2012-03-08: Darkness For Dinner


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Summary: Kalindi and Sophie have their dinner date with Dracula and Son.

Date: March 7, 2012

Log Title: Darkness For Dinner

Rating: PG-13

Romania - Tower - Eighth Floor

The walls, floor and ceiling are shades of black in this dark foyer. Along the walls are large portraits of various men and woman with sharp features, pale skin, dark hair and red eyes. Elegant tables rest against the walls with black candelabras which have matching black tapered candles along with vases of red and black roses. The carpet is soft with an intricate red design. In one corner of the foyer is a large complex looking sigil glowing bright blue. Several doors lead off the foyer, all closed except for the middle door which is wide open showing a large dining room.

A long black lacquered tabled stretches across the dining hall with enough chairs to seat twenty people. Matching black chairs line the table up and down. Silver dishes and goblets sit in front of each seat with enough silverware to have what seems like endless courses. Food from all different countries sits up and down the table, making it look overstuffed. Everything is extremely succulent and cooked beyond the most accomplished chefs standards. Windows line the walls on either side of the table, long windows with black pains decorating them, that let the moon shine into the room. A large black iron chandler with black tapered candles hangs in the middle of the room giving flickering light against all the black. On the far wall is a large portrait, a least ten feet tall, of what looks like Count Dracula, that sits above a black fire place.

The time has come for Igor to call upon Sophie and Kalindi to meet the master of the tower for dinner. After teleporting to another area of the place he escorts them, one in each arm, into a large dinning hall. The long table is covered in various kinds of flowers hiding almost every inch of the surface except for the far end where four places are set for dining. One at the end, two on one side and one on the other. "The Mathster will be here thoon." He says with a bow before leaving the two girls along in the room as the doors close behind him.

Sophie clings gingerly to Igor's arm, and sweeps her cane urgently in front of herself with her other hand, as if terrified that Igor will lead her into a wall. Fortunately, he does not, and the blind girl finds herself in the great expanse of the dining hall. The light from the chandelier illuminates the white silk gown she wears, and shimmers off the gold chasing and jewelry that goes with it, as with the matching blindfold wound over her eyes. Once Igor takes his leave, Sophie stands where she is, and sweeps the cane in a circle around herself. Finding nothing, she stands perfectly still, and forces herself to swallow. "Kalindi," she calls out. "Are you close by?"

"I am here," says Kalindi to Sophie's call, dressed in a black gown of her own, with some gold piping, favouring those colours a fair bit, as well as some tasteful jewellery. She moves to take Sophie by the arm, "Do not worry." Her dark eyes sweep across the space passively, and she keeps a neutral expression, likely so not to give anything away.

Time seems to pass by, to the point where one might question of this Master is ever going to show up. Finally heated voices can be heard muffled through the door, not enough to hear what is being said but enough to know they're there. After a bit, the doors open and in sweeps a tall man with dark, slicked back hair, showing a prominent widows peak. The dark suit he wears has accents of red and the white shirt underneath the jacket is quite ruffly. The smaller man walking next to him differs quite a bit, long messy dark hair, a t-shirt with showing a hand giving the middle finger on the chest and a pair of black jeans is his clothing of choice. As the taller gentleman approaches the two girls, he bows. "Thank you for joining me for dinner, I'm a Count Dracula and this is my son, Damien." The son just glares at his father and doesn't say anything, arms crossed over his chest in frustration. After a few tense moments, Dracula clears his throat and speaks through clenched teeth. "My son Geoffrey." And with

And with that Geoffrey waves a hand at the two girls. "Sup."

Sophie clings to Kalindi's arm much more readily than she did to Igor's, as she stands with the other girl, waiting to find out what is going to be coming. She tilts her head at the sound of the voices, and turns to face the door; she lets go of Kalindi for the moment, but doesn't otherwise move from her spot. She licks her lips nervously as the door opens, and clenches her hands tight around the top of her cane. …And then, there are introductions; Sophie's face shifts to a paler shade, more closely matching her dress than it did a moment earlier. "I…" She trails off, and for a moment, she looks particularly light headed; but the condition quickly passes. "Sophie DeCosta, my Lord," She murmurs. As she introduces herself, she manages a courtsy with her left hand on her skirt.

Kalindi curtsies once the men have arrived, making sure to be properly polite and use what she knows about such social situations. Her motions suggest that she is rather at home surrounded by such finery, but she does not give her full name in her introduction, likely a byproduct of knowing some sorcery herself, "I am Kalindi. You may call me Kali if you would prefer. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Count Dracula, Geoffrey." Her expression somehow remains neutral through the smile that she offers, and when the time comes, she helps to guide Sophie to an appropriate sitting place, sitting down herself.

"Yes, I know who you both are. A pleasure to meet you both." Dracula says as he walks over and sits at the head of the table. Geoffrey on the other hand, goes to take Sophie's arm in his and walk her to a seat, pulling it out for her, and once she sits, he does the same for Kalindi only to find she's taken a seat herself. There's a bit of a grin as the Geoffrey goes over and plops himself down in the chair across from the two girls. With a 'thud' 'thud' sound, he plops both feet on the table and puts his arms in back of his head. Dracula ignores his son's antics and speaks to the two girls. "I trust your stay here so far has been comfortable?"

Sophie apparently can't get enough help to a seat, as both Geoffrey and Kalindi are on the job. She finds herself swiftly seated, and carefully collapses her cane into itself, before tucking neatly under her leg, where she'll be able to keep track of it. While Geoffrey is busy putting his feet up on the table, Sophie pats her hands over the space in front of her, taking note of what cuttlery and such there is and where it can be found. At last, she bobs her head towards the count. "We have been well looked after, si," she replies, in the most neutral tone of voice she can manage. "Though, I must admit to a great deal of curiosity. I am sure it is not hard to imagine what questions might be dancing about in my mind?"

"Yes, it has been quite comfortable. More than comfortable, luxurious. And your sorcery it is, eh, quite impressive, yes? Though that has made me think… I know very well that there are not many things that are free in life, and those things that are free are usually not so nice," says Kalindi in response to the the question, tilting her head slightly and looking between the two men curiously and adjusting her skirts slightly. "I am curious why it is that we are here."

"You are my guests here and while you are my guests, I choose to be hospitable." Dracula says as he likes to put on as presentable facade as possible. "And that question shall be answered. My son has seen to it to remain a bachelor, it is not acceptable to avoid tradition for so long. My tolerance has grown thin and the seven of you have been brought here for Geoffrey to choose himself a bride." He obviously doesn't care about the girls feelings in all this and his son looks far from happy. "So Sophie, what questions are milling about in your mind?"

Sophie shows little reaction to the explaination that issues forth from the lips of her host. "An answer I had suspected," she murmurs, "From the moment you entered with your son, My Lord. And that certainly does answer the most prominent among my questions." She tilts her head, and gazes in the count's general direction. "But you have torn us all away from the ones we already love and care for. Does it not seem likely that we should wish to return to our homes?" She pauses, and a light blush creeps over her features. "But another question, that surfaces; of all the girls in the world, why the seven of us, in particular?"

To Sophie's last question, Kalindi nods in agreement with the question issued, looking down to evaluate what's in front of her and then back up to Count Dracula, and then to Geoffrey. "I do not mean to be rude in asking a further question, but… given the choice of seven, only one might be chosen. What is to become of the remaining six?"

Geoffrey takes his feet off the table and looks at his Dad. "When are we going to eat." He says before looking at the girls. "And no, not blood." He says rolling his eyes before his father closes his eyes for a second and snaps his fingers. Elegant looking bowls filled with a fragrant tomato and curry soup appear in front of each of the four. "Anyway, why you seven. As explained to Rashmi and Jill, after deciding which city to look, you seven were found to be the best in New York City. Simple as that." He says before looking to Sophie. "Oh I know you have loved ones back home, but there's always a loved one back home." There's almost a sarcasm to his voice. "As for what is to become of the remaining if you're not chosen, ask Jill."

Sophie detects the soup, if only because her hand happened to be lingering on the table and the bowl materialized in contact with her fingers. She feels about over the cuttlery, until she locates a soup spoon; and then, after probing it into the bowl, she leans forwards and has a taste. "Would it perhaps have been simpler, My Lord," she murmurs, "To send Geoffrey to New York? There are plenty of unattached girls of quality there, I am certain." She has another spoonful, before bobbing her head. "I di not wish to convey ingratitude for your hospitality, of course. Your home is quite magnificent, insofar as it has been described to me."

Kalindi looks a bit disturbed by being directed to ask Jill, frowning slightly for a few moments. "Ah, yes, I will then." She considers for a few moments and then looks down to the soup, picking up the soup spoon and then noting to Geoffrey, taking a lighter tone, "I would have hoped not blood, I do not have a taste for such things!" She tilts her head and says, "I have been rather curious about what makes us the 'best'. The other girls here, they are all mutants, except for me."

Dracula looks at Geoffrey and frowns. "Do you think, that if my Son was capable of finding himself a bride he would have picked one out by now." He says sounding irritated. "Why do you ask Kalindi? Do you not believe you're one of the best? What do you think makes you anything other than that? It's not being a mutant that has anything to do with it, it's having power."

Sophie merely arches a brow at the answer she is given, but does not pass comment on it. She blows across the top of the next spoonfull of soup, and takes the time to enjoy the flavor before swallowing. "Geoffrey," she murmurs after a lengthy silence. "What are your thoughts?" She tilts her head to face in the young man's general direction, though she actually ends up staring sightlessly in almost the right direction as she waits for him to speak.

Kalindi laughs pleasantly when Dracula asks if she thinks she's not one of the best and she says, "Ah, no. I think that I am quite impressive, among the best for certain. But I ask because we might, hmm, agree that bananas are the best fruit. But I might say it is for colour and texture and you might say… the taste." She pauses for a moment and says, "This is an analogy. I do not actually like bananas best." She glances towards Sophie and considers for a few moments. "I was just looking for trends."

The soup in front of Dracula is largely ignored, he only takes a few sips just to be polite. "It doesn't matter, does it? Women are not as easy to flatter nowadays." He mutters not even bothering to explain his choices. Instead he looks at his son to answer Sophie's question. "What does it matter what I think. You're blind so you'll never be able to see how stylishly handsome I am, and her." He says nodding to indicate Kalindi, "Well, at least she's pretty." He busies himself with dunking a piece of bread into the soup and eating it that wall. "This whole thing is…" He cuts his sentence short at a look from his father and waves his hand. "Fine, dandy, whatever." He says to placate the most powerful Vampire in the world. "Anyway." Says Dracula. "You know we can fix the injury caused to Sophie's vision."

Sophie pauses, about to sip form the soup spoon, which instead she lowers carefully back down to the bowl as she sits up straight. "Women might well be more difficult to flatter," is her tart observation, "But I assure you, we remain just as easy to insult." She lets go of the spoon, and lifts a corner of her napkin to dab at her lips. "Blindness does not mean I am helpless, or oblivious. It simply means I must do some things differently. I do not consider myself crippled, or disabled; and I could 'see' your face, Geoffrey, in a fashion." She holds up her hand, with her fingers splayed apart to illustrate her point. The blind girl lowers her hand, and plucks the spoon from her bowl once more. "…I do not ask you for that, my Lord," she murmurs, adopting a demure tone once more, before resuming her enjoyment of the course before her.

Kalindi smiles easily at Dracula and says, "Do not take my line of thoughts to mean that I am unflattered. To gain such attention from someone so powerful, it is, eh, a high compliment at all." She pauses a moment and then glances between Geoffrey and Dracula for a moment and then says, "Though I would have appreciated if you had asked for my presence here rather than send your skeletons… I would have come with an invitation." She takes some of her soup, keeping her manners all the while. When Geoffrey calls her pretty, she offers him a polite smile to acknowledge the compliment.

"Can those fingers see the colour of my eyes, or the colour of my hair?" Geoffrey asks Sophie with a bit of a smug tone to his voice as he continues to eat. Though after the younger vampire speaks there's the loud noise of Dracula's hand slamming against the table. "Geoffrey, stop insulting our guests." He says to him firmly which gets a scowl from the son. "So, before the second course arrives, please tell me a bit about yourselves." He says trying to sound pleasant enough.

"No," Sophie replies softly, once the elder Vampire has finished expressing his ire to his son. "No, Geoffrey, they cannot. They can feel the smooth quality of your skin; they can touch the countours of your face, the line of your jaw, the nature of your hair; they can sense the warmth of your body. All of these, qualities that mere sight cannot partake of." She pauses, and takes a moment to finish her soup, before dabbing at her lips politely with the napkin once more. "What would you like to know, my Lord?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly, as she tilts her head to face in the host's direction. "I have been working diligently with my studies, to achieve top honors; I speak Spanish, English, French, and Latin, and I quite enjoy music and mathematics." She pauses, and her lips quirk upwards at the corners. "I have been learning to fense; epee is my favorite style, though I find sabre to be the easiest."

Kalindi considers the question for a few moments and says, "For work, I buy and I sell, usually magical artifacts. Some people will sell them without knowing the value, and it can bring in a great deal of resources. I help many people to achieve their dreams with my business… I have been training in martial arts with a very good teacher, and learning a little spellcraft. I would like to someday be sorceress supreme, and I work hard, but this is a very big goal to try and achieve. I am very curious what things about me you had already known. The foods in my room, they are all vegetarian, which was a surprise to me… it shows that you know us a little bit already."

There's a laugh of amusement out of Geoffrey as Sophie speaks. "Warmth of my body…" He rolls his eyes as he leans back. Dracula on the other hand tightens his jaw and claps his hands so that the first course vanishes to be replaced by a salad in a glass sort of cup. Balsalmic vingarette lightly covers the greens, candied pecans and pears with a slice of fresh mozzarella on top. "I see Kalindi. Well, if Geoffrey wishes, and you agree, to become part of this family there is much I can teach you in regards to spellcraft. Under my tutelage, you could find yourself a sorceress supreme." Then his eyes glance over at Sophie and he grins. "Oh, we'd like to know anything you wish to tell. And I know you believe you're fine without you vision but wouldn't you love to know what your boyfriend looks like. How his face glows when he smiles at you, the emotion in his eyes? Or even to learn what your friends look like, including the lovely girl next to you." He says before spearing a pear on his knife. "Which bring

"Which brings me to this question, why did the two of you choose to accompany me together instead of by yourselves like Ms. Jill and Ms. Rashmi did?"

Sophie perks an eyebrow when Dracula mentions to Kalindi the notion that her agreement to marriage is to be considered, but does not comment on the revelation. Instead, she feels in front of her, finding that there is another meal on the table. The blind girl bows her head, and murmurs something softly, before feeling for a knife and fork. She pokes at the contents of her plate, taking the time to arrange things so she'll know what is where. "Perhaps," she murmurs at last, tilting her head towards Dracula. "But as I have said my Lord, I am merely blind, not crippled. I could see, once, and I know what people look like. I have already formed an image in my mind for Hosea, from the shape of his face, the sound of his voice, and what he has told me of himself, and I know that he is powerful, and handsome. Would seeing him, or anything else, change this for the better?" She pauses, and cants her head to one side. "Or perhaps I should simply ask who is more blind — the one who cannot see, or the one who chooses not to look?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly, before sampling some of the greens. "I do not know wha I wish to become," she murmurs after swallowing. "I have not yet chosen. But I know I would like to further my powers; I wish I could heal everyone who was sick, or hurt. …And, my Lord, we came together at my request. I…" She pauses, and her cheeks color lightly, "I was afraid to come alone."

Nodding once, Kalindi adds to Sophie's statement, "I would have been fine to come alone, but when Sophie asked, I agreed to come at the same time as her, to keep her from discomfort. It does not harm anyone to do so." She considers the mention of teaching spellcraft, and then nods once, "I admit, I had thought of that, I have been observing the magic that you command and it is very impressive. It seems to be worked into everything here."

"Out of the five other girls though, why Kalindi?" Dracula asks curiously almost in a tone that says he's making casual conversation, almost, but the hint that there's more than just a simple question is present in his voice. Geoffrey then raises an eyebrow at Sophie. "I'd say the blind one who can't see. Especially since you say you want to work on becoming better with your powers. I think being able to see the injury on someone would greatly assist in being able to heal them, unless you just want to stick your finger in the cut to see how deep it goes. You know, go by feel. Not that I'm trying to convince you of anything, really, I could careless." And he's telling the truth there. "Yes Kalindi." Dracula says trying to ignore his son's manners. "It is worked into almost everything, yes. I'm sure that you would agree that magic just makes things more convenient."

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards. "Then you have proven how little you make use of your sight," is the beginning of her rebuke. "You are wrong. That you experience the world a certain way does not lessen or invalidate who I experience it." She pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "My powers do not require my sight. It is my power to heal, as a mutant; I urge my patient's body to heal itself. I can already do in seconds or minutes what modern medical science needs days or weeks to do, if it can do it at all." The blind girl turns her attention to the more senior vampire, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Kalindi has been gentle and generous towards me," she murmurs, "And I appreciate her company. And besides, I would like to try to soothe the disagreement between her and my boyfriend." The blind girl falls silent, as she eats one of the pieces of pear from her plate. "Geoffrey," she murmurs at last, "As you insist on seeing nothing in me but damaged goods, I am compelled to show you otherwise. After dinner, I would challenge you to a duel."

"Yes, magic is very convenient, it has made everything quite easy to deal with," agrees the young sorceress. Then something else catches her ear. "Disagreement?" says Kalindi, gaze turning towards Sophie mildly, "He tried to kill me. I am very much disagreeing with his thoughts on whether I should live, yes, but I would not call it a mere disagreement." She waves her hand lightly and shakes her head. Her eyebrows raise slightly in surprise when Sophie challenges Geoffrey to a duel and she says, as diplomatically as possible, "That is… an interesting thing to challenge. Are you sure you want to issue this kind of challenge, Sophie?"

Dracula looks at Sophie and shakes his head. "Sophie, my dear, it'd be wise to think about what you just challenged. My son Geoffrey is a Vampire, and while he may be young by my standards, he's over twice your age and is my son so his abilities aren't muted like some of these lesser beings calling themselves vampires nowadays." He says sounding exasperated. "I will remind you that if Geoffrey accepts, he will get to chose the weapon of choice. I will of course be his second as well." A duel is something Dracual doesn't take lighly and he will abide by the rules of etiquette to the tee. "Though in all honesty I do not wish this dinner to be spoiled with my Son and one of my guests bickering over some trite idea." He says. "Though if you wish to rescind your challenge I do have another option."

Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards. "I am not proposing a duel to the death," she points out. "It is my understanding of the Code Duello that duels are fought until first blood; or if not, then until one party is too heavily wounded to continue, or the attending physician calls for a halt. I am aware of what it is I am challenging, my Lord. I am an educated woman and I am no fool. I am also quite aware that you have rescinded my powers, and further that I would have to abide by your son's choice of weapon." The blind girl pauses, poking at her food as she forms her next words. "It is, however, not my desire to do this. It is in fact the last thing that I want, especially after your hospitality and good manner and I agree that the issue is trite." She nods slowly, and sets her cuttlery down before clasping her hands over her lap. "If you have another option, my Lord, I would be all to grateful to hear it."

Kalindi headshakes at Sophie and then says, "I would suggest that you rescind your challenge… It is best for all of us if you do, yes?" She shrugs lightly and then glances towards Dracula, back to Sophie, "Perhaps the duel is to first blood, but if he chooses, ahh, something more deadly as his weapon… well. Then you are finished. There are weapons he could use, and you simply cannot, such as magic itself. I would like to prevent you from coming to harm, yes?"

"When it comes to a duel it all depends on the agreed upon terms before the duel. Anyway, it doesn't matter because I will not let Geoffrey accept since I do not wish to have you seriously injured. So, no rescind is necessary." Dracula says as a waste of all that blood would be a shame. "Oh I'm not going to let you hear what I have to say, I'll..show you." Dracula says and the grin can be heard in his voice. "After all actions do speak louder than words." Geoffrey looks out towards a window like he's bored with the whole thing. "There's so much more to living than constantly proving how awesome you are, oh wait, there isn't." He says with a laugh.

Sophie bobs her head once, and breathes a soft sigh. "Then I am relieved, my Lord," she murmurs. "Truely, I had hoped it would not be accepted; I did not wish to fight, but only to demonstate that I am not so entirely helpless as many seem to think that I am." She falls silent, then, and calmly waits while Dracula goes about doing… whatever it is that he is doing. Her lips press together, and the way she sits up straighter in anticipation suggests she might have some idea of what is going on, but she seems unwilling to speculate, at least out loud.

Kalindi takes a drink lightly, observing the happenings passively for the moment, not having been addressed, yet curious about whatever it is that Dracula has to show.

"Who ever used the word helpless?" Geoffrey says. "I was more saying things would be easier and more convenient, but anyway…" He shrugs and looks over at Kali. "Sorry this whole thing sucks." He says to her knowing that there was no other way this would turn out but horrible. Dracula then clears his throat. "Now that that little ordeal is out of the way, let's begin the main course. Just say what you'd like to eat and it shall be served. In response Geoffrey instantly says mac and cheese, from a box. "So Kalindi, what sort of magic would you like to study? There are so many branches of it."

Sophie sighs softly, and bobs her head once. "I appologize sincerely, if I misinterpreted your words, Geoffrey," The blind girl murmurs. "My hearing is very keen; I am used to people muttering about how they pity me, when they think I cannot hear them. I do not want pity; there is nothing to pity. I felt as though you viewed me in the same manner, but I hope I was mistaken." She pauses, and settles back in her seat a little. "Gambas Ajillo, please," she murmurs, then pauses. "Err, no, perhaps not. Uhm, Gambas a la Gabardina, please." And then what would appear would be battered prawns, served with rice and vegetables and such.

Kalindi gives Geoffrey a small apologetic smile in return, to indicate that she also thinks the whole thing sucks and that she's sorry it's happening, and says, "Fried tofu, ahh, with peanut sauce." She considers that for a moment and then nods once before answering Dracula, "I have been focusing mostly on using magic to enhance the abilities that I already have. Becomes faster, stronger, tougher. These kinds of things, ahh, enhancements, yes? It is interesting. I am not sure if it is a safer thing or a more dangerous thing."

Dracula doesn't order anything for himself and stands up. "I'm sorry I must cut this short but I have a few things to tend to this evening." He says being purposefully vague. "Geoffrey I'm going to need your help." He says and his son scowls. "Mac and cheese Dad." He protests and at the look his father gives him, Geoffrey sighs and stands up, giving a bow. "It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I hope to get to know you better in the future." His tone is polite enough but it's almost obvious he's being forced to say. "Wait out in the hall Geoffrey, I just need to say my good evenings."
Once Geoffrey is gone, Dracula snaps his fingers and a large book appears in his hands. "Kalindi this gift is for you, it's just a taste of what is available if you choose to join our family." It's a book filled with spells all on various sorts of physical enhancements that is left in her care to study from. "And Sophie.." He says snapping his fingers and he places an ornate silver mirror in her hands. Then he m

Then he mutters a few words and there will be a tingling sensation across Sophie's eyes and face, mainly where her scars are, as she starts to regenerate her old injuries and she'd find she is able to see again. "It's a temporary spell, it will last for two days, but again, it's just to show you what you could have here. As for the mirror, if you choose you can say the name of your boyfriend and see his face. After two days though, the chance is lost to you." Dracula says before giving a bow. "Enjoy the rest of your dinner, when you are ready to go back upstairs, Igor will escort you." He says before leaving the two alone in the large dinning hall.

Sophie sits very still, at first; mirror in hand, she works her jaw briefly, searching for words and finding none. The blind girl… or perhaps, formerly blind girl, very slowly reaches up to her face. It's still a good few moments before she gets around to touching the blindfold, and several more before she pulls it off to reveal pristine skin and shining, deep blue eyes. She lets the cloth drop to the floor beside her, as she stares out across the table. She remains entirely speechless; only a surprised gasp escapes her lips, before hse hugs the mirror closely to her chest. She blinks rapidly, but ultimately proves quite unable to hold back, as tears trickle down her cheeks and glisten under the light from the chandeliers.

Kalindi seems surprised by the book, nodding acknowledgement to Dracula as he leaves, then peering down at it to open it and examine the contents. She purses her lips lightly and says, "What sorcery…" She then looks towards Sophie and, noticing her taking off the wrap, she says, "Are you okay, Sophie?"

Sophie looks up, and turns to face Kalindi. She blinks rapdily, and manages to reach up with one hand to wipe at her eyes, while still clutching the mirror to her chest. "I… I can see," she whispers at last. "I can see. For two days… I can see, again, Kalindi." She bows her head, and turns away once more, taking the time to peer up around the room. "I'd… forgotten how," she admits.

Kalindi's eyes shift slightly and then she nods once, slowly, "I see… he is using very powerful magics, this is interesting…" She then looks towards Sophie, digging into her main course, cutting the pieces of tofu, "I am glad for you, but there is only one way that this will not be temporary. You have to consider what you will sacrifice to see."

"I know," Sophie blurts out. "I realize that. I… I am not sure I would even call this a blessing. I do not wish to sound ungrateful… but either I will be able to see, and yet never see the people I care about most, or I will be close enough to those those people to see them, but unable to do so." She sighs heavily, and lets the mirror rest on her lap, as she returns for the moment to her meal as well, though the way she chews on her morsel seems perfunctory and almost robotic, rather than anything indicating enjoyment. "If you were me, would you look at your boyfriend's face, in the mirror? …Or your girlfriend's, rather."

"Yes. At least I would then have a memory," decides Kalindi, with little hesitation. "I would rather experience something desirable once than experience it never at all." She shrugs and says, "But it is your choice. I have always been able to see very well."

Sophie nods her head slowly. "Si," she murmurs. "You are probably wise, to say that, Kalindi." She pauses, looking down at her dinner and picking at it with her cutlery. "You are a much wiser person than I entirely, I would say. I have been foolish this evening, and I am fortunate that no harm came to me from it." She blinks rapidly, and rubs at her eyes as if trying to banish a serious itch. "I…" She pauses, and takes the time to collect her words. "I am sorry that I underplayed the incident between you, and Hosea. I did not mean to. But I am serious when I say I would like to at least try to soothe the gap."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "In other situations, what you have said would be called for. A duel to defend your honour, or something like this? But… the son of our host is a very dangerous man…" She sighs softly and then continues, "As for Hosea… He has tried to kill me, unprovoked and shows no regret. I think my grudge is justified."

"I have never challenged anyone to a duel before," Sophie mumbles, "And I had to pick one of the most powerful people on the planet to try it out on. At least I can say I'm no shrinking violet, si?" She sighs softly, and pushes some of the food about on her plate, without actually eating any of it. "I know, Kalindi. And I don't blame you for feeling that way. I have only ever known my Hosea to be gentle and kind, so I am not sure what upset him so much. I will try to find out, though."

Kalindi shrugs and says, "I think it may be the sorcery. He feels that his bible gives him the right to kill a sorceress like me, perhaps? I am unsure, but he is not my favorite man. If he treats you well, that is fine, but I only remember him as the man who would push his friends aside just to do me harm." She takes a bite and then says, "And yes, it shows some boldness to challenge someone like that."

"Boldness is only laudable when there is wisdom behind it," Sophie ruefully observes. "But, still, perhaps some day I will be able to boast that I challenged Count Dracula's son to a duel and didn't immediately get chopped into very small pieces of meat." She looks up at the other girl, and gazes at her for a long moment, before returning her attention to her food. "I am sorry you were hurt, Kalindi, I truely am." She pushes her food around a little more, before finally allowing herself to actually eat some of it. "I wonder if I can remember how to read, other than braille."

Kalindi shrugs and then says, "The bumps, they mean letters, yes? Then should you not be able to know what letters are what?" She continues eating and then says, "I hope that you will enjoy things like that, reading and such. I am hoping that I will learn as much as I can from this book…"

Sophie thinks about that for a moment, and nods her head. "I suppose I should," she replies. "Honestly, I'm just shocked at how big the world is, I'd forgotten. …I'd really forgotten." She chews sutdiously on a morsel, and swallows it before adding, "I hope you learn much as well, Kalindi. I… I'm sorry if I seem distracted."

"No, no, do not be sorry. You have been given a gift. Even if it is a scary gift, because it tempts you, it is still a gift to be able to see. I would suggest that you say his name into the mirror. It might be your only chance," says Kalindi, nodding once towards Sophie.

"I…" Sophie begins, and then trails off into silence. She finishes her meal, and pushes the plate away from herself. "I will decide later," seh murmurs. "But I will think quickly, si? I will at least decide a few hours after we return to our shared floor." She pauses, and looks sideways at Kalindi. "Do you think we will be allowed to leave, ultimately, if we ask to do so?"

Kalindi smiles weakly at Sophie and says, "We will have to ask Jill for our answer, yes? But… I do not think the answer is a pleasant one. He avoided speaking of it over dinner…"

"This is so," Sophie replies, foling her arms around the mirror once more. "I am not looking forward to hearing what Jill has to say on the matter. …But, we have to know, si?" She sighs softly, and shakes her head. "Interesting times lie ahead of us, it seems."

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