2012-02-24: Death Of Knight



Summary: Skeletal Knights make their attack on Kalindi

Date: February 24, 2012

Log Title: Death of Knight

Rating: PG-13

NYC - East 42nd Street

Traveling from East to West in the center of Manhattan is 42nd street. The long street is home to Grand Central Station, United Nations, Bryant Park, New York Public Library and Times Square. This street has many stores and restaurants tailored to the more upscale and tourists of the city. There are also many theatres along this street for Broadway Musicals and motion pictures.

Between the many traveling to Grand Central Station to get home and then the tourists coming to and from Times Square make for the usual crowd on Fourty Second Street. The sun has gone down and the bright lights of New York illuminate the street. The sound of honking horns, curing New Yorkers, screaming children and more fill the air with endless noise.

Kalindi is walking down the street, using a regular wood cane to assist her walking, as she recovers from an unforunate bullet through her shin. The young woman rolls her eyes lightly at all the noise in the area, approaching a crosswalk and momentarily just leaning against the post for the streetlights.

As Kalindi stands there she'll here a few people mutter about forgetting something and turn around or say they meant to go another way and turn down a street going away from Fourty Second. With in five minutes the block she stands on is cleared of all people except for her and the normal sounds that fill the New York night become muffled, as if there is a curtain between her and the rest of New York. A cold starts to blow through the area, cutting through any warmth that was previously there.

"This is the thing I hate, all of these chilly weathers," grumbles Kalindi, glancing about. She purses her lips when she notices that there aren't many people around, rubbing her free hand across her other arm, over the thick heavy bracelet she's wearing, and she frowns slightly as she continues looking about.

It isn't that there aren't many people around, there is no one around. The dampened noise gets further and further away until the silence is eerie and unnatural for New York. The chill gets more intense as ice starts to form over the street signs, fire hyrdants and lamp posts. An icy sheen starts to even form over Kalindi's cane. Then there's a series of popping noises as the street lights start to explode and go out. At the same time the store signs buzz as they start to flicker off leaving Kalindi in darkness.

Kalindi tosses her cane down, reforming the gold around her body so that some forms a brace around her leg and the rest forms a sword and shield, as the young woman demands as she triest to let her eyes adjust to the darkness, "Who is it? What is it that you want?"

The moon emerges from behind a cloud, shinning down on the street below to provide light. Five pairs of red eyes shine and are attached to armour clad skeletons. The armour they wear has been blacked and highly detailed with silver and red inlay. Each skeleton is armed, two with matching sword and shield, one with a spear, and two wielding zweihander. The Skeleton with the spear steps forward his gaze focuses on Kalindi and his mouth opens as a greenish mist hisses out. The mist smells like death. Words echo out, sounding like steel bricks hitting a metal floor. "WE ARE THE MASTERS LOYAL KNIGHTS. WE WANT YOU TO COME WITH US."

The blade reforms into a mace, and Kalindi says, "Who is your master? I would rather not come, and I will defend myself." She steps quickly forward towards the skeleton with the spear, using her brace to guide and protect her leg, swinging the mace down towards its head. "Leave me alone!"

The commands from Kalindi are ignored by the Death Knights as the two with the zweihanders stand back and the other two start to advance on her. The Knight with the spear though gets hit in the head and with a bone cracking sound, the skull tilts to the side, looking it a bit off. The skull starts to right itself back up slowly but it's taking the time to 'fix' itself rather than attack. As for the two sword and shield wielding Knights, one comes in with a low swing, using the flat of his blade, to try to knock Kali of her feet while the other aims a hit at her with it's sheild to assist in hopefully pushing her off her feet.

Kalindi is indeed knocked off her feet, but she just rolls back and back onto her feet, crouching low and taking a swipe at one of the sword and shield wielding skeleton's feet, using the shield to defend against oncoming attacks. "You stupid skeletons, you do not even answer, it will be better for you to answer!" Her eyes flash black, the unnatural glow seemingly pulling the light from the air.

The two with the large swords continue to stand their, almost stoically, just watching. The one with the spear stands his weapon on the ground, and where physics says it should fall over, it doesnt. He takes both hands, lifts up his head and moves to put it on correctly with a few bone grinding twists. "THE MASTER DOES NOT WISH YOU HARMED. THE MORE YOU RESIST WE MAYBE FORCED TO FURTHER INJURE YOU." He says in that unnatural voice. Kalindi's mace hits the leg of the skeleton, not denting the armour but the leg shifts to rest at an unnatural angle and the skeleton has to get his balance. The last of the five tosses his sword a few inches into the air and catches the handle so that the the blade is facing back and he's weilding it pommel first. He swings his arm back and goes to try to hit Kalindi in the side of the head with the pommel.

Kali defends against the blow with her shield, preventing herself from being knocked silly, and she says, "Well, when people do not wish me harmed they ask me for an audience, but /this/ is not polite! This makes me think it is hostile!" She tosses the shield at the skeleton that attacked her, using her powers to accelerate the weapon through the air, though as she takes a step back she winces slightly, from that pain in her leg.

The shield moves through the hair and hits the Death Knight with a ring that lingers and he sumbles backwards and falls to the ground. Though all combative actions from the Knights stop for now and all ten red, glowing eyes fix themselves on Kalindi. "OUR MASTER DEMANDS AN AUDIENCE WITH YOU." It says to her in a voice that sounds like the slamming of coffin lids. "IF YOU ATTACK AGAIN WE WILL BE FORCED TO ATTACK BACK AND BRING YOU FORCIBILY."

"Demands an audience," says Kalindi, wiggling her fingers in the air and rolling her eyes, "This is still a thing that is rude." She brings the shield back to herself and says, "/I/ demand that he /asks/! And if I must grind your bones to dust for some decency, then that is what I will do!"

The skeleton previously knocked over stands up and starts to adjust himself, fixing the bones that have been bashed out of place. The one with the injured leg also is adjusting to fix himself. The 'leader' with the spear speaks again. "YOU WILL COME WITH US." The demanding voice rings out in a tone that sounds like mountains moving.

Kalindi raises her shield and says, peering over it, "Make me. Is your master a crazy cult leader? Probably wants to sacrifice me on an altar. Bah! I will not be so easy!"

"NO." Is the only answer Kalindi received as this time all five Skeletons move in on her. The one with the spear seems to be weild it like a staff for the time being, coming in to strike her with the handle rather than the blade. The two with the zweihander each, in turn, take a swipe at Kalindi, still using the flat of the blades and the last two do the same, swing at her with the flat of the blade. It seems the fight is on again and this time they're fighting harder as a team.

Kalindi uses her shield to block the swing from the spear, trying to use the blade to parry the oncoming great swords, but she's a bit too slow, once again distracted by her damaged leg. Instead of a riposte, she stumbles and then throws the mace at the on who hit her's head, once again propelling with her power.

Kalindi uses her shield to block the swing from the spear, trying to use the blade to parry the oncoming great swords, but she's a bit too slow, once again distracted by her damaged leg. Instead of a riposte, she stumbles and then throws the mace at the one wielding the zweihander who hit her, using her powers to propel it before getting smacked about by the two using a sword and shield, making a valiant effort to swing her shield around and block, but once again not quite making it.

The contact with the spear on the shield rings with force and for a moment Kalindi would feel a tingling in her arm from the force. The Death Knight with the spear goes for another attack, feinting for a high strike before aiming low, to hit the leg that seems to be injured. The mace though strikes one of the death knighs and his head goes flying off and not able to see what he's attacking, one of the other Knights with the sword and shield has to run off and retrieve the head of it's mate. Which leaves three on Kalindi. One Knight goes to strike Kalindi across the back with the flat of the blade while the other swings down with the flat of the blade to strike at Kali's shield arm.

Kali brings her mace back to herself with her abilities, trying to return it through the spearman after taking the strike to the leg. She falls to one knee at that, using her shield again to block one of the blows, her arm lowering from this force again, sprawling forward upon being hit on the back.

The skeleton with his head knocked off is finally having it returned to him but the two are taking the time to get it afixed back to his skeletal body. As she sprawls foward the spearmen and the Knight with the zweihander both draw back a step, still on guard, as the last Death Knight swings the pommel of the blade to hit her in the back of the head to hopefully render her unconscious.

Kalindi is rendered unconscious by the blow to the back of her head, just as she is trying to raise herself back to her feet. She becomes much more peaceful when she's sleeping.

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