2009-05-26: Danger At Darkmoor


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Summary: Jared and Julian crash land some time in England. There's no signs of their friends but there's danger.

Date: May 26, 2009

Log Title: Danger at Darkmoor

Rating: R

Road Leading to the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Centre, Great Britain - ???

Light! Sound! Rushing air! And then suddenly…impact with and contact with street. This is what Jared Stone and Julian Keller experience as they're catapulted through time and space. Back in their black and gray time travel uniforms, they're dropped into the middle of a street on a cool night. No signs of Eddie, Daisuke, or Jordan but the scent of the oceans in the air. They've been dropped on a mountain road on the coast. Right beyond the guard-rail is long drop to the ocean.

"This, is troublesome," Skeets sighs.

"…IIIITT! Ooof!" and a few seconds later a very small, "owww." as JAred finishes his fall through time by landing on a long streatch of mountain road and of course bouncing into the guard rail. "Anyone one else injured? If so, gimme a sec to pop my shoulder back into place and I will be right with you." Jared is of course joking, mostly, lucky for him with his powers the pain from his shoulder itting the guard rail is fading fast. "Dai? Eddie? Anyone else?" He calls out the last as he starts to realize he can't feel anyone else besides himself and one other.

The telekinetic falls to the ground with a thud. "Dammit!" He exclaims, before rolling over to his back, and getting up. The teen looks around the area, checking out where they are now. "Okay, where are we?" He asks Skeets. Then he realizes it's only himself and Jared along for this ride. "Well, shit." He exclaims before looking back to Skeets. "I'm okay, nothing injured…" He says before looking at his right shoulder, same thing, popped out of it's socket. He kneels down parallel to the railing and slams his shoulder into the rail. "SONUVABITCH!" Loud enough for the world to hear.

Skeets sighs, waiting until everyone is done yelling before answering them. "I am having difficulty determining when exactly we are but we're somewhere in the United Kingdom right now," the AI explains. "And I cannot detect my other units. This is troublesome," he sighs. A few feet up the road, there's the sign with an arrow pointing father down the road and 'Darkmoor nuclear research centre' on it.

Jared holds up the talking bling he has choosen to call Skeets without knowing what it means in Floridian slang and stares at it agast. "Troublesome? You can't find my brother, my boyfriend, or that Jordan guy and you are calling it Troublesome!" Jared jsut face palms as he actually pulls himself to his feet. Holds back on a few of the questions he has for the machine as he walks over to gently lay a hand on Julian's shoulder and try and help heal the injured tissue around where his shoulder was dislocated. "I really hope the others landed somewhere softer than we did."

"I shoulda caught myself before I hit the fucking ground…" Julian says after he pants from the relocation. "Dude, just chill. He probably needs time to find them. Or something's getting in his way." He offers before looking to the sign. "Maybe a nuclear reactor…" He offers. The cobalt-eyed teen says as he stands up, looking the way the sign is leading.

"I can't find them because they are not in this time period. There is a highly unusual energy pattern scrambling my scanners and I amd having difficulty locating where the other units are. Perhaps if you find the source of this energy and disable it, I can locate them," Skeets replies.

Jared takes a deep breath, or three, and does his best to chill. Never good to panic in an emergancy. "A nuclear reactor if we are lucky…although given our luck its more likely going to be the British version of the Gamma test site that created the Hulk." Jared, Cynical? Not at all, he is just being…his cynical self. "An unnusual energy pattern? Let me guess, its down the road where that sign is pointing right?"

"Can you figure out what kind of energy pattern it is?" Hellion asks the talking bling. He looks to see if the research facility is visible from their position. He growls a little bit, not really liking this position the two are in, but Julian's been through a bit of stuff before, just not a time-hop. "If these people have any brains, they'd have stopped Gamma-testing by now."

Skeets blinks and beeps a few times. "A mixture of radiation and mystic energy sources are the root of the interference," the bling says. "And it does seem to be in that direction."

While the facility itself cannot be seen completely, the roof can be seen just over the mountain pass. Skeets blinks a few times before unleashing a flash of light and a tingling sensation over Jared and Julian. When ut clears, they're dressed as any British teen would be during the 80's. Just a guess on Skeets' part.

Jared blinks as he is hit by a wave of tingling sensations and just stares at his change in dress. "Is there a reason I am wearing a t-shirt made out of the British flag…and a sleaveless blue jean jacket? Wait, dont answer, this has to be the eighties, I have seen pictures from then, no one then had any taste at all. I say we go figure out whats wrong, find our friends, and leave this era before we end up with hair remanicent of Flock of Seagulls."

Speaking of sleeveless, the older teen has apparently donned a 'Judas Priest: British Steel' shirt, a woman's hand caressing a razor blade in her digits. "Dude, Judas Priest!" he says, looking at the rest of his ensemble. Ripped acid wash jeans held together by safety pins, and calf-high Doc Martens, black in color. A studded bracelet on his right wrist and a matching belt, with a Jolly-Rodger-esque themed skull and crossed pistols. "I wonder if we can catch a Maiden concert…" He says before shaking his head. "Let's just head out to that nuclear place. See what the hell's up."

"I chose clothing that should blend in well enough with this era," Skeets chimes in. "That function just returned to operation. The holograms were very unreliable," it goes on. Before much else can be said…gunshots.

The two teens can see on the other side of a gap the road winds around, a young blond man on a motorcycle is being chased by a pair of cars. And men are leaning out the windows and shooting at him. Aftera few more shots, the cyclist goes careening over the edge of the cliff…

Jared is going to say something to the talking bling as the gunshot rings out. He automaticaly moves out of the middle of the road as things start to happen when he sees the Motorcycle and the cars chasing it. Screw the time line, your a hero because you want to do the right thing no matter what right? "Hellion, you take the gun men I got the blond!" Jared yells out figuing that as the guy is going over hte edge of a cliff his healing powers are going to be more use there than trying to stop the other guys.

"Oh fuck…" Hellion watches the action unfold in front of him. The telekinetic thinks that going after the now falling cyclist is a better choice than stopping some fools with guns, and acts accordingly. "You keep safe, if those assholes don't see you, they won't think you're a part of this." The telekinetic moves himself fast, reaching out a hand to grab the falling man telekinetically. He can deal with the gunmen in a sec. "Yo, it ain't gonna be that easy to die today." He says to the man as the telekinetic flies back to Jared's location, dropping the blonde off for field medicine if needed. The gunmen will be taken care of next.

"Wh-what?! What's going on? What's happening?!" the blonde man exclaims, looking around rapidly. His eyes go wide as he looks up at Julian. "Who…what are you?" he asks. When set down, the man looks to Jared. "What's going on? We have to get help! They're attacking the research centre," he says, british accent obvious. Guy's pretty well built too, a bit bruised up. Meanwhile, the gunmen have seen this all and are driving over.

Before much else can be said, Skeets' light turns from blue to red. "Critical Error! Critical Error! Temporal Damage Immenant!"

Jared has a chance to look over the edge of the cliff and decide, that yes Hellion's choice in actions is a better choice than him trying to climb after the blond, it would take him hours to heal them both after a fall like that. As the blond is brought to him Jared jsut lays a hand on him and says, "Right help, its here just hold on and we can…" The sudden alarm from his talking jewelry gets a look from Jared, "What the Fu…Temporal damage? Give me a quick explination Skeets."

The Hellion flies over, keeping a telekinetic guard up to protect him from bullets. One car is shoved with gusto, looking to incapacitate here, not kill. "Fuck, what the hell does 'temporal damage mean'?" He asks aloud, a bit far for Jared and the blonde man to have heard him.

Various bits of data flash over Skeets' screen at high speeds. There are glimpses of damaged and ruined buildings. "You altered your timeline!" Skeets accuses. "You removed an important figure from history! Quickly, undo whatever you did before the changes take hold!"

The bullets keep coming. Once the car is shoved, it crashes into a tree at the side of the road. The other one is still coming though.

Jared stares at the machine. "We removed a figure, how all we did was…" Jared blinks and, blinks again. No way, no way can saving the life of a pretty cute and well built blond guy remove someone that important from the time stream…could it? "Who, who did we remove
form the time line?"

The bullets fly, ricocheting off of his TK shield, Julian pulls the gun out of the other gunman's hand, tossing it into the drink. The black haired teen then hovers over to the car, ripping off the door and pulling the poor bastard out. "What the hell are you doing trying to kill him?!" He asks, loudly, if uncooperative, the man will get a set of punches to the face.

"Captain Britain," Skeets says simply. The blonde isn't there anymore though. He's taken off running down the road. About six feet away from Jared, the young man slips on broken road and goes tumbling over the side of the guardrail with a yell. The yell continues for a few seconds until there's a sick crunch noise. Jared will sense a lot of injuries…and someone about to die.

The men in thw cars are rather surprised, pulling knives as guns are torn from their grasp. "Boss doesn't want witnesses!" the man scowls and lunges only to get punched. His knife drops and then man takes a swing at Julian.

Julian's shields are brought down for an altercation, though only because his hands were busy with the punches. The telekinetic is given a nice punch, staggering a bit before looking over to the man, shoving him back with telekinetic force. "Captain Britain? How is he…dead?" He asks, a bit confused. Then the yell is heard, Hellion looks as the man falls and crunches on the rocks below. "Yeesh."

Jared curses as he is distracted by the machine on his wrist long enough for the blond to get away form him and start running. He curses again as he starts to run after the guy to try and get through to him he has found help, and just lets loose with something that would probably surprise even Julian as the blond slips. Forgetting for a moment Julian dealing with the thugs Jared runs to the guard rail getting ready to throw himself over it knwing full well his healing powers might be able to at least keep the blond alive while putting him back together. Of course, in the back of his head something else clicks in the back of his head the fact that Captain Britan did make his first appearances in the 80's…and he is a blond…

There's one problem. The guy's not down there anymore. Almost like magic. "Thank heavens! Do you have any idea what you almost did?!" Skeets seems upset, screen returning to blue. "Still some minor errors and memory altercations to repair but it will be dealt with by proper agents," the AI mumbles. Over by Julian, the man ends up smacking his head on the roof of the car when shoved back. He slumps to the ground, unconscious. His two buddies meanwhile have hightailed it back up the road.

Skeets lets out a few beeps and sighs. "The interference has cleared up. I have located four jump signatures in three eras. Two are together and the remaining two signatures are in different eras. When my charge returns in approximately two hours and thirty minutes, you will have to choose which signature you wish to jump to."

Jared stares into the depths, searching with his powers still trying to find the life signs of the man that went over the edge of the clif. "That…that can't be..that…" Ah hell, he has no idea what to think now that the blond seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. "I think I need to lie down. Hellion! When your done having fun I think we need to discuss something…"

The X-Force member is already heading over, looking down at the water below. "Yeah…how the hell did that happen?" he asks Jared and Skeets, not knowing, not caring which one had the answers.

"It is not your concern. You nearly caused untold devastation to the timeline!" Skeets answers. "I suggest you both head down to the town at the end of this road…-away- from the radioactiviy…and lay low. I have provided you wih the proper currency, you should be able to purchase food and shelter until my jump charges are full and you can pursue the other units," the AI seems annoyed. "And do try not to almost kill us all again, will you?"

Jared takes a deep breath and just looks at Julian. "Either we walk carefully, or you can carry us. The blond guy, he tried to take off running twords the town and slipped. I felt him hit, felt like he was dieing and then….gone. He was nowhere. I really need a hot bath and a nap. I…I think we almost stopped Captain Britan from being Captain Britan.

"Well hell." He says, raising up a hand to lift up Jared telekinetically. "Fine then, ya snooty talking bracelet." He says to Skeets. "As long as we got the cash, we're good. Now lets get something to eat…" He says, his stomach growling a little, Julian will head the direction Skeets tells them to, lest they fuck over the timeline again.

Skeets provides the directions accurately, bringing the teens right to a nice inn. Still open too. And there's even an open room for the night they can purchase. Either way, in two hours and twenty minutes, they're going to be making another jump and continuing this crazy adventure through time!

Jared says, "Yeah, hell is right. I could use something to eat too since Dai and I were on our way to dinner when this all started. I say we jump to one of the lone signals, if its Dr Sting we beat him to a pulp and if its one of the others we can at least make sure they are not alone anymore.""

The telekinetic agrees with Jared's thinking. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." He offers Jared. "We've got two hours to waste here, let's see if there's a good place to grab a bite."

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