2009-05-28: Delivering Information


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Summary: Jessica tells Scott what she knows about the power stealing green thing.

Date: May 28, 2009

Log Title Delivering Information

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

Once in a while an Avenger might drop in on the X-Mansion to deliver some news of some sort. Today that Avenger is Jessica. She didn't really give a call of warning but instead showed up in street clothes. Spider-Woman was told that Scott was in his office and headed right up there to give him some news that she thinks he might find important. There's a quick rap on Scott's door as Jessica waits not so paitently for him to answer.

The headmaster has been looking better, definitely. The headmaster only gets half way into saying 'come in' before Jessica enters the room. As of now, the X-Man known as Cyclops has been gaining weight, and it shows on his face, and on his stomach. "What can I help you with?" He asks the incoming Avenger, as they do have the olive branch extended to them.

If Scott's appearance startles her, Jessica tries to hide it. "Hello Scott, I have some information that might be useful to both of us. I've heard that something has been stealing powers and such." She's an Avenger and a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, she knows…things. "Something was stolen from the Avenger Mansion recently and I think it has to do with this whole power fiasco. I also think I know who might be behind this."

The rotund school administrator is glad Jessica isn't saying anything about his current situation. "It most likely gave my students and faculty these mismatched abilities. You know how I look normally." He says, mentioning his bulbous state. "What was stolen?" The brown eyed mutant questions, he's hoping this will lead to getting the right powers back to everyone."

"I do." Jessica says and where she's serious on the outside a part of her giggles on the inside. "Did you ever hear of something called the Super-Adaptoid. It was defeated in in one of our storage facilities to prevent it from coming back." She says hoping that it rings some bells with Scott as the X-Men have had a run or two with it.

Scott gives a bit of time to think, but ends up nodding. "I do remember it somewhat. Is that what was stolen?" He asks the Spider Woman. Scott still taking hos job as X-Man and headmaster of the school seriously.

Jessica nods. "Yes, it was but from what reports I heard it isn't exactly like the orginal as the orginal never stole or swapped powers." She says with a sigh. "AIM is defintately behind this as they tried to steal soemthing eles from us but lucky for all of us one officer with powers decided to be in the right place at the right time."

"Good, AIM still should be taken care of in this matter. One adaptoid is plenty, I can't imagine what they would do with multiples in the city." Scott offers, a small sigh accompanying it as well.

"I don't know exactly what that thing was since apparently the Super Adapatoid has only copied powers in the past, never stolen." Jessica says with a sigh. Advanced Ideas and Mechanics, only them. "I don't know what AIM is working on but it sounds pretty intense. There haven't been anymore reports of anything else in the city after this though."

"But that could only mean that what they have in the pipeline is almost ready for deployment. We need to check in on their sites, hopefully get some info on what they are doing so we will be ready if they deploy." Scott says, he may be fat and immovable, but his drive is still there it seems.

"I really don't know Scott, I've just told you what I do know. I'll keep an eye out for you and let you know if I've discovered anything." Jessica says brushing back her long dark hair. "Thanks for your time Scott, is there anything I can help with in the meantime?"

"I think we are okay for now. But I'l keep you informed at the compound." Scott says, his voice sounding different through the jowls of his face. The corpulent educator looks to Jessica, he wants to get out of this power, really fast. He's got a pretty good guess on who's power he has at the moment.

Jessica gives Scott a friendly smile and nods. "Thanks Scott, and I'll do the same if I hear anything from the Avengers or SHIELD." She offers a hand for Scott to shake before taking off hoping that this will help in any progress with getting things back to normal and figuring out what exactly AIM wants to do.

The headmaster gives Jessica's hand a shake, arm girth jiggling from the motion. "Thanks, Jessica." Scott says before moving back to his desk, back to work it seems.

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