2010-08-10: Defeating The Dingo


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Summary: Dingo is spotted in Hell’s Kitchen by a few cops. He gets into a fight with them, but is subdued by Caleb and a random civilian.

Log Title: Defeating the Dingo

Rating: R (LV)

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.


Hell's Kitchen seems to be living up to its name. The overcast sky that has been promissing rain since this morning has not yet kept its word. The result is a humid, hot city that smells like warm garbage. The denizens of the city seem not to notice the uncomfortable conditions. The go about their evening talking on their cell phones and listening to their MP3s as they go from place to place. There do seem to be more police officers out tonight than there usually are, it may have something to do with the increase in violence in this portion of town.

There is a man in a brown and orange costume standing on top of one of the shorter buildings. He leans over the edge and frowns at the crowd, his duster blowing in the wind behind him. The tinted goggles work well to obscure his identity, but Dingo has a hard time seeing so well at night when he has them on. Maybe he'll redesign them. The man shakes his head, pulling himself back to the task at hand. He'd heard that there was a bit of violence over here a few days back. The police didn't react so nicely to the mutant who caused the commotion, but he suspected that she'd reacted to something they'd said or done.

Finding himself in a place he's decided several times he wasn't going near again is Caleb, since Craig can't come to Barnes, Caleb has to go to his place, still if he keeps his head down and walks quickly, nothing should happen, he hopes, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, black air walk trainers, a white, black and purple checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his white hair is gelled in a casual bedhead look and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he's walking quickly past the strip club hoping none of the policemen where around any of the times he was here.

Dingo taps his fingers impatiently on the railing of the roof he's standing on. There are far too many police officers here for him to pull one aside for an interrogation. Looks like he'll have to…The sound of a gunshot rings through the air and Dingo grabs his shoulder. "What the bloody hell?" He glances around quickly and sees a very nervous looking police officer on the roof of the building next to him.

The officer continues to hold up his gun and wavers slightly. "You there! You're the mutant terrorist Dingo! Freeze or I'll shoot again!" He holds up a radio and begins speaking quickly into it. "Dingo sighted on top of the Gershwin. Need backup ASAP!" The officers down below begin to mobilize.

Dingo runs toward the edge of the roof and leaps, transforming into sand as the officer fires again. The bullet in his shoulder falls out of him and the other passes through harmlessly as Dingo slams into the attacking officer and knocks him prone. The mutant swirls around the cop and lifts him into the air before going over the edge with his hostage. The two slam into the awning of the theatre and land in a heap on the ground in front of the main entrance. Dingo returns to human form and pulls the officer up off the ground, glaring at the other cops around him. "Alrighty, folks. Here's how this is gonna work. Yer all gonna stop attacking my people on sight, or I'm gonna start attacking your people on sight, got it?" His left hand transforms into a sand-blade and he holds it up to the hostage officer's throat.

Caleb watches as the sand and the officer land on the ground, and Dingo reforms with a blade to the officers throat, "Feck, feck, feck", just keep walking, you don't have to get involved, but…, he takes a deep breath and fires a violet blast of energy at Dingo, planning on running for it straight after.

Dingo is looking over the crowd of officers slowly as he surveys the situation. Unsurprisingly many of the pedestrians have decided that now is a good time to scream and run away. "I've heard that you boy's've been shooting at mutants as they walk through here. Thought I'd take a look. Looks like I weren't wrong, eh?" He motions to his wounded shoulder, still bleeding from the gunshot. He opens his mouth to say something again and sees the violet blast coming at him from Caleb's direction. He turns slightly so that the officer will take the brunt of the force and both are slammed backward toward the glass door behind them. They crash through and cause a bit more panic inside of the theatre.

"Fuck!, that wasn't supposed to happen", now the question is, does he run like he planned to, or stay and try to help the police out?, unsure of what to do, Caleb is frozen in indecision.

Seemingly confused by what has just happened, a few of the officers look over at Caleb. "Hey! Another Mutant! He just shot Rodger!" And then "No, I think he was shooting at Dingo" and "Yeah, I think he attacked Envy the other night, but he ended up hitting the apartment behind Blockbuster." They seem generally indecicive about what to make of the ghost boy, but they all seem unified in their desire to capture Dingo. "Well, your blast seemed to knock him back. More than our bullet's'll do."

Inside of the theatre Dingo seems a bit dazed. He wasn't quite expecting to be blasted like that and hadn't sanded up before going through the glass wall. The officer he was using as a hostage appears unconscious at the moment, but Dingo seems not to care. He knocks away the officer's gun and turns to sand, coming back through the window he fell through and turning in the general direction of Caleb.

Caleb gulps and takes a step backwards when the police turn their attention to him but can't help but grin at the emission that he can do better than they can, that feeling is short lived however as the sand-dingo comes though the broken glass window and begins making it's way towards him, "Look, you know i got connections with SHIELD, if you just go quietly they won't come for you", he is of course completely bluffing, Dingo could easily kill him before he could even contact Barnes.

The sand form charges for Caleb but its aim seems a little off. It would appear that Dingo cannot aim so well when his eyes are made of sand. The golem charges straight past Caleb and into the street. Seeming to understand its error, the sand-dingo turns and prepares to make a second pass. The officers are firing into the golem but seem to be unable to damage it.

Caleb heart starts pounding as Dingo narrowly misses, but (and he'll never understand what made him say this) decides to shout to the police, "Yeah, shooting the guy made of sand, that'll help!", his hand start glowing brighter as he gets ready to defend himself, where are the superheroes when you need them!?

Dingo cannot see without his head, and he does not want to give those officers an easy target with all of them firing at him. He tries to direct himself toward where he thinks Caleb is and prepares to charge again. There is a bit of yelling, the sound of a motor, and the sand Dingo is slammed in the side by truck. It seems a civilian recognized Dingo and decided to be a hero, slamming into the golem and sending a spray of sand out of the creature. Dingo seems dazed, but he remains in sand form.

Caleb blinks in shock when sand-Dingo is hit by a truck, "Well, that’s unexpected", but that means he's solid enough to be hit by force, taking advantage of Dingo being dazed, he build up energy, "Thanks whoever you are", puts his hands together and fires a blast at the mass of sand.

Dingo seems to be pulling himself together after being struck by the vehicle. The sand golem is reconfiguring around the truck, entrapping the vehicle within its body and preventing the escape of whoever is inside of it. The sand-dingo turns and prepares to attack the civilian when Caleb's energy blast knocks it back again. The sand construct simply tears in half, the lower portion collapsing and becoming inanimate as the upper half is slammed into a wall across the street. The sands slide along the ground and pour into a grate in the ground, it would appear that Dingo intends to escape in the subway tunnels.

"Yes!", Caleb claps his hands together when the blast hits, he's getting better at this, when the sand starts slipping into the tunnels, he curses, "Fuck, hey, you driving the truck, cover up the grate, or he'll get away", so much for getting better at this.

The man in the truck seems unable to move his truck. There's still too much sand clogging up the gears in his truck to move it effectively. He offers an apologetic shrug to Caleb and gets out to start digging out his truck.

The officers watch the remaining sand suspiciously, as though expecting it to start attacking them again. After a few moments they decide instead to thank Caleb. "Thanks for your help kid, but that grate leads down to the 1. He could be anywhere on Broadway by now." A couple of other officers move over to where the hostage was knocked out. He seems fine but may have a broken ankle from the fall earlier.

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