2010-12-08: Defending The Fortress


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Summary: Fenrir catches Envy spying on Stark Towers. Envy decides she’ll try to kill him.

Log Title: Defending the Fortress

Rating: PG (V)

NYC - Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.


The night is cool, but not as cold as it has been. It is definately below freezing outside, but that doesn't seem to deter the denizens of New York from bustling about the city in search of holiday shopping deals. Eris frowns down at the street below, looking upon the humans as though they are vermin. The woman shakes her head, she has little time to waste despising the humans right now. The task at hand is much more important. Eris bends down to look into her telescoping camera again, stopping to take a few notes on a computer pad before snapping a few photographs.

Eris has been coming to spy on the building almost every night for the past several months. She has been taking notes on the movements of almost everyone inside of the tower, trying to supplement the areas that she could not see by taking paperwork from employees and attempting to sneak tracers and recording equipment in on workers. Unfortunately the security of the building has been a little too tight and she has only managed to get in a couple of implements. The woman sighs, her breath visible in the night air. She is currently wearing all black. A tight black outfit with tall boots covered with a long black trenchcoat.

With the rumors of some of the employees saying that they've seen someone on top of some of the buildings near by spying in, Kaji's taken it upon himself to do a bit of his own reconnaissance. Which was mainly standing in Tony's room with binoculars looking down. But, now he's gone out onto the buildings himself. The fur of his anthro form takes the bite out of the cold; but it's still noticeable to him. Thankfully, he's all black as well. But it's more natural than the woman's. Crouched atop a rooftop away, the wolf man stands up and walks over towards the edge of it. His swords crossed over his back as he just watches her silently for the moment.

Eris seems not to notice the other mutant just yet. She continues to scan the building for signs of the head of security. She hasn't been able to find him. The woman frowns with a slight bit of concern. That security guard had changed his routine recently and was spending a lot of time in Tony's office, but tonight he's just nowhere. She can't have people changing their usual movement patterns so close to the day she intended to strike.

and standing up, turning around to see Kaji standing on the other roof. She seems to jump slightly as though not expecting to see him there, but when she speaks it is as though she is not surprised. "Ah there you are. Did Tony let you out for a walkie?"

Kaji lets out a soft huff of air, that cloud of smog vanishing easily before he says, "You can't tame what I am. But it seems you've crawled out of the sewers then, hm?" He stays put where he is, his arms crossed over his chest as he seems to be wearing some sort of body-armor. Not high tech, but what you can buy from a specialist. To protect from knife wounds and gunshots. "And you've been out here for quite some time I gather."

Eris smirks at the other mutant, leaning on a hip and crossing an arm across her chest. She brings a gloved hand to her chin as though contemplating what to do about this setback. "Yes, I've been out here for a few hours. I don't suppose you came up here to ask me out to coffee? We could discuss how much better it would be for the world if you started using your gift to better mutant kind, rather than helping that pseudo-mutant bastard lock away our people." She smiles and shakes her head. "No. You're a lost cause, aren't you? You say you cannot be tamed, but it appears to me that Mr. Stark has you collared and neutered. All that remains is having you put down." She moves quickly, the arm across her chest extending forward as she throws a long diamond needle at Kaji.

Kaji tsks at that. "Oh you poor poo- Hey!" He leans backwards, letting the diamond needle pass by him as he growls. "I didn't come out here to fight you, but if you want to go toe to toe." He cracks his knuckles, "Then let's see how you fare." He takes a few steps back before he beckons her over towards his roof.

Eris smiles at Kaji, but her face shows signs of annoyance. The woman walks forward toward the wolf, not showing any sign that she intends to jump the gap between the buildings. "You didn't come out here to fight? You work for that bastard Stark, so I cannot assume that you just came out to talk." She reaches the edge of the building and puts her foot out to cross the gap, a crystal bridge suddenly erupting from the side of her building and crashing into the next. Small fragments of debris rain down to the alley below as she continues to move forward in a determined manner. "You probably thought that you could just come out here and I'd surrender to you willingly, is that is?" Eris holds out her hand behind her, a large crystal scythe growing out of the air. "Well. I'm not the kind to give up so easily."

Kaji quirks a brow at the crashing bridge, stepping back a few more times as he lets out a soft laugh. "Oh, I didn't think you'd surrender quietly. Nor did I expect a full on fight." He unsheathes his swords from his back, the blue aura forming around the blades. "I did expect a bit of resistance." Those swords spin in his hands before he grins. "And women never are."

The scythe fully forms as Eris approaches the wolf. The weapon is massive, and being made of diamond one may estimate it to weigh well over a hundred pounds. Eris seems to have no difficulty wielding the weapon, holding it as though it weighs nothing. She smiles at Kaji's weapons and tips her head a bit. "Oh how cute! The doggie has some little knives." She spins her body and brings the blade of her scythe down, slashing at the other mutant from above.

Kaji rolls his eyes a bit before he puts a foot back, he flips one sword to run back along his arm as he brings that up to block the blade. The mutant easily able to withstand the weight of the weapon as he brings the other sword in front of him to slash at her stomach. "These knives do more than just cut." Whether or not the heat does anything, the blades are constantly running at 300 C (572 F).

Eris frowns at the wolf as he blocks her scythe. She reaches out one of her arms to block the second blade as it comes up to meet her, a ruby tonfa materializing to block the secondary attack. The woman appears to have no difficulty wielding the massive scythe with a single hand as she deflects the other attack and jumps back a few feet. She throws the tonfa at the ground near Kaji's feet, where the weapon smashes into the ground and transforms into a large ruby spike, growing diagonally out of the ground toward the wolf.

Kaji lets out a growl as he pushes up against the scythe when she blocks that attack and then throws the tonfa at the ground. He leaps backwards from the tonfa before it erupts into a spike launching towards him. He deflects the tip with a sword, using the force of the momentum to push himself to the side as he skids slightly to a stop. "Nice moves, you're a fair dancer." He spins the swords once more in his hands, panting slightly.

Eris smirks at the wolf, changing her stance and grasping the scythe with two hands again. "Thanks, pup. You're not too bad with those swords. Most people would have been impaled by that attack." She hesitates a moment before moving again to determine wind speed and direction. "Now I have a bit left to do tonight, so if you would kindly DIE ALREADY!" She yells the last few words as she spins her body, transforming her scythe into two of her signature ceiling-fan sized ninja stars. She hurls the two sixty pound blades at the wolf in rapid succession.

Kaji just smirks, keeping his training silent. But as he goes to speak, she flings those ceiling fans at him! He brings his hands together, clicking the swords into one entity. He grips the handle with both hands and swings the sword upwards hard, aiming to collide with the bottom one to knock it upwards to make the second fly off course. Though the first one will still probably hit him.

While the wolf is distracted with her projectiles, Eris darts to the side to collect that Ruby spire and reconfigure it into a short sword. She charges forward, slamming a foot into the ground and causing a cracking noise in the roof below them. The room shudders before an array of crystal spines erupts from the ground near Kaji's feet. Eris heard the clang of the crystal star hitting the blade, but she was not watching to see if either struck the wolf.

Kaji steps backwards as one the star cuts the side of his face, thankfully causing him to step back more as the crystals shoot up from the ground. The anthro clicks the swords back into two as he brings up both of them to catch her blade in an X block. Once the block hits, if it does, he brings up his foot to kick her in the stomach.

Eris charges forward to slash at the wolf with her blade. She frowns as she meets his double blade and angles her blade so that it is facing him. Still being held back by his own blades, the blade of the woman's sword begins to thin and lengthen, moving closer to the wolf's throat. Eris is so distracted by her own blade that she does not have time to block the kick, being knocked back a few yards and toppling onto her back.

Kaji lets out a grunt as the sword lengthens enough to prick under his muzzle in time for his kick to knock her away. He brings a hand up to rub at the wound for a second before he lunges forward; aiming two slashes. One from his shoulder diagonally down and another from her side to her hip.

Eris shakes her head slightly as she lands on her back, looking up in time to see Kaji leaping down at her. She extends her arms and slaps her hands down on the roof on either side of her. The ground around her erupts in another blossoming of crystal spikes, these ones crossing overtop the woman to protect her from the attack. Her side is covered in time to protect her from the blade, but the upper slash strikes the woman in the shoulder, causing her to yell out.

Kaji hops backwards once more, panting harder as he spins the swords to reset their grip. "This is going to be my only offer. Get the hell out of here and never come back. Then I won't be forced to do more harm to you." He points one sword over in the direction of the Mutant part of the city. "Go."

The partial shell around the woman shatters as she stands up, hunched slightly to grip her shoulder. She looks rather unhappy at the moment, her left arm hanging down with blood running down it to drip onto the roof below. Eris frowns at the wolf and tosses her hair back, closing her eyes as the crystals she has been using sink into the roof. The roof makes several loud cracking noises and trembles a few times. "Don't panic. I'm just replacing the minerals I removed from the roof." She opens her eyes again and tilts her head at Kaji. "Well, at least tonight hasn't been a total waste." She's been able to test the head of security. "I'll leave now, but only because I'd rather not destroy this entire building to take out a subordinate."

Kaji widens his stance as the roof trembles and he tightens the grip on his swords in response. He growls softly as he relaxes slightly, watching her closely as he says, "Well then. I'll consider myself lucky then." He doesn't move though as he watches her, "And I'm not going to move till you leave."

Eris smirks at Kaji and backs up off the roof toward her crystal bridge. "Yup. You'd best watch yourself, doggie. Don't get in my way when I come for your master." She offers a wave as she darts back across her bridge, stopping for a moment to pull the minerals back into the second roof. The woman then grabs her equipment and runs to the door to the roof. She slams the door behind her and braces it with a diamond rod in case the wolf decides he wants to try and follow.

Kaji chuckles. "Can't promise that." That's all he says as she bolts back into the house, then the wolf sheathes the swords once more and heads back into the Towers. It's going to be a fun time talking to Tony about this one. As well as Happy, and the entire security team.

~ Fin ~

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