2010-08-07: Damn You Ahab


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Special Guests: Ahab, Hound Firestar, Hound Justice

Summary: Ahab comes to make his final move to secure the future with his newest converts, but this time those he faces find in them the strength and ingenuity to defeat him… but not without cost.

Date: August 7, 2010

Log Title: Damn you, Ahab!

Rating: R (Violence and Language)

Westchester - Salem Center

Just outside of the Salem Center Mall, and along it's front are the entrances to many shops, while across the way are several other stores and restaurants not directly attached to the mall proper.

Coming out of the mall and onto the streets of Salem Center are Connor and Tara, just coming out from the one local comic and gaming shop in the region. Both have bags, Tara with a smaller one from the store, Connor dragging along a bag from Old Navy. As they move along, he actually jumps a step, "Tony Stark… TONY. STARK. Oh my god, my dad is going to go crazy… he's only ever seen him when the man came to do consulting at the plant. Seriously… wow…" Seeming more excited for his father than the fact that the picture stored in his phone is of HIMSELF besides the mogul and Avenger.

New York seems to be attacting a LOT more villians resently (or maybe Caleb's just unlucky) so rather than heading to a music store in New York, he's heading to the smaller one in the Salem Center, he's dressed in dark jeans, a dark red buttoned shirt, his usual roxas airwalk trainers and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he's crossing the road and heading towards the mall, whistling as he walks.

Tara looks to be about just as excited as Connor on this one. "I know, right? I mean, my God. It's Tony Stark!" she seems to be floating on cloud nine. "I mean he's an Avenger. One of the powerhouses. God, I wish I could have hung out with him some more. Rashmi is so /lucky/."

Connor shrugs a bit and then nudges Tara with a grin, "Yeah, she is… but we might have the same luck once we graduate. I mean seriously… she knows She-Hulk. I'll bet you, when she graduates, they'll offer her a slot in the Avengers. She's just that kinda person." Sighing once he continues on, looking down in his bag, "I can't believe it's my senior year… seriously… I don't feel like I've got enough time. What about you?"

Tara lets out a sigh. "Yeah. I know," she says clearly jealous of Rashmi's skill at getting introduced to the bigwigs. "but… you know… she's the kind of person you can just tell she's going to do great things in the future. She's gonna be president or something." As for Connors question, she droops a little bit. "Man, this summer has been /dragging/ for me. It seems like I've got nothing but time. Next year I think I'm gonig to go back home. At least there I can annoy my brothers."

A portal opens in the middle of Salem Center. Stepping from it are five figures. A man with a cyborg arm and leg, Ahab to those that have seen him. A young man in leather-like black clothing with spikes along the arms and legs. The hound who has taken the term as a name. But to those of Xavier's, Hound is better known as Cam Phillips. Another hound follows, in a rather skimpy, quite revealing outfit made of nothing but flames of leather flowing over the areas that are better off NOT seen in public. Her hair is a brilliant red, and a red mask covers her face. Holding her hand, A young man with short brown hair. A blue mask covers half his face, and swirls around his body, leaving large gaps seen, but still appropriate. And one other, also recognizeable to the X-students.

Ahab looks about with a smile. "Four targets in this area. Parker-Mayfair. Larkin. Franklin. And the one that WILL be known as Volk. History is unclear as to whether Franklin will be here or not. So, search them out, and lay claim to them. Then, they will be ours, and the future will be mine." He calls with almost glee. "We'll take several while they're still children and unable to defend themselves properly. So, Hound… start leading."

The one called Tracker looks up. "The one you have shown me that you call Volk is very near. Exceptionally near." He smiles broadly, spinning his body into a crouch on the ground as he turns to look directly in the direction of the mall-exiting Xavier's students.

There's something kinda refreshing being out of the city, it's quieter, theres less people and they look a hell of a lot happier, not paying two much attention to where he's going, Caleb narrowly avoids bumming into two other teens as they walk towards him, "Oops, sorry", he's about to continue on his way into the mall, when…, "What the fuck is that?!", some portal-thing opens up not too far away.

One of these recognizable Hounds is Heather Brown. She has two gashes on her arm that seem to be mostly healed, but every other position on her wrists she is wearing Rolex watches, four on one wrist (her left) and two on another. She is staying silent for now, just listening for Ahab's orders and looking around with a curious expression. She's pretty good with her X-Student history, but most of the places she thinks they'd be she has never been herself.

The words from Caleb are enough to prick the young man's interest, but then Connor turns as he feels the eyes upon him. When finally the group are spotted, naked fear subsumes him. A couple steps back, his heart begins to pound in his chest like a jackhammer, mouth wide, tears actually forming. His trembling voice whispers out, "T-t-tara… r-run… Oh god no… run…" Paralyzed for the moment, he cannot muster up his fighting discipline, leaving himself fatally vulnerable.

Tara blinks in confusion. She can sense the spatial distortion that the portal created, but she has absolutely no clue as to who stepped out of it. "What is it?" she asks, concerned. "What do you see?"

As Volk is pointed out, Ahab laughs. "Excellent." He begins walking slowly in the direction of the young mutant. Anything behind him is pretty much ignored right now. "Hound, don't let them run away. Firestar… Justice… airborne. Timeslip… you watch my back." He grins.

Cam nods softly as he begins to creep in the direction, reaching out mentally. He reaches out to the one known as Volk to attempt to alter his path, leading him towards Ahab if he starts to run. He's not too worried about the Tara beside him yet.

The other two hounds take to the air and begin circling around over the heads of the Xavier's teens, since that's all they were told to do just yet.

"Connor, you should apologize to me for these," says Heather, pointing to the two gashes on her arms on seeing that she's been spotted. A note, "Though I have never been clear on etiquette for pre-emptive apology." She smiles at Ahab's order and nods her head quickly. As if there's any other way that she does things.

Caleb watches in shock at the man with the mechanical parts gives orders to what appear to be a group of bondage slaves, hey he knows one, the one he called Timeslip, he met her the other day, but that beside the point as they begin approaching the two teens he nearly bumped into.

Connor continues to panic for the moment, whispering out to Tara, "A-h-hab… it's Ahab… he's back…" With his perceptions altered, he turns to say, "Run!" And bolts in the first random direction, taking him right towards the group. It's only in the middle of this that he looks up and realizes where he's going and stops himself. Eyes still wide, pupil dilated, he vanishes from view, reappearing twenty feet to the left as he falls on his backside, his Old Navy bag left at Tara's side where she stands.

Tara blinks, stunned for a second before something clicks in her brain. "Ahab?" Then she fist pumps into the air. "AllRIGHT" She grabs Connor's dropped Old Navy bag with her free hand and goes to grab him to yoink him back before he runs smack dab into the group of Hounds, but he manages to teleport away before she can do that. Instead, she lifts herself off the ground and zips towards her schoolmate so she's standing directly between him and Ahab, putting up a telekinetic shield around them both. This time she remembers to make it semi-permeable so they can actually breathe within it. "Bring it ON!"

"Hounds! Take them!" Ahab calls. "Your transformation into a hound shall be slow and PAINFUL for all the pain you've caused me. But first, I'll change your little girlfriend. Tell me, child…what is your name?" He asks Tara as he moves in her direction, slowly as always.

At the call, Firestar sends a wave of energy out, melting the asphalt in a large circle around their bodies. Justice, on the other hand, reaches out to mentally place a… He tilts his head before laughing. "I go to create a telekinetic field to block them in there, and there's already one!" He gives a dark grin towards Ahab. "I can crack it, if you wish."

Yes, definatly after them, mutants it looks like, just why?, westchester was supposed to be quiet, should Caleb just leave?, but he can't leave them to fight on their own, but what if their stronger than they look if the guy has hurt them before , maybe if he just create a destraction so they can run?, "Errm, HEY LEATHER BOYS!", i am soooo gonna regret this, at least the mind numbing fear hasn't kicked in… yet.

Heather does not move slowly like Ahab does, dashing about to make sure the coast is clear for him to do so. With all those loyal to him, it's no wonder he has the luxury to move so slowly. She tilts her head at Caleb and says through the speaker mounted on her chest, while shifting her attention about to make sure there is nobody about to assault Ahab, "Oh. You. You'll join up eventually anyways. You should probably just help us now and get a head start."

Connor cannot hear anything, cannot see anything, blind in his panic until finally there's a break… and the heartbeat skips for a moment. Those dilated eyes go wide, and then settle back to normalcy as he stands up from his spot with Tara's assistance. Breaths now come smoothly as he gulps and watches the heat wash over the field and the pair engage them, "Allright, T… you heard half n half… Telekinetic. Have fun with him. I'll take hot mama." The confidence back, and as he drops into a crouch, "On three."

"Me?" asks Tara incredulously to Ahab. "Why, I'm AWESOME GIRL!" She nods at Connor's command, and floats upwards several inches off the ground, as she spreads out her telekinetic 'sight' to encompass the entire battlefield giving her a good idea of the situation, and waits for the three count.

Ahab turns at Heather's discussion to the one behind them. Another laugh. "Caleb O'Callahan. The year is 2016. The Sentinels have destroyed Barnes Academy. I find you, lying on the ground with the many you rescued. I have you watch in pain as they die before you become one of my Hounds, because the visions haunt you. You come… willingly." He gives a dark smile. "If he wants to wait, Heather, that's fine. You know how he works."

Cam stays near his master, not really doing much at the moment, as his only real gift is confusing people.

Firestar hears the words from Connor. "If you want me, you gotta ask my husband's permission. Though, I should warn you, you'll be sterile before I'm through with you." She says, aiming a hand to fire a blast of microwave radiation in the graviton-manipulator's direction.

Justice, on the other hand, sends a telekinetic blast aiming for Tara. It's an invisible battle of the minds! WOO!

"Join you?, what the feck is a sentinel?", what the hell is he talking about 2016?, he knows about Barnes and my name!, Caleb takes a deep breath and his hands begin to glow violet, looks like this is definatly gonna be a fight, "How do you know my name!?", a blast of violet energy is fired in the direction of Ahab.

Heather nods her head quickly at Ahab and then she zips over to protect her Master from the blast, getting between him and it, turning her timeshift to high to offset the strength of the blow, stumbling back at it a bit. "We are from the future. And we know your name because you are one of us. Run away, Caleb, or you may condemn your future to be nothing but eternal misery and pain." She grins widely at that.

The microwave heat washes over the spot where Connor was standing, but when the haze clears, it seems there's nothing but melted concrete bubbling there. Standing ten feet ahead of himself, the young man turns and aims both his hands like mock-pistols from a children's game of cowboys and indians towards Firestar before saying, "I'm all for exploring yourselves, but can you put it back in the bedroom, please? This is a PG kinda town." Worthy of the web-slinger himself, those words are followed by a flurry of push-bolts, each one attempting not to strike to harm, but instead to re-orient her sense of 'up' Each time he fires, one is meant to turn opposite the other, trying to disorient and sicken the flyer.

Tara can feel Justice's attack forming using her telekinetic sense, and manages to deflect it at the last minute. While she can't match the Hound strength for strength, she does have some devilish control over her own powers. Instead of attacking outright, she probes his defenses, looking for even the slightest weakness in it to take advantage of, and if she finds one she going to grab, not the man himself since he might be expecting that, but his costume, and give him a wedgie he'll never forget.

"A sentinel, young Caleb, is a large robotic device designed for killing mutants like these here." Ahab states, monologuing. "And we are from 2020. In that time, I have several powerful hounds. Fenrir. Timeslip. Envy. And… you're one too." He says as an afterthought. "My goal in coming back is to take those that are my biggest problems in the future, and claim them NOW, so that I don't have to deal with them. Several that are either powerful or just plain intelligent. Now, does that explain things to your satisfaction?" He says, before turning and flinging an electrified (not a changing) spear at Connor.

As the bolts begin to fling Firestar around, she closes her eyes. The disorientation does affect her. "Vance! Protect Ahab and yourself!" She calls before releasing a large wave of VERY hot microwaves about her body. It's not yet enough to singe, but enough to start giving a rather mild sunburn. Of course, it's designed to get even worse.

Unfortunately for Vance, he was only protecting his front, which left the back side of his body exposed for wedgifaction. He growls angrily, slamming down a huge weight of telekinetic energy straight down towards Tara from on high before he stops, to surround himself and Ahab with a thin amount of radiation-blocking energy. He has his own level of pure skill… years of training with the New Warriors and the Avengers, after all.

Time travel? giant robots?, bad guys are ment to fuck you up, just ignore them, as the wave of microwaves spread out Caleb phases to avoid the effects, then gets an idea, the girl can't protect her boss from him if she cant see him, he's wearing the pants of his training uniform and a tightly fitting t-shirt under his clothing, he pulls off his shirt jeans and shoes and waits for an opening.

"Umm," plays Heather as the radiation spreads. She just zips off to observe from a distance, where she is less likely to get microwaved, having heard that there is an order to protect Ahab. She does, however, keep track of the battle from a distance, adjusting her watch slightly as Caleb begins disrobing. That will be a signal for her to, bam! appear in front of Caleb to try and shover him over with those super speed hands once the coast is clear. "You have no future in stripping," quips this new Heather, "I guarantee it."

Watching Firestar begin to generate something powerful and potentially dangerous, Connor turns his head to look towards the others in the Hound group. Smirking a bit he then starts running across Tara's field of fire, evading the energy spear as he says loudly, "Tara! Baseball time!" And his hands both fling forwards, grabbing two parking meters and yanking them from their mountings. Gripping them invisibly he swings both of them like drumsticks down on Justice, each moving with the force of a truck at full freeway speed to strike at him like maces.

Tara is able to block most of the telekinetic slam, so she doesn't quite squish like a grape. However, it does slam her into the ground and there's a crack as her ankle turns in a direction that it isn't meant to go. However, she's no stranger to sports injuries (and what better sport is there than beating up bad guys?) she manages to grin and bear through the pain. "Gotcha!" she shouts at Connor, switching targets to Firestar. First thing she does is try to get things on equal footing by yanking down her mask so that it covers her eyes. And if she's distracted by that, picking up one of those concrete trash cans that you find outside of convenience stores everywhere and lobbing it at her.

Ahab glares as his Hounds fall to inadequecy. There's something in the processing that sometimes alters their perceptions and ruins some of their natural Ingenuity. "What I wouldn't give to have Susan or Scott again. Those were two hounds that could take the process right." He says, rubbing his forehead before he hurls another energy spear. This one, aimed at Tara. Cam… begins to creep away, unnoticed, since he's not being given orders right now. One of his old habits is creeping in. He's hungry.

Firestar was already disoriented. The heat near her, though, is hot enough that the flying trash can will melt and vaporize before it even touches her. She's better than bullet-proof. The heat is still increasing, despite the movement of the mask. She wasn't expecting to be let out. After a moment, she finally tries to right herself.

Justice holds his ground as things fly at him, glaring angrily about. "Fine, you want to attack me? Then I'll attack THEM." He says, sending a wave of energy out to crush a nearby building.

Just as Caleb has pulled his shirt over his head, Heather appears out of nowhere to deliver a super-speeded push knocking him back about twenty meters, that combined with the injury to his shoulder and ribs (from fight a few days before hand)have him severly winded, he's able to focus enough to turn invisable, but him coughing might be a givaway.

Heather just shrugs as Caleb coughs, looking off into the distance and shrugging at that. She will take care of it when or if he actually becomes a threat. For now, though, she just looks back towards the heated Ahab, Firestar and Justice. The previous instantiation, the one that was watching, dashes forwards to where the new Heather appeared and then timeslips away.

Connor looks up at the building as the wave of power moves out, and suddenly yells out, "Tara… hit 'em all. NOW!" And when the last word comes out he teleports in right behind Ahab, Heather, and company, the field not made to block him from entry. Balling his fists, the young man's face screws up in a rictus of pain as he does the thing he's been warned not to do. His body begins to feel the ripping effects of his own power as he puts his gravity-effect into his own fist. And he uses that fist to swing right at Ahab's face as he yells out, "CHECK YOUR SIX!"

Even though Tara isn't expecting the harpoon from Ahab, her strange sense alerts her that it's coming, even with Connor's warning. "I know!" she hisses, grabbing onto the harpoon with her powers, and swings it around her, keeping it's momentum and adds a little of her own oomph into it sending it right towards Justice. She can't do much about the collapsing building, however. Her powers just aren't strong enough to prevent it from happening, and besides, everybody's in danger of being baked from the inside from Firestar. Deciding that she's a greater threat right now (and hoping that Justice is too distracted by the harpoon,) she launches herself at the hounded heroine putting up a rudimentary shield to block most of the radiation, and tries to slam her down to the concrete using all her telekinetic might.

Ahab wasn't expecting the appearance of Volk behind him, so he ends up getting a good, VERY heavy punch, which flings him forward, crashing into another building. Fortunately, the telekinetic shielding around him prevents some of the damage, but not all of it. He's woozy as he lands, arms moving to try to rise, but he's obviously not all awake.

The harpoon flies towards Justice, who was already surrounded by his own protection. He simply reaches out to bat it away with a large telekinetic arm.
Unfortunately for Firestar, she wasn't able to see what was coming her way, and she's flattened to the ground. She's not as sturdy as some of the others, and there is a little bit of a cracking sound from somewhere within as she lies there. She's still breathing steadily, though. Just not responding.

Because she was staying back to keep from being microwaved, Heather is a ways away before Connor appears. "No!" She shouts, dashing back in to try and protect him, but even with her speed, at this distance, Connor had the advantage. As Ahab goes flying, she reroutes herself towards her Master. She does not much care what Justice and Firestar are doing for the time being.

Connor clutching at his injured arm for a moment, and seeing that Justice is now in front of him, he gulps once and then makes a play… he goes after Cam, running in the direction that he went while everyone else seems to be intent on the Master at the moment. If he can get to the Hound, he'll grab and port him, right onto the campus and into the hands of people more capable than himself, "Hey T! Grab Ahab and let's go!" Since Caleb is invisible, he has no means of assisting him.

Tara falls with Firestar, and lands roughly on the ground, panting. Her clothes are smoking from the heat and her skin is bright red, like she'd been standing out on the beach for way too long without any sunscreen. She picks herself up and flies over to the unconscious Ahab, still clutching her bag and Connor's Old Navy bag in her hands. She goes to pick him up and move him and herself towards Connor so he can port them out of here.

As Ahab and Cam are grabbed and teleported, to the campus, someone was expecting it. The teleportation is rather obvious when one can sense rips in space and time. A flaming bird aura signals the arrival of another, back at Xavier's "What?"

Back in Salem Center, Justice looks around at the area that his wife has fallen, and the missing other hounds. "Where are they?" He shouts, beginning to reach out to crush the store he had started to destroy before. "Find them or I'll destroy this city!.

As Caleb gets his breath back enough to rejoin the fight, Tara and Connor are gone with Ahab, all he can do is fly towards Justice, reappear and fire a blast of energy at him, in an attempt to distract him from the building.

"No! No! No!" says Heather before she furrows her brow. "The school." And she takes off, timeslipping after every few moments of running towards the school in order to artificially enhance her speed. She has to make it there in time.

Connor tries to push Cam towards Addison as he pants out, "Cam… brought him… and Ahab… need to…" Stopping as he says for no reason even in surprise to himself, "Tara, shield! Toughest bubble you can right now!" Hauling himself over, he then attempts to put Ahab in a gravity field to pin him to the ground and hold him in place, but there's a part of him that wants more, and it can be heard if the field connects in metal stress on the cybernetic arm and leg, "Mister Falk! Please… DO SOMETHING…" The panic in his mind is not for himself…it's for Ahab. The telepathic can feel it in the mind under the discipline that has control of the boy. The man is a threat, and a large, angry, tear-filled, and panicky childish part wants to end him for EVER threatening his friends.

Tara's skin starts to blister now that she's away from Firestar and in the Mansion itself. She lets herself relax a little bit. "Well," she says, "that was ACK!" She squeaks in surprise as Connor panics and she reacts by doing what's asked of her and popping out a telekinetic shield. This time it's a solid shield, and won't let anything through. Even air.

Ahab isn't outstandingly strong, so Tara is easily able to hold him down right now. As for Cam, well…

Listening to the words, Addison glowers at the offending creatures. "Hold Cameron." Addison says simply as he moves into a position. "Rewritten mentally and physically. I'll have to play it by ear." He explains as he rises, eyes closed and begins his own work on the young man. Of course, with Heather on her way over, she'll probably make it before he can even get started. Justice's field is a little too tight for Caleb right now, but he's also angry and causing rather large vibrations in the ground.

Caleb curses as his attack has no effect, "Fuck", now what am i supposed to do, people a gonna get hurt, he lands as close to Justice's field as he can, "Are you gonna fight me, or throw a tantrum like a child", if not for the shake in his voice, he might sound like he knows what he's doing.

And indeed, Heather shows up, panting heavily in many quick wheezes and her eyes burning with hate. "You… leave… him… alone!" is spoken through her speaker system and, even though her actual movements are a lot less staggered. She reviews the situation and then zips forwards towards the teens, attempting to bowl Addison over. After all, if there is one thing she has little defence against, it's a telepath.

Connor pushes up with his good hand to stand in the way of Heather's incoming attack, banking on Tara's invisible telekinetic field to make her carom off and keep them all safe. Just in case he opens his good hand, and begins to create a portal generation energy charge. Watching Heather, he growls out, "It doesn't have to be like this. He's using you! Why don't you listen to what your heart says, and not whatever he did to you! You're better than this! You're a good person… Please!" Pleading, doing anything he can to buy the other two time to work.

Tara has to add her two cents in. "And you look silly in leather!" Most of her attention is in keeping Ahab down, but the adrenaline is beginning to wear off and she's beginning to feel the pain in her ankle and skin. She gives Addison a 'hurry up and do whatever you need to do because I can't do much more of this' glance.

Addison looks to Heather as she appears. He expected it. "Powers off." He says simply as he reaches out to do just what he says, at the same time gripping her telekinetically. Her, and Cam. The two are held, stationary, side by side. "Quiet." He says to Connor as he rises. "I have to rewrite the genetic and mental structure of both of these people. As…" He stops, eyes opening as the Phoenix aura about his body swells with intensity. "As all the other hounds. I can feel them. They're all connected."

Addison pauses as he begins to feel things out. "I don't know if I'm doing this right, but it feels appropriate." Though it's not something that can be truly seen, it can be felt by every hound, everywhere. It's also something that can be sensed by those that have the ability. The Phoenix within him grows, the firey aura expanding as he rises up to the skies. Looking up, it's as large as the school, and making the sounds of a hunting raptor as he works.

It's not instantaneous by any stretch of the imagination, but slowly and carefully, Addison rewrites the minds and bodies of each Hound, starting at the most basic cellular structures. It takes an agonizing fifteen minutes of painfully detailed work. Slowly, he lowers himself to the ground. His own hair seems to not actually exist at the moment, replaced fully by a burning wave of fire extending from his head in an upward direction. His eyes replaced by a blackness. If one looked closely, they could see a cosmic expanse within them.

"Freedom." He states, voice overlain by three others. Two feminine, and one masculine. It's an eerie effect. "Ahab, your welcome in our time is overstayed. It is time… for you to return." He looks to Heather. "We shall assist you. The Phoenix is used to temporal machinations."

As Caleb prepares himself for an attack from Justice he begins screaming and writhing in pain, he readies an attack but stops when the hound is surrounded in a firey aura, the same one coming from the other direction, shocked he flies up towards the flaming bird, "Whoa, a school", is this that Xavier place?

Heather refocuses and stands after being cured, her eyes widened. "Thank you…" she mumbles. Her powers still off for this moment, she walks towards Connor, stopping in front of him for a moment. "I will have to tell you how adorably optimistic you are," she states, leaning in to give the past version of Volk a kiss on the forehead, "Fortunate that it is well placed." She turns around and faces Addison again and repeats, "Thank you." She leans over Ahab and puts her hand on her former master and then extending her hand to Addison.

Connor looks between the two, and then blinks a few times, the kiss surprising him. Gulping once, he closes his eyes, and pushes his hand into the fabric between worlds… and his signature portal opens up, a wormhole singularity that fluctuats under his grip. Gritting his teeth he murmurs out, "There… it's set to nowhere… just blackness. Mister Falk… you can make it go anywhen you want… you just need an image." He does however reach over and with his good hand he helps Tara up on her non-blistered side, "Hey… thanks. I couldn't have done any of that without you."

Which is pretty much nowhere on her front side. "No problem," Tara says, wobbling, and wincing through the pain. "That's why they call me Awesome Girl." She gives Connor a huge grin. "This means I finally get to be a patient in the medbay, right? Cool."

Reaching out to take Heather's hand, Addison nods. He reaches, forward, creating a bridge of energy to make it easier for the temporal mutant. As he does so, he gasps, meeting himself across the bridge. "And that… is why they warned me." He states simply with a nod. "Be well, Heather. And make sure that the future becomes safe again." The connection to the future in such an odd way, however, reveals a few things. He links the energies with Connor's as well, to make the transition that much simpler. How the energies combine is odd, and brings even more oddity to reality. The connection of Phoenix to Phoenix brings about a small mental melding with the future for all that can accept the potential of such a thing. It reveals snippets of their lives to come, their joys and their sorrows. Their pleasures and their pains. It will appear as a dream, but it will feel very very real to those that accept it. Over time, however, it will fade and give nothing more than a vague sense of Deja Vu. "Take him with you. And take him… to justice."

Caleb flies down a little closer to the school, just close enough to watch the exchange, watch Heather and Ahab disappear back into the future and get a sudden shock as he gets flashes of his own future.

"Your future is saved," states Heather, nodding her head and closing her eyes, concentrating on her transition into the future. Moments flicker about in her radius, sounds and sights briefly popping in and out of existance, before it collapses around her and she fades back into her own time with the man she used to call Master.

Connor's eyes tear up as the life that was his, and is not anymore, of a life that was here and is gone again. Staggering with Tara by the shirt, he shakes his head, "That's… oh god… not that…" But someone used to these things happening to him recovers a bit faster than expected, "Mister Falk… are you allright?" Watching as the portal fades and so does the Future Heather.

Tara blinks as Connor sags against her. Unlike those around her she isn't getting visions of her own future, perhaps to her own benefit. She's still clasping the two bags in her hands, knuckles white for having had a death grip on them the whole time. She seems to notice this for the first time and exclaims, "Oh! Connor! Here's your bag."

Addison's voice is still fourfolf as he touches ground. "I… do not know. But I must find a way to release this before I become him." he says enigmatically. "I cannot allow it." He pauses. "Children… Are you ok?" Feeling the other mind, he stops. "Forget this place." adding a little mentsl oomph to Caleb.

Cam blinks. "What was… who is Arcade?" He asks softly.

Caleb grins as Tara and Connor start to relax, they WERE a lot stronger than they looked, wow, are all the students at this school at this level, he'll ask Star next time he sees her, actully i wonder if she's around?

Connor turns with Tara and starts hobbling towards the mansion, negating her weight with his power, but then he thinks and stops to look down into his bag, "I think your shield saved my stuff… but what about your DVDs?" However, reaching inside to check on things, all is not so. The new graphic novels are all singed along the edges, and there's a black scorch-hole through the new pair of swimming shorts he bough, "MAN!"

Tara limps along with Connor, watching blisters appear on her hands. "I… uh… need to go to the medbay before this gets too gross," she says. But she does check her DVDs real quick, and finds that they're more or less intact except for being too warped to play. "Noooooooooooooo!" she wails in despair. "My yaoi! Damn you Ahab! DAMN YOU!"

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