Curtis "Freedom Ring" Doyle
Curtis Doyle
Portrayed By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Gender Male
Date of Birth 05/01/91
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Freedom Ring
Place of Birth New York City, New York
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student/Hero
Known Relatives Unknown Family
Significant Other Z'reg the Skrull (aka Crusader)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Reality Manipulation
First Appearance Marvel Team Up 3 #20

No, no…I'm interested. I'm just surprised is all


After the destruction of a Cosmic Cube, a piece of it was turned into a ring. AIM attempted to give this ring to Mandarin as a show of good faith but it was stolen by the criminal known as the Ring Master. The circus themed villain went to New York and engaged Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Dare Devil, Punisher, Captain America, and Wolverine in battle. He used the reality altering power of the ring to dominate the fight until the Punisher shot his finger right off. Captain America took the ring and was going to bring it to SHIELD only to be attacked by a squad of MODOK Soldiers from AIM. During the battle, the ring was knocked out of Cap’s belt and no one noticed.

A few days later, Curtis Doyle finds the ring while out with his friends. It’s one of Curtis’ friends that dubs it a ‘Free Dumb Ring’, but Curtis keeps it anyway. Later, when doing some homework, Curtis finds himself hungry. This causes him to discover his ring’s ability to alter reality when he accidentally created an ice cream sundae. Terrified, Curtis runs. When he gets back, he finds out the sundae is gone! Confused, Curtis calls his friend Troy.

The two of them have a long talk and after some testing, determine that the ring Curtis found is giving him superpowers! They spend the rest of the night training and practicing with his new superpowers.

The next day, Curtis’ date is interrupted by an attack by the Abomination nearby. Seeing Spider-Man and the X-men already fighting, Curtis runs off to join them. During the fight, Curtis was severely injured and Spider-Man had to evac him to a nearby hospital. The doctors told him he’d never walk again and Troy was called to help him home.

Once home, Curtis used the Freedom Ring to restore his legs to working order by giving himself a regenerative healing factor after Troy left. He went after his friend to show him what he’d done, but when he found Troy, Curtis was in for a surprise.
While the real Troy went out with the rest of their group of friends, a skrull agent by the name of Z’reg (using the alias Aubrey Thompson) had taken his form to wait for Curtis. Z’reg had been sent to earth to monitor the Avengers but they’d been disbanded at the time. With little else to do, Z’reg turned his spying towards his neighbors and had discovered that Curtis was Freedom Ring.

The skrull revealed himself and that he’d decided to join the side of Earth as a superhero and wished to join Curtis as a partner.
Curtis is unsure at first, still worried about getting hurt again. When Z’reg points out that Curtis doesn’t have to just keep making items and can alter himself with the ring, the teen agrees to become Freedom Ring once more. For the next two weeks, the young heroes train in the use of Curtis’ powers and basic combat.

When the Iron Maniac broke out of his prison and attacked New York, Curtis and Z’reg rushed into battle. The Avengers were already there but had been beaten. Freedom Ring and Crusader (Z’reg) jumped into the fight, Crusader being knocked away quickly. Freedom Ring held his own. Freedom ring was severely injured but managed to keep Iron Maniac busy long enough for the Avengers to recover and defeat him. Again, Curtis was rushed to the hospital where he remained in a coma for a month. Now that he’s all better, he’s ready to fight the good fight once more!


Reality Alteration - Curtis is granted amazing power by the Freedom Ring. He’s able to alter reality within an approximately thirty foot bubble. Anything he can think of comes to pass but Curtis is still learning control and focus. When out of the thirty foot range, things altered by the Ring’s powers are undone.


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