Cyril Ozyrel
Portrayed By Matt Smith
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 36
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Roxton Falls, Quebec, Canada
Current Location New York City
Occupation Clinic Surgeon
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity Doctor Cyril Ozyrel
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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  • "I said it!"


  • Selene's breed is rare.
  • Selene is Cyril's cat.
  • Cyril's favorite hat is a fedora.


Cyril has military field medic experience, and is capable of not only performing operations and treatment in high stress situations, but also administering clinical care with bare minimum supplies.


At physical touch, Cyril is able to biologically manipulate humans (and only /other/ humans). This power does not include making hearts start or stop, adding functionality to the neural system, or any kind of mind control. What it can do is change bone structure, muscle structure, vascular structure, remove body parts, or add body parts. Adding body parts that were not originally intended to be there will result in those body parts surviving, but they will not be controllable as the human nervous system was not designed to support them. (That third arm is just dead weight, Jim!) The time to biologically manipulate something varies. Total separation of an appendage can take up to two hours for a clean separation (or several minutes to just rip it off). Face morphing can be done under thirty minutes, for an idea of the extent of time limitations. This power is not able to revive humans, attach alien parts to humans, or prevent infections. Exposed tissues will become infected if left open and thus all transformations must be performed sub-dermally or at a clinic to be done safely! Nervous system changes are not possible, and thus the power's main strength is the ability to complement Cyril's own surgery skills. Skin contact is a must when using this power, and it cannot be done through clothing.


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