2011-06-15: Danger Danger


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Summary: Professor Xorn runs a Danger Room Simulation for a handful of teens.

Date: June 15, 2011

Log Title: Danger Danger

Rating: PG-13(L)

Xavier Mansion- Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Hovering in the middle of the air Shen Xorn is decked out in his X-Man uniform, white flowing robes with with a red sash adorned with numerous Xs and there is, of course, the metal mask containing the powerhouse's black hole energies in check. Having gone through the files, students have been scheduled to for Danger Room sessions. Telepathically speaking into the minds of the students, "This is Professor Xorn speaking telepathically. Ms. Savalion, Mr. Hayworth, and Mr. O'Toole, please report in your squad uniforms to the Danger Room." Upon entering the Danger Room, they will find that it looks like a replica of a jungle. Large trees hang about a swampy area and a river sweeps about the area. The sounds of the rainforest fill the Danger Room, where Xorn still appears high in the sky, sitting in a meditative pose.

Having had someone telepathicly speak to him before Tyler is startled at the initial contact then hops to a moment later to put his squad suit on instead of his every day garb. It doesn't take long for the teen to head down to the Danger Room. Stepping into the room he's taken aback at first at the environment. Looks like a jungle, feels like a jungle, dammit it is a jungle. Great. Instead of appearing prepared for whatever is about to unfold Tyler seems to be hanging back at the entrance peering over at the floating professor.

Jem was doing something very important at the time when she was contacted. She was eating. She had one of those large Scooby Doo type sandwiches on her plate and had actually dug quite a bit through it before receiving the message. So what if it was too big for her mouth, she was chipping away at it with whatever bites she could take. But it seems like food will have to wait when the call comes, the girl abandoning her food to head downstairs, the blond girl takes time to adorn herself in an outfit of her squad colors that is suitable for her powers. She needs to have as much skin showing as possible, as that is where her power comes form. It's in good taste however, with a pair of skorts along with a brazier based top with a little metal mesh jacket over her shoulders, fingerless gloves to complete.
Stepping into the Danger room, she gets a look at the atmosphere and arches a brow. Hm. This should be interesting. The jungle.. Hope they bought fire insurance.

He was in the middle of something else involving the music room when he 'heard' his name called. Ah well Maybe it won't be quite as bad as the spiders this time. Kieran quickly went back to his room and switched over to his purple and black training uniform and made a quick trip to the danger room. "Oh great. Now watch. We're going to be getting Irish Wolfhound sized mosquitoes to deal with this time!"He says under his breath to Tyler as he comes to a stop next to his boy and just sort of stands there casually.

In her dorm room, Sophie's fingers pause over the braille in her Bible as she receives the telepathic instruction. She takes the time to finish the verse, before closing the book, and changing into her Danger Room attire, in the Hellions colors; a similar outfit to what most students wear, though she has a full length skirt, albeit with a slit up the right side for freedom of movement. The blind girl is the last to arrive in the danger room, guiding herself with the soft tap of her cane down the hallways, and into the apparent jungle. Upon entering she says nothing; merely probes the ground about herself with her cane, and inclines her head as she listens, and sniffs the air.

As the student enter the Danger Room generated rainforest jungle. "Ms. Savalion, Mr. Hayworth, Ms. DeCosta, and Mr. O'Toole, welcome to the Danger Room. The gentlemen have had some experience with this room already. The room is filled with Shi'ar Technology which allows us to recreate any environment. What you will experience will feel and seem incredibly real, but it is all a simulation. Students will have sessions in her to hone their powers and skills. So for today, ladies, this will be your session. Consider it a test of sorts. This is to gauge your level with your abilities and I will be supervising from the control booth. For your first session, consider it a game of catch. You will be paired into groups of two, Mr. O'Toole will be paired with Ms. Decosta and Mr. Hayworth with Ms. Savalion. You should work together to catch your prey and keep your prey from harming you. Since we are in a jungle, your prey are tigers. However. They are not ordinary tigers." Stepping from the trees, Flying Tiger, a man wearing red and black body armor and tiger mask flies into the air. From the water out jumps, Tiger Shark, a man dressed in brown and black armor with a fin. "Your prey are the supervillains Flying Tiger and Tiger Shark. The first team to catch one of the villains wins. Any questions?"

Man do they not start these sessions out easy. Already at a disadvantage on numerous fronts Tyler looks around the jungle and the two targets in question with a sinking feeling. "So where are the giant bugs?" Ty mutters to Kieran unhappily. This will be quite a challenge and he's ready more or less. "Good luck," he offers to Ki before walking over towards Jem. "I'm assuming we're going to try for the fashion challenged flier?"

"Actually, yeah. I have one or two." Jem pipes up as the offer for questions is raised. The girl holding up a hand slightly. "One, when you say catch, does that mean capture? Or.. Well what I mean is, since they're only simulations, would it be permitted to just cremate him? And furthermore, would vaporization count as a win? And is there a point deduction for collateral damage?" Jem rattles off a few questions that she sounds quite serious about, if not pretty casual, like they were FAQs or some such. The girl looking between the two opposing forces and wrinkling her nose a bit, "Yeeeeah.. the flying one is better suited for me to go after. I'm not exactly sure what you can do but.. hopefully for you too?" she looks over to Tyler for a moment. "We could go after the shark dude, but if we have to go into the water after him, it's kinda over for me, so…"

"Well I guess that leaves us with the shark reject." Kieran says looking towards Sophie,"So shall we get a move on it and see what we can do to shut this guy down quickly? I don't know about you but I do not relish the idea of keeping this going too long." He grimaces a little bit. There's not a lot for Kieran to use against these guys. He's not sure adamantium can be affected by his magnetic capabilities. "I think actually killing might be a bad idea…"

"They are only simulations, si?" Sophie tilts her sightless gaze towards Kieran, and nods her head once. "And, si, let us go after the one that skulks in the waters. I am sure we can find some way to subdue such a foe." She prods the ground with her cane, and guides herself closer to her teammate. "I will need for you to guide me, however. Put my left hand on your right arm, on your bicep, and I shall follow you where you go. Please do not march me into a tree."

"See, either is about the same for me. I can but only hover off the ground and send out blasts so if the target goes too high you're on your own unless you bring him down to my range. The big ugly? I could take out but you can't so we'll do our best," Tyler tells Jem. Thankfully the professor dealt with the whole killing the target part of Jem's questions so he didn't have to. Xorn stops speaking after the questions are answered and then the first move is made.
Tyler's eyes go wide as Flying Tiger rushes towards his team. There's of course panic at the advance though his hands come up in front of him glowing brightly for a moment then a beam is sent out from each palm merging into one to hopefully pound right into the chest of the villain sending him backward at least.

Jem almost groans as she is told to go for a knock out as opposed to an outright kill. "Well, I was only asking because they're just simulations, so they're not really people. It'd be kinda like shooting a live action Halo sprite, right? I dig video games. But fine.. no killing blows." she blows a puff of air up her face, huffing her bangs a little upward. She stands with her hands upon her hips, lips pursed tightly together. At Tyler's reply, Jem nods her head, "Okay. Well leave the high flying to me then.. I'll see about getting him down to your level so that you can— Whoa!" she blinks as he comes charging toward the two. In response, suddenly Jem bursts her whole body into a brilliant yellow and red plasma and flame, a good 2500 degrees of heat coming off of her, making her a little bit of a hot pot to touch.

Shit! The Tiger Shark decides to rush them and Kieran's trying to lead Sophie,"Stay here as best you can." He says extending his left hand towards the Tiger Shark and does two things. The first thing that he does is unleashes a bolt of electricity of about 100 megawatts from his left hand. But he also moves to give the Tiger Shark's top row of teeth with a positive charge and the lower row with a negative charge to try and seal the beastie's mouth shut in a single smooth movement. THe electricity arcs from his hand sort of like the Force Lightning from the Sith Lord's hands. THankfully he's not using the arm that Sophie's on.

Sophie clings to Kieran's arm, holding on tight as she can at least hear something big thundering across the ground towards them. "Si!" she affirms, and despite knowing that it's a simulation, she edges closer to her current guide, holding on tight with her left hand. With her right, she lets go of her cane and allows it to dangle by the loop around her wrist; as she raises her hand and extends her arm forwards, her palm takes on a brilliant, roiling glow. She points it in the general direction of the charging Tiger Shark, her best guess based on the sounds he makes in his advance. The blind girl sucks in her breath, and then a brilliant beam flashes through the air, accompanied by a sound like a set of serrated steel fingernails being raked over a chalkboard, as she quietly hopes she hits the man.

Flying Tiger lunges forward, but as Jem literally lights up and Tyler unleashes a beam, he swerves and flies up showing surprising grace for a flying tiger. Flying up into the tree, he easily breaks off a branch and then flies around again looking to swat at Tyler. Tiger Shark is not so lucky, as he hit by both the electrical blast from Kieran and the beam from Sophie. Taking the shot full on, he pivots his body and falls into the river, as his teeth are suddenly under the control of Kieran and literally sealed magnetically shut. Xorn speaks into the student's mind, "Good job with the first round, but remember you have to capture them. Not enough to drive them off."

That blast didn't feel right the second it was started. Tyler finds himself staggering to the side as Jem torches up to a high temperature nearby. The blast cuts off as Flying Tiger takes to the tree nearby. Putting distance between himself and Jem the boy feels slightly better though not too terribly hot. Peering up towards the tree the target is looking to make another pass. If and when the target appears again he attempts a one handed blast that could hit a part of the gear causing frost damage and maybe the sparks will catch something ablaze.

Jem's flames take on a different color after the initial startle from the sudden attack. The sudden burst of potent fire giving Flying Tiger a reason to second guess trying to grab her apparently as he dips out of the way and goes flying toward a tree to retrieve a weapon. "Wood. Of course you would use wood." the flaming girl lifting slightly up into the air and watching Flying Tiger shoot after Tyler. She sees a chance to gain a bit of an edge, since he doesn't appear to be paying attention to her. She holds out her hand and applies a bit of focus, sending a huge serpentine tube of flame to burst of plasma and flame to go spiraling through the air toward Flying Tiger's back. Jem's eyes watch the flames and she guides it, making it bend and twist to follow him while the girl frowns and concentrates as hard as she can. Something of a heat seaking fire blast of sorts. As long as she can see him, she can point the fire where to go.

Keeping track of the teeth that he's holding shut, Kieran's not sure what he should do since the creature is in the water. "Hopefully there's no fish life in there." He says as he points his hand at the water and unleashes a torrent of 150 megawatts, a tired expression crossing his face as he uses yet another large amount of power to try and shock Tiger Shark in the water and hopefully force him to come to the surface to deal with him. Between holding those jaws closed and the electrical bursts, his battery is being drained much faster than he can replenish it.

Sophie hangs on to Kieran's arm, and maintains the glow on her palm, though she doesn't open fire once more just yet. "Kieran," she murmurs. "If it would be easier, I believe we could try to subdue Flying Tiger before the others do. Professor Xorn did not specify which villain we had to capture, only that we had to capture one, si?" She shifts her hand to rest on her guide's shoulder, freeing him up to use both arms if he needs to, for the moment. "Tiger Shark went into the water, si? …Is he coming out?"

Flying Tiger goes to swing at Tyler and knock him about the head with the branch but when Tyler takes aim, he pivots in the air again to avoid the blast and then tosses the branch like a spear towards Coronus. However, this leaves him unprepared form Jem's attack as the fire begins to snake around him. He tries to fly out of the grasp of the snake and he closes his arms and simply drops to the ground.
Tiger Shark groans in pain as the water becomes electrified as he comes running out of the water and then charges back at the heroes again. The electricity hurts, but hasn't knocked him out yet. He is hurt and angry as he barrels towards Kieran and Sophie.

A shot and a miss again which is not what Tyler should be worrying about at the moment as a projectile is inbound. Suffering from burns Tyler hasn't the strength to lunge to the side to avoid the incoming spear as the combination of jungle climate and extreme heat have weakened him to the point where he rolls himself on the ground avoiding the impact of the spear just barely. When he sits up to see what's going on Flying Tiger is down on the ground surrounded by flame. It would appear that his team is about to win this challenge even though he's been more bait than useful. Rising up on wobbly legs slowly Ty scans the area to see what's going on with Tiger Shark to find the angry villain charging towards Kieran and Sophie.
One look from the fallen kittyman to the lumbering freight train putting his friends in danger and Tyler shifts to remove the burn damage from the equation and hauls ass as best he can taking an angle between both villains. When he's close enough feet are planted firmly on the ground, builds power in his hands and sends out the strongest blast he can manage in this heat hoping to derail Shark from colliding with the others. It's the sort of blast that could punch a hole thru a semi. With that though Tyler's ability to maintain form and continue to take shots at the bad guys is dwindling rapidly though he at least made an attempt at keeping his friends from harm. Hopefully this is over with as he's more than likely just going to stand there till he can't hold form any longer.

Somewhere along the line, Sophie has lost her handhold on Kieran's arm. The blind woman whisks her cane about herself, and takes a step to one side before repeating the process, trying to find something to get her bearing with. "Kieran? Where are you?" She speaks in an urgent tone, and sucks in her breath as she hears something large charging through the underbrush. "…Oh!" Sophie raises her free hand and unleashes another neutron blast, accompanied by that ear-rending sound; a blast fired off at a total guess as to where her opponent is, before she dives to the side, quietly praying that she doesn't hit her head on something as she throws herself to the ground.

Taking a deep breath, Kieran's really starting to get low on juice right now thanks to firing off so many strong bursts and isn't able to replenish the energy as fast as he's using it. It's time to end this as quickly as he can. There's a crackle of electricity right before a bolt of electrical energy fires from Kieran's finger tips towards Tiger Shark, 200 megawatts of electrical power streaking towards him.

With Flying Tiger trapped in the fire by Jem. He is down and out. Winners: Jem and Tyler. With Tiger Shark left, with three simultaneous blasts aimed for Tiger Shark. First he is struck by a cosmic energy blast, then neutron blast and then charred by the electricity blast from Kieran. Tiger Shark falls to the ground, smoke rising from his body with burn marks across his face and armor.
Receiving a telepathic message from a staff member. Xorn nods a moment and he presses a button which literally causes Flying Tiger and Tiger Shark to freeze in place. Xorn's voice speaks into the minds of the students, "A momentary pause, my students. Ms. Savalion, your presence is required elsewhere in the Institute." Sending Jem a private message telepathically, Xorn pushes a button that causes metal doors to appear in the middle of the jungle. Jem steps out. Xorn appears in the middle of the rain forest and looks between each of the students, "So."

Standing amongst dead jungle plants Coronus gazes over at the fallen form of Tiger Shark and would be breathing a sigh of relief if he had the capacity to do so. As he stands there feeling the drain of maintaining this form he takes a moment to realize he isn't sure if that blast was overkill or not. Worrying for Kieran and Sophie had shut down the part of his mind that would keep his powers in check and he just gave it his all. Speaking of Sophie he looks for her and sees that she's fallen. With a brief flash of light the starman returns to his human form so that he can go over and help Sophie to her feet.

Sophie shakes her head, and accepts the offered hand from Coronus, once she knows it's there. She pulls herself up to her feet, and checks about herself with her cane. "Thank you," she murmurs. "Who has won? I expect it is Tyler and Jem, si? I… could feel the heat from here. Jem is powerful indeed."

That much power getting used does not come without consequence for Kieran. Right now he's pretty much looking dead on his feet from expending nearly his entire battery of power, without being able to replenish it quickly. "It was Jem and Tyler. I think I need to go lay down. I'm pretty much running on empty." The teen says, even his voice sounding tired as he stands there looking pretty much like he was about to drop. "Damn but that guy kept coming back for more." Time to go rest and recover his battery or he'll be dropping and someone'll have to carry him to his room.

As the students recover, Xorn confirms that "Jem and Tyler won as they were able to capture Flying Tiger first, while it took Tyler's assistance for Sophie and Kieran to take down Tiger Shark. The files have been recorded and will be sent to your squad leaders for review and evaluation." Xorn bows, "Well done all of you. I shall also meet individually with each of you if you would like my evaluation as well."

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