2009-11-11: Date Night


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Summary: Daisuke and Jared meet up for a date and Brielle is in the area.

Date: November 11, 2009

Log Title Date Night

Rating: PG

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

Since Daisuke is no longer in school, and Jared is, he's agreed to meet up with his boyfriend for dinner. He's waiting at City Hall Park as he just got done shopping for, what else but art supplies. The Japanese teen sits at on one of the benches wearing a pair of worn blue jeans with a green hoodie zippered up. While waiting he's decided to break in his new goods, slowly sketching in a new drawing book with a pencil made of all graphite.

It's just a walk in the park, unwinding after a long shift. She's also been shopping, though not for anything as creative as art making supplies. No, Bri's gone and picked up a part for one of her motorcycles. Leather jacket, dark jeans, heeled black boots, blonde hair pulled back in a neat french braid. Snagging a soda from one of the many city food carts, finding a bench to park on and enjoy it. A glimpse of a younger guy sketching, sketching away.

Jared s glad to be out of class, and outside. All day he has kept his second favorite grey hoodie not only on and zipped, but has had the hood on as far over his head as he could to hide the…changes he has undergone in the last couple of days. Other than his face all that can be seen at the moment is a bit of white hair peeking out of hte hood which looks as if he might be wearing a hat or something under it. Trying to keep a slight nervouseness out of his body language the young man enters the park from somewhere behind Daisuke, which gives him a chance to spot his boyfriend first and end up with a slightly goofy grin on his face for a second before he heads over to sneek up behind him. "Hey," he says softly form right behind Dai as he gets there to lean over the other boy's shoulder and look at what he is sketching. (RE)

Daisuke is still slightly jmpy so when Jared comes up behind him, Dai jumps and puts a hand on his chest. "Hey Jared, you startled me." He says smiling but breathing a bit deeply to steady his nerves. It's hard to tell what's sketched on the paper as it's very light but it looks like it might be the fountain in front of him. "Is your hair white?" He says going to reach up to touch it.

Brielle is still just watching, a hint of a smile at the two guys who are clearly, you know, together. It doesn't bother her, though some old man passing looks pointedly away from them as he walks. Sipping at her root beer, relaxed as she can get.

Jared's nose actaully seems to twitch a little as Dai looks first at him, and then reachs up to his hair. "Yeah….Its…kind of a long story. Ok, probably not a long one but a kinda confusing one." Jared absentmindedly reaches up into his hood to scratch something, "And a slightly uncomfortable one when it comes to trying to avoid people staring."

At the mention of people staring, Daisuke looks around and spots Brielle. "Well, there's that woman staring at us over there." He says a bit shyly. If he was bolder he might wave or even kiss Jared in front of Brielle, but Dai's not that bold. He reaches over grab Jared's hand. "So what's this confusing story? Remember where we go to school so how weird can it be?"

Hey, they're the most interesting thing going on in the park right now! At least it's not creepy staring, just sort of looking, looking away when there's something shiny or someone moving, then looking back. She'd awww out loud, if the one kissed the other!

Jared grins and holds Dai's hand readily. "At least its not creepy staring, and trust me its worse what we would get from the angery old people if we started making out." Jared grins a little and lets his hand slip out of Daisuke's for a second so he can grab the back of the bench the other boy is sitting on and vault over it to sit beside him. "Yes, I know just how weird things get at school, kinda fits in. You hear anythign about the fight with the Big Bad Wold and Little Red Riding Hood that Eddie and I got involved in the other day?"

"Yeah, I did hear about that, I read it in the paper. And weren't a couple other from the school involved too like Addison?" The one person Daisuke really knows besides Eddie and JAred who were there. When Jared sits next to him, he skootches a bit closer and cuddles up. "I was kinda surprised noone got hurt during that. Well besides the civilians." And in regards to the angry looks from older people, "Well at least we're in New York were people don't care as much about us being together as other places."

Brielle glances over. Awww, how cuuuuute! The medic would totally take a picture, if it wouldn't freak them out. Finishing off her root beer, she gets up to toss it out. "Have a nice day, guys." As she passes by, still with a smile.

Jared shrugs, "I would not say no one was hurt, ruined my favorite hoodie and the claws hurt like heck there for a second." Jared nods at the odd woman as she says something whie walking past. "Yeah, New York or back home are the best places to be if your gonna be out and proud, although large white bunny ears would get noticed anywhere…." Jared lets that comment hang in the air for a moment to see how Dai reacts.

Daisuke blinks for a second and then waves timidly at the woman before looking back at Jared. "So what exactly happened out there Jar? I didn't realize you were attacked, but I guess it's good you heal." He says reaching over to grab onto Jared's hand. "Wait…what did you say? Large…white..bunny ears?"

Jared nods and shrugs one right after the other. "Well attacked is probably not quite the way to put it. I played distration while Eddie got people out of the area and the others tried to take him down. And yeah, I said large white bunny ears, also I apparently picked up a gold watch. Robin and Robyn are also apparently turning into other people…or in one case a frog."

"Wait…what are you talking about?" Daisuke asks sounding confused. "What about the Roby/in's? Turning into other people?" He asks just trying to figure things out. "You picked up a gold watch and what about bunny ears? And a Frog?"

Jared shakes his hed a little, "Sorry, not explaining it in a way that makes sense. We fought the Big Bad Wolf, afterwards one of the Robs has turned into Cinderella, the other is a giant frog, and for the last couple of days I have had an inability to be anywhere on time. Yesterday, my hair turned white, and I had a gold pocket watch outa nowhere, and I woke up this morning with big white bunny ears…"

"You have….bunny ears?" Daisuke says sounding confused. "Well that makes sense to why you have white hair. I haven't seen any Giant Frogs around the school…so you are turning into a rabbit?" He says not quite putting everything together yet. "So you have old man hair?" He teases.

Jared nods, "Yeah, old man hair and bunny ears. I swear every time I turn a cornor int he school I fear that I am gonna spot a blond girl in a light blue dress. That, or a striped cat with a creepy smile." Jared grins a little and leans against Daisuke. "At least this time the weirdness seems to be skipping you and Eddie."

Daisuke is really confused now. "Blond girl in a light blue dress? And what weirdness?" Daisuke asks. He didn't grow up with many typical fairy tales as his life was less than normal upbringing. "Stripped cat with a creepy smile? What are you talking about Jared? And nothing weird has been happening to me."

Jared takes a moment to stare at Daisuke and shakes his head, "Ok love, for my birthday tomarrow we are taking over the Rec Room and I am making you watch Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Might see if I can dig up a copy of one of the few movies made out of Through the Looking Glass too."

"I've never seen Alice in Wonderland, though I remember my teachers talking about it in Elementary school." Daisuke says. "And tomorrow is your birthday? Why didn't you tell me sooner, now I have to spend all day finding a birthday present for you."

Jared blinks, and then blinks again, "I thought I had said something, not important any way, birthdays were never really a huge big deal. Heh, and I had thought the reason for going out tonight was for my birthday."

Daisuke chuckles. "I thought it was just another date night, get out of the Mansion and into the city. Then again, I know I was kinda quiet about my birthday, I'm not used to celebrating my birthday but tomorrow we'll watch Alice in Wonderland and do whatever you want for dinner after? Even though we're going out to dinner tonight."

Jared grins and chuckles a little, "Works for me, not used to doing much to celibrate it…although I am almost dreading that the Dads may have something planned. a decent movie, and a night with my boyfriend and or my family are jsut the perfect way to celibrate."

Daisuke chuckles and stands up, holding both hands out to help Jared out. "Well come on, lets go grab some Japanese food, I know a good fifty percent off all sushi place not to far from here." He says smiling. "And later you have to show me these bunny ears of yours."

Jared grins and hops up to stand with Dai, and take his boyfriends hand in his. "Awsome, I could use a good Cucumber roll to nibble on. As for the ears, just promise not to scratch behind the right one please. Apparently I am as bad as a dog about the whole shaking leg thing."

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