2009-02-27: Dark Times


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie discuss the war going on.

Date: February 27, 2009

Log Title Dark Times

Rating: G

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

Since classes are on hold and Eddie's Danger Room session is over, he's come home before it's his turn on Guard Duty. He'd been looking for Ricky but since he was out with Jeri making a Grocery run, the scarred teen is flopped on the cough alone. Well, alone save for Nova. The puppy's got his head on Eddie's leg, the teen idly petting his pet while staring up at the ceiling. He's in jeans and a 'Champions' t-shirt but looks rather 'down' and depressed right now. The TV's on but he's not paying attention to it.

Eddie isn't as alone as he thinks as Christopher comes in through the back door and passes into the living room on the way to the bedroom wearing just a towel. He was realxing a bit in the hot tub. Christopher and Jeri talked about not leaving Eddie or Ricky alone considering the circumstances though they're probably not going to tell the teen that. "Hey Eddie, sorry I didn't hear you come home I was out back. I'm surprised I didn't hear Nova barking." Wow that puppys getting big fast but he's still in that cute puppy stage.

Eddie jumps slightly and glances over but for once doesn't blush. He forces a smile then shrugs. "Hi, Dad. Nova was asleep till I turned on the TV. Then he came over here with me," he explains with a shrug.

Christopher smiles at Eddie. "I'll be right back honey." He says going into the bed room and putting on a pair of jammy type pants before coming back out while putting a shirt on. "I'm so happy you're home safely kiddo." He says as he sits by Eddie and ruffles his hair. "So how goes?"

Eddie lets out a faint little squeak when ruffled, leaning against Chris. "I wasn't in too much danger in the city…" he trails off. "New York's my turf. Not even crazy ferals can get me if I really put my mind to it in there…" he trails off again. The teen sighs and closes his eyes. "Not good."

"Yes but you're my son and I know you'd have probably been fine but as a parent I worry. I lost one person I care about I don't want to lose another." Christopher says bringing Eddie into a tight hug and giving him a kiss on the top of his head. "Let me be a parent and worry 'bout ya okay?" Christopher says with a smile. "When people worry it means they care. So…what's not so good about it?"

Eddie stays quiet through several commercials on the TV and Nova getting up and resettling against Eddie. "Nothing's been going good…this whole invasion thing…Pallaton the other day…"

Christopher nods and sighs. "Well we have to be strong Eddie, and stick together. Nothings bright and cheery when we're at war but you have to find little things to keep your spirits up. Like an underwear dance." Christopher says smiling at Eddie. "I don't think the fact that Scott cancelled classes helps since it just cements the fact that we're heading towards dark times."

Eddie scowls. "Kinda hard to stick together when one of my friends refuses to listen to me and wants to go off and get himself killed by smacking his blockhead into a barrier Ms. Pryde has trouble getting through," he grumbles. The reminder of the underwear dance has Eddie blushing again but he doesn't comment on it. "Well…having classes canceled keeps the X-men and more advanced students free incase the school needs defending…"

Christopher squeeze Eddie's shoulder lightly, grateful to get a blush out of him. "I'm sorry to hear that but sometimes, people can just be stubborn." Christopher says giving Eddie a look with a faint smile. "I can try to talk to Pallaton if you like, see what's going on, maybe try to explain why he shouldn't go running off."

Eddie shakes his head. "He ran off to hide in the school's backyard somewhere. Besides…he won't listen," he sighs. "Just goes on and on about how he has to protect people and how it's something he has to do while not paying attention to the fact that there's a nigh-impenatrable barrier in the way and that if he goes smacking against it, he's just gonna got zapped by something he can't beat," he sighs. "And going inside isn't a good idea either. There were a bunch of super strong people in there and ferals. And judging by how they were acting…something was controlling the ferals into a coordinated group…"

As Eddie says ning-impenatrable barrier, Christopher just grabs him into another tight hug and kisses him on the top of the head. "Well I'm glad your here with Jeri and I, you and Ricky both. We weren't just worried about you but him as well. And when you're younger you think you're immortal, can't be hurt by anything but you can. Maybe since I'm a teacher he'll listen, I'll try, see if it does anything, if not." Christopher just shakes his head.

Eddie squeaks when grabbed so tightly, slipping a arm around his adopted father. "I know I'm not invincible, Dai does too," he mutters with a pout. "Hopefully…" he trails off, squeezing a bit.

Christopher nods. "I think he does. He's got a good head on his shoulders, though the two of you attract trouble like NOONE I've ever met before. That's part of the reason Jeri and I were probably worried about you. You might want to keep an eye on Dai too just to make sure your track records don't hold."

Eddie pouts. "Hey, we may attract trouble but we always get outta it," he says, looking up at the photokinetic. "We beat Scorpion, and Deliliah, and those crab-losers," he protests.

"That you do but like I said, let me be you father and worry about you." Christopher says smiling as he taps Eddie's nose. "I'd say just be careful but I know you are. Pretty much we're at war with another dimension, these people, from what I understand, may look like us but they aren't. Just, let your father and I know where you are at all times at the very least, okay?"

Eddie jumps when his nose is tapped and then looks down. "I'm hanging around here till I go on guard duty up at the mansion. Might be going on the next mission…" he trails off, looking back up at Chris. "Least I hope Mr. Summers lets me come along…"

Christopher raises his eyebrows. "Well it just isn't up to Mr. Summers, it's also up to Jeri and I. We'll talk about it before hand okay?" Christopher didn't say no but he doesn't like the idea of Scott just letting his son go on missions like that. Scott isn't Eddie's parent. He might have to have a talk with Scott.

Eddie frowns. "Dad," he says, leaning away slightly. "If I'm gonna be an X-man one day, I can't have to be coming to ask permission to go out and save the day every single time something happens," he says, sighing. "Besides, I'm not helpless. I have weapons, I have the Glider, and I know how to hide when I need to. And there's an alternate me with the invaders…if he's got powers like mine, they'll need me to counter him…"

"Yes, when you're eighteen you don't have to ask permission." Christopher says as he knows it's a little over a year away. "And yes, we'll get to that bridge when we get their but for now, don't go running off with the X-Men unless you talk to Jeri and I first, I know you're in a grumpy mood already and I don't mean to put you in a worse mood but we are your parents and we have to look out for you. I'm going to go and start cooking up some dinner for when Jeri and Ricky come home you can stay out here or come in and help me, though I wouldn't mind the help." Christopher says with a smile.

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