Dallas "Specter" Gibson
Portrayed By Jeremy Sumpter
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 15
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Specter
Place of Birth Elgin, Illinois, USA
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Bob (father), Irene (mother), James (grandfather), Jamie (sister) and Donald (brother) Gibson
Significant Other Like dating? Seriously? For real?
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Shadow form
First Appearance ???

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Dallas had a happy boring upbringing in a classic nuclear family that was interrupted by the manifestation of his mutant abilities. The first time he called his shadow form ended with his grandfather suffering a near fatal heart attack. His parents sent him to Xavier's to get a handle on things and his family remains supportive, if still perplexed.


  • December, 2009 - Dallas is currently settling into Xavier's, albeit a little hesitantly.


  • "Do I look that stupid to you? Don't answer that."


  • Dallas is a sports fanatic.
  • He has recently decided that he's really not a fan of telepaths.


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