2010-09-18: David's First Night Back


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Summary: David has returned to the mansion and while in the kitchen encounters some of the more interesting residents, Daisuke, Chezlie, and Theo

Date: September 18, 2010

Log Title: David's First Night Back

Rating: Log Rating. PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Late dinner for Daisuke tonight and it's a simple meal of ramen with an egg cooked with it and mainly because Dai really isn't good a cooking and this takes a real idiot to screw up. He's dressed in a blue and white stripped button down shirt with a blue and white pokadot tie, a fedor style hat and a pair of worn jeans. He stands over the stove as he watches the 'soup'. He's not a student here anymore but he still does tutor work for the kids who need the extra help and aides the teachers who need it that day.

David whistles to himself and seems to enjoy his off tune humming a bit too much. Having returned to the mansion after a brief hiatus, the newest member of X-Force and alum of Xavier Institue makes himself a little too comfortable at home. Anyone hearing his whistling may think it is some bad folk song, in reality it is an old jazz standard. His face is hidden by his yellow goggles wrapped around his face. "My first day back and no one to greet me…" Today, David is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with his alma mater, Xavier's. Spotting Daisuke in the kitchen, David smiles at the unfamiliar mutant. He will have to brush up on the new residents of the mansion. He looks towards the Daisuke and in near perfect Japanese, <Hello. Nice to see someone is home.>

What feint smell of cooking is coming from the kitchen immediately sparks a hunger pain in the stomach of the little tattooed teen Chezlie. It's one of those moments when you have no idea you were even remotely hungry until it strikes. Into the kitchen she heads, wearing a pair of old holey jeans and a white and black plaid patterned button up shirt, the kind with the western styled pearl snaps. "How's it going." She says, not really paying much attention to who exactly is occupying the room and heading straight for the fridge, fully submerging half her body inside while leaning lightly onto the door.

It doesn't really dawn on Daisuke at first that he's being addressed in Japanese as the language is something he's used to hearing and is fluent in. <Good evening, yes I am here, just making an easy dinner. I do not believe we have met, I am Sakuragi Daisuke but most people just call me Dai.> He says offering a hand with a warm smile. It's not until Chezlie walks in and speaks in English that he realizes he was using another language. <Hello Chezli…> He begins in Japanese and then stops. "Hey…uh, Chezlie right?" He says knowing they've at least met in passing.

David extends his hand to shake Daisuke's and responds in Japanese <Dai, Nice to meet you. I am David Alleyne. I have just returned to the Institute. It's been some time since I was a student here.> He turns to Chezlie, "Hello there, Chezlie. I'm David." He looks between the two youths and smiles, "Food would be good right now. I guess we're all hungry."

The sound of glass jars and bottles clanking against each other immediate stops when it dawns on Chezlie that the two people in the room are fluently speaking a language she can't even begin to understand. Sure, in the scope of this school, a foreign language isn't really that odd, but it's definitely caught the teen off guard. Peeking her head up and over the fridge door to get a view of who exactly was in the kitchen turns out not at all as expected. Usually it's fully of other kids she knows. Guess it's just another one of those abnormalities of today. "Yeah, right… Chezlie. Dai then, right?" She smiles, looking briefly towards the other guy who is completely unknown to her. "David? Nice to meet'cha."

<I'm no longer a student here either, I graduated to working here.> Daisuke responds in Japanese. <Let's switch back to English so Chezlie doesn't feel left out.> He says before asking David in English. "So…how did you know I was Japanese and that I was fluent in it? Not that I mind, I miss speaking to people in Japanese but most people think I'm Chinese or something cause all Asians are Chinese." He jokes. "And food is good, I'd offer to cook but…oh shit!" He says as he notices his ramen noodles boiling over and sizzling on the burner. He rushes to remove it from the heat but is too late. "Where, those goes dinner, I burned the noodles to the bottom of the pan."

Reaching for a small towel on the side of the dining room table, David nods to Dai, "Yes, it's rude to Chezlie. English it is. Let me help you with that." He begins to wipe off some of the mess from the burner. "Oh I didn't know you were Japanese, though my girlfriend, also a former student here is Japanese." He tosses the remnants of the ramen into the trash. "My power allows me to pick up on someone's skills and mimic them. Personally, I know very little Japanese, but when I am around someone I can copy their skills perfectly, thusly….in Japanese <I can speak Japanese. When you leave the room, after awhile I won't be able to speak it again.> He looks to both youths, "How about I cook up something quick? That's one skill that hasn't left me."

Curious to hear the answer to Dai's question, Chezlie moves towards the island in the kitchen, allowing the fridge door to swing back in place. "Oh wow, that's really cool." She answers as her lips begin to spread open into a larger smile. "So, do you know that skill permanently then?" She questions, having completely missed out on the last part of the explanation since it was spoken in Japanese. Of course she probably could have picked up on what he meant with his cooking comment, but didn't. "Whatever you want to cook, I won't say no to eating."

"Okay, that makes sense now. Well I'm glad you can't copy my cooking skills or I'd feel bad for you." Daisuke says going to clean the pot. You'd think since he was good in since he'd be good at cooking but there's something that he always messes up. He knows the answer to Chezlie's question since David just told him in Japanese but he lets David answer. "I'm with Chezlie on that, I'm really not a picky eater. When I visit my Grandmother back in Japan I tend to eat things that would gross out most people here."

Heading towards the fridge, He pops his body in, "How about some eggs?" As he searches for eggs, "I know it's late for eggs, but my father made world class omelettes and that is something I learned how to do." He has an armful of eggs and walks to the counter to crack them into a pan, "To answer your question, Chezlie. I can't keep them for a long period of time. Once I am no longer around Dai, I won't be fluent in Japanese. But I try to learn every skill or bit of knowledge I come across on my own. So what squadrons're on?"

"Thanks David, you're just returning and already cooking dinner for us." Daisuke says as he finishes cleaning and heads to the fridge to grab something to drink. "Oh me, I'm not on a squad. I graduated already. This is my third year here as a tutor and teachers aide so most of my training isn't with a squad." His training is odd but he needs something less one on one. "And I guess on powers, mine are like Banshee's, I use sonics and a few other things like I'm able to detect weaknesses in things."

David cracks some eggs carefully into pan and begins frying them. As he does so, it is like he puts on a little show and flips the eggs in the air and catches them in the pan. "Ah. Chezlie, that's great. I was co-leader of the New Mutants Squad when I was a student here." After flipping the eggs and letting them fry for a bit. He turns and looks towards the table. Suddenly a 3d hologram appears showing David, and his former squadron of New Mutants, Wind Dancer, Elixir, Wallflower, and Surge standing in their old white and yellow New Mutants uniforms. The hologram appears to originate from his goggles. As the image flashes, "So Chezlie, what is it that you do?"

"Yeah, thanks David!" Chezlie repeats the gratitude already shown by Daisuke. "I will never turn down an invitation to be lazy for a couple minutes and let someone cook for me." She smiles as the hologram suddenly appears showing David and a group of people she's never seen before, then she looks to the goggles. "Heh, that's really cool…" She trails off, watching the eggs as the heat hitting the bottom of the pan slowly begins to fry them up. "What do I do? Well, I can takes stuff drawn onto my skin and free it as a real object." She smiles awkwardly, half biting down into her bottom. "A little odd, I know, but sometimes useful I guess."

Daisuke looks at the hologram and is impressed with the goggles. "Wow, where do you get googles like that, and who is that on the team? I just know that Mr. Guthrie is the one running the New Mutants now." Even though he's not a teacher to Daisuke he still addresses him as 'Mister'. "I was a former Hellion actually." Not really knowing much of the history between the old Hellions and old New Mutants. "It's odd but really neat Chezlie. I mean that's a really cool power you have there."

"The shades are pretty cool." He removes them and holds them out, "They allow me to interface with the school's computers and internet. I pretty much can get most information literally with the blink of an eye." He smiles and puts them back on flipping the eggs once again, while he gets a plate ready to put them on. When he hears Dai say he was a Hellion. He smirks a bit, "I won't hold that against you. The rivalry goes back pretty far back from when Mr. Guthrie was on the original New Mutants. Those guys you saw in the hologram were my team. Wind Dancer, Elixir, Wallflower, and my personal favorite, Surge. The Hellions were our rival squad. We pretty much would alternate on who won the different field days." He passes a plate to Chezlie, "Here you go. And that power can come in very handy. Might I suggest drawing some weapons and things beforehand just in case it makes for ready access when on a mission."

"Thanks Dai." Chezlie says before hearing the weapon suggestion comment from David, which causes her to laugh. "Funny that you mention that…" The plate gladly accepted as she moves to the drawer holding the silverware, and pulls out three forks. Two of them are placed near the stove top while she wanders back to the island to place her utensil and dish down. "It was figured out that the longer something was on me, the stronger it is when materialized. So something immediately drawn onto my skin is really useless to use as a weapon, right? But something permanent is really strong, right?" She stops just long to cut free a piece of the omelet and shove it down her throat only to use the now free fork to point at her back. "So I got two katana's tattooed onto my back."

Daisuke takes the plate and nods. "Yeah, I remember hearing about an old rivalry from Julian, but there aren't many rivalries anymore, between the teams that is. They restarted the squads during my senior year here." He starts to eat and smiles. "Wow, this is really good, thanks David. Now I know who to find when I'm hungry and there aren't any good left overs around." He jokes before looking at Chezlie. "It seems like you've got your power under control with getting certain things tattooed on you."

Serving his old plate and suddenly pauses, "Julian, as in Hellion?" He starts to smile and laughs a bit to himself as he sits down having finished serving his plate. A hologram of Julian appears on the table between the three eating mutants, "Julian was my rival. He was the leader of the Hellions Squad while I was leader of the New Mutants." A hologram of the a video clip of a group of teen mutants fighting each other in the court yard among those fighting are Julian and David. "Well I am glad there are no more rivalries then." He takes a bites and makes a noise showing his enjoyment of the eggs. "Well, I will gladly make the eggs for either of you anytime. I'm glad to see Xavier's has some new faces."

"Yep." Is what Chezlie tries to say in response to Daisuke, but it comes out far more jumbled due to a mouthful of eggs. She then holds a single digit up, as if indicating for everyone to hold on for just one second. After a couple more seconds of chewing and then obviously swallowing it down, the little teen opens her mouth to speak once again. "Just trying to figure out some other stuff that could be useful. Back is completely covered, but I still got plenty of real estate left." The hologram once again catches her attention, but only momentarily as the omelet once again steals it back.

"Well as for new faces, I am still convinced that every few months, Mr. Summers puts an advertisement in the papers that reads 'Are you a mutant? Are you lonely? Do you feel like the world hates you? Well come to Xavier's, we've got pie.' Or something cheesy to that effect since new students always seem to come at once." Daisuke says between bites. "And yup, that's Julian. He's..well I don't really talk to him all that much. But he's still around here." He then look at Chezlie and nods. "Well don't fill up the land too fast or you'll get an awesome idea and realize you already filled the canvas."

Shaking his head as he bites into his eggs and sighs, "I guess I should talk to Julian, then." He looks around and watches the young ones eat the eggs, "Wow, Xavier's is really opening its doors to everyone. Professor Xavier's dreams is coming true. This is looking more and more like a real school." He finishes his eggs and begins to put his plate in the sink to begin watching. He hums some old jazz standard while appearing lost in reading something…probably reading from the goggles.

Chezlie nods along to Daisuke's new faces comment, thinking back to how many other new students appear within weeks of her. "You might be on to something." She says, pointing to Dai with the four prongs of her fork. "But come to think about it, I didn't answer such an ad." She turns back to scarfing down what little is left of her omelet. "Definitely don't have the money to fill the land up that fast, but I'm sure there will always be regrets. Comes with the territory of permanency, right?"

Daisuke stands up and nods. "I hope it is, but I gotta run. I gotta catch my Grandmother on the phone before it's too late over in Japan for her. Thanks again for dinner David, it was a pleasure meeting you." Then in Japanese he says to David. <Good night and I am sure I will be seeing you again. Good luck settling in.> Then he looks to Chezlie. "Sorry, not often I get to talk in Japanese, I don't want to get rusty. Good luck with deciding who to see the land to. You guys take care." He says as he heads out of the kitchen and to his room.

Waving to Dai and speaking fluently in Japanese <Good night and good luck to you, Dai.> As Dai walks out, David already feels the Japanese fading from his skills. "What other tattoos do you have, Chezlie?" David grabs Dai's plate and starts to wash that one as well.

"Adios Dai! And no worries!" Chezlie shouts out to him before quickly attending to the last couple bites left of her omelet. Once it's finished, she grabs the now empty plate and lays it next to the sink as David washes the one Daisuke just left, moving back to lean up against the island. "Well, my whole back is completely covered right now. It's mostly a waterfall scene with the two swords sort of bordering on the sides." She momentarily pauses, letting her fingers rasp down across the counter top. "You just want to see?"

Washing the last of the plates and drying them, "Um…when you say see…you meet actually produce the item?" He turns to face her, "This should be interesting!" He hopes they are in appropriate places.

The door to the kitchen swings open just as it had come to rest following Daisuke, and a small robot, about the size of a medium dog, ambles into the kitchen. It catches the door behind him, and the resident technopath follows close behind. Theo stalks into the kitchen, his laptop closed, and a USB cable dangling from it. He pauses, looking a little surprised to see such a crowd in the room. "Oh," he says. "Hi."
"I didn't expect anybody'd be in here, don't mind me, I'm just grabbing some food," the boy says, not even introducing himself to the unfamiliar David. The robot releases the door, and on all four legs, scampers toward the refridgerator. The snake-like camera pushes upward, and one of the two arms mounted on the small bot's back reaches up to open the door to the fridge.

Chezlie looks back as the door opens immediately after it just closed, and from the sight of the robot, knows it can only be one of two students stalking around Xavier's with little robots. "Hey Theo." As soon as the words slip from her lips, her attention immediately moves back to David. "Yeah, I can show you how it works too. Just, stay on that side of the room." She turns around, keeping her back now to the others in the room. "Both of you." She adds before unbuttoning and removing her western shirt.
Luckily she's wearing a black t-shirt underneath, and tugging at the bottom, pulls it up her back to reveal a very colorful tattoo. The artistic style is absolutely Japanese, with the vibrant blue water spilling over the edge of a deep brown cliff. Running from both shoulder blades and down to her hips are two ornately designed Katana's with the handles inked with an excessive amount of filigree. With her free hand, she reaches back to grab at one of the swords, which slowly pulls free from her skin and into her hand. Though the shape and size is identical to the tattoo, the sword itself is blue and opaque. "There you go." She says, letting her t-shirt fall back in place before turning around to show David the actual item now held in her hand.

David looks down to at the robot and grabs his head as an overwhelming presence catches his attention. David's powers allow him to obtain knowledge from whoever is in his vicinity and they don't get more knowledgeable than Theo. As David adjusts to the knowledge he is obtaining at a rapid pace. He watches Chezlie pull the sword from her back. Two impressive being before him and he simply shakes his head, "Nice tattoo and nice power." He looks to Theo, "You are a very smart your man…Oh and my name is David."

"Show us what?" Theo asks, turning his gaze from the small robot, just as she begins to remove her shirt. His eyes go wide. His lack of context for what exactly is happening results in a very surprised expression. What did he just walk in on?
Consequently, he stops holding the breath he hadn't realized he was holding when she pulls the sword from the tattoo. "Wow, that's pretty unique," he states. "And those tattoos are hot," he adds in agreement. Even though he's known Chezlie for a while, he's never asked her what her powers were.

"Um," Theo says to David, "I'm Theo." The technopath offers a hand to shake. "Do you know me?" he asks, not certain why David called him a very smart young man. The small robot reaches for a bag of cold cuts, but doesn't seem to be able to reach it. It doesn't seem able to come up with a solution for the problem, however. Instead, it just keeps reaching up. It adjusts its position, which doesn't help, and then climbs into the fridge. "Proto, stop," the boy tells the robot, and it obeys.

"Thanks!" Chezlie chirps out after both David and Theo's compliments. Both cheeks begin to fill out with a slight reddish hue, and with the sword still being held in hand, her eyes begin to dart between it and the two others. It's obvious now that she's pulled it free, she's not quite sure what to do with it. "I'm… uh, just going to put it back I guess." She says and quickly turns back around to shimmy her shirt back up. As the sword is placed back near the actual tattoo, it begins to lightly glow before melding back into her skin. Turning around with both arms crossed over her chest, she offers up a simple nod. "Sooooo… yeah."

"The tattoo and your ability is quite fascinating" David states as he kneels down by the dog. He begins to list out the different components of the dog. "This is amazing, Theo." As he fawns over the dog, a hologram appears of Theo and words stating his student file. David rises and states, "I am an alum of Xaviers and have returned. Hopefully to become a teacher. You have one of the more interesting powers with technopathy."

Theo is quickly able to know that David is looking at his file, given that the visor is feeding him information just as readily as it is David. Suddenly, the visor closes the file again, and the real Theo is left giving David a look. "Yeah, well, that's not your problem," he says, a little defensive. "My powers are my business." He sounds a little violated in his tone. "I just introduced his new AI today," he says, changing the subject. "He seems to be having a little trouble with his problem solving program line, though."

Chezlie nods again, her smile growing wider. For many of the students at Xavier's, there's occasionally an embarrassement with their powers, but not this one. She'll often put a sort of modest front, but deep down, she loves what she can do. "Thanks. The coolest part is being able to get a bunch of tattoos and actually have a reason." She bends down to pick her western shirt back up, tossing it over her left shoulder. "Well, it was nice to meet you David and nice seeing you Theo, but I should get going. Wish I can help with your AI, but… I can't." She offers a little wave to the others before turning around and walking out into the hallway.

David smiles as Chezlie leaves. "What a nice young woman." He then looks down at the "dog" "Well I am no expert on AI, but have you thought about.." David begins to speak like he has some expertise in AI regarding the problem line. "That might help." He then looks back at Theo, "And sorry regarding your file. I am David Alleyne and was a student here. I just returned hoping ot teach here again and am trying to make a good impression with some of the students."

"Yeah, that could work well," he agrees. "I think I'll put it in a few more if/then logic lines so that he'll think of possible ways to solve problems." He reaches down, and hoists the robot onto the table, and opens the laptop. The Stark Industries logo is emblazoned on the back of it. The technopath takes the dangling USB and plugs it into the main body.
"I just don't like people poking around my business," he adds. "Everybody else might think that they should show off their powers here, but I'd rather be known for what I can accomplish because I'm disciplined and smart than what I can do because I have a funky gene."

Grinning, David starts, "Well that, my friend, is exactly how I tried to be when I was a student here. All the other students were quick to show off their abilities. Mine are always on, so I had to struggle to prove myself naturally without what I was able to glean from my power. I was always in the library or doing research having to discipline myself." He looks at the robot and looks over it's various technology laid out before him. He grins and then stands up to the fridge to look for something to drink, "Thirsty?"

Sure, whatever's in there," the boy answers to the question. Theo gives a lopsided smirk. "I'm glad I'm not stuck with that power," he says. "Though mine are always on too. Try hearing every machine around constantly in your head." Funny how he was just so private about it a moment ago, but now doesn't mind talking about it. He hasn't been typing, but he pulls the USB cable back out of the robot, and he speaks again. "Try it again," he tells the small robot. Theo leans against the counter and watches as Proto hops down next to David, and seems to patiently wait for him to finish at the fridge.

Searching through the fridge for something they can both drink. David pulls out some OJ. As he turns he watches Proto hop up and down, "Success?" David asks as he heads to the counter and pours some juice into two glasses. "Theo, it's got to be pretty difficult to keep all that noise out. I found that I had to work hard on just trying to concentrate. Being around many people at one time and taking it in could be overwhelming. I would imagine being surrounded by machines, especially the ones here at the Institute must make it even slightly difficult for you…if not outright." He places the juice in front of Theo and watches Proto some more.

Theo shrugs, "Yeah, it's getting louder, too," he admits. "I think my power is becoming more sensitive. I signed up for the mental defense class this semester, maybe there's some tricks that can carry over. I just wish Scott would let me opt out of the danger room. I can't do anything in there, anyway." He takes the glass, and takes a drink.
The robot begins to reach for the drawer with the cold cuts again. "We're about to find out." Again, it can't reach, but then puts the front to legs up, bracing itself against the side of the fridge so that it is taller. It opens the drawer, and pulls the cold cuts out with one robotic arm, and then the cheese with the other. It uses the second arm to then push the drawer closed, and gets back down. It starts to walk away from the fridge, leaving the door open. "Well, he's not very conservation minded, but much better."

Nodding his head approvingly. He applauds the robot. "Well, I won't teach the mental defense class. That will most likely be Ms. Frost, but I faced a similar issue when I was a student here." He reaches into his pocket and pulls a coin with a whole in it. "Everyday, I am constantly surrounded by people. I will typically become overwhelmed and it becomes hard for me to focus. SO I just pull out this little coin and look through the hole." He demonstrates. "If I concentrate hard enough, the information that I glean from people becomes quieter and I just focus on the whole. The more I concentrate on the object trying to see through the small hole…the lesser the 'noise' if you will becomes and I can focus on a particular person." He flips the coin to Theo. "It might not work for you, but you never know."

Theo catches the coin in his left hand, and examines it briefly. "I guess I could try it. Thanks." He responds toe Proto. "Good job, you can put them back now," he says. "And close the door to the fridge." The little robot goes back to the fridge. It drops the cold cuts bag on the floor, and then climbs up to use the now free hand to open the drawer and put the cheese back in, before returning to get the cold cuts and place them inside the drawer as well. It closes the drawer, and then backs down the fridge, and closes the door behind it.
Theo takes another powerful gulp of his orange juice, drinking the rest of it down. "Well, I'm gonna hit the sack," he says. "I'm trying to get my midterm for Ancient Civilizations finished by Monday."

David smiles, "Then you had best get to bed." He rises and grabs the glass that had the juice and takes it and his to the sink to wash. "Try it and hopefully it will help. Definitely can't hurt." He starts to watch the cups and staring into his glasses he pulls up Theo's file and thinks to himself of how Theo reminds him of himself. David smiles as he dries off the cup, "Good to be home."

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