2009-11-01: Dark Secret


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Summary: Siegfried tells Kalindi about the weight on his shoulders.

Date: November 1, 2009

Log Title Dark Secret

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

This afternoon Siegfried is not at the park to preform, he's here to relax on one of the benches and read. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a jacket to block the slight autumn chill in the air. The blond ex circus preformer seems to be lost in the book he's reading. The cover is visible and it's obvious it's a book on demons. He holds the book in one hand while there's a cup of coffee that he slowly sips on to keep warm.

Kalindi is not at the park to perform, either, but she was originally in Mutant Town for business purposes. She is not a huge fan of doing business here, though, just because of the dangers that it presents. Luckily, she can pass as a mutant pretty easily, and does so by floating on a thin disc made of gold. She stops when she sees Siegfried, though, and she is about to greet him before her eyes widen at the sight of the book. This stuns her for a few moments, but she presses on anyways with a, "Hello."

Siegfried isn't a mutant but he doe have superpowers so he doesn't mind hanging out in the park. He looks up as he's greated and blinks as he's sees Kalindi sitting on a gold, floating, disc. "Greeting Kalindi. How are you doing this afternoon?" He asks in his thick German accent before dog earing a page in the book and closing it.

Kalindi stands up on her disc and lowers herself down to the ground, transforming the disc into a long staff, which she grips with both hands and leans on. "I am doing well. Very well." Her voice still has that strange accent to it, something unfamiliar and demonic in its undertones. "What is it that you are reading today? Is it something that is interesting?"

Siegfried watches Kalindi with interest, never having seen her use her powers. "That is good to hear Kalindi. I am doing vell as vell." He says with a smile before looking at the book cover. "It is a book about demons, I vas reading to learn myself some information. I do not know if it is helpful or not." He says with a shrug. "Vot kind of powers do you have?"

Narrowing her eyes slightly at the book about demons, Kalindi says, "What use is it to have that information? Most people do not need to know such things, I think. It is maybe best to put it out of your mind." She looks at the staff in her hands after Siegfried asks her a question and she tilts her head at him, "Ah, yes, I do not use my powers as easily most other places than here. I am able to control gold."

"That is something I cannot do Kalindi." Siegfried says with a sigh. There is something about demons that will be on Siegfried's mind for a long time. "Control gold, that is a curious power. Are you a mutant?" He asks maybe trying to change the subject a bit.

Defensively, Kalindi says, "Does the answer to that question matter to you very much?" She reaches out her hands and says, "May I see the book you are reading? Are there any pictures in it? That would be something, pictures."

"Not really, I vos just asking." Siegfried says handing over the book. "There are some pictures, mostly drawings. I do not really look for drawings, I look for….information. Learning." He says trying to be careful with his words. The book is just basic information, more biblical than anything else and talking about how demons tend to play tricks with mortals. "Do you have some interest vith demons?"

"Some interest with them? What kind of interest would I have with them? I do not know what you mean," returns Kalindi, perhaps a bit guardedly. She takes the book and flips through it, trying to quickly scan through and see anything that is relevant to her, stopping at the images every once in awhile.

"You told me I should ignore them so I vos curious. I am sorry if I offend you." Siegfried says honestly. "Just, I am trying to find out about one demon in particular. Just…it is long story Kalindi, like you said, probably best to ignore."

"Some information about one in particular?" says Kalindi, glancing some more through the book with a raised eyebrow. "And I am not saying that you should ignore them. Just that you should not explore them too much, either. It attracts the wrong kind of attention is what I am saying." As she is distracted by the book, she is a bit looser with her speech. "What information? I do not think I will know, but it is possible that I could know if I tried to."

Siegfried takes a deep breath and his shoulders sag, almost as if he's defeated. "Ven I vos very young, our circus troupe made deal to become best circus in Germany. I vos little and forced into agreement. This agreement vos made vith demon, Mephisto. Ve got powers but over last years, ve all been dying. There are four left, unless I do not know if one died. Me and Roy and Katrina still alive for now, but he come for us. Ve vere young, didn't know vot ve vere doing, our parents forced us to sign and now Roy and I do not vant to die because of this. I espeically vant to save Roy. I do know about wrong kind of attention."

"Mephisto? Ah, yes, this is attention that /I/ do not want," says Kalindi, "Very dangerous. You already have his attention if you have signed the deal, and if many of you are losing your lives, it is already the wrong kind." She furrows her brow, "I do not know what your parents wanted to give to him." She finishes flipping through the book and closes it, handing it back to Siegfried, and takes hold of the staff again with her hands. "Selling and buying from him, it is not a move for the wise."

"I do not think they knew vot they vere doing. I remember that night though." Siegfried says. "I vos eight years old, there vos a storm, and the storm stopped and a man showed up and offer deal. I do not believe my family, all of Vundervull Vunders, knew vot kind of deal ve made. Ve all got super powers to help vith show. There vos some trickery and us children vere not part of discussion in agreeing to the deal. Vhen your father puts the pen in your hand, and pushes you to sign paper, I vos child and listen to my parents."

Kalindi nods and says, "My parents were fools, but not in the same way that yours were." In a very similar way, though, but Kalindi is actually pretty content in her life. "I understand what you are saying, though. I wonder what it is that you signed away. I wonder if it is something worth buying." She tilts her head back and forth and then shrugs. "What is your power?"

"I believe ve signed away or lives or souls or something. He said something about owning us." Siegfried says shaking his head. "He gave us powers in exchange for owning us, ve thought it ment owning Vundervoll Vunders, ve were vong." Siegfried says with a sigh. "As for my power, I have a sort of sense were I can tell danger is coming, I can balance anything or on anything, hit any target and am very agile."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "Well, that is dreadful for you. If your deaths are being arranged, though, I would guess that he owns your souls. And the power, it is interesting, but I do not know if you think it is worth it, but I would guess not." She taps the staff against the ground a few times more and notes, "What are you doing about it?"

"Roy and I, ve don't know much about the deal or demons, ve vere so young." Siegfried says with that defeated tone again. He doesn't like to sound so defeated or be so down but he's a bit afraid. "Ve talked to a priest and I am trying to read, to see if deals are mentioned. How to get out of deals, some how. I just am not that sure. Trying to educate to see vot ve can do. I vould try to find this Mephisto and offer deal to save Roy and Katrina but I do not think either vould be happy vith that."

Kalindi says with a tilted head, "He has your souls. I do not know what kind of offer you could make to him that would make him consider giving up that of the others." She gestures to the book and says, "I hope that you are able to figure something out using that, but I do not know if you will be able to."

Siegfried nods reluctantly. "I figured it vos something like that. I vish there vos a vay to challenge or trick him into gaining back our souls." Siegfried stands up and shrugs. "I do not know Kalindi but than you for listening. I vas good to tell someone about this who beleves you. I must be going now, you take care. I hope to run into you again."

Kalindi nods at Siegfried and she stretches the staff out into a disc once again. "It was nice to speak to you, as well. I believe you, more than you know. Maybe the next time we meet I will be able to offer you some advice or assistance." She steps onto the disc and then sits down, "Be careful, be smart and be alert to any tricks. This will keep you well so that a next meeting can happen."

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