Darrell "Livewire" Kastner
Darrell Kastner
Portrayed By William Beckett
Gender Male
Date of Birth 02/09/1988
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Live Wire
Place of Birth Old Saybrook , CT
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student at ESU
Known Relatives Dawn Kastner (Mother), David Kastner (Father), Danielle Kastner (Older Sister), Darien Kastner (Younger Brother)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Energy Threads
First Appearance March 29, 2009

You know you want me.


Darrell had a normal life growing up. He was raised in the whole white house, picket fence, one younger brother, Darien (one year younger), and one older sister (two years older), Danielle, two loving parents, Dawn and David, 2 Labrador retrievers, and one cat in rural Old Saybrook, Connecticut. He got along with his family and they never had any problems that weren't usual for families. His father Daniel worked as a mechanic at the Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut, while his mother, Dawn, worked as an art teacher. Growing up in Old Saybrook, CT, everyone knew everyone in the small town, and Darrell got alone with most people.

Darrell and his siblings acted as normal siblings, him and his brother ganging up on his older sister to gross her out, and him and his older sister ganging up on his little brother, cause well, you have to pick on the youngest. Darrell never really suffered from middle child syndrome, and his two siblings equally picked on him in return. It was never out of hate but out of sibling love.

All through out school Darrell had friends, he got decent grades, but wasn't a shining student. That was the only real problem with Darrell, everything he did was half asked. He just didn't have the attention span to stick with anything. Not that this was a bad thing; just he couldn't stay dedicated to anything. From middle school up to High School he tried various hobbies but was lucky if he stuck with anything for over a year. He tried Karate, which lasted only a year, playing guitar, that lasted 8 months, chorus lasted for a year and a half, he was only the football team for half a season before deciding it wasn’t for him, baseball he stuck with for a surprising three years, he played Cello for 9 months, and in his senior year of high school he decided to drop that to try his hand at stage crew with the plays. Darrell was just an easygoing guy who did what he felt at the moment.

One thing people didn't realize about Darrell, even his family, was that he had a gift. He was a mutant. When he was 15 and going through puberty, his mutant powers manifested. His weekend chore was to clean the garage, or at least straighten it out. While organizing some things on a shelf, he tripped and accidentally knocked over one of his mother’s vase. Instinct caused him to reach out to catch it, but it was out of reach. Instead a bluish, clear thread emerged from his hand and wrapped around the vase. In shock he tried to shake the thread from his hand but only proceeded to fling it around the garage attached to his hand. He hid in the garage for about an hour while trying to get the thread to disappear. Eventually it did and he didn't say a word to anyone.

Small incidents like that kept happening, but Darrell was lucky that they either went unnoticed or he was alone when his powers acted up. Not comfortable with telling his family and friends he was a mutant, and not wanting anyone to find out, he would practice how to use his powers in his spare time, eventually learning enough to keep the under control. Since Darrell does everything half asked, he never mastered his power, just learned the basics. Also a part of him inside was afraid of being hated if it he was found out to be a mutant, after all, the world doesn’t speak highly of them.

Darrell graduated High School with passing grades, nothing fantastic and got accepted into a college in New York City. As much as his family didn't want him to go to school there and they would have rather have had him go to a local college, he decided on New York University. He started going to college to learn jewelry making, by the second semester it was multi-media, the second year was graphic design, but now in his third year he is a theatre major specializing in set design. He could be graduating sooner if he kept his major, but since he's changed his major so many times, he has another few years left of school. Though his parents warned him that if he changed his major one more time they’d stop paying for college.

Even though Darrell is going to college, his parents helped him afford an apartment in New York City until he got a job. His parents help with his tuition so he can still go to school, live in the city, but he has to keep working for his parents to help him. He has a job working stage crew for some of the off Broadway plays, putting up sets in between shows. At the moment the job is enough to keep his attention.

The only family member that knows Darrell is a mutant is his brother Darien, and he only found out a recently. One night when Darien was in the city visiting his brother so they two could celebrate Darrell's 21st Birthday. The two got extremely drunk and while stumbling through Central Park to get back to the subway to get back to Darrell's apartment, the two were decided easy targets to be mugged. A man approached the two drunk brothers and demanded their wallets, coats, shoes, and any other valuables. Darrell started to bad mouth the mugger in his drunken state, and mugger pulled out a knife. He started to lunge out at Jonathan to stab him, but Darrell reacted and his energy threads grabbed the knife away from the man. Darrell then used his threads to wrap around the man, and slowly tightened them to leave slight cuts across the muggers body as a warning. Darrell told the mugger that if he ever tried to hurt his brother, he would kill him. He then released the man and the two walked off. Even drunk, his powers and instincts functioned to protect his little brother, and the situation quickly sobered the two brothers.

After that he had to explain to his brother he was a mutant, and he begged Darien not to tell the rest of the family or anyone else about it. Darien still honours his brother's request. Darrell never told the rest of his family that he is a mutant; it's still something he keeps quite and mostly keeps to himself. He uses his powers occasionally and when needed and only practices when he thinks no one is looking. When he's not in school or working, Darrell usually hangs around various club and bar scenes of New York, mingling with people and just living his carefree lifestyle.

Theme Song

Led Zeppelin - The Ocean


Energy Threads – Darrell can make threads of energy that extend from his fingers. It appears almost as a fishing line that wraps around his fingers that he can extend and tighten at will. He has to use both hands to control his power though. The energy threads can be hardened into most substances, such as a fishing line, razor wire, a sticky thread, even take on a soft silky texture. (It has to be a texture that a thread of string/wire/ect can actually take) He cannot use the threads as a means of travel like web slinging.

Darrell can use the tread as a trip wire, as rope, form it to be sticky to latch onto objects, spread the threads across the room (over walls and on the floor) so that if someone bumps into one he'll know where.

No matter what the thin barely visible takes on the substances off, they have quite the material strength and cannot be cut by scissors, knives or blades as they have the material strength of diamonds. Thus when using the threads offensively in combat it would be like cutting someone with a diamond edged blade. He can change the ‘threads’ to do what he wants, cut, hold, ect but the strength will always be the same.


October 29, 2009 Darrell doesn't need no education. Another Brick In The Wall


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