Dante "Silent Image" Torren
Dante Torren
Portrayed By Vincent Kartheiser
Gender Male
Date of Birth 5/7/1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Silent Image
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location New York City
Occupation n/a
Known Relatives Karen Torren (mother)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Telepathy, Image Genereation
First Appearance ???

Dante Torren - SciFi, Fantasy, Comic book nerd with super-powers! He can make an AT-AT seem real.


Dante Torren was born a mute, after several tests it was discovered that he would never have the ability to speak, his vocal chords were severely damaged through a birth defect. His parents, Sandra Torren and Michael Listori, weren't married when they had Dante, with in a year of his birth Michael decided he wasn't ready to be a father, especially to a handicap boy, and left.
Sandra, being of lower class income had to scrape and save to that her and their son could learn sign language to communicate, and not being able to afford to send him to school for kids with disabilities, he grew up in the public school system. She was lucky on the fact that the apartment they had was inherited from her Mother and was rent controlled. Thus they lived in a decent apartment in Manhattan.
It was hard for Dante was he was a kid, not being able to talk or laugh with the other students and quickly became a loner. He started avoiding people, concentrating on his homework, and involving himself in hobbies that he didn't need other kids for. He also is quite bright, becoming a good student getting mostly A's and B's in his classes. He wasn't the smartest kid in the class but he did well.
Over the years, Dante just got used to things, he knew he wasn't like other kids and accepted it. He had two or three friends that he mainly communicated through writing to them, as he could hear just fine. He was picked on a lot all through out school, and even now in his senior year he still is. Since he can't fight back or say anything, he was the common target of one group of students. He learned to mainly ignore it and just not let it bother him. Dante would absorb himself in video games, comic books, fantasy novels, and such as an escape.

One day at the age of 14 while Dante was home alone, like usual he had his head emerged in a book. While he was reading though, the scenes in the book started to play out in front of him, he didn't even realize he was doing it, his imagination was triggering his power on it's own. It wasn't until twenty minutes later that he thought he heard something or someone at the door and he looked up. He couldn't help but stare at what was on the desk infront of him, the last scene of the book he read, froze in mid scene. He reached out to touch it, and it immediately disappeared. He didn't hear his mother come in, until she called him to help make diner. It was something that played on his mind for the next few days.

Over the next few months Dante would notice that when he would imagine something, or be reading, it would come to life before his eyes, but it never stayed as long as it did that day. It took a while, but eventually he realized that it was he who was doing this. Thrilled he started to learn how to use and control his illusions, enjoying testing his imagination. He never did this out in the open and was lucky no one caught him, for now it was his little secret.

The next six months, Dante had decent control over his power and had grasped control on his own, but then the next part of his mutation was revealed. It was late that night when his mother came home, tired after working at her second job, and being tired and stressed she started to just nitpick, about the dishes not being done, the apartment not being clean, Dante still being awake on a school night, ect. Dante knew not to take it personally, and that his Mother was stressed, but it still bugged him a bit. He started to argue back via sign langue with his mother, and after about twenty seconds of signing, he slowed to a stop. His mother was staring at him with a mix of confusion and fright. He asked her what was wrong, and she asked him how he was talking to her. Dante told her it was sign language and that she must be tired and to go to bed, but her face became even more confused. She kept telling Dante she could hear him, in her head, and it made no sense to either of them. Dante just stared at his mother confused for a long time, but neither said another word and went to bed.

It wasn't until Dante woke up the next morning and it dawned on him. It was like what he read in his sci fi/fantasy novels and comic books growing up, telepathy. He went to talk to his mother that morning, try to explain what happened. She called out of work that day and Dante stayed home from school as he explained that he could generate images and that how he talked in her head must be telepathy. He had to explain a lot to his mother, but by the end of the day they had understood his mutation a bit better. She was not afraid of her son, but happier that he was 'special' and in a way had found a voice. In a way it helped them to communicate more often.

Through out the next few years, Dante learned more control with his powers and how to use them. He never was formally trained, but self-taught. He continued going to Public School in Manhattan, where he is currently a senior in high school. Occasionally he will go out and fight crime when he can, but he still has school work to worry about. He does enjoy having powers and finds is awesome that he has super powers like the guys he reads about in the paper and in his comic books.

Theme Song

Star Wars Theme


Telepathy – Dante can easily talk and read peoples minds, and through independent practice he's learned to do a few things with his powers:
-He can read peoples minds and talk to them via physic link. He can break through some mental protections on people if they are not that strong.
-He can form a psychic link for up to 10 minds, but there is more and more strain after 6 minds and if he maintains the link for more than 30 minutes with more than 6 people he will start to get severe headaches, nose bleeds, and eventually passes out from mental strain.
-He can mind blast people, and depending on their mental resistance, it does different things:
No mental resistance : he will cause people to pass out and get nose bleeds, they will wake up with a hell of a migraine.
Minimal mental resistance: He will cause them sharp mental pain followed a migraine and nose bleed.
Extreme Mental Resistance: He might cause a small headache but not much more.
-He can implant suggestions in peoples minds depending on their resistance, such suggestions include : telling them to fall asleep, walk away from a fight, and other such small actions.
-He can make himself invisible mentally, but to no more than two people at a time.


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  • "I said it!"


  • Dante is a huge Star Wars fan.
  • Dante thinks the B.P.R.D is filled with awesome.
  • Dante has quite the imagination.
  • Dante is mute.


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