Daisuke "Dai/Howl" Sakuragi
Daisuke "Dai" Sakuragi
Portrayed By Teruki
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 3, 1990
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Dai, Howl
Place of Birth Queens, NYC
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Teachers Aide at Xavier's/Tutor
Known Relatives Shuya Sakuragi (Brother, Deceased), Kayoko Sakuragi (Mother, Deceased), Ryuota Sakuragi (Father, Deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Sonics, Weakness Detection, Metabolic Resistance
First Appearance ???

Dai attracts bad luck like honey does flies.


Waring, this background is quite dark

Daisuke Sakuragi was born to Japanese immigrants, Ryuota Sakuragi and Kayoko Sakuragi. Ryuota and his wife Kayoko moved to the United States shortly after their first son, Shuya, was born. Ryuota and Kayoko were only married a year before coming to America. Ryuota's job had transferred him to New York City and he moved his family to Flushing, Queens. Two years after they moved to America, Daisuke was born, his brother Shuya is two years older. Being born to immigrants in America, Daisuke and Shuya's parents made sure to get them a duel citizenship. Since Daisuke was born in America he doesn't have a strong accent and his English is good. He can also speak Japanese, but has a harder time reading the language.

When Daisuke was four, his Mother got very ill. By the time he was four, and his brother Shuya was six, Kayoko passed away. Unfortunately his father didn’t handle the death of his wife and took to the bottle. This also resulted in him abusing his two sons physically, mentally and sexually. It caused Daisuke to become very withdrawn at school and he was afraid to make any friends. It also brought him and Shuya closer than most brothers as just had each other for support.

The acts of Ryuota had a variety of effects on Daisuke, when at school, he rarely talked to the other students and mostly kept to himself. Thus by the time Daisuke was in middle school, 12 years old, he didn't have any friends, but decided that he would do the best he could in school. He was determined to get nothing less than straight A's. Straight A's meant that you could get into any college you wanted to and hopefully with a scholarship. He thought that once he was done with school and left for college, he would never have to live with his father again and could truly get away. Thus he mostly received A's in school. Shuya almost became a parental figure to Daisuke, but Daisuke never thought of him as a parent. Shu would take care of him, taking him shopping if necessary, teaching him to cook (though Daisuke was never good at it), ect.

Shuya was the only person Daisuke ever got close to, and the two did a lot together. Shuya would drag him out go to the movies, go shopping, and try to have fun, mainly to get away from the house. Shuya got his brother into a lot of the things he enjoys such as certain bands, movies and television shows. Since Dai was always buried in a textbook studying, Shu would have to drag him away from his studies. Since Dai was two years younger, Shuya would usually pick him up after school so the two could either go home together or try to stay out so they didn't have to go home right away. Sometimes this worked, but sometimes it angered their father when they came home late which resulted in abuse.

Daisuke and Shuya reacted differently to their father, where Daisuke was constantly afraid of his father, Shuya was angrier about it. Dai was always questioning if he did something wrong, but Shuya would always tell him that he was being silly and their father was just evil. It made him feel better, but he couldn’t help but wonder if Shuya was wrong at times. This stemmed from Dai’s lack of self-esteem. Of the two, Dai also cried more often as he was the younger of the two and didn’t have to try to act strong. Shuya never blamed Dai for his emotional outbursts, but he blamed their father.
Daisuke looked up a lot to Shuya, and copied his brother's style, and to this day he still does. One thing Dai always liked was his brother’s pierced ears, and when he was 14 he had Shuya pierce his ears for him. Now he has several in each ear. When Dai hung out with Shuya that was when he found himself smiling and laughing. Unlike most siblings, they hardly fought and they truly cared for each other as brothers. Shuya always hid his pain and embarrassment with a grin, and Daisuke looked up to that. His brothers smiled always made him feel better when things always seemed at their worst.

Once he got to high school, he was the top of his class grade wise and Daisuke even enrolled in the creative writing club and took art classes, but he still never made any friends. It's not that he was mean to people, he just became even more withdrawn, if possible. He also started to learn to play the drums at the age 13, joining the school’s band. He found it was a good way to get out aggression by hitting them.

At the age of 15, Daisuke came home from school one day and headed straight up to his brother's room to do his homework. The sight that he saw though was one he wasn't ready for. His brother Shuya had hung himself. Daisuke was shocked at finding his brother dead. He ran to the bathroom and threw up at the site, after letting what his brother did sink in, he ventured back into the room. Dai felt weak and fell to the floor, he couldn't take his eyes away from his brother anymore. He curled up and sat against the wall in shock. Eventually his father came home to discover Shuya dead. He yelled at Daisuke to leave the room, and Dai wasn't really registering it until his father came over and slapped him across the face. Dai went into the living room while his father called the authorities.
Not being able to deal with their father anymore, Shuya took death as escape route.

Daisuke was devastated; the only person he cared about, and cared for him in return was gone. His older brother was gone. Initially he hated his brother for leaving him, but a week later he found a note for him left by Shuya. With the note was a cross necklace, something his brother had always worn.

After reading the note Daisuke, cried harder than he had when his brother first died. He couldn't be mad about it. At the moment, at 15 years old, he made the decision that he was going to get away, and live a better life. Not just for him, but for his brother as well. He truly felt alone. He had trouble sleeping at night for the first few months and would constantly cry himself to sleep. He was used to sharing a room with Shuya and with him not there, it made it harder to sleep. They held a memorial service in New York, and decided to ship his ashes back to Japan and have his memorial by his Mother's memorial.

By the age of 16, Ryuota's attention was focused on Daisuke now that his brother was no longer alive. It was harder dealing with everything by himself. He would try to remain emotionless through the abuse, it only caused to anger his father, who wanted a reaction out of his son and cause his father to be rougher on him.

Most the time when Daisuke came home from school his father wasn't around. He would used that time to study and get his homework done. When he didn't have homework to do, he did watch some television, listen to music, draw, or write. He listened to a lot of rock music, and liked stuffed on cartoon network. He liked normal things most teenagers liked, but just didn't really go out and make friends. He never did get a drum set though, in fear of his father getting angry over the noise. The only thing he had to practice on was his drum pad.

At one point his High School guidance councilor even called him to her office once to try to talk to him, since he stopped eating lunch in the cafeteria but in the Library instead. He barely said a word in class, he would show up, turn in his homework, get A's on his tests, and leave. For a while he joined the Creative Writing club, and he even stopped going to that, which his teachers noticed so they became worried about the student. When Daisuke was called into the guidance councilor's office, he didn't say anything. Like always, he was to embarrassed to ask for help. His school decided to call his father to express their worry for Daisuke, because they feared that he was distraught over his the death of his brother and would do something horrible to himself, they never expected that it was because he was a victim of abuse.

That day when Daisuke had come home from work, his father buying time ironing while waiting for his son to come home. Daisuke, tried to walk up to his room and bypass his father, but after the school called Ryuota was outraged and blamed Dai for the school calling. Daisuke tried to get away, but his father started yelling at him. Before Daisuke could even protest that he didn't say anything to the school, he was grabbed by his hair and harshly slammed face first into the wall. Dazed, he fell to the floor and didn't even notice his nose started to bleed. He started to push himself up, when his father's foot made contact with his torso and Dai ended up lying on his back. He didn't even notice what was in his father's hand until it the hot iron was pressed against his chest. As the heated iron started to burn his flesh, Daisuke let out a scream that was like no other scream he had done before, this one had a sonic blast behind it. His father was knocked off his feet and thrown against the wall. The wall ended up getting cracked from the sonic impact and the impact of his father whose ears even started to bleed.

Daisuke, not knowing what he did, and terrified of his father, looked at Ryuota with fear and started apologizing. Unfortunately the unexpected attack just worsened his father's blind anger, who grabbed his son, and roughly dragged him to his feet. Ryouta's hand clamped over Daisuke's mouth and growled at him to shut up. He suffered one of the worst beatings of his life that night. Ryuota easily figured out his son was a mutant, but as long as he could keep his son's power at bay, he could still use fear to rule over his son.

After things seemed to get worse since his powers manifested, Daisuke tried to turn to alcohol, even though he knew his father did horrible things when drunk, he needed something to help. Finding that he could down an entire bottle and feel nothing, he tried cigarettes. Again, there was really no effect. Next he turned to drugs, after nothing seemed to work, he gave up. The only thing that came out of it was that he developed a taste for sake. He likes to drink the stuff, even though it doesn't do anything to him. It wasn't until later (when he arrived at Xavier’s) that he found out that his weakness detection and Metabolic Resistance were part of his powers and came from being a mutant. His Metabolic Resistance explained why he never got sick growing up. (Daisuke didn’t even know he had the ability to detect weaknesses until he got to Xavier’s a few weeks ago. He is still learning how to access that power.)

A few months later Emma Frost was using Cerebra, and she discovered the mutant living in Queens. She decided to investigate, to see she could get the child to live at Xavier's. One day after school she found Daisuke, convincing him she was a mutant and wanted to help (thank you mental powers), she explained to him that he was a mutant and offered him a place at Xavier's. As much as he wanted to go, he was afraid his father wouldn't let him. It took a while, but Daisuke eventually told Emma why.

Emma decided that Xavier's was the best place for the young mutant, Daisuke. She decided to help him get away and with her help they were able to get his father arrested for child abuse. She aided Daisuke through the trail with having to testify against his father.

Right before Daisuke left for Xavier’s, he got a call saying his father was dead. He had heart attack in prison. He found he wasn't sad when he found out, just numb. There was a weight that was lifted off his chest; he knew that his father would never come for him. It still didn't stop the fear and the nightmares though. After his father died, his Grandmother, Hanajima Hosaka, flew her grandson to Japan for a week to stay with her. Once the week was over she flew back to America with him to help him and Emma Frost sort out all the legalities. They liquidated his Father's assets and put most the money away until he is eighteen. Once everything was settled she helped him move into Xavier's before going back home.

Through out the years though, Daisuke and Shuya did go to Japan to visit their Grandmother on their late mother's side four times together, and the fifth and most recent visit was by him after his father died. The first time was when Dai and Shu's mother died. After that Dai and Shu kept in touch with her, and that was one of the things that kept his Japanese decent. He would talk to her on the phone frequently. He never told his Grandmother what had happened until recent events. Daisuke and his Grandmother still talk on the phone and maintain a good relationship. He even told his Grandmother he was a mutant, and she was accepting.

Theme Song

Dir En Grey - The Pledge
Dir En Grey - Conceived Sorrow


Sonic Generation - Daisuke has the power to create sonic blasts by screaming. His mouth has to be able to open in order for his power to work. When he screams, a loud almost shrill noise escapes his mouth causing a sonic blast with 20 tons of force behind it. With practice he will be able to manipulate the Sonics he creates. He can fly at 60 mph, create sonic barriers that can withstand 20 tons worth of force, He can also use his sonics for sonar, using sonics to offset someone’s equilibrium causing them to be disorientated, a vocal trance where he can use his sonics to influence the subconscious mind (People with mental resistances will be able to resist his hypnotic voice and people with a strong enough will), and last how to focus his sonics into a tighter attack so he can hit a focused target rather than a large area.


February 4, 2010 Hanging out in the Rec Room before classes, meetings and powered exhibitionism. Rec Room Before-Class Loitering
February 25, 2010 Daisuke and Skyler get a calling from Mr. Sinister A Sinister Calling
February 28, 2010 Jono and Daisuke wake up to find themselves in a Sinister's base. Waking Up


  • "I said it!"


  • Daisuke enjoys drumming.
  • Daisuke is a pretty good artist.
  • Daisuke thinks of Skyler and Eddie as family.


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