2010-04-30: Deal of the Century


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Summary: Kenta and James work out a solution for team strife Team Strife

Date: April 30, 2010.

Log Title Deal of the Century

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - James and Lucas's Room

James and Lucas' room is at first glance, a typical boys' dorm room. There are small piles of clothes throughout the room in various stages of "clean." The left side of the room is Lucas', and the unmade bed sheets are in disarray, mingled around two science textbooks and a J.D. Salinger novel. The bookcase at the foot of the bed is mostly empty, except for a family portrait of Lucas' family taken when he was only ten years old and a complete collection of Salinger's work, including nine different printings of "The Catcher in the Rye." Leaning against the wall in the corner near the door is a kayak oar with a well-used life jacket hanging on it. James' side is somewhat more bare, but just as disorganized. On his desk are various books on engines, electronics, and other subjects of personal interest. The hyena's belongings seems somewhat more used than Lucas' items and a show signs of much harder use. Even his furniture looks beaten, as if it might have been tossed out the window a few times.

Walking to James and Lucas's room, Kenta has two purposes tonight. One quick and the other…not so quick. There's a knock on the door as Kenta stands on the other side holding a guitar in one hand and a wrapped box in the other, a not so mystery, mystery birthday present for Lucas. The other roommate, James, he would like to chat with.

James is easily found, sitting at his desk, fur still somewhat damp from his post DR shower. With some math homework spread out before him, the hyena is making an effective push to ensure freedom over the next couple of days. At the knock, he calls out, "It's open." He pauses and sniffs, "Kenta." Pencil goes down, ears go up and the boy turns to face his squad leader as he enters.

Kenta walks in the room and places the guitar and box down on Lucas's bed. "His birthday present that I wanted to leave to him." The note just says Happy Birthday Lucas. With no name of who it's from but he knows James might tell Lucas. "But anyway, I wanted to also know what was going between you and Jono, I heard his side of things and yeah…" He leaves it at that.

James sits up straight in his chair, hands coming together in his lap. "Well…" he clears his voice, maybe just a tad nervous, "…Hmmm…" His eyes look to the ceiling as he tries to put it short and sweet, "Jono treats me like everything I do is to benefit myself and my next move is going to be to tear someone's head off and bathe in their blood! I mean, yeah…shit happened…and Jono got what he wanted and I got Addison'd.” Nice use of a Verb there. “And ever since then he's been even worse to me. Everything he says to me is an insult. And everything I do is wrong. I'm a source of constant frustration in his life, and as weird as he's being eventually he's going to go off and do something stupid."

Kenta nods as he listens and he figures what he thought was pretty much accurate. "Yeah Jono and I had a talk today, god damn he's a stubborn bastard." He admits with a shake of his head. "I dunno, he keeps talking about you betraying his trust I don't see it. I told him to talk to you and I'm gonna tell you something I told him, if you want to salvage a friendship, you two need to talk and put everything down on the table. Just share exactly all your frustrations, if not, it's just going to go to hell."

James crosses his arms as he sets his jaw, "I've tried 'everything' I can to salvage it. And every time his answer is for me to keep walking. There's not a friendship let 'to' salvage. Even Rashmi agrees…in a way." The hyena clicks his tongue, "So…I've been taking a lesson in Roman politics and voting out tyrants. The Paragons want him gone."

Kenta nods as he finds a chair and sits down. "Well I can't deny we have a problem. Since we do. I dunno what's going on between you and Jono, definitely a pretty extreme misunderstanding and well I dunno. I know Jono seems hurt." Hell even Jono told him he was but it's not his job to repair Jono's friendships, that's the stubborn Brit's job. "I dunno, it's just…frustrating cause honestly, I'm not sure what to do shy of seeing if there is any possible way you two can work things out but I don't want to force you guys to be friends when you two seem to be on the 'it's over' mindframe."

Leaning forward in his chair, James puts his elbows on his knees, "When the good times are outweighed by the bad, it's time to reconsider your efforts." It's a very un-James thing to say, given it's a solid thought, but it has been said nonetheless. "I'm here to make myself better. I can't do that with Jono taking ever opportunity he has to knock me down. We're supposed to be a team, Kenta. That's the rhetoric you all have been feeding me since day 1. And when I'm finally in a place to follow it I'm told that I'm only going to abuse my power, or screw it up…or worse."

Kenta nods listening to James and the young Hyena seems to make a lot of sense to him. "I dunno, I think a big problem is going from Friend to teacher and that's not cutting it. Here's the problem, I don't have the authority to remove anyone from the team, leader wise. I don't think Jono's gonna take this lightly either. Do I think he needs to go, personally, not really. My problem is, if he's the problem behind getting you guys to be come comfortable with your powers, grow into people who are comfortable with being a mutant and your lives, than maybe it might be for the best. The Paragons, all the squads, aren't just how well you fight, or how many bad guys you take out. It's about growing into your powers, getting comfortable with them, learning teamwork and learning control so that you can live as normal of a life as you can outside of here. And right now, I'm stuck in a rock and a hard place.

James gives Kenta a long stare, "I have no idea what you just said." He puts up his hands, "All I know is the second him and I are alone things go to…crap. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Lucas is pissed at him, Tara is too. Rashmi went along with my question Seriously…how freked' up are things if Rashmi is agreeing with me?"

Kenta shakes his head. "Sorry, I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed in putting myself in the middle of this. But I agree, we do have a problem, I just…I have no idea how to go about handling it." He's never been great at dealing with issues, drinking or smoking have solved most of them to him. "Man I wanna see if I can get you and Jono to talk to each other and one last chance but I dunno James. You two seem pretty final that you're done with each other and something does have to be done." Shit…what the hell does he do about this. Kid problems, okay that he might be able to deal with, but leader problems…oh man.

James throws up his hands in an exaggerated gesture, "I am. I'm to the point that I've rallied the team…and the only reason you and I are talking about it was that I like you enough not to go to the headmaster first!" James falls back onto his elbows, "I mean…sheesh…it's to the point that I can't even talk to you with out him freaking out or spewing off a stream of insults about things I’m going to do that I haven't done. Do you honestly this is repairable? Hardly…it's beyond frick'd." And then, hyena's expression changes, maybe a slight smile crossing his lips, "But…there may be a way."

"Honestly James, there are stuff I thought was irreparable years ago and to this day I wish I found ways to just fix what was wrong and I'll always wonder if there was a way. Between you and I, do I think Jono is being unreasonable, stubborn and childish, maybe a bit. Do I think Jono expects you to act like your ten years older than you are, yes." Kenta will admit that before looking at James curiously. "Might be a way for what?"

James' thinks Jono might be about to get his wish. He listens to his squad leader, nodding…not displeased that for once the hyena isn't exactly in the wrong here. When asked, James smile only broadens, his teeth showing. "What do you know about hyenas?" He leans forward, the wheels of his chair squeaking as he closes the distance between him and his teacher, "Well, you should know that we distract easily. As a matter of fact, I might forget all about Jono and the whole voting thing. IF we can find something to distract me." He look at the door and the uses a finger to motion Kenta even closer, big black alien eyes watching the other man, "Would you like to know what will distract me?"

"That they like to laugh?" Kenta jokes around since he doesn't know much about them, but then James says they distract easily. "Okay, so what's this catch, and you're just proving me right in my beliefs that you are sly bastard." He's not going to agree to anything until James spills it cause he has a feeing he might know what it is and it might involve X-Force.

James shrugs, "Call me what you like…but I'm no idiot. But I'm also not the threat that Jono claims I am. And I'll forget that, IF…" And the hyena tries to lean in even closer. As a matter of fact, if allowed his muzzle ends up next to Kenta's ear. Mouth shut, the front of his lips pull up just enough to expose the front teeth he's about to speak through, "Training." It's a one word answer. An answer that gets explained with, "Sign off on any I ask for. Whether if be through you, Julian, or anyone else." He leans back in his chair, arms crossing, "If I can get that, I guarantee I'll be too busy to worry about what Jono thinks about me. And I'll work things out to the best of my abilities with him, and the team returns to normal."

Kenta smirks at the request and lets out a laugh, he can't help it. "I'd do that for anyone on the team, with or without the deal. If anyone wants extra training they should be entitled to it. Though I do have your first X-Force level training session planned out. It's not gonna be easy, I'm gonna warn you. And you can invite friends to help you if you want." Since Kenta does feel a bit bad at setting JAmes up for failure but he knows it's the only way the kids gonna learn. He holds out a hand to James. "Alright, I'll sign off on extra training for you."

James shakes his head, "But I'm not entitled to it, you see. I asked. I was denied. And when I went to you, Jono freaked out. So, you see my problem? I can't get any the regular way, so this is how it had to happen. All I wanted was a fair shot at bettering myself…and to do so it nearly pulled the team apart. Remember that the next time you think something can be worked out with Jon." The hyena offers his hand, not looking completely pleased, "Something this simple should not have been this hard. And it was far too costly."

"How is this not the regular way? You think Jono tells you no then by me saying yes you're doing something wrong? Neither of us are. Honestly, I don't know what Jono wants." Kenta means that too. "I talked with him about this today, he was saying he didn't mind you asking for extra training and he didn't say no but he did say no and by you asking me betraying trust, honestly, I don't understand any of it." He even told Jono he didn't really understand. "So yeah, everyone gets a fair shot at bettering themselves here James."

James shrugs, "Just don't expect me to be going to anyone but you about stuff. Okay? He's obviously got something against me, and I'm serious when I say it would come to blows sooner or later." The hyena shakes his head, "I'd have walked with the team, you know? Tara, Rashmi, Lucas… They don't deserve the treatment I get. And, Tara included, I'm going to defend them from threats like that." Teeth get bared a little, but quickly get put away, "I like you Kenta…and you might be the squad leader, but I'm its protector. And I'd 'really' hate to have a difference of opinion with you like I have with Jono."

"Okay there's a difference between the relationship you and I have and you and Jono have, which I think is what is making this tough. You two were friends first, with a history of bad shit. You and I…I'm twice your age. Not offence James but I'm gonna have a hard time connecting with you on more than a student/teacher level." Kenta does like the kids but being their friend, well that's kind of tough for him. "I'll just tell you one thing James, who do you think will be out there protecting you." He says with a smile. But he likes that James feels a bit protective of his team, maybe it's the protective father in Kenta that kind of respects that.

James shakes his head, "That's okay, I'm not looking for friends. Honestly, even after Addison, I still find I do better without them. Be in a lot better place if I had had at least one less, eh?" He considers the rest and shrugs, "I can watch myself." As to be expected. His type always says that. "So…when you wanna do this 'Jono' thing?"

"Well, I don't know the details about the 'Addison thing' nor do I need to know. Though I am a bit curious, if you're so keen on not making friends, why you're so into being a protector." Kenta isn't really looking for an answer, just kind of pointing something out. "So which 'Jono' thing is this, since it seems like I'm letting you talk me into distracting you from staging a headache of a walkout."

James' expression never changes, "What's friends got to do with protecting someone one? Tara's not my friend. But she's on my team. Isn't that enough?" He screws up his face a little, unsure how the squad leader could miss such a detail. Isn't it obvious?! Bah…adults. Of course, it probably isn't. "You want us to talk right? That thing. Or not. Your call" He smiles, "I'm more than happy to stay out of the way." NOW.

"Well, I think you two should talk, see what comes out of it, but if you do or don't, that's not my call. Just cause it'll be a pain in the ass having to see each other three times a week with that tension." Kenta says with a shrug. "And wanting to protect someone means you care about them enough to wanting to make sure they're safe, and doing something to make sure of it. It means you care enough to act."

James gives Kenta a long look, eyes slightly scrunched. Either her has no idea how a team/friend/caring ration works, or he's playing the part that makes most people think he's a umb, tough guy, "I dunno what you just said." He shakes his head and shrugs, "Anyways…it sorta depends on what 'you' want. As it stands next time we cross paths there will be 'nothing wrong' as a result of our talk." Talk? Deal. Bribe. Payoff. The hyena tilts his head, "Talking could mess that 'nothing wrong' up. But, if you decide to try it, I'll be on my best behavior."

Kenta shakes his head. "Nope, sorry, but this isn't about what I want. It's about what the two of you want. I'm giving my suggestion, if you follow it or not, no sweat off my back." Just means Kenta will probably have to listen to Jono at later dates in regards to it. Who knows. "Yeah, and I really believe that one James." Kenta says in regards to him saying he doesn't know what he just said. "If you two can be civil in squad practice and hate each other without it effecting the squad, fine, if you two can talk, fine. But it's not what I want."

James shrugs, "Jono and I playing together happily is what this talk is all about, isn't it? If I can't, I don't see a reason for you to hold up your end of the bargain. So, I will. Because you get what you want, and I get what I want. Everyone's happy." James scoots his chair back towards his desk, his large form no longer hulking over Kenta. He holds up his paws, black pads showing off slightly, "Saves me from asking Sam from taking in a new pet, anyways."

"Not happily, civilly, there's a big difference." Kenta thinks that there is a quite the difference. "Don't worry about it James, you want extra training, you'll get it no matter what." Kenta's not going to deny that from the student. "Hey, you wanna go with Sam, noone's gonna stop you. I co-run the Paragon, do I want all to go smoothly, hell yeah, less work for me." Kenta admits with a chuckle. "But if you don't feel you're learning enough with us, or there's too much tension, a team transfer is always an option."

James listens, or appears to in a half hearted sorta way that makes one wonder if he really is when he actually is. He grins, "Kenta…I like you. So it's with great respect that I tell you that you need to stop talking about this. You're starting to devalue the last 30 mins. As it stands, the team's staying intact. You keep talking…I can't promise anything."

"Alright, subject dropped." Kenta says as honestly, he isn't looking to be liked or to be friends really, he's just looking more to hopefully lead the kids in the right direction and maybe not screw up too bad. Just Kenta and stress, well, he's never handled it well. "So, shall we call it a night then and I'll see you at the next practice?"
"Yep!" James says in that overly cheerful, saccharin way of his, "I'll be there." The hyena gives his teacher a sniff, "How about you, you gonna be okay?" Is it surprising that he cares after the last little bit? Maybe. But, then again, the problem didn't revolve around the music teacher.

To be sarcastic or to not be, the big dilemma in Kenta's brain right now. "No I'll be horrible, I'm just gonna back to my room, down a half of bottle of scotch and -then- I'll be just peachy!" Kenta says with a smile but his voice isn't overly thick with sarcasm. "Just make sure Lucas gets his birthday present when he gets back."

James nods over to the roommate's bed, "You sure you want to leave it? Lucas does a lot better when people interact directly with him. Mean it means more, you know?" Hands clasped together, the beast places his elbows back on his knees, "For what it's worth, I never set out to cause you troubles. And I honestly care about the team…I just don't care for how some of it was run recently."

"James, I know you care for the team." Kenta says as he thinks it's pretty obvious. "I dunno, I'm afraid he'll view it as a charity case and not accept it. Call me a coward but then you know him more than I do so..we'll see." He says as he knows Lucas can be a bit of a handful, but then so can James. "I dunno, there have been too many…batshit crazy things lately." And Kenta leaves it at that.

James blinks and shrugs, "Okay. You're a coward." Seemed a simple enough request, "So…Monday. And if you're free tomorrow…lets DR." And thus begins the never ending request for more practice. He smiles, "Maybe it's time I get my own key to the room? You know…one that restricts the level of things I do." Please, oh please!

Kenta laughs and James just earned a point in his book with that first comment. "Alright, tomorrow, will be your X-Force level training session, to see how we train." Kenta says with a nod and his face is kind of serious. "Keep wishing James, no amount of bribing can get me to give you that. Trust me on that one." Kenta says giving James the warning look.

James smiles widely at Kenta's look…which only spells trouble for the future. "Okay. Tomorrow. Deal. See you then. And don't forget to take your gifts." The hyena shoots the teacher a look of his own, "I might accidentally sit on them." IE: Give'em to Lucas, you coward! He stands up, and offers the teacher his hand, "Thanks again for taking me seriously. No one around here listens."

Kenta grabs what he put down on the bed for Lucas and shakes his head at James. "James, cause cause your 15 doesn't mean that you should be put off. Everyone should be taken seriously." He says as he waves. "See ya later ya sly bastard." He says teasing James a bit before going to leave the room.

James shakes his head, "17 in 2 months." He smirks at the teacher and waits for him to leave before pulling the door soundly shut and contemplating bed—and his future DR sessions.

Lucas has arrived.

When Kenta opens the door, Lucas is standing there. There is a duffel bag at his feet, and his room key is in his hand, at about door knob level. He tilts his head a little, "Oh. Um… Hey."

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in." Kenta says as Lucas is there in the door way. "Heya, your roomie and I were just talking about stuff, and also, your roommate convinced me not to just leave this here." Kenta says holding out a black acoustic electric guitar for Lucas. "Happy Birthday, don't worry, I didn't spread it around the school though I was so tempted to put a huge banner in the hallway that said 'Happy Birthday Lucas' on it."

James looks over at his roommate and forgoes the greeting, "I didn't tell him. So you can't blame me." He shows off all his teeth in the smile that follows. The hyena flumps onto his bed and watches the pair exchange words.

Lucas pushes past Kenta, not taking the guitar, and tossing his duffel bag on his bed. "Ah don't need no charity, Kenta," he says as he shakes his head.

"Fuck charity Lucas, it's a gift, you better accept it our I'll just go outside and do a little rock n' roll impression on the lawn and at the end of my guitar solo, smash it on the side of the Jean Gray memorial. I'll invite you to my show, it'll be amazing." Kenta says in response as he doesn't say anything to the spectating Hyena.

Laying back on his bed, James puts on his “Instigator” face, propping up his head with his hands, "I could use a guitar. If he doesn't want it, I'm sure I could work wonders with it. Actually, I've been dying to take one apart to see if I could improve it."

Lucas stops, he sighs, and then he turns around to look at Kenta. "Why are you doin' this? Ah mean, Ah ain't no special student what should get all special trainin' or attention an' shit. It ain't like Ah'm tryin' to get on XForce like Jimmy here. Why can't you just be like the other professors an' just leave me alone?"

"Because it's your birthday?" Kenta says to James as he looks back at the Hyena. "Sure, if you're roomie doesn't want it, it's yours. Do what you want with it." Then he looks back at Lucas. "I'm not trying to get you on X-Force, I'm not trying to kiss your ass or bribe you or anything, I'm just trying to give you a birthday present, you want it or should I give it to James?" And Kenta will too.

James swivels his ears around a lot. Like he’s directing air traffic…or at the very least trying to get better reception, "Lucas, you're trying to get on X-Force? Dude. That's awesome!" His eyes light up. "Maybe I'll try too then!" He looks over at Kenta and back at Lucas, "Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things?"

Lucas sighs again, and sits on the bed, looking at James, and scowls, "Ah ain't tryin' to get on XForce! Ah'm not a fuckin' hero, Jimmy. Christ…" He shakes his head, and he looks at Kenta. "We ain't that close. Stop spendin' so much money on me, okay?" He thinks for a moment, and then says, "You done already bought it, so… Ah reckon Ah'll keep it, just… Stop, okay?"

"Cause we all signed a petition, we agreed to keep you out of the loop James." Kenta says with a sagenod. He smiles at Lucas and hands him the guitar. "Well, I didn't spend that much, I got her used but she sounds good and this is to go with it. Picks and a set of replacement strings. You better treat her well and this isn't a regular thing. It's just that it was your birthday, grouchy. Happy Birthday and I'll see you two later." Kenta says as he turns to leave.

James scowls at Lucas as Kenta leaves, "Dude…you're quitting on ME? I thought we were tight! I only joined X-Force because you were. Fuck…and I already had my uniform fitting. I don't think I can just *give* those things back without getting fined, you know." The creature lays back in his bed, head hanging off the side as he inspects the floor, "Damn…I knew you were up to something Kenta. That's so not cool. Fine…Screw ya'all. I'm making my own team. The…X-Press men." In honor of The Blue Plate Special, you see.

Lucas just stares at the guitar for a long moment as Kenta goes. He lays his gloved hand on the wood finish, and he sighs. He's being… introspective.

James looks over at Kenta as he leaves and waves, "Niiiight!" Business as usual, apparently. Then the look over at Lucas, "How you doing?" The tone has changed entirely with Kenta's disappearance, now honest and caring, "Good visit?"

Lucas continues watching the guitar. "She was on a lot of pain meds. Ah was…" His brow furrows very slightly, "They think they may have to put her on a… a feedin' tube if her appetite don't come back soon." There's a very slight shrug of his shoulder, "Ah don't know what Ah expected…"

James sinks a little, ears going sideways. He pulls himself back into his bed and settles his head on his pillow, "ow…" The hyena watches his friend for a long moment before saying anything more, "Missed having you around. No one to abuse."

Lucas runs his fingers along the strings of the guitar, still looking at it. It's as if he didn't hear James, and he continues, "She wanted to know why Ah don't come around so much no more… Asked about Sam. It's hard, ya know? Lyin' to her…" His brow creases a little, "Ah kinda realized… maybe it's good Ah ain't close…"

James nods, adding with complete honesty, "Probably. My grandfather and I were really close. I kinda wish we hadn't been. Might have made things a little easier." He shrugs a little, directing his eyes to the ceiling.

Lucas studies the frets for another moment, and then looks at James. "Have you talked to your maw yet?"

"Yeah, our standard weekly chat and stuff. Things are fine. Stuff…usual. Not much going on," James replies, completely skirting any subject of his hyena 'stuck-ed-ness.' "It's been a lot easier since I got my right side up again."

Lucas nods, and leans back against the wall. His fingers very softly pluck the strings, making a little sound. "And Jono?"

James rests his arms under his head, "Actually you missed all the excitement." With an eye on the window, he kicks it a few times until it's propped open enough to allow in some warm air, "Kenta were just talking about it. If only you'd been an hour earlier. Apparently…" The hyena clears his voice, sticking his foot outside as he does do, "Apparently, we're ding a great job. Jono agrees and we're going to start getting extra training when we want it. Sorta an optional style thing. It's there if/when. And we can try out the advanced stuff."

Lucas shakes his head, "Ah don't share your enthusiasm. Sorry."

James shrugs, "Ehhh….it's cool. I know you're allergic to hard work." There's a soft shrug, "You need anything, you let me know, okay?"

Lucas shakes his head, a bit of a serious look on his face. "It ain't the work. Ah just… Somehow, Ah hope, maybe still, Ah might be able to one day do somethin' what ain't bein' a hero, is all. Like, things Ah wanted to do before." His face shifts a bit, to something more empathetic as his gaze looks to James' eyes. "Ah'm sorry you can't change back ever again, Jim."

James leans over and clicks off his light, casting a shadow on his face in the process, "Ehhh, it's cool. Never say never, you know?" He shuts his eyes and remains quiet for a moment, "But, until then, this place is all I got, right? You though, you'll get outta here. You'll do fine."

"Sometimes Ah ain't so sure," he says, quietly. He looks down at the guitar in the moonlight. "Ah don't know what to do about Kenta."

James hrrrs? "How so? About Kenta, rather. The other…we'll see. You want help though, I'll give you all I have."

Lucas nods in the darkness. "Ah don't understand why he cares. No other professor in this shithole has even remotely expressed interest in me. An' now… The guitar…" He sighs, "Ah've tried to be a dick. He won't let me push him away."

"Ehh…he's not so bad," James says, "I trust that he actually means well. He entertains my bullshit and pretends agrees. He's like the 'only' voice of reason around here. I kinda thinks we're lucky to have him on our squad. As the the guitar..I dunno. I hate gifts. I don't to well with charity."

Lucas sits there in silence for nearly a minute, before he reluctantly shares, "Ah don't know how to be okay with him. Ah want to let him know. Ah don't know how."

James shrugs, "I dunno…just…tell him you liked the gift or something. That's all he wants, probably…I mean, it looks like he's really trying with you. The whole music room thing…then this. Maybe he wants you to do well."

Lucas sighs, "Ah know… An' Ah just…" He sighs again, whispering, "…fuck…" as he exhales. "Ah have a thing goin' here, ya know? Folk don't fuck with me, Ah don't have to get close none to nobody, an' then he done has to go an' ruin it by bein' all… mentory…" He drops his head backward, and it bumps the wall. "An' you know the thing what fuckin' pisses me off the most? Ah miss havin' an adult what can care. What has interest. That Ah… like… Ah like it…"

James cranes his head upwards and looks at Lucas for a moment in the dark, "Sorry…I didn't hear you. I had a finger in my ear." He's lying, but it'll keep the moment from being overly akward. Never mind the fact that James' hands are still behind his head, "Place still sucks…you know? We hate it."

Lucas swallows, it's loud in the dark room. He sniffs, and sits the guitar gently next to his oar at the end of the bed. "Yeah," he agrees, but the conviction is just not there. He begins to crawl under his covers.

James closes his eyes again, and pushes into the bed, "Glad you're back. Things go to shit when you're gone." After a long pause, he adds, "Night."

Lucas chuckles, "Ah was gone a day an' a half, Jimmy. How bad could it have gotten?"

James shrugs, "Bad enough. Baaaad enough. I ironed it out though. Someone had to."

Lucas gets settled in the bed, wiping his eyes, and pulling the covers around his neck. "Don't let me forget in the mornin'. Ah brought you back somethin' from Chatt. Box of Moon Pies."

James nearly sits bolt upright, "Dude…I haven't had those in years. No wonder I keep letting you sleep in here." He lays back down, "And..thanks."

Lucas shrugs a little, propping his head up so he can stare at the guitar leaning against the wall near his feet. "No problem, dude. Thank you. It was nice seein' maw." He smiles, "Night."

James turns on his side, "Night, Lucas." He'd say more, but…what else is there?

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