2011-02-28: Date At Wongs Golden Helix


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Summary: Travis and Rashmi head out to Mutant Town for a date.

Date: February 28, 2011

Log Title: Date at Wongs Golden Helix

Rating: PG

NYC - Wong's Golden Helix

In the window are pictures of Chinese dishes once can get at Wong's Golden Helix along with a Lucky Cat that constantly waves. It's mainly a take out restaurant but there are four round tables and chairs that seat about eight people each, as Wong's encourages strangers to sit and eat together. In the middle of each table is a napkin dispenser, a variety of sauces and a metal container holding forks, knifes and chopsticks. Wong's serves a variety of Cantonese-Chinese cuisine from more American-Chinese to Traditional Chinese. General Tso's, Dim Sum, Suckling Pig, noodle dishes, Mapo Doufu , Congee and more.

Wong's Golden Helix is run by Chinese Twins, one with teleportation and the other with super speed. Ingredients are always fresh from China and made with incredible speed. Both twins have families and their children help in the running of the restaurant.

Now that all is over with recent happenings in Mutant Town, Travis decided that tonight was a good night to take Rashmi out on a date. So he's brought her to the little Chinese place in Mutant Town for dinner. He's dressed in a nice shirt over a pair of dress pants as he sits at one of the tables looking over the menu. "What's Birds Nest Soup?" He asks before looking up at Rashmi and smiling. "I want to let you know, I'm really impressed and proud of you. What you did, you're amazing Rashmi."

Rashmi blushes deeply, the charcoal gray of her business dress contrasting sharply with the bright scarlet of her cheeks. "I… thank you, Travis," she murmurs, clearing her throat. "I mean it… it just wouldn't have been that amazing without everyone else, y'know…?" Her menu snaps up in front of her face as the embarrassment momentarily becomes too much to bear, and she makes a show of looking over the menu items.

"It's just good that things ended up right in the end." Travis says before frowning a bit. "It's just sad what happened to have it happen. Anyway, I didn't take you out to talk about anything depressing." He says as he picks up the menu and starts looking over it. "And last night actually made me think about something."

Rashmi lowers her menu, tilting her head to one side and causing one of her black-enamel hoop earrings to catch the light briefly. "Oh? What's that, Travis?" Her eyes flick to the menu again, but the bulk of her attention is visibly on her date, her curiosity easy to read.

"Well since I've been at Barnes they have been doing a lot of hand to hand training with my powers but last night I think I want to study a bit of medicine." Travis says. "Not really so much to become a doctor but as a better understanding of what I can do. When that girl got shot at first I wasn't sure if I could heal her if she had the bullet still in her but if I learn more about anatomy maybe I can be a better healer." He says. "I still want to keep up with hand to hand but I think if we get in another situation again my healing is the most helpfu."

Rashmi nods slowly, a soft smile touching her face. "That's… actually really thoughtful, Travis… but um… I have a question. Would learning medicine be something you'd *want* to do for work? I mean not necessarily a doctor, but like an RN? That'd be something you'd probably be good at, even if you didn't have *any* powers, y'know?"

Travis thinks about it for a bit before shaking his head. "Not really, I always figured I'd go in to carpentry if Baseball didn't work out. It's just, things have changed so much in the last year that I'm not sure anymore. It's just there isn't much work out there for a mutant with six arms."

Rashmi nods, her smile widening. "Well. When you do decide what you want to do, I'll be glad to help out any way I can, okay? But for right now, I think it's a *very* good idea, what you have. Let me know if you need help studying, okay?"

Travis reaches out to take one of Rashmi's hands with his own. "I'll probably need help. Just, I think I'll be sticking around Barnes for a while, like the next few years. I don't know about a SHIELD agent or anything but who knows. I do want to learn how to use my powers better and I do like being able to heal people." He admits.

Rashmi bobs her head, squeezing the hand gently. "Yeah… I understand. There's just… something that feels so *good* about being able to help people, *create* something instead of just breaking things down. And what you do with your life, Travis… don't be in any hurry to figure it out just because of me, okay? I know… I *know,* whatever you do? You'll do it the best you possibly can."

There's a nod and a smile from Travis. "I know Rashmi and I don't feel rushed cause of you or anything. Just, technically we're in college. I should have a focus but then it's not normal college. I think it's better though. I used to do a bit of partying in High School but I don't really miss the keggers and stuff.

Rashmi's eyebrow rises, a slow chuckle heard from the back of her throat. "Keggers, huh? That's pretty wild for a high school kid… I didn't think you were the type, Travis."

Travis runs a hand through his hair and looks a bit sheepish. "Well my Junior and Senior year in High School had a few rowdy nights. I mean I hung out with most of the jock types and such. I got drunk a few times back in High School but, like I said though, I don't really miss the parties. I just don't talk about my past that often so sorry if it's a bit of a surprise."

Rashmi shakes her head, grinning. "Oh, don't worry about it, Travis, I was just teasing, anyway." Patting the boy's hand, she glances down at her menu, then back up. "But seriously. You're *really* amazing too, you know that? I mean, I've known a lot of people… And I don't think I've ever seen anyone look around, and go 'Okay, I know what I have to do' and just *do* it. And I hope you realize that."

Travis shrugs. "I think it was kind of the coaches teaching us that. You know the whole 'you have a job to do now go out and do it' thing. I don't normally think about it when I know what needs to be done, just go out there and give it my best." He says trying to make the compliment seem not all that it is. "But thanks Rashmi. So you have any idea on what you want to eat?"

Rashmi chuckles to herself, patting Travis' hand once more before leaning back, looking closely at her menu. "Hm… I think so. The sesame chicken looks good, and—ooh! Shu-mai… Yeah. I think I've got it, what about you?

"I always liked dumplings." Travis says as he looks at the menu one more time. "And I think I'm gonna try this Chicken with Vegetable." He says as he puts down the menu. "How about after dinner we take a walk through the park, I'd really like to see the two trees that have been planted and pay my respects."

Rashmi bobs her head. "That sounds like a date," she says, her cheeks growing bright red spots again. "I think I'd like that."

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