There are a lot of terms used in Marvel Comics and on Marvel Revolution. Here, we will list some of the important ones. If you feel a word needs to be defined or better explained, please contact a staffer, and they'll add it to the list.

Alien A being from another planet. Usually, they have abilities or knowledge beyond baseline humans. (Hulkling, Sentry, Ms. Marvel). Some are also Alien Mutants Ariel, Warlock, Remix
Altered Human A human that has been altered by external influences. This can be from a variety of reasons. Many Altered Humans can also be considered Mutates, but not all. Tony Stark after Extremis Armor, Captain America, Speedball, Fantastic Four
Android A human-seeming construct that was not once a human, though has been patterned after one. Vision, Toro, Super Adaptoid, Victor Mancha
Cyborg A being that has been combined with technological parts. Generally, a cyborg cannot function properly without both organic and mechanic parts. Deathlok, Omega Sentinel, Lady Deathstrike, Donald Pierce
Human A baseline person with no special powers or abilities on their own. This includes techies like Tony Stark, before Extremis Armor, and those who get their powers from mystic gadgets or devices like Juggernaut
Mutant A person born with the X-Gene. This gene awakened and granted them powers. Usually, this awakening is either during puberty or during an extremely stressful event. The X-Men, New Mutants, Hellfire Club
Mutate 1) A person whos body has been altered on a genetic level by some external factor, granting them abilities. They do not read as a mutant. Captain America, Fantastic Four
Mutate 2) A mutant who was a Genoshan slave, altered mind and body to serve. These are no longer being created, though many are former Genoshan Mutates. Formerly: Storm, Wolfsbane, Buff
Mystic One capable of using magic. Dr. Strange, Monsoon, Fetish
Robot A created being that may look close to human but usually cannot pass. Most Robots do not want to pass for human either, though there are exceptions. Ultron, Jocasta
Superhuman Anyone with powers above and beyond those of baseline humans. Aliens with powers. Atlanteans. Mutants. Mutates.
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