2010-07-22: Deal With The Devil


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Summary: DareDevil gets paid a visit in Hells Kitchen, and is given an offer from the Avengers.

Date: July 22, 2010

Log Title: Deal with the Devil

Rating: PG

NYC- Hells Kitchen- Some Random Alley

Night in Hell's Kitchen means that one, the mischief makers are about. Gangbangers hang on their stoops, and drug dealers in their shady alleys. One man surveys from along the rooftops, the Guardian Devil. Recently the real big stuff has been low on activity. Daredevil rests on the edge of a roof, waiting for someone to decide to do the wrong thing.

Getting a hold of Daredevil when you need him is proving to be a bit more problematic than she had expected. After all, shining a DD icon onto a low hanging cloud in Hells Kitchen just wouldn't work. Instead, She-Hulk had to dig through the Avenger archives to find the one time Captain America extended an invitation to the man to find the best method. So here she is, in the middle of Hell's Kitchen, all dressed up in full She-Hulk outfit with her fellow avengers, holding aloft a small device that's putting out a very specific frequency that would travel /miles/ and is inaudible to human ears. But not to Daredevil's.

When one needed to spice things up in life they had to look no further than the random decision making skills of one, Tony Stark. Instead of waiting for daylight and a suitable place to have a chat, the Avengers were standing in Hells Kitchen with Alessia, and trying to summon down DareDevil from wherever he may be perched at the moment. Of course, they were sticking out like a sore thumb to everyone around them. Not that anyone would mess with the lot of them, given who they were. Stark was still in his suit from earlier in the night, his hands shoved into his trouser pockets, and his shades on even though it was dark as sin where they were all standing.

Alessia is just…you know, standing nearby. Usual button down and slacks, looking small and deceptively harmless.

Rather than wear the BRIGHT costume (aka HI, I'm in spandex and I'll be your designated Agro Target tonight) nor also the rather smoke-tinged drop-armor he was wearing earlier, Keld is dressed in blue jeans, motorcycle boots, a clean white tee shirt, and over that a black leather motorcycle jacket, and of course amber sunglasses. It's the classic. He tries to look harmless, but probably fails.

The sound of the beacon rings out through Hell's Kitchen, reaching DareDevil almost instantly. He knows the sound, and it means 'Get the hell over here.' And he does, hopping almost instantly up from his perch, he runs. ~That's a sound I almost never expected to hear. Gave it to the Avengers years ago.~ He stops just short of the edge of the roof in front of where they stand. Walking softly, he jumps down into the alleyway adjacent to the building. Hiding in the shadows, not that he can see them. "You can shut that off now." Rings his voice from the alley, his gruff sounding voice masking his true voice. Just another separation from the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen.

"Oh!" She-Hulk says, sounding surprised, and flipsthe switch on the device. "I had no idea if it was even working, to be honest." She turns to face the alley and squints to try to make him out in the darkness. "Glad it did. Want us to come in there, or should we stay out here?" She's not really sure what the protocol for this is.

"Mmm, I've missed clandestine meetings in dark alleys. I thought I was past that phase of my life ages ago," Tony says sarcastically. Sotto voce to AL and Keld near him, "You know, the homeless alcoholic years." With that Tony saunters over towards where DareDevil is, because waiting out in the open was less appealing than the alley.

Alessia follows along with Tony, quiet and keeping a sharp eye out around them. Sure, she's surrounded by superheroes. Doesn't mean she shouldn't stay sharp.
Impersonating a bodyguard type comes easy to Keld; he spent a couple years as an ambassador's bodyguard in his time with "Space Other-Planet Information-Thief-Soldier Division" … the literal translation — and it seemed to him that She-Hulk could get away with Just Being Herself, and Tony, well, nobody can tell him how to go about being Tony, hence needing a bodyguard. TWO in some situations. Like this one.

"It works just fine, apparently." Two red gleams show from inside the alleyway. He was about to answer, and then the good Mr. Stark decides to choose for him. The homeless alcoholic bit has Matt chuckling on the inside. Before they all come in. "What did you need?" He asks, looking around to the rest. His billy clubs stored right on his hip, stowed away. DareDevil, it seems isn't angry about his being called.

"We need your help," says She-Hulk as she walks into the alley, and then rolls her eyes at herself. "Obviously." She pulls out the PDA that Tony had given her the other night with all the information about Ahab and the future on it. "There's a man out there by the name of Ahab who's on a one-man vendetta against mutants. While that itself isn't all that abnormal, the fact that he comes from the future and has technology to make said mutants genetically and mentally loyal to him /is/." She reaches out to hand the other hero the datapad. "One of his targets is my intern, Rashmi Franklin. She, apparently, is very influential in the future, and he would benefit greatly if could turn, or worse, kill her. She lives with her parents about a block or two outside of Hell's Kitchen proper."

In a world of his own, partially created by lack of sleep and gallons of coffee, Tony leans against a wall across from where DareDevil is standing. "Hmm, cutting to the chase I see." Tony laughs as Jen has taken the imitative to address things. "Well, it's either your Lucky day or your unlucky day depending on how you look at it," he tells the man. "It's a two-fer. Since I like to bombard people with too much information at a time, I'm also wondering if you've considered taking up Cap's ancient offer of being an Avenger. I"m always looking for a few good men!" As if things couldn't get more complicated Tony is looking about at the others and down the alley clearly fidgeting before pulling out a computer pad to do something useful.

Alessia rolls her eyes, shaking her head at Tony as she takes up a stance near where he leans against the wall. His fidgeting noted, the redhead reached one hand out to touch his shoulder. A glance at DareDevil, but she still remains silent.

Keld moves discreetly past She-Hulk to look down the alley, then up and around and through (literally) the buildings around, deliberately blocking his sight when he passes over the costumed man (because it'd be rude to get his ID without permission if he's a peer) and then past. Then he takes up a post near Tony but on the other side.

DareDevil takes the PDA offered to him, looking at it and moving his head a little as he 'looks' at it. Not that he can see it though. "So, I'm supposed to be Arnold Schwarzenegger for this girl?" He doesn't want to say it, but it's much better than the activity he's seen here lately. "I'll have to meet her, whether it be with or without her knowing." Part for practicality's sake. How is he supposed to protect a girl that he has no clue what she looks like, what kind of sound she makes? And then the offer again. ~I knew there was a reason Stark came.~ "I have, in fact, I was going to grab your attention soon about it." He says back to Tony.

Jennifer nods at Daredevil, shooting him a wide grin. "She'd love to meet you, too, actually. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow and we'll see if we can't set up a meeting for the two of you." Tony's revelation of inducting the vigilante into the Avengers catches her off guard. Daredevil's response doubly so.

"Oh?" Tony perks up when DareDevil answers his question. The pad is forgotten for now, in fact its put back in the pocket he had taken it out from only moments ago. He's noticed Jennifer's reaction and tries to expound upon things a bit."I may have not extended the previous offer personally, but I'm here to gauge if you're still interested. Which, from what you're saying, you might be. I'd like to extend an invite to the mansion so that you can get a feel for things, talk to people, see if you'd like the way we do things." Tony turns his head from side to side to gauge the reactions of those flanking him, and offers a half smile toward Al in thanks for keeping him from bouncing off the walls. He had no intention of becoming the next Speedball.

Alessia lets her thumb rub against the back of his arm, before she's taking up a lean against the wall with her shoulder, facing Tony. There isn't much reaction, because Al isn't an Avenger.

This is also an interesting surprise for Keld, He starts going through his memory of the Avenger's Archives, looking for information about the red-clad vigilante. His expression is impassive; he'll share his opinions in a more private place. (And continues playing the role of bodyguard for the rest of the excursion.)

DareDevil also 'looks' to see the others reaction to the offer. He's a little cautious of the staying at the mansion, hard to keep cover when you're talking to people off of the clock, so to speak. Much less explain to your business partner on why you've been gone. "No offense, but I'd prefer if no one know who I am, yet." Whether or not Captain America knew who he was, is not known, but there are some that do. Just no one here. To Jennifer, double D replies; "I'd like to talk more details, what kind of protection are you looking for for your intern?"

Jennifer arches an eyebrow at Daredevil's reaction. "It's not like we're asking you to stay at the mansion. Just to come over to get a feel for what it's like." She shakes her head, "I'm not asking for 'round the clock protection. She's going to be with me for most of the day. I just need somebody keeping an eye out in her area for anything funny going on."

Tony agrees with how Jennifer put things. He would like to see DareDevil stop by at some point just to see how things run or in some cases, dysfunctionally run over at the mansion. As Tony has made his request to the masked man, he finds that he doesn't really have a reason to hang around other than to interject comments here and there. "I think I'll leave you two, to you know…iron out the details." Tony steps away from the wall and extends a hand toward DD. "Was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to see you around."

Alessia pushes away from the wall, a nod to both of the other Supers. "Have a nice evenin'.", she drawls with that hint of lazy L'siana accent. Then a glance at Tony, clearing wondering if his next destination is home.

"Sorry, I didn't know just how things worked there." Almost rolling his eyes behind his mask. "I think that would be easy. And she'd know that I would be making sure she was alright, correct?" He'll have to give her one of those beacons as a panic button. DareDevil nods to Tony as he takes his leave, same with Alessia, though he doesn't exactly know what she was there for.

Jennifer nods at Daredevil. "Unless you'd prefer her not to know. I've been nothing but upfront about what's going on with her, and she understands the kind of danger she's in." She turns to the trio and gives them a smile. "I'll catch you all later."

Tony doesn't take any offense by DD not shaking the extended hand. Instead Stark seems unphased, and nods to SheHulk as she says her goodbyes to him and Al. Since Keld seemed to be willing to go with him as a pretend guard the trio make their way back to the waiting car. Keld would be dropped off at the mansion and Stark would be heading back to the Towers to hopefully collapse after the rush of caffeine wore off.

DareDevil watches as the trio get into the car. And then back to She-Hulk. "I didn't know how you were handling it. She can know about me. It would be a little easier if she did know, I can give her one of those." He offers, pointing to the beacon used to call him to this meeting place. "And you know how to get my attention." Matt will just have to get used to listening out for it.

Jennifer nods and pockets the device in her pouch. "Sounds good. Likewise, if you ever need some muscle," she says, flexing an arm with a grin, "We'll set you up with a communicator."

DareDevil gives a nod. "I'll keep you in mind." He says, before reaching for one of those billy clubs and extending it towards the roof. "I'll keep in touch." He says, shooting the peton off and he's lifted to the rooftop.

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