2011-07-05: Danger Room Reminiscing


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Summary: Nigel and Sage talk about their danger room session.

Date: July 5, 2011

Log Title: Danger Room Reminiscing

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It's early evening in the Quad of Xavier's. The sun has gone down and the light of day is quickly fading. Sage sits out in the quad dressed in a pair of jeans with a tan shirt, unbuttoned in the front, with green and white stripes down it. His dreads are tied back at the moment as he plays his ukulele. To anyone familiar with The Mama's and The Papa's he plays California Dreaming.

Nigel has been wandering the mansion again and gotten himself lost. A few turns finds him out in the Quad and he looks around. "Jeez, I need a GPS for this place. Seen office buildings smaller than this." He hears the music and perks up a bit. Walking towards the player but not saying anything, just letting him play.

"Stopped into a church, I passed along the way, well, I got down on my knees, and I pretend to pray…" Sage sings as he plays. His voice isn't anything anyone would call great but the playing of the ukulele is significantly better. He eventually looks up and spots Nigel and smiles at him. "Good evening Mate. I hope you don't mind me playing some music out here." He says in his thick English Accent.

Nigel shakes his head "Not at all man, better than anything I could do. heck I have trouble with Guitar Hero." He smiles and walks a bit closer "So I hope the other night in the danger room didn't freak you out too bad. Wildcard takes… a little getting used to."

Sage gives Nigel a puzzled look. "Guitar Hero?" He's never heard of such a thing. "And that danger room..it wasn't you that freaked me out it was the whole bloody thing." He admits. "I don't understand it. One minute we're in a room then another we're outside, like magic or something. Then there's that bear and the couple and…I felt bad for the bear. Something made it angry."

Nigel shakes his head "Wow man you're some kinda country boy aren't ya? I mean I didn't think not knowing what guitar hero was was possible. As for the Danger room none of it was real.. wasn't a real bear or real people. I'm not entirely sure how it works myself but it's some pretty advanced technology however it works."

"I'm from England, and I don't know about country but I grew up on the family farm there." Sage says sounding a bit uncertain. "What do you mean it wasn't real. It felt real and looked quite real. That doesn't make much sense to me. So it's a room that shows you fake stuff via magics or something and makes you fight a fake bear that attacks people?"

Nigel nods "Heck you shoulda seen my first run through that thing. Was this weird Alien stadium and I was fighting against children versions of the X-men. I mean that was strange even for me." He looks for a place to take a seat "I can't really explain how it works and I've been using computers and stuff my whole life. All I know is it wasn't a real bear, they weren't real people. Course even if it was real Wildcard whacking it over the head wouldn't have really hurt it other than knock it out. For some reason my powers don't work too well on anything that's alive. Not sure why.."

Sage blinks a few times. "You mean they make us fight things in there? Is there any way I can avoid having to go back into that room?" He asks as he folds his legs up to his chest. "I'm not quite sure what a computer is. I've dealt with plants and animals and such my entire life. America is quite different than what I am used to back home."

Nigel nods "Yeah a bit of Culture shock, I've got a bit of that myself.. this whole mutant thing has me a bit freaked. As for going in there it's not always going to be combat, it's a room that lets you learn to use your powers without risking breaking somthing or hurting somone. I mean I don't even know what you can do but I'm sure you could use it in some way other than cracking skulls. As for me.. eh. Wildcard is really only good for front-line fighting or causing a distraction. I don't have full control over him."

"Um, I have hair that moves." Sage explains smiling. "They called it prehensile hair or something. So you and that guy you turn into? Wildcard? You don't have the same personality? You're kind of like a werewolf? You change into something that has a different personality but not full moon or eating people related." It's the best way Sage can think to understand it. "What do you mean mutant?"

Nigel hmmms "Well let me think how best to put this. It's me, but it isn't me. It's like trying to steer a car with one hand on the wheel while somone else is trying to pull it as well. I can influence his actions but I can't fully control it. So I usually point him in the right direction, give the basic idea of what needs to be done and them I'm along for the ride. As for being as mutant that's what we are, we can do things other people can't.. there's alot of baggage that seems to go along with that that I havn't really come to grips with."

"No, we're Dunlalaps. Well not Dunlalaps but people that the Dunlalaps decided to grant super special abilities too. Like Captain Britain and your Captain America." Sage is completely serious as he says this. "I haven't noticed any baggage, just the bags I brought with me when I came here." He shakes his head as his dreadlocks spill out from their position of being tied back. "I can't really control my hair much either. Sometimes I can make it do things but it's not that easy."

Nigel chuckles "Well you call it a Dunlalap, but in the states here they call us Mutants. Some people hate us for being different, some are scared of us cause we can do things they can't. Some want to use us as weapons.. oh the list goes on and on. Let's just say it's not the easiest life." He nods "Well that's what you're here to learn, how to do more with what you have. Me I'm hoping to gain a little more control.. or at least figure out what wildcard's limits are."

"So you call the Dunlalaps here Mutants? I've never seen what ones looks like but they are what grant you super powers." Sage says. "I'm sure everything will work out alright. Life is what you make of it. I'm not sure what I'm hoping to get out of this school but I guess control would be nice. I'd be nice not to punch holes into the walls of my bedroom again. It isn't the most fun thing to do patching up the walls."

Nigel grins "The first time I transformed fully I blew up half the school Gymnasium.. course I also had some idiot pointing a gun at me which is likely what finally triggered the change. Got in a bit of trouble for that, the city really hates it when you unleash artillery on city property."

Sage's eyes grow wide with shock. "You had someone point a gun at you? At a school?!" It doesn't seem right to him. "I've never been to an actual school before coming here but, are there really hooligans like that at the schools here?" He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. "Sometimes I wonder if it would have been easier staying at home. I miss my pig."

Nigel shrugs "You get the occassional idiot, but for the most part folks are alright." He pauses "You have a pig? That is kinda cool. Never had a real pet honestly."

"Cinnamon, he's back home with my sister Violet. I've had her since I was eight. She's the only pet I've had but we have tons of animals around the farm." Sage says as the smile goes back to his face. "Barn cats then we had cows for milk, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits. I always hated killing the animals for food but it was necessary. The farm wasn't much bigger than this place here but we had a lot more buildings and just about as many people living on it."

Nigel nods "Sounds like a good life. I grew up in a small townhouse in the suburbs of a big city. Dad worked nights, mom worked during the day. Was rare to see them both together for more than a few hours. I can't complain though, there was food on the table, clothes on my back. Did what I could to help out around the house when I was needed. Guess we both have some adjusting to do. You're not used to being this close to the city, I'm not used to being this far from one, and neither of us have been away from home before."

"Our house was big enough but I shared a room with my two brothers and my cousins. There are eightee…seventeen people in our house. Well sixteen now if you don't count me." Sage says. "Everyone helps out around the house back home doing chores. And my Mum and Dad were always around. It was rare not to see them for a hours as my family was always doing stuff together. And cities are neat to visit but I wouldn't want to live in one."

Nigel nods "Well each to their own. In the end we're all here for the same thing more or less. Would be pretty boring if we were all the same. When it's all said and done I'm sure you can head home with newfound control and be an asset to your family. While I take a crack at the whole hero thing and try not to make too big a fool of myself."

Sage stands up and brushes off his pants. "Well I like to think I'm already a help to my family but who knows. I think I'm going to head to sleep now Nigel. It was a pleasure talking to you. Have a good night yourself." He says smiling at the other teen before heading off to the dorms.

Nigel nods "Yeah have a good one, I'll see you around here later." He stands and looks around "Now which way back to the rooms..?"

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