2009-05-04: Dark Force Discussions


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Summary: Kenta decides to take Owen under his wing in power training.

Date: May 4, 2009

Log Title Dark Force Discussion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Lunch Break. A nice time between classes where students and teachers alike get a break to eat and rest up before afternoon classes. As he's finished lunch, Owen Folger's outside right now. Out on the quad, the student's laying on the grass. His backpack's serving as a pillow and he's got his eyes closed. There's a news paper resting on his chest, seems he was reading it earlier. He's not asleep, just laying there and enjoying the sun and comfortable weather.

Sometimes teaching music class is a wonderful thing for Kenta other times, he just wants to take the damn kids horn and throw it out the window. Today was one of those days where he doesn't want to hear the sound of a flute again for at least a week. So to relax, Kenta's made his way outside to the Quad and once he's out there he sits down on a bench and lights up a cigarette. "Hey Owen, how's the school been treating you?" He asks before a long inhale spotting the fellow Dark Force user on the ground.

Owen glances up and offers a lazy smile. "Howdy," he greets. "Treatin' me pretty good so far," he replies. "Classes aren' too hard, power trainin' goin' well…" he gestures vaguely. "How you been?"

Kenta nods and smiles. "That's good, that's good. I've been holding up, like usual." Kenta says with a chuckle as he continues to smoke. "Good to hear the power trainingis going well. I remember how hard it was for me to control my dark force."

Owen sits up, stretching. "Controllin' it is hard," he admits. "Still can' control the Bat…and throwin' the stuff doesn' always work quite right but atleast Ah got teleportin' mostly down," he says. "What kinda problems did ya run intah?"

"Well I didn't have the whole teleporting thing or bat thing to worry about but I tended to leak it." Kenta says hoping that it makes sense. "I would just fill up a room with dark force or I remember playing video games, getting pissed off and next thing I know I'd crush the controller with dark force." He says chuckling.

Owen nods. "Ah leak it when Ah get closer tah overloadin'," he chuckles a little. "Ya can crush things with the stuff?" he asks, surpirsed.

"Well it was weird…let's see if I can describe it." Kenta says pondering. "Well…it was like dark force would come out of both hands and compress the controller kind of like two small blasts. Now I can do a lot more and circle something with dark force and cause it to constrict and sometimes that causes somethign to be crushed.

Owen leans closer to listen to this. "Woah. Ah didn' think this DarkForce stuff could do anythin' like that," he says. "Wonder why we can do different stuff if we both got the same DarkForce stuff though…"

"Well sometimes different powers work differently for various people." Kenta explains but don't ask him to give any direct examples at the moment. "There's a lot you can do with Dark Force. I can fly with it, make objects out of dark force, and a bunch of other things."

Owen lets out a little whistle and looks up. "Flyin', eh?" he asks. "What's that like?" he goes on. Stretching, the teen moves to join Kenta on the bench instead of sitting on the ground.

"Flying's awesome." Kenta admits with a smile as he takes another drag off his cigarette. "I'm able to actually form wings made out of dark force but that's not exactly what I was initally able to do. I used to be able to surround myself with dark force or make a disc out of the stuff and use that to fly. Hey, if you ever want to check out some of the stuff I can do, I'll let you know when I'm in teh danger room."

Owen smiles as he looks up. "Ah always wondered what it'd be like tah fly," he murmurs. "Do ya think Ah'll ever be able tah do anythin' like that?" he asks. "Ah'd like that. Thank ya," the sometimes fuzzy teen adds.

"I think you probably could Owen." Kenta says finishing off his cigarette. "What exactly do you know how to do with your powers right now?" Kenta says out of curiosity to see where he might be able to help the teen.

Owen looks up thoughtfully. "Well…Ah can teleport and Ah can let the DarkForce out tah make it really dark," he says. "And Ah can throw the stuff…shoot it. But that doesn' always work right."

"I can't do the teleport thing." Kenta says with a smile as if to prove that powers don't work the same as everyone. "Well how about we work together on that, shooting it so you can make sure it works right?"

Owen smiles, looking up he lets out a little DarkForce and goes fuzzy. "If ya're willin' tah help me, Ah'm willin' tah give it a shot," he says, chuckling quietly at the bad pun.

"I don't know if I'm happy or not that I don't turn fuzzy." Kenta doesn't think he'd look good with fur. "You can even learn how to make armour and sheilds out of dark force. Let me know what night you're free and I'll become your personal teacher okay?"

Owen chuckles. "Ah dunno. Ah used tah hate this fur…a lot. But Ah dunno…so many people have been seein' how Ah look with it…" he pauses he look at his hand. "and tellin' me they like it. Ah've been seein' it…different," he says. "Shields an' armor? That sounds like it'd be useful. Ah'm free tahmorrow night."

"Well as long as you're good with it." Kenta says standing up and stretching, he's not quiet leaving yet. "It's not a bad look, I've just got enough on my plate with the marking and eyes." Kenta says chuckling. "So, yeah, sheilds and armour, very useful and tomorrow night at seven pm, after dinner, meet me in the danger room, in uniform."

Owen nods. He's not quite at the 'liking' the fur stage but atleast he doesn't feel like peeling his skin off whenver he goes fuzzy now. "Sure thin'. Seven PM," he nods. There's a cringe as his uniform is mentioned though.

Kenta nods and then sighs. "I was hoping to have another cigarette but I have to go to teach another class now. I'll see ya tomorrow night Owen!" Kenta says giving a smile and a wink before heading back into the school.

Owen smiles and waves. "Good luck with your class. Ah better get tah mine too," he laughs, jogging to pick up his backpack before heading to the school as well.

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