2011-04-20: Dads vs Fathers


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Summary: Kevin meets Robyn who immediately tries to turn him to the Tim Burton side.

Date: April 20, 2011

Log Title: Dads vs Fathers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Seated in a window seat with a notebook in hand and just staring out the window is one of the newest students at the school. Kevin chews idly on the end of his pencil, obviously lost in thought and not really paying any attention to the rest of the room. It's only been half a week since the boy first arrived at the school as a student and he's finally settled into his room, though he's still getting used to the classes. He's dressed in a black t-shirt with a big yellow smiley face on the front of it, gray-ish colored jeans, and black and white Converse hightops. Absently, he reaches up to brush his hair back out of his eyes, though it just falls right back. Seems that someone is in need of a little trim…

Wandering into the living room with a coveted bag of Mrs. Fields Oatmeal Raisin cookies, courtesy of his roommate Connor, is Robyn. His hair hangs a bit in his face and he's dressed in a black hoodie over a t-shirt with Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat on it over a pair of skinny jeans looking every bit the emo kid. With a large yawn he waves to Kevin. "Hello. I don't think I've seen you around here, I'm Robyn Larkin." He says going over to plop down on the couch. "Do you mind some company?"

Sure, Kevin noticed Robin's arrival, but it didn't register. Not until the older boy spoke, anyway. He jumps a little, looking over in the direction of the new arrival, nose twitching a little at the smell of cookies, "What?" He blushes faintly and offers a shy little smile, "Oh, hi." He gives a little wave, "I'm Kevin Parker-Mayfair." There's the faintest of hesitations before giving his last name. Obviously, he's still getting used to the new name, even though it's been about a year since he last used any other name. He gestures at the room with the pencil bearing hand, "Oh, yeah, sure. It's not like you're interupting, or anything."

"Parker-Mayfair like Mr. and Dr. here?" Robyn asks even though it's a bit obvious from that last name. "Yeah but sometimes people just like to be alone and I don't want to intrude or anything. I was gonna channel surf to see if anything good was on cause I'm tired and don't feel like doing homework."

Kevin nods, "Yeah. They're my dads." Kevin doesn't seem to find anything really odd about being the adopted son of the two teachers. He smiles with a little more confidance and shakes his head, "Nah. I was just trying to write a little. It's not like I'm doing homework or anything." He, again, runs his hand through his hair, this time just pushing his hair to one side, "I don't mind of you watch TV." He pauses for a moment, "I might join you, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind." Robyn says as he starts flipping through channels frowning at American Idol and the usual crap. "Though I'll have to warn you I usually end up putting on some Tim Burton DVD, I am a little bit of a fan of his." He says sheepishly. "And your Dad's are cool. I don't have cooking or anything but I've had to have sessions with Dr. Parker-Mayfair and he's..well, your Dad is huge."

The notebook is closed and pencil tucked into the spiral spine before Kevin slips off of the seat to make his way over to sit on the other side of the couch from th older boy, folding himself up to get comfortable. He gives Robyn a little bit of a blank look at the mention of Tim Burton and just blinks a couple of times, "I'm… not sure what that is." At the comment on his dads, he smiles brightly and nods, "Yeah, they're awesome." Hair again starts to slip into his eyes and he giggles a little, "And he is really big." Jericho really is huge, "He's never been scary, though."

Robyn shakes his head. "No he hasn't." He says before taking a deep breath. "Okay, I'll be right back." Robyn says as he ducks out of the living room and in a few minute he's back with a DVD of Nightmare Before Christmas, complete with a smiling Jack Skellington on the cover. "This is one of my favourite movies of all time. I'll put this on since there's nothing but boring stuff on TV. It's about Jack Skellington, whose the king of Halloween Land and he discovers Christmas land and wants to be Santa Clause for one Christmas…well there's more to it then that but the animation in it is just amazing and character design and the sculpting of the models they used.." Robyn goes on as he totally fans out about his favourite movie.

There's a bemused expression on Kevin's face as Robyn leaves, the younger boy still sitting on the couch, but with his notebook open and pencil once again being chewed on when he returns. He looks up and sets the notebook down, not bothering to close it this time, and paying attention to the enthusiastic boy while he goes on about what the movie is about, "Oh…" That actually explains why he didn't know Tim Burton, "My father wouldn't have approved of something like that…" He grins suddenly, sitting up a little and getting more comfortable, "I can't wait to see it!" Anything to get as far away from the very conservative life he lived before.

"Mr. Parker-Mayfair and Dr. Parker-Mayfair wouldn't approve you watching this? But it's…that seems so weird." Since that doesn't seem like the teachers that Robyn knows. He goes over and puts it in the DVD player so that he can corrupt Kevin with his favourite movie. "I don't think there's any movie my father won't let me watch…well within reason I guess you could say." He says blushing a bit at his own thoughts. "Just as long as your Dads don't get mad at me for showing it to you."

Kevin shakes his head, "No, not my dads. My father." Apparently there's a difference? "Father doesn't approve of anythng that's not in the Bible." He just nods at the thought of Robyn's dad letting him watch whatever he wants, looking a little confused at the blush. The notebook is set aside and his hair brushed out of his eyes again as he shakes his head, "I don't think they'd have a problem with me watching it." He shrugs one shoulder, "They've never had a problem with anything I wanted to watch yet."

Robyn makes a face at that. "My parents don't really do the whole religion thing. I'm an atheist." He admits. "And that's cool, you confused me. So your real father, well, just because someone gave birth to you doesn't make them your Dad or your family in my opinion. I'm adopted so my Dad isn't my real father but he's my real Dad."

"Father's the head of a big church…" So Kevin grew up in a very religious environment. He nods, blushing a little at having confused the other boy, "Sorry about that. It's still kind of weird having a new family." He nods at his father not being his dad, "Yeah… He doesn't want me anymore, anyway, so I've got a new family." He watches the movie start, leaning forward a little to rest his chin on his fist.

"I'm sorry about that, that really sucks about your real family." Robyn says knowing that it must bother Kevin to some degree. "I'm really lucky that my family accepted me for both being a mutant and being gay." He says not afraid to admit that he is to Kevin, after all he has two dads. "At least you have someone though, and you'll probably be able to make some cool friends here." He says with a grin.

Kevin shrugs one shoulder, grimacing a little at the thought of his real family, "Yeah, thanks. I just don't think about them all that much." Better that way if you ask him. He blinks a couple of times at the mention of Robyn being gay and shoots him a sideways glance, "Oh. Well, that's cool." He still gets a little thrown sometimes at the thought of homosexual relationships. He just doesn't actually say anything about it. He grins at the thought of making friends and nods, "I've already met some really cool people. I ran into Mikhail at the mall the other day."

"Mikhail is nice. I haven't seen him in a while but I remember when he first came here." Robyn says. "I've made some really awesome friends here, Connor, he's really cool if you get the chance to meet him. He's my best friend. And Rashmi but she only comes by on Sunday's now that she's at college. Sorry I'm probably over whelming you."

"Yeah. We talked for a while and got a snack in the food court." Snacks that were more full meals than anything else. Kevin nods and grins a little, "It's good to have friends. I haven't really had that many, myself…" He doesn't really sound all that bothered by it, though. You can't miss what you didn't have, after all, "I'd like to meet him! I still don't know that many people here yet." He pauses for a moment, "I only just started Monday." He shakes his head, though he does look a little bit like a fish out of water at the thought of meeting all of these people, "It's okay. I'm going to be spending most weekends at home with my dads for a while, I think. I just got my room all set up the way I want it, anyway." The room at his dads' house, not his dorm room.

"I tend to spend weekends at home too since my parents live in Brooklyn." Robyn says. "It's sometimes nice just to be home. I didn't have many friends before I started going to school here now..honestly I couldn't imagine my life without some of them. So…should I ask the obligatory what are your powers question?"

Interest lights in Kevin's eyes at the mention of Robyn's parents living in Brooklyn, "That's really cool!" He grins, "It's got to be nice to go home to your family every weekend." he nods at the thought of friends, then bites his lip at the question about his powers, "I kind of have really good senses and can heal faster and stuff." He pushes his hair back out of his face again, "Sounded a lot like Mikhail's when we were talking about that the other day."

Robyn nods. "I have a lot of mental based powers, I can possess people can I can make weapons out of psychic energy and I'm a psychic vampire in a sense." Robyn admits. "And it is nice, lets me recharge a bit and also sometimes a chance of environment is good for my art. And I didn't think about it, you're right your powers are a bit like Mikhails."

Kevin gives a little surprised look at what Robyn's powers are, "So you could possess me if you wanted to?" He sounds a little wary of that; probably his religious childhood rearing it's ugly head for a moment, "That's… pretty cool, I guess." He's really not that sure what to think about it, obviously. Then art is mentioned and he grins, "So you're an artist? Cool! I like to make jewelery." He lifts up the notebook, "And I write a little bit, too."

"Yes but I don't want to." Robyn offers. "I don't use it unless I'm in the danger room or unless it's necessary." He doesn't like to use his powers just because. "Yeah, I sculpt and do pottery mostly. I am hoping I get into art school, I should be hearing back from my college applications soon." He grins. "Cool, I've never met anyone that made jewelery, I'd like to see that. And writing, that's cool."

The younger boy relaxes a little when told that he's not going to be possessed anytime soon, unless it's in the danger room or a similar situation. Kevin grins again when Robyn says what art he does, "That's awesome! I'd love to see some of your art sometime." Beat, "If you don't mind, that is… And good luck with your application. I hope you get into the school you want to." He blushes a little and nods, "Yeah. I didn't start doing it until I moved in with my dads. It wasn't 'manly enough' for me to do before." He clearly doesn't really understand exactly what that means and is just parroting something he'd heard when he was younger. "I've got a couple of pieces in my dorm room… Just a bracelet and a charm I've been working on for a necklace, but you can look at them if you want…" He fingers the notebook in his lap for a moment, "Yeah, I like to write. It's not very good, but I enjoy it."

"I don't mind there's tons of it up in the art room here." Robyn says. "Yeah I really hope to get into Parsons." He says before he makes a face about Kevin's father. "That's…really stupid. There's no such thing as manly in my opinion. Not every guy likes sports." He then smiles. "It doesn't matter if you're good or not just as long as you like it and you have fun. I'm gonna go grab some popcorn and soda to go with the movie, you want something?"

Kevin grins and nods, "Cool." He'll make sure to go check the art room to see Robyn's art, then! He shrugs at the comment about liking sports, "I play baseball a little. It's kind of fun. I just haven't played in a long time." He smiles at the encouragment and nods, his eyes lighting up at the mention of food, "Yes, please. I'd love to have something. Just whatever you can grab would be great!" His stomach growls very softly, complaining about not having had anything to snack on in a while.

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