interface with that datajak, and the sensory components are pretty good, but could always benefit from a bit of creative tinkering, and that lung … yeah, we should work on that filter NOW. The drone hovers over next to Jakob, and Mike's image stands behind him for a moment… the filter has an activated charcoal layer that's been nearly completely filled with goo, there's some fluid that isn't necessarily part of the desigh in this section… it's lifted out, molecule by molecule, rotated into a fourth-dimensional space, and clean and properly ionized filtration is left behind. It takes all of thirty seconds, and might tickle. Mike doesn't try to show off while dealing with this task - no multi-directional holograms, no smart remarks, no directional-sound tricks, just a single anchor-limb touching the filter while the tertiaries all do their work.He does nod at Kalindi's explanation, and appears to be intently listening to her comment. (And in a minute, he will be, when he finishes the filter and plays back his hearing.)

"It's nice, isn't it?" Rashmi murmurs to Kalindi, taking up her bowl and holding it to her nose. Curry… *real* curry, made just right, and the lack of meat can easily be forgiven, for it is *curry.* Heading back to her place at the chamber's wall, she looks up at Jakob, nodding. "I'll admit, we're pretty ramshackle. A little bit of group training will help immensely, and if you want to talk to Chloe about hand to hand training, she's the best close-quarters fighter now I can think off off the top of my head. Just about everyone fighting knows basic demolitions, and we've all got plenty of asymmetrical-warfare experience… Anything you think you can add to that, feel free."

"Thanks, that'll save me from the costant cobwebs, dust and gunpowder taste." Jakob remarks towards Mike, his fingers flexing as he inhaled. "Coordination and getting used to working is a team is mainly the idea. As far as where I am concerned, I can speak with Chloe, see what shes capable of. " The curry once served out he cupped a hand around and drew up a makeshift spoon beginning to eat. "It's good." Jakob would compliment Kalindi, listening as Rashmi spoke. "Find out who we all work strongly with and maybe… whatever Stark has planned with the Avengers, form ad hoc teams under each perhaps. Not sure, just firing out options here, I really don't have a full guage on our strengths and weaknesses as a unit or what the intentions of Iron Man are or what beyond himself he can bring to the party. Considering who it is… I imagine it's going to pack one hell of a pucnh." A smile forms as he began to eat.

The Ghost files away the details of Jakob's machine for later analysis and repair design, then looks over at Rashmi.
"What DID happen here while I was dead? It seems pretty grim. Little Choe is your best hand-to-hand? She's fast, but what did she do, spend five years in the Time Warp Room on top of Piccolo's Tower? Who did she train with? Heather?"

His image shrugs, and offers a self-assessment: "I'm lousy at hand-to-hand at the moment. No hands. I'm the Swiss Army Knife From Hell if I can get that sentinel body working. But it isn't stealthy."
A slight smile forms on Kalindi's face at Rashmi's murmering and even a bit wider at the compliment. Once both other bowls have been served, she scoops her own and takes a couple of quick bites, just to make sure it's good. Offering, Kalindi says, "When I was younger, I was trained by the Taskmaster. I have some skill with straight hand to hand, if my aid is needed or wanted." She frowns slightly and says, "But at this moment, I have other supplies to bring. Please look for me. I will probably be the one in the tunnels who is lost. And get some people to come eat. I think it will be good for morale to have something that is not water soup." With that, and a few mumbled demonic words, Kalindi vanishes.
Rashmi gestures to the open air where Kalindi once stood with a free hand. "See, that'll help too. And, um… Mike? Chloe's father trained her in savate since she was a child. Also that parkour thing she always loved. Me, though? I actually rely on my powers to do just about all the heavy lifting that isn't tactics. Can't really help it, I couldn't shut off the awareness part if I wanted to."

"She's sweet if not mildly unsettling." Jakob remarks upon Kalindi's departure. "I have a chunk of SHIELD database stored, I'll share that and we can see if we cannot determine who in their list is or is not compromised. "By that final word he meant on the side of Ahab and the current 'government.' "Feel free to browse Mike, just make sure it's not shared with everyone here, just those necessary." Leaning forward on the seat again it creaked under his weight and he pushes the empty tin away, still eating at chow hall speed records. "Anyone with martial skills of any kind will be useful, even vets can learn a thing or two from one another… " His thoughts wandered again as he observes the hologram and Rashmi. "Do we know our exact numbers? Combat capable numbers that is… "

A quick glance through some of the logs in the cybernetics' diagnostic systems has Mike whistling to himself.

"Not to be a wet blanket, Rashmi, but I'll take the combat experience of a SHIELD agent who has been in what reads as close to continual combat for five years, over even a few hundred years of self-study at Savate without live enemies in the same timeframe."
Mike begins scanning the database, and murmurs in surprise. "I can correlate with some of what Robin has been doing with her death-list; I also have run a count of everyone here, during my patrol. I keep it encrypted and out of my conscious access unless there is a reason for me to be updating someone though."

The image stops moving for a second, flickering, then returns to transparent equilibrium. A sheet of something with the texture of paper appears on the deck of his drone-self, and he "reaches" inside with one hand and moves it out to Rashmi. It's an interesting trick, moving physical paper in a ghost hand. It has all the information on it as current as this morning's sweep: how many total, who is injured or sick, who is combat-capable, who is "tactical nuke" as well as the inventories of food, weapons, water, and other supplies. It's clear that the inventories aren't large enough.
Rashmi takes hold of the paper with a raised eyebrow, scanning the contents with a slow, quiet sigh. "No Mike, you're right. I only mention her because she's the best of us that *I* worked closely with, these last five years. And she's good. Very good. More competent than most, really." Coming down to the inventories, she shakes her head, tossing the paper Jakob's way. "There's your list. We're barely hanging on for supplies, but, that's nothing new. … …We just don't have a Volk to piss off a third world country on our behalf anymore."

Stepping into the room she didn't need any other directional to know where everyone went. Domino followed her nose, despite her own gut wrenching thoughts it didn't overrule the fact that she was hungry and the tunnels were getting boring as well as redundant. The HK was pulled over her shoulder and swung off while she gathered a bowl and a spoon. The toe of her boot slipped around the leg of a chair to spin it so the back rest faced the table and her legs straddled it, propping the HK against her thigh while she spooned the curry into her bowl. Once she was settled into place she glanced up in an acknowledgment and settled to eat, saying nothing not to interrupt the business at hand.

"Savate has some nice kicks. I wouldn't mind exchanging with Chloe. Where is Volk?" Jakob asked, not having heard hair nor hide of the man. or of various others. "Also curious Rashmi, our captive, did he escape during their raid? I returned to the location we had him in, couldn't find him. Figured someone moved him to a more secured location or he escaped during the assault. Patch that Hounds weakness through to everyone as well and a facial recognition, can start with that one. "Seeing probability favored mutant re-enter he nods, "Welcome back Dom." His hand moved over to pick up the list, turning it over to scan once imprinting it, he'd sort through it later off paper.

"What about that creepy cheshire cat person?" Mike says, and seeing that Jakob has gotten the information off the paper, he picks it up and it evaporates in a fizz of sparking lights.
He smiles as Domino returns. "Evening, Ma'am. I'm told the curry is edible tonight."
"I don't know about the captive," Rashmi says, sipping curry sauce from her bowl. "But I'll spread the word, and make sure we can get as much salt as possible to hand out to the fighters. And… Cheshire?" Rashmi looks up at Mike, brows furrowing for a moment, and shrugs. "If he can be gotten hold of, either he's probably down in the deep tunnels with the kids, or wandering around on his own. I don't know. I've lost track." The question of Volk, studiously avoided, the redhead's eyes locking onto her curry and not moving.

The only show of Domino paying attention was the rise of eyes from the bowl as she held the spoon before dark tinted lips and blew the steam off the heated vegetables. It was a hard task to pace her self and not shovel it in and ignore the burn [and the taste] until later. Rarities should be savored. "Thanks Arsenal, umm..Mike right?" She did not have much time getting to know the man-in-the-machine but names in passing helped. "It is good, should get it while it's hot." She took a bite from her spoon, and then tapped the side of the pot with it in gesture.
"Course… Dom. Damn shame about the captive. Guess that Hound wasn't as down and out as I had assumed. "Idly Jakob wondered what happened to the security detail that was assigned the man but figured in the chaos of the horde raid no surprise it was a loss. More than likely Caleb had been killed or set free to his 'side'. His chest rose and fell, straining against the webgear as he let one brow rise up, "And Volk?" He repeated as if he wasn't heard the first time. "I was wondering why recently I've not seen him in the tunnels, ontop of that… another Psylocke. Two of our ringers right there… something happen to them? Communication is sort of key right now." Chesire he knew nothing of but realizing they were sort of bombarding the woman with questions he reclined back, one leg beginning to bounce up and down.

"Yes, Mike it is. Your friendly neighborhood ghost. Don't call me Casper, I'm not the dead baby."
He thinks about the Hound thing, and … "Salt, I should be able to make salt. Just sodium and chlorine in equal measures, I can even do that in water so it won't explode. And I'll leave a message on bag of catnip or something," Mike says. "but right now I'm supposed to head for tunnel A to swap drones … Cap? If you can't find me, just leave a sign up or tell Magneto or Jono, they both know how to signal me in an emergency. I'll have the repairs plotted out for your systems by tomorrow, I think. Have to unlock my inner Madboy. Rashmi, did I ever get that signaler made for you? I think I need to do that."
"…Volk's gone," Rashmi says after a long moment of silence, head bowed, words falling flat as they leave her lips. "Volk and Betsy. They were going to try and do something to go back in time, try to stop Ahab before he can wage this war or something. Iunno. They're gone. Probably dead, or good as." Closing her eyes for a moment, she draws in a deep, shuddery breath, and drinks down the last of the curry sauce, using the wall for leverage to push herself upright. "Sorry… I think I should rest. I'm…. tired, right now. Very tired."

Domino just spent her moments catching up to what was missed while she gathered her own thoughts. The curry intake was slow, testing; the stuff did tend to have a bite to it - dependent on the cook. That and she was awaiting to see if there were any adverse effects - due to the cook. Mike speaking up had her pausing again and looking up slowly. "Casper was the farthest thing from my mind Mike." Tapping the bottom cusp of her spoon against the bowl lightly she cast the small smile his way and then shifted her eyes between Rashmi and Arsenal. One brow twitched, as if it would raise and ask the silent question but it went back to settled in intent placidity on her food. When Rashmi spoke up though she stopped mid-spoon to lips and her brows furrowed. Commentary was bitten off though, her own opinions kept back behind lips and in her mind, she was better off eating.

"Sure thing Mike." Jakob replies to the eager to be active rebel. Rashmi's words on Connor and Betsy got a delayed, "I see." Before he was picking up his canteen, draining some of the water inside of it and setting it down, pushing himself upright he looked down one tunnel. "Rest up Rashmi, no doubt be needing it and I need to burn this off "His hand thumped knuckles across his stomach"… Domino if you want to come train with me you can. I need to go over some files and footage, I have some Super Soldier clips to study and memories to dredge up you can shoot at me while I do that. " The Red White and Blue Star Shield latched to his forearm as he began to walk down the passage pausing as he considered. " I'd keep a chin up on that whole being gone deal, Volk and Betsy are survivors just like the rest of us for all we know could be shoving an eight year old Ahab off a merrigoround somewhere right now." One gloved hand waved over his shoulder as his tall broad shouldered shadow faded from view.
Mike stops at the entrance to the passage, waiting for Domino and Jakob to pass. He drifts back over to his friend, wondering at how she seems so old suddenly.

"Rashmi? Uhm. I told you that most of my memory for details of everything before my last year at Barnes went north with my remote… Well, that was an incomplete truth. My copy was corrupted, like I had laid down a second set of data on top of the first, which should be impossible. Most is unreadable, parts of it are garbled, but I was able to pull out a few coherent threads. There was a copy of a twitter stream from the summer when you graduated and I was back home. Heather talking about her future self being into leather." He then vanishes, cloaking himself from every sense he knows how to mask.

Rashmi nods slowly at this news, closiing her eyes for a moment. After she's manage to nerve up enough to push off the wall, she begins to walk slowly down a side tunnel, toward her ragged pallet and milk-crate desk and notes and maps and charts, and the tiny scrap of paper, listing the names of everyone in the tunnels she had held close to her heart… a large number of which bear a dark, shaky line struck through through the middle of the words.
"A woman can't sit down for five minutes and she has America breathing down her neck telling her to get back into the room and do more cooking." The spoon was dropped back into her bowl as a smile cracked over her features, tossing Mike and Rashmi a nod while she pushed to a stand and swung the HK back over her shoulder. "At least this is my kind of cooking." She needed the extra exercise before the muscles she needed went towards the way of atrophy. Just walking halls wasnt cutting it. "Sleep well everyone."

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