2009-03-21: Delayed Phone Call


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Summary: Scott returns the call to Alex.

Date: March 21, 2009

Delayed Phone Call

Rating: G

After finishing up his work, Scott did manage to check his phone receiving the rare call from his own brother. It takes Scott some time to give his call back. He's never had the best relationship with Alex, but when either of them do manage to ask help from the other, it's usually serious. The ringing tones in Scott's ear count down to the one where Alex will pick up, it's a waiting game, anxiety building up with every passing tone.

It's quiet where Alex is. And that's not necessarily a good thing. Finally, he picks up his cell phone. "Figured you'd call back soon." He says, a little on the flippant side, as usual when dealing with Scott. After the news broadcast and the phone call, yeah. Things are definately in high gear. "Everything ok over there? How's… How's Lorna?" Of course, that's the first one he asks about.

"Had to build a new dorm building after most of it was torn apart. Lorna's fine, after what happened with Sinister." He assumes Alex knows about Sinister's latest foray into genetically altering students and one X-Man. The headmaster moves onto the business side of things. "And Forge? What about him?"

"He's fine. Rebuilding his arm and leg as we speak. But we… he… In order to shut down this portal for good, Memphis has to be taken offline first. Then we have to cross to the other side and take it down." Blunt, he doesn't know how else to say it. He doesn't WANT to say he needs help, not when Scott's actually responding. "Memphis is the power supply as well as keeping them all hyperpowered over here. At least, according to the data Forge has extracted."

"So, someone has to take down the other site to end this whole damn thing?" He asks, looking outside his window from his office. "I'll assemble some X-Men and head to Memphis as soon as we can." He's already thinking of the team. Scott just gives a sigh into the phone. He saw the team Alex assembled, noticing Victoria, and Gabriel. One being someone he thinks is a psycho, and the other a graduate of the school. "That must be where that 'enhancer' is. We have a good feeling that it's their version of a student over here, a power booster."

"I would bet on it being multiple people. Those forcefields out around the states? Those that looked like Cecilia's? They were her combined with Unus. They're using technology and holding mutants into the machines. They're forcing them to pump their powers nonstop. Unus and Cecilia were almost dead by the time we got to them." Havok explains. "We have to take down that end, and then cross the border and destroy the machinery. Forge said it looked cobbled together. Alien technology combined with something he would make."

"Figures, they should have had access to some alien tech. Mix that with Forge's ability and there you have it. How much resistance did they have around the Staples center?" He asks, he'll have recon photos taken in Memphis ASAP, now that they are back on the map. Scott starts to write down the details.

"That's the problem. None. None at all. I have a feeling they're on the other side of the portal, just holding everything together, fighting with OUR Forge to open it back up. All I had were some Jamie ripoffs." Alex says, thinking about things. "I think they had it so wrapped up in their heads that they were right, that there's nothing needed to be done. The people in cali were living like normal."

"Huh, right, waiting for us to strike in and have the fight on their turf. Giving them ad advantage." He bets that the same thing will probably happen in Memphis, but he will have a typical loadout all the same. Scott places down the paper and pen, just a bunch of Madrox clones isn't really worth putting down on paper. "Okay, We'll keep in touch on our side."

"Alright. Let me know when you come this way. I'd say bring everyone you can find. If you can get the Avengers, bring'em. I have a bad feeling about this." Hey, at least Alex is honest. "And Scott?" There's a long… pregnant pause. "Thanks."

"Yeah I'll head over to their mansion, see if they care to join in on this thing." Scott's got a bad feeling about this too. "Yeah?" long pause… "Don't mention it. I'll keep you informed." The conversation went off without a real argument… weird.

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