2020-08-01: Cut Off


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Summary: Kalindi happens upon Caleb in the underground.

Date: August 1, 2020.

Log Title Cut Off

Rating: PG.

The Future - The Underground

Under the streets of New York City there are many tunnels that are long forgotten. There are many dead ends, rivers of sewage, pipes and maybe that alleged alligator. There isnt much light down here and if you dont have a flash light, youll be navigating the tunnels blind. Occasionally there is a bit of light that filters down from a storm drain. For those that dont know theyre there, its almost impossible to spot, but in spaced areas in the tunnels are markers to show those how to get to the mutant haven deep underground which is home to the redeemers and the rebellion.

It's been a few days since Mike showed up and made Caleb's imprisonment a little more comfortable, he's got more foods, most of the bullets have been removed from his body, his circle has been widened so he's got more room to move around and other than his coat, his clothing was repaired, his dressed in dark grey cargos, a black t-shirt, black airwalk trainers and the stone in the silver wristband on his right wrist is clear, he's currently pacing around his circle.

And Kalindi simply appears. Her teleportation is not as elegant as that of some others, but she is getting the hang of it. She usually ends up in some random leg of the tunnels. She is about to start trying to find her way back until she happens upon Caleb's circle. "And look who it is. You always said that I overestimate, and here you are. Captured. How would Ahab feel about that?" The gold manipulator carefully walks around the edges of the circle, like a spectator at a zoo.

Caleb spins around and jumps backwards a the sound of a voice but calms when he sees who it is (he was captured before Kalindi defected), "Oh, its you, i doubt he's gonna be pleased, now will you just break the circle and let me out?"

"I do not think so. There is no reason to break it now, and as a mystic, I am uncomfortable breaking circles," says Kalindi, shrugging at the suggestion slightly. She leans down to examine it, "Is it mystic, or is this just a cooking spice? What keeps you from crossing?"

Caleb half-growls, "I need to get back to Ahab, so let me go Hunter!", he gives the circlea dirty look, "It's just salt, i don't know why i can't cross it, it has something to do with the ghost thing".

"How is it that you are a ghost, anyways? I vaguely remember. Is it not an artefact? But… there must be a way to leave it behind," says Kalindi, tilting her head slightly, "Anyways, if anyone found out I was here and broke your prison, there would be more trouble than I wish to draw to myself at this time. I do not underestimate."

"I have ghost-like attributes, and i can croos over to an inbetween world of life and death, where i am a ghost and no, i can't take it off, it hasn't come off since i was fourteen", Caleb walks over to the edge of the circle closest to Kalindi, "Let me go!"

"No, it is magic. It will not come off," says Kalindi. She turns around and opens her back, forming a sharp knife from gold, "But it is attached to you, and to serve Ahab, would you not cut it off?" The mystic tilts her head slightly, "You will not have power anymore, but it is better to serve him as a mere mortal than to be trapped here as a prisoner."

Caleb shakes his head, "The wristband is just used to channel the magic, the magic itself comes from me, it runs though my blood, so cutting off part of my arm would probably just leave he to bleed to death while still trapped".

"A shame, that," says Kalindi, frowning and returning the knife from where it came. "Well, Caleb, I guess there is little aid that I can offer you today. You have been treated kindly for a prisoner here, it seems, so count yourself fortunate."

Caleb really doesn't want to think about how he's been treated as that leads to him thinking about his masters actions, as he's conditioned to he is completely loyal to Ahab, but killing children is still wrong.

Kalindi picks up her bag and says, "At some point, your loyalty might run out, Caleb. We are both mystic in nature, and there are limits entailed. I will leave you to your circle." She starts walking away, trying to find her way down the tunnels.

Caleb sighs and walks back to the other end of the circle, "I need to get back", he turns back to look at Kalindi, "If you can't get me loose, tell one of the others where i am", he doesn't know if she heard him or not.

A reply echoes back from the tunnel that Kalindi travels down. "I suspect they already know, but Ahab is gone. It is a mystery where or when he is." And the last few words, they fade, getting too far to be audible.

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