2012-03-04: Depressing Night


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Summary: Both Taylor and Nick are missing their missing friends.

Date: March 4, 2012

Log Title: Depressing Night

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Coming into the room with a small box in his hand is Nicholas. He sees Taylor sleeping on the couch and tires to sneak on in quietly to not wake her up. As soon as he settles down on the chair he looks at the television for a bit and telekinetically takes the remote so he can start flipping through channels before putting it back on the cartoon Taylor was watching before. Once he's done he rips into the package pulling out a video game.

At the channel being changed, Taylor's ears perk to the alert position and the feline student is on their feet in a flash, seemingly ready for a fight. Until reality kicks in, and Tay's claws retract. "Oh. Whoops, I must have dozed off there for a second…" Tay eyerubs and then looks up towards the package, "What've you got?"

Nicholas smiles at Taylor and shrugs. "No worries, I didn't mean to wake you up." He holds up a copy of Dante's Inferno for PS3. "It was cheap and I hadn't played it yet so I'm hoping it'll be fun." He says unwrapping it and flipping through the book. "So how's your weekend been? I wish it were just one day longer, two days goes by so quick."

Taylor nods at Nicholas and says, "Oh, yeah, I definitely wish for a longer weekend… I've been working on my dolls mostly, I just finished reproducing this dress on one of them. I figured wearing it was the easiest way…" The feline student facerubs and then notes about the game, "I don't think I've ever played it. I doubt that it'd be two player, though."

"Working on your dolls?" Nick asks inquisitively as he doesn't remember hearing her talk about them before. "Not a big surprise but I spent a lot of time with Orion and keeping Ahmed company. I've just been trying not to be too crazy with worry."

"Oh, that's… when you first met me, I was working on making dolls, remember? It's kind of my hobby… making dolls and then dressing them up, and then making like… little scenes for them to be in," says Taylor, glancing away while saying that, seeming a bit embarrassed, "And yeah, that's fair… I'm glad that Ahmed's alright."

"I really don't remember much about when I first met you other than being a real jerk." Nicholas says sounding a bit ashamed. "Just when I first got here everything was so overwhelming. It still is. I mean I was getting better with my parents and everything, if you can get better, and then just…Taylor I want to feel like I used to."

Taylor shrugs and says, "I understand that now, yeah. At the time I was just, well, pretty pissed at you, 'cause it's been hard for me to adjust and all that. And I didn't know…" The ocelot student frowns and looks down, "I wish that you could feel like you used to, too… wish I could help."

"Honestly, I don't like it. Feeling like this all the time." Nicholas says. "And I hate that Jill's gone. Maybe cause she's the nicest person I've met since coming here and she doesn't deserve to go missing. I just really hope she's okay" His hands tighten on the game he's holding and he looks right at Taylor. "You had every right to be pissed at me, I was a jerk. I still am sometimes. I know most the kids at this place can't stand me."

Taylor nods at Nicholas and says, "Yeah, that's understandable. I mean… I'm pretty upset that Dashenka is gone, and Jill… I hope that they're okay… but I mean, they were both taken, right? That dragon could've killed Dash right there if that's what was going to happen…" The feline looks a bit disturbed by the thought. "It's fine if you're jerky sometimes. I can be too, I guess…"

"So who is Dashenka?" Nicholas asks as he leans back in the chair and runs a hand through his hair. "She isn't a student here right? I know Evelyn got taken and then…" He puts a hand to his neck for a second before putting it back on his lap. "And that Sofia girl…. I just don't know what to do Taylor, I'm not a hero."

"Dashenka is a girl I met in the city. She's really nice, I like her a lot," says Taylor, smiling at that, "Russian girl, mutant who turns into a polar bear. She seems really strong even normally, though… but against a dragon…" The feline shrugs and says, "I don't know what to do either, honestly… I wish I could do something to help, like, smell it out or something but…"

"Yeah I know. Growing up my heroes, besides my Dad and Bodie, were guys like Han Solo and Indiana Jones and stuff. I know they're old movies but I used to watch them with my Dad a lot. They were his favourites." Nicholas explains. "Just now that I see what real adventure is and how it's not just…well…like in those the hero knows exactly what to do in real life, you just feel helpless."

"Yeah… I mean… I guess I've always had to look out for myself. Like, I never had heroes or anything. I protected myself and Tim 'cause… well, I could kick Tim's ass," says Taylor, raising a brow slightly, "But this is different than dealing with bullies. Bullies, you're pretty much clear on where they are and when…"

"Never dealt with bullies except myself." Nicholas says looking down from feeling a bit of shame. "I mean unless you count those Purifiers but I think there's a difference between bully and killer." He says bitterly. "Most heroic thing I've ever done is lifted a tractor off of Mr. Willis when it feel over on him. He looks at Taylor and offers her a smile. "Sorry, you must get really tired of me moping."

Taylor nods and says, "Yeah, the Purifiers sound like… fucking terrible, it makes me just sick to my stomach." The feline sits back down on the couch finally and then headshakes, "Nah, it's fine, take all the moping that you need to. I guess the most heroic thing I did was when I manifested… those guys almost killed Tim, and I had to protect him."

Nicholas stands up and walks over to give Taylor a hug. "Sorry you're dealing with a lot too Taylor. I hope they find Dash and Jill and the others soon. I really do." I'm gonna head to bed now, stupid school in the morning. Have a good night Taylor."

Taylor nods at Nicholas, and gives him a hug, "I hope so too… I'll seeya later, Nicholas. Have a good sleep. I've already screwed up sleeping through the whole night, but I'll probably go to bed in a bit too. Goodnight."

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