2010-09-27: David Meets The Twins

Players:David, Star, and Cloud

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Summary:David meet the Rosen twins

Date:September 27, 2010

Log Title:David Meets the Twins


// Xavier Mansion - Music Room//

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Anyone walking by the music room will hear a some decent trombone music playing, upon entering, David will be standing by the window and playing the trombone. His cybershades flicker and symbols of musical notes flash. It appears, he is playing from there.

With her trombone case in hand, Star is just making her way into the music room to practice, though she pauses at the door at the sound of someone else playing her chosen instrument and bites her lower lip for a moment before taking a deep breath and continuing into the room. At the moment, the teenager is dressed in a salmon colored hindley and a pair of snug fitting light colored jeans. She settles into a chair near the back of the room and quietly starts to unpack the instrument, deftly fitting the pieces together, though she doesn't yet play. Instead, she just listens to David's playing, her own 'bone held across her lap.

As Star makes her into the room, David makes no move greet her. He continues playing as the musical notes flash across his shades. It can be noted, his playing improves the closer Star is. As his little impromptu concert ends, Davids puts the trombone down across his lap and smiles at Star, "Star, thank you. I've never played so well." He begins to pack up the trombone. The tall young African American is dressed in a Xavier red sweatshirt and blue jeans.

As the other trombone player's song comes to a close, Star does the polite thing and applauds softly, keeping her instrument balanced in her lap by placing an elbow on the slide. She blinks a couple of times and wrinkles her nose at the thanks and blushes, "Um… No problem, I guess…" She shrugs, "I was just going to come practice a little. I've got a solo I'm supposed to do in class tomorrow and I want to make sure I've got the music down." She pauses for a moment and looks down at the brass toned instrument, "I didn't realize there were anyother boneheads at the school…" It's not exactly a popular instrument, after all. Not like the trumpet or something like that.

David grins, "I'm not a bonehead. That was my first time playing it." He places the trombone in a pile of instruments. "I wish I could play an instrument. I was only able to play when I mimicked your skill, which is pretty good." He leans against the wall, "Have you ever heard of Laurie Collins?" He asks randomly.

Star blinks a couple of times at this revelation, "Oh…" She gives a nervous little chuckle, "I'm not sure I'll ever really get used to things like that…" People borrowing other people's talents, powers, and just how strange everything is at the school. The seemingly random question has her looking puzzled and she shakes her head, "No, I can't say that I have. Who is she?"

David notes her nervous chuckles and he himself smiles. The smile remains as he speaks of Laurie Collins in a high tone belaying a friendship between him and her. "Laurie is a good friend of mine." A hologram originating from his cyvbershades appears between the two mutants showing a blond caucasian girl wearing a New Mutants squad uniform. "Laurie Collins, aka Wallflower, was a student here, when I was a student here. She was on my squad." Words fly around the hologram showing a list of her powers, including pheremones and empathy. "You remind me much of her."

"Oh…" Star smiles faintly and nods, "That's cool, I guess." She doesn't sound like she's familiar with exactly who Wallflower is and uncertainty filters into the air, showing that she isn't entirely sure if the comparison is a good thing or not. This is proven when she speaks again, "Is that a good thing?" She isn't very confidant in her abilities when it comes to training sessions, after all, as shown by the danger room session yesterday.

David smirks, "It's a very good thing. When Laurie and I started her. We were teased for having 'useless' powers." He sighs a bit as he remembers one particular annoying teammate. He shakes his head as the hologram disappears, "Laurie went on to be one of the more vital team members of the New Mutants. She was even able to defeat the Hulk." He pulls a seat up next to Star, "I guess the point of the comparison and especially after yesterday's Danger Room Session. I wanted to make it known you that it is ok to be…" He searches for the proper word, "….hesitant….with your abilities and your place among some of the flashier mutants at the Institute." He grins, "I went from doubting myself to proving myself to my teammates, to the teachers, and more importantly to myself. And Laurie did the same."

Star blushes faintly at this and fiddles with her instrument for a moment, "Wow…" She looks over at the older mutant for a moment, "What's her power? All I can really do is make people feel the way I'm feeling." And she doesn't think much of that ability, judging by the emotions that hang in the air around her. She sighs and offers a small, almost shy smile to David, "Flashier like my brother?" And his whole absorbing matter and energy. She reaches up and brushes her hair back behind one ear, "He's got a pretty cool power…"

Cloud is looking for Star, he has a delivery he's been told to give her, not to mention he wants to check she hasn't got herself into anymore trouble, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey shorts, a black hoodie and his dark roots are beginning to show though his spikey bleached blond hair, as if on cue he's superspeeds into the room as if to prove Star's point about his powers.

David smirks, "Well, she had the same abilities you did. With more training, you will be able to possibly control people's emotions, make them feel the way you do, or make them feel a completely different way. And with each emotion can some different. You won't even have to fight, if you can create a calming effect, like you did yesterday with the demons and even with his flashier powers, it was you who saved your 'brother' or a simulation of your brother anyway." As Cloud speeds into the room, David grins as if it was timed perfectly, "Cloud Rosen. nice to meet you." David rises from his seat next to Star and extends his hand, "David Alleyne."

And Cloud has found his sister where she came to practice for a solo in class tomorrow. Star blinks a couple of times in surprise at the news that David's friend had the same powers she does, "Oh!" No wonder he told her to try to be calm: He's helped someone with powers like her before, "Being scared and angry sure didn't help with Sabretooth…" When David greets Cloud, the petite teen turns in her seat, careful not to drop her trombone, and looks over her shoulder at her brother, "Oh, hey, Cloud." See? She's being good! For the moment, anyway…

"Hey Star, I've been looking for you", Cloud raises an eyebrow at the man who seems to know his name, "How do you know my name?, you're not another telepath are you", he really doesn't like how open his mind is to them, but he's getting help with that, he flexes his fingers and theres a flash of electricity as he releases the last of his stored electricity.

David notes the electricity release. "No I'm not a telepath. Well not really. I've heard my abilities described a limited telepathy. But no I don't read minds. I 'read' skills and knowledge." He sits back down, "I graduated from here and am back, so I have read the files on the students. I was just talking with your sister." He looks between the two and notes their similarities. "It's nice to meet you in person and not trapped in a crystal cage in hell." He says to Cloud before turning to Star, "Sabretooth?"

Star rolls her eyes when Cloud says he's been looking for her, "Well I haven't left the school at all this week…" So she shouldn't be too difficult to find, right? "And you know you could always call if you really need to talk to me." There's a certain note of bossiness in her voice, though there's real affection woven into it. She shakes her head and rolls her eyes, though there's a small amused smile at the flash of electricity. She looks over at David when he explains his power, but doesn't really respond to the information, though she giggles faintly at the comment about Cloud being trapped in a hell. She wrinkles her nose at the question about Sabretooth and shrugs, "Back while Cloud was missing that last time, right after I got here to the school, I was over in Central Park and he was chasing after some guys. I tried to run away and he caught me. Almost ripped my arm off, but Robyn kinda saved me."

"I've been busy, i've got more to do than keep track of where you are, anyways i broke my phone", Cloud rolls his eyes, and nods to David, "Nice to meet you too…, wait, Hell?", surprisingly Cloud understood how David's power work, he winces at Star's story, if he ever meets Sabertooth, he's gonna kill him, slowly.

Catching Cloud's reaction, David laughs, "Yes. Hell. I ran a Danger Room Session for some of your Alpha Squad teammates. The goal was to free you and others from your team from a swarm of demons, Dr. Doom, and Mephisto. Your sister did really well." David's brow furrows hearing the story of Sabretooth's attack on Star, "Sorry to hear about that. Sabretooth would have that effect on anyone. Even seasoned X-Men have a tough time against him. Sabretooth is not a good measure for you to think about your powers. And it was you who took care of most of the demons during yesterday's exercise, well it was the team. A team effort, which is the best way to be for our kind."

"Of course you did…" Cloud would be the one to break his phone, wouldn't he? Star nods, "Yeah, hell." She blushes faintly at the comment about her doing well and shrugs, "F- heck!" She changes what she was about to say and shakes her head, her blush deepening a little, "I just did what you suggested." She shrugs a little, "Yeah, I guess… I'm just glad that I managed to get away as easy as I did. He threw me at Robyn." She bites her lower lip lightly at being told that she took care of most of the demons in the training session.

"Ok… that sounds weird even by this places standards, still glad you did well Star", Cloud clenches his fists and his irises turn black as the more vengeful aspects of the absorbed personalities come to the surface, "Trust me Star, i will find Sabertooth, he's not coming anywhere near you".

David smiles at Star's reaction to his compliment, but then his loses that smile that eventually turns into a frown concerning Cloud's reaction to Sabretooth. "Well, maybe a Danger Room session might help you unleash any frustration you have on 'Sabretooth'" With that, David exhales, "So you both ended up as mutants in your family. And you both have 'heavenly body' names. Are you the only mutants in your family and were your parents hippies?"

Star smiles and nods in response to her brother, "Yeah, I guess I did do pretty well…" She didn't think that she would when it started. When Cloud's eyes go black and he swears that he's going to make sure that she's not bothered by Sabertooth again, she stands and puts her trombone down, "Cloud you're not going to go near that freak!" Her hands get planted on her hips and she gives him a glare, though there's the faintest hint of fear for what the feral mutant might do to her 'baby brother' that taints the air. She's distracted for a moment by David's question and shakes her head, "No, but Grandma was. She's the one that named us." The empath shrugs, "I don't know if anyone else is a mutant, but we're twins…"

Cloud's eyes return to their normal state under the glare from Star, "Ok, calm down Star, anyways i'm much less breakable than you are", he shrugs at David's question, "Yeah like Star said our grandmother named us, even our mom has a weird name, i don't know if there are any others though".

David hmmmns and dislikes the mood the twins take when Sabretooth is mentioned, "Hey…how about a break from school? I know a great little place not too far from here." He grins, "A field trip might be fun?"

Star rolls her eyes at Cloud's protest that he's less breakable than she is and just shakes her head, but doesn't comment on it. He is less breakable than she is, after all. Then comes the suggestion that they go on a little field trip and a small smile plays at the corners of her mouth, "Yeah, that sounds like fun." Beat, "I just need to pack my 'bone up first." And maybe get changed? "What kind of place is it, anyway?" She sits again and starts taking the instrument apart to pack away.

Cloud nods, "If she's going, I'd better come along to keep her out of trouble", he touches a nearby electrical outlet, the lights begin to flicker and his eyes glow yellow as he absorbs the electricity, after a few seconds he grins, "Ok, where to?"

"You should bring your bone. Actually I will bring my bone and Cloud if you have a bone, you can bring it too." David starts to pack up another bone and rushes the two out of there. Once everyone is set, David loads them into the car, "Union Square Park. Star, I think you'll like this."

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