David "Prodigy" Alleyne
David "Prodigy" Alleyne
Portrayed By Brandon T Jackson
Gender M
Date of Birth 1/28/91
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Aquarias
Aliases Prodigy
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Teaching Assistant
Known Relatives Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Alleyne (parents), Kimberly Alleyne (sister)
Significant Other Star Rosen
Identity Known
Known Abilities Psychomimesis, Attack Prediction, Cyberglasses
First Appearance New Mutants vol. 2 #4

I will know all that you know. I will be able to do anything that you can do. I will know more and do it better! I am the Prodigy!


David Alleyne has always been a special kid. Though he was never sure why. Born and raised in the Cabrini-Green, near the north side of Chicago. The Alleyne family struggles facing hardships, both financially and racially. Making his living anyway he could, David's father, succeeded and worked as hard as he could to get his family out of the projects and into a better section of Chicago. After years of working hard, Mr. And Mrs. Alleyne and their two children, David and Kimberly, finally moved out of the ghetto and into the suburbs of Chicago. David attended a public school, but it was a good school. He struggled to get good grades, but he was naturally intelligent. It was not until he reached high school and went through puberty, that he realized that he would always seem to know the answers before the questions would be asked of him. He found when around the athletes, he suddenly would be able to play a sport really well. He found when he was around fellow nerds, he would seemingly know how to do the things they could. David had not yet realized, but he was a mutant. And his world was about to become alot more interesting and alot more dangerous.

During the summer between his junior and senior year, David began taking college courses at the University of Chicago. It was there where he met someone who seemingly took a genuine interest in him. She was the librarian at the university, Xi'an "Shan" Coy Manh (unknown to David, the mutant known as Karma). It was one day when David was introduced to Shan's friend, Danielle Moonstar, that the revelation of his mutancy became known. He was in class when his philosophy professor asked a question regarding famed philosopher Thomas Szazs. David was able to answer the question while none of the college students knew anything regarding Szazs. never actually having read or even heard of Szazs, David decided to take a book in the library out about the philosopher about him. When he was unable to spell the philosopher's name, Moonstar pointed out that David was a mutant. Unable to believe this, he returned home where his father was approached by a member of Purity, a mutant hate group. David's father had no idea how to respond to this and was shocked that his son was a mutant. David ran out of the house and was followed by his sister. Running into Shan and Moonstar, he was informed that he was a mutant. He accepted the realization and understood that all the times he knew things without having studied them. Member of Purity attacked the group, and David was able to suddenly know how to fight at a black belt level, which he instinctively knew when he came into contact with the Purity member. Deciding that he should attend the Xavier Institute, David moved to New York and began classes at the Xavier Institute.

It was here that David became friends with fellow mutants. In particular, he befriended Kevin, Sofia, and Laurie. He impressed his classmates with his natural intelligence and ability to instantly mimic others' skills, like when he outfought Wolverine in self-defense class. It was on a field trip to New York City, where David saw firsthand the life of the X-Men. Sofia's friend had been kidnapped by the Reavers, David and his friends fought and defeated the Reavers. It was here when David met his future roommate and current mutant hater, Josh Foley. Upon discovery that Josh was a mutant, he and David became roommates at Xavier's. David had an instant disliking to Josh, accusing him of being a bigot. They eventually grew closer as friends, when Josh's parents disowned him due to his mutancy. During this time, this core group of friends became very close and eventually formed the New Mutant Squad at Xaviers and they each specifically requested Dani Moonstar to be their advisor. This group drew a quick rivalry with the Hellion Squad, which led to numerous confrontations and detentions. David always felt a bit uncomfortable as he had a quiet power compared to his fellow mutants, but he demonstrated a natural leadership ability that would rival that of Cyclops. When discussion of leadership for the squads came up, David was handpicked by Dani to be leader, but he refused and offered the position to Sofia. During this time, David would also meet someone very important to his future, Nori. Nori had been a homeless mutant with electricity powers that had been turned away from Xavier's by some of the meaner students. After an attack on the local barrista, Luna, The New Mutants opted to find her and helped her after a misunderstanding regarding Nori using drugs to control her powers. David took an instant liking to Nori and was always present to help her as she became a student at Xavier's.

When Sofia's leadership came under question, David decided that he would be co-leader of the squad. After adventures involving Wither being arrested and other issues, David's friendships became important to him and he was afraid that his core group of friends would be divided into new squads. But due to strong teamwork in the Danger Room, when Nori had lost one of her gauntlets, the group of friends remained together and Dani as their advisor. At this point, David had been ridiculed by rival, Hellion. His powers only worked when he was around others and would eventually fade with time. David met with Emma Frost and Danielle and discovered mental blocks he had placed around his powers, so as not to abuse his powers. Asking to have the blocks removed, Emma and Dani created an illusion where David experienced a lifetime, where he eventually became president and abused his leadership, leading to the death of the X-Men and his friends. In this future, he was married to Nori who eventually killed herself and him. Awakened from this illusion, David had decided to think over his future. (this is up to the cutoff, now to explain where he has been)

Since this time, David has taken time off from Xavier's to learn as much as he can without having to rely on his powers. He has come across many people during his time at university and has retained some natural knowledge, and does his best to learn any new knowledge he comes across or may have come across. He has returned to the Xavier Institute, an alum ready to live his life as a mutant and ready to join the X-Force and eventually become an X-Man. Always aware of what may happen should he abuse his powers.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"

Powers & More

David has a subconscious form of telepathy, which allows him when in proximity with another person, be they human, mutant, or any type of living being, to scan and internalize the knowledge and skills of others, giving him the ability to duplicate any non-superhuman talent. He acquires both mental and physical abilities, be it knowledge over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style. However, he was unable to retain that knowledge for a long period of time. When the person is no longer in the area, David will only retain the information for a few hours, if that. This power was always on.

Attack Prediction
David is also able to predict attacks in order to avoid them, this would be physical attacks. David was able to predict Wolverine's attacks when learning self-defense. He held his own against the veteran X-Man. While David would not be able to defend against an energy attack, he is able to decipher where the attack would come from. For example, if Cyclops were to fire at David, David would be able to use his power to glean where the beam would be shot towards since Scott uses his skill at aiming.

Cybernetic Sunglasses
One cool little gadget that David has incorporated into his uniform are glasses with computer access and data files. He wears a pair of custom-built cyber shades that function as a wireless broadband computer network amongst like models. The shades provide an audio/video feed via an in-built computer system outfitted with miniaturized conventional microphones and cameras, and can also project a three-dimensional image into the visual field of the wearer that can be expanded to allow others to see with whom the wearer is communicating or information they are reviewing. The shades provide input by means of a virtual reality iconographic keyboard, and have an alternate visual input system for when a user’s hands are otherwise occupied. The shades can be interfaced with any external data network whether terrestrial or alien in origin. The shades also possess various sensors for detecting telepathic resonance patterns, tracking energy trails, and analyzing electronic circuitry, amongst others. These glasses add to David's capabilities as a leader and increase his natural ability to strategize and hone his natural intelligence.

Skill Retention
David is currently unable to retain the skills he learns after a short time away from the person whose skills he mimicked. This is only due to self-imposed mental blocks, similar to Rogue and her own self-imposed blocks to retain powers. Eventually, David plans to remove these blocks, once he is able to understand how and not abuse the skills, which he learns.

David is a natural strategist and leader. He has been compared to Cyclops and Moonstar in his ability to come up with plans during the field day events and out on missions. His natural leadership skills have only been enhanced through contact with the various X-Men and his time as co-leader of the New Mutant Squadron

David is naturally intelligent having taken college level courses while he was still in high school. This intelligence and drive have only been expanded upon by his time around the likes of Beast and through the use of his cybernetic lenses.


  • In a vivid illusion of the future, David became President of the United States after curing AIDS and cancer!
  • David is an avid fan of jazz!
  • While being in a happy relationship with Surge, David was very reticent to start the relationship when in a potential future, they were married and she killed both of them to stop his evil ways.
  • Before becoming his roommate and close friend, David hated Elixir, who was a mutant hater and member of the Reavers. Now they are best friends!


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