Daniel "Danny/Sandstone" Oda Jr.
Daniel Oda Jr.
Portrayed By Takizawa Hideaki
Gender Male
Date of Birth May, 27 1986
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Danny, Sandstone
Place of Birth Roanoke, Virgina
Current Location Brooklyn, NYC
Occupation Manager at Borders Book, Bartender at Otto's Shrunken Head
Known Relatives Daniel Oda Sr. (Father0, Alise Oda (Mother)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Rock form which grants him super strength and endurance, Energy Vampirism
First Appearance ???

Hey Danny! Get me another pint of whatever's on the $2 draft!


Daniel Oda Sr met his wife Alise Mitsura in 1980 while the two were still at Roanoke College in Virginia together. Daniel Oda Sr. was half Japanese as his father was born to Japanese immigrants and his mother was English American, and Alise was born to a second generation Japanese family. Daniel Oda Sr. was originally from New Jersey while his mother's family was California. They decided to get married in 1983 after they finished college and stay in Roanoke, Virginia. So by the time Daniel 'Danny' Oda Jr. was born in 1986 his family was very Americanized. He was called Danny by his parents and family to separate him from his father, and was their only child.

Alise Oda met another woman in lamaz classes, Mrs. Kostad. The two became friends and each found out they were having a son. It was the first child for both of them and they started going baby shopping together and would share books on 'how to raise your first child.' It was a coincidence that both would give birth on May 27th, 1986, and the two boys, Daniel and Naraj, were playmates from birth. Another family would join the Oda's and the Kostad's 'rugrats'. The Macabee's who lived in the neighborhood had a child in August, a baby girl, and the three family's would get together often so the three little ones could play.

When Danny was born though he was a very sickly child, he was always catching some sickness or another, if it was a cold, strep throat, ear infections, bronchitis, ect. Danny had horrible asthma too, and needed to carry his inhaler everywhere. They took him to the doctors to see if he had any sort of medical problem but it was discovered that all he had was a weak immune system. This didn't stop Danny from paling around with his two best friends and neighbors, Neraj Kostad and Riley Macabee. They kind of made for an odd mix, but were as thick as thieves all through elementary and middle school. The three were rarely seen apart. Even when Danny was suffering from one of his colds where he couldn't go outside and play, the two would come over to keep him company, playing SNES, Board Games, or whatever they could. And when Danny was well, they'd constantly be sleeping over each other's houses.

Family life for Danny was great, even though his parents were strict about his homework and grades but that was about it, his family was loving and supportive and his parents loved his two friends, but they wanted Danny to go on and get a good education. He was also raised Christian but his family wasn't the type to go to church every Sunday, but they were moderately religious.

Danny's parents signed him up for Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10 to hopefully help build up his health problems, but he still seemed to get sick often, even having to miss at least one class once a month. Even with missing classes though he did place in a few tournaments over the years, but only actually won two of them between the ages of 10 to 17. He was a good student and got A's and B's in school but that was more for his parent's sake than his, Danny would rather be out playing than doing homework.

Also in an attempt to have a cultured child, they started him on piano lessons when he was 9, and once a week a tutor would come to teach him, which resulted in a number of recital over the years. He liked playing the piano but he got board with the same classical songs over and over. He felt a lot like his parents were dictating his life instead of him doing what he wanted. Mr. And Mrs. Oda had a set idea of how they wanted their son to be in life and tried to mold him in their image. He didn't hate or despise his parents for this, but it one of the reasons he loved hanging out with Naraj and Reily so much is that he felt he could do what he wanted.

A few blocks away from where the three lived was a small patch of woods with years of worn paths and the three knew the area like the back of their hand. They even had a small fort they set up in the woods out of planks of wood they found. It really wasn't anything fancy but it was a special spot for the three. They had three beaten up lawn chairs and a piece of plywood on a stump for a table. The plywood had various drawings and saying from the three written all over it. They would spend hours there playing games, goofing off, pooling money together to go get sodas and candy and just having fun. It was aptly named Fort Pibb after the three's favourite soda , Mr. Pibb. they had had the fort for about 4 years now and it has become so personalized to the three, filled with things they collected and found, even a few garden gnomes they 'rescued'. There was even a tacky pink flamingo and stop sign.

* Somewhere in Space *
It was feasting time for the mighty pink armoured Galactus, and his herald, had found a small unsuspecting planet for the devourer. As the planet was slowly being devoured and destroyed by the World Eater, the planets population decided to try to relay what happened to their race to let other planets know the destruction that was out there. They launched a single pod from their planet. The pod got caught up in power Galactus was using to dine, and became radiated with cosmic powers and sent hurdling through space.

*Back in Fort Pibb*

On August 18, 1998, at the age of 12 when the three where in 7th grade going onto 8th celebrating their summer vacation, the trio were playing some poker in Fort Pibb (no gambling of course) while listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Crandberries, a sudden roaring sound filled the air and the sky was darkened. Looking up they could see something getting larger and larger and it almost looked like some flaming ball of death hurtling towards them. Danny couldn't hear anything the other two were saying, and started to go into an asthma attack from panic. He fumbled to get his inhaler and just barely was able to use it before the three started holding hands and running. He was still having trouble breathing though and had to stop running. Naraj and Reily weren't going to leave their friend alone, so the three stopped and looked back to see whatever it was crashing from space land right on top of their fort before getting knocked backwards and unconscious from the concussive force of it hitting.

It would be almost a day before Danny regained consciousness. He woke in a hospital bed with all sorts of wires and IV's attached to him. He wasn't allowed to see his parents yet, he was in quarantine along with Naraj and Reily. SHIELD had tracked the strange meteor from space and saw it land in the area. SHIELD wanted to make sure that there was no threat, and tested the area and the kids for two weeks. The results: the three kids were fine, it was just a scare, but the rock was radiating cosmic rays. The rock was taken into custody (the pod was far too warped and destroyed for any transmission to ever be received). After SHIELD's investigations they declared the town safe as well. To this day, Daniel 'Danny' Oda's name is on record with SHIELD as being a possible 'sleeper', a child with powers.

With the incident, the Oda's decided to move in with Daniel Sr's parents in New Brunswick, New Jesey. Danny was separated for the first time from Naraj and Reily, but he found out around the same time Naraj's family was moving to New York. Naraj's father had gotten a new job. He hated having to move away from his two best friends and even cried when having to say goodbye. Before they three parted ways though, they bought matching fang necklaces to remember each other by. (Danny still wears his to this day.)

Life in New Jersey was definitely different, first off there were more people than he was ever used to, and secondly, he obviously stuck out because of his southern accent. He tried to get rid of it over the years, but never succeeded and still has it to this day. In Jersey his parents found him a new piano instructor and a new place to take Tae Kwon Do so that he could keep up with his martial arts. He didn't fight it and actually enjoyed it. Having lost his two best friends, for the first year he was in Jersey he buried himself in the two. There was one positive thing though from moving to Jersey, he stopped getting as sick as often, though he still had his asthma to deal with, he barely got sick anymore. Instead of getting sick once or twice a month, it became once or twice a year. (This is an immediate effect the cosmic rays of the pod had on Danny, strengthen his immune system to average instead of below average, his asthma is still a problem though).

Eight grade was tough, he didn't have any friends and kind of kept to himself. He still kept in touch with Naraj and Reily over email and the phone, but it wasn't the same. He became a bit depressed and his grades started to drop a bit, but after a year of school Danny started to make some new friends and find his place in his new school and his grades started to pick up again. He was never really close with his family, he loved his parents and grandparents but he could never confide in them. It was a Parent/Son relationship more than a friend relationship with his parents.

By the time he started High School, Danny, had made a small group of friends, the nerds of the school. They were into Dungeons and Dragons and Video Games and Danny found himself getting into those as well. He never became close like he did with Naraj and Reily, but they were his new friends. He was happy and through out high school he continued with his A's and B's average, Tae Kwon Do, and Piano, branching out to a more aggressive style of playing to match the rock music he enjoyed. All through out high school he took Spanish class and became fairly knowledgeable with the language.
Danny's parents also signed him up for a 4-month course sponsored by the Red Cross on first aid, learning basic first aid and CPR in case of emergencies.

Over the summer though his parents would allow him to spend a week in New York with Naraj and would let Naraj come down for a week in exchange as well. Danny always looked forward to that as Naraj was his best guy friend and he could confide in almost anything with him. He was open with Reily as well, and she was the one he told his biggest secret too first at age 15, that he was gay, it wasn't until a year later that he told Naraj. It's something he's very secretive of and to this day is terrified to telling his parents.

At age 16, Danny got his first job working ticket sales at the local movie theatre. He saved up his money so that when he got his license he was able to go 50/50 on a used car with his parents. Senior year of High School, Danny was accepted to Rutgers to study finance, but he was stressed about it even though some of his friends from high school were going to the same college, it was a part of growing up and Danny wasn't ready for the change in his life. This caused his asthma to act up more often as well. The stress also is what brought about the biggest change in Danny's life.

Shortly about two weeks after graduation, when he was 18, Danny was on his way from his Tae Kwon Do lessons he was crossing the street to get to his car when in the cross walk a car came speeding towards him. Danny froze like a deer in headlights, bracing himself for impact out of instinct. The car crashed into him, and around him, with metal bending and glass shattering results. It felt like it forever when everything happened in less than a minute. Danny looked down to realize that he had this red, sandstone like skin and that he wasn't hurt. The driver was passed out behind the wheel, and Danny made sure he was okay before calling the police and an ambulance from a payphone before leaving the scene. That car accident still remains a mystery to this day since the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and doesn't remember what happened and none was found at the scene of the accident but the driver.

That night, Danny didn't return home, but just kept on driving until he reached one of the rest stops on I-95 and called Naraj telling him what happened. Danny was freaked out and crying on the phone, and he didn't make much sense. Naraj made him calm down before explaining again. He decided to sleep in the car that night, fearing to go home because of what he looked like. Danny slept in the back of his car in the parking lot of rest stop. When he woke up though, he found that he looked normal again.

Danny ended up quitting his job at the movie theatre over the phone and turning off his cell phone. He was too afraid to face his parents and friends outside of Naraj. He ended up picking up his last paycheck and living out of his car eating cheep fast food, especially cheep seven eleven cup of noodles, for the next two weeks. He couldn't control when he changed, when he was stressed or scared he found his body would shift, but he also learned that if he feel asleep while in his 'red sandstone' form he would wake up normal. It took him about two weeks to start to control it, and that's when he decided to turn on his cellphone and call Naraj again, ignoring the 40+ voice mails on the phone from his parents.

When he called Naraj again, his friend was worried since he just disappeared but also Naraj confessed that he had been going through some weird changes as well. So Danny drove up to Naraj's in New York, parked a few blocks down from his house in a commuter parking log and Naraj hid Danny in his room away from both their parents, since the Oda's contacted the Kostad's and the Macabee's to say that Danny was missing.

The two decided to contact Reily and that's when they found out that Reily had been having the same sort of 'problem'. They arranged for Reily to meet them in New York City. Danny, Naraj and Reily were all in the same boat, and Danny reluctantly decided to sell his car so that the three could pool together what money they could. They found they could afford a down payment and first month on a small three bedroom apartment in Queens. He felt bad leaving his family in a lurch and just dropping off the face of the planet from his New Jersey friends like that but he had to come to terms with what he was going through before he could face them again. His parents did figure out he was with Naraj and Reily since the three all disappeared together.

Now with his own apartment, Danny knew that he would need a job so that they could afford the place. A part of him hated not going to college but that was more out of knowing he disappointed his parents and also he was afraid of what was happening to him. He could at least control when he shifted now so he started looking around for a job, and finally got an assistant manager position at Borders, Danny was able to save up enough to afford his share of the apartment, food, and his needed medication. He was also able to put some money aside to start saving.

One thing always nagged at Danny, the guilt of not talking to his parents in two years. It wasn't because he hated or disliked his parents; he still loved them very much, it was because he was afraid. Eventually he worked up the courage to take a train to New Brunswick, NJ and visit them. Naraj and Reily offered to go with him but he knew he had to do it alone. After several asthma attacks he finally arrived on their front door and knocked. He made amends with his parents for running away, confessing the stress of college had gotten to him. He told them he was working full time and lived in an apartment in Queens. His parents were disappointed but happy to see their son was alive and okay and communicating with them. He's still not close with his parents but he keeps in touch visiting on birthdays and Christmas. He still hasn't and doesn't plan on ever telling his parents about his powers or about his sexual orientation, just leaving it that he's never found a girl yet.

Another strange thing started happening around Danny. He found that anything he had with batteries, the batteries would go dead within a week, a long with all the light bulbs in their apartment. Any watch he had would go dead in a matter of days, and cellphones and mp3 players only hold a charge for a few hours around him. He doesn't know why or how but he knows that somehow he disrupts the flow of electricity in things.

He worked at Borders for about three years before working his way up to one of the manager positions. Danny applied for a student loan and also started going to bartending classes. After graduating and getting his bartending license he started working Friday and Saturday nights at Rock n' Roll type bar in Manhattan called Otto's Shrunken Head. He's been working there for almost a year now. He didn't know why, but he loved working there, being around the people, it kind of fueled him in a way, and allowed him to break out of his shell a bit and just have fun and be a bit of a party animal. (Danny doesn't know it but this is because his power of Energy Vampirism and since there are so many people around he almost gets a rush off all the little bits of energy he's absorbing off of everyone, it's not enough energy to harm anyone though).

He still lives with his two best friends and loves them very much, as to him they're closer than siblings, closer than family. He doesn't feel he has to hide anything from Naraj or Reily or wear any masks around the two.

Theme Song

Shinedown - Second Chance


Alter Ego -Danny has the ability to shift into an alternate form that grants him powers outside of his Energy Vampirism. This form is a red like sandstone covering that covers his entire body and more. His exterior and interior are all made of the same sandstone like substance. He has to be conscious for this form to be in effect, if he is rendered unconscious or falls asleep he will revert back. This form doesn't look terribly bulky but it does add significant mass to him. One significant bonus to this form is that Danny's asthma goes away. This alter ego gives Danny two advantages of Super Strength and Body Armour.


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  • "I said it!"


  • Danny is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Danny is a skilled pianist.
  • Danny is severely asthmatic.
  • Danny has a cat named Mr. Cat.
  • Danny used to play Dungeons and Dragons in High School.


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