2009-04-08: Designing


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Summary: Jesse receives his first REAL costume customer

Date: April 8, 2009


Rating: R (for measuring of body parts for actual costume stuffs)

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Capes and Cowls

The business is not fancy. However, right next to the door is a large sign that says "Privacy Guaranteed and Certified." There are quite a few costumes hanging from racks around the place, all of the 'for fun' variety. The costumes that are similar to those of the heroes of the world. There is a fitting room to the right, and a register near the door.

There is a door leading to a back room, however, with a sign above it. 'Protective Wear'. On the door is an additional sign about guaranteed, certified privacy. For those that DO go into the backroom, there are samples of materials as well as a few designs of actual heroic costumes, with a stack of business cards. "For more information on actual protective, fashionable costumes, please contact Jesse Hartley" His number is listed below.

The door to the Capes and Cowls store opens and in walks a figure dressed in a black skin suit and a black half mask, covering all but his eyes and mouth, his features are stretched and ridged. His ears slightly pointed. His features are somewhere between surealistic of perhaps the faerie fold, but more primal and draconian like a vampire. He looks around for a few moments, looking a little nervous.

Working at a computer, Jesse looks up as the door jingles. His first day open, so of course, business isn't exactly booming. Seeing the arrival, he offers a smile. "Hi, welcome to Capes and Cowls can I help you?" He asks, not letting the looks bother him. After all, he's in this business for a reason.

Tanner gives a nod of his head. "I need something better." he mutters in a forced non-regional accent and a gruff voice. "I can toss about a thousand your way." He offers, pulling a small stack of bills that are bound still in bank tape. He nods to it and then holds out his arms. "You need measurements or something?"

"A thousand can get you something, yes. What are you looking for? Physical protection? Temperature protection? Anything interesting?" Jesse asks, remaining quite positive. "It determines what I can get for you. And we don't do the special costumes out here. We do those in the back room." He points a hand over with a grin. "After all, I do a lot of measurements to get all of the right things I can, and some people don't want things being seen.

Tanner gives a nod of his head and then starts towards the back. "Cover the bases. I'm pretty resilient but a shot to the bollocks is a shot to the bollocks, ya know." He offers as he turns back to you. "Something the commands a certain level of respect. No capes. Something red, I think…." He shrugs a little bit. "I'm not big on fashion, I'll leave it to you."

Leading the way to the back room, Jesse nods quickly. "Strip, if you don't mind. I need full body measurements because I provide proper undergarments to help protect under the clothing. And what are the basis of your powers? If you don't mind my asking. It'll help with the actual design I come up with." He's all professional, despite the orders he gives. "It'll take me a day or so to make, longer if I get busy, less if I don't."

Tanner idly reaches up and pulls hard on the black fabric, peeling it off of his upper body and then pushing it down to his feet, where he hops a bit, pulling them off his bare feet. He wears a jockstrap over his form with a cup in place to keep his package safe. His body is actually toned given his recent consumption of meat and protiens and a recently sick lifestyle. He has lean scrapper muscle. Ridges stick out along his spin, causing him to look a bit boney in places. His looks like some kind of strange faery creature. He leaves his mask over his face and then pulls out of the athletic support, putting it over with the rest of his clothes, having no real inkling of modesty at the moment.

Taking a look over the man's form, Jesse stands, holding a tape measure out. "Arms up, Legs spread. I won't touch more than I have to." He offers, giving a little bit of a grin. He spreads his tape measure from wrist to wrist. From shoulder to floor. From waist to leg. Then, along the line of certain areas as softly tucked as he can without physically touching it with his hands (though the tape measure will). "Anything you need open, or do you want everything covered?" He asks, before jotting down the numbers and moving around behind to trace over some of the ridges down the spine, getting specific measurements of each one.

Tanner shrugs a little. "Nothing much can hurt me. So, it can be as open as it needs to be." He offers just before noting. "If you need to touch, touch. I'm not going to be offended. It's just business." He mutters as if it were a mantra. "But do not judge….it's a little cold."

"Why would I judge? I'm a designer. And there is no body that's not different. Considering your height, though, you probably can make ladies or men if you prefer, quite happy." Jesse chuckles as he moves back around to add more notations on the pad before flipping the page and beginning to sketch something out. "Any other colors you like other than red?" He begins to sketch an outline of Tanner's form on the page.

Tanner shrugs a little. "Black I suppose. I just want it to look like the real thing. I feel a little stupid going out there in something that looks like it belongs in a modern dance recital…" he scratches his head and looks down a bit and shrugs. "Wouldn't know….haven't had the opportunity just yet." He offers, seeming frustrated by that fact.

Noting on the side, red and black, Jesse nods. "Oh, you poor thing." He mutters off handedly, shaking his head. "Well, let me tell you then, that it's all very nicely proportioned for someone your size. You can get dressed again if you like." He ponders. "For about 700 I can do a nomex blend inside spandex or for one thousand, I can do the same with leather instead of spandex. Dyed leather takes a little more time and costs a little more. Repairs for the first year only cost the materials, but can take a little time, though I can do a patch job for free and it'll be ready in an hour." He offers as he leaves hands free, but keeps the feet covered, adding black boots to them, shaded by pencil.

Tanner thinks for a moment. "What's Nomex?" He asks curiously. "I want something like Cap's or Spidey's. Whatever that stuff is. Don't want it looking like flimsy spandex…" He offers as he steps into the jock once more and pulls it up, tucking himself into it. "How long?" he asks curiously.

"Spidey's looks like a form of spandex actually, with a kevlar underscore. Nomex is fire resistant. It'll prevent a lot of burns. Kevlar/Nomex blend costs more, but it's hell to cut and takes longer. Hmm… I'd say if business doesn't pick up, day after tomorrow." Jesse says with a nod. "And if I'm not busy, you're more than welcome to come around while I'm working on it." After all, with classes almost over, he can skip most as long as he studies. He's almost a graduate now. The drawing has a basic dripping red pattern flowing down a black body. He doesn't know the guy's power, but his song sounds like bleeding.

Tanner gives a nod of his head. "Well, how about this. I bring you what I can, and you take the rest out of me?" He asks idly moving over to Jesse and standing there, just in the jock, looking down at him with a grin. "It's a fair deal." He says crossing his arms over his chest.

"My work is my pleasure, but that's not something I'd trade. The money is mostly for materials, rent, and labor. I don't charge for my designing skill yet." Jesse laughs, looking over the guy. "While your body is quite nice, that's not an exchange rate." He's actually blushing a little at the offer. "And, after all, part of your payment will be stuck on the wall for the rest of my shop life. First dollar and all. You don't want me to put THAT on the wall."

Tanner shrugs a little as he turns and walks barefoot back over to the black suit and bends over, not squatting. No…he gets it. He pulls on the suits slowly and shrugs a little. "I'm not about to knock over a bank and I don't have much money." he states plainly. "I'll go with the temperature proofing." He offers, leaving it tied at the waist.

Jesse nods softly. "Alright." He says, pausing. "While I thank you for your offer, though, I'd be glad to take you up on it as a non-payment thing. Maybe go have a drink or something." He says with a light grin, adding in a bit of a mental discount for the guy. He can do the leather for 890. That'll leave him at least a hundred for later. Who knows, he may be the next big hero and Jesse doesn't know it. "How's this?" He asks, showing the sketch. Block body, most of it, with a red dripping feature from the shoulders, only a little sliding all the way down to the legs.

Tanner looks at it and shrugs a little. "Want something more primal, less pretty." He indicates his face and his spine. "This stuff isn't pretty, and it would look wierd, like I was trying to hide it. And I'm not embarassed." he comments as he starts to pull himself into the suit.

He nods to himself, making a few changes. "Oh, I was going to leave holes in the back for your ridges." Jesse says, nodding. "I don't believe any hero should hide anything. I understand some want to hide their faces so they can have a real life and that's fine." He says with a nod as he adjusts it to make a few gashmarks across the shoulders.

Tanner looks over and raises a brow moving over to take a look at the sketch. "Shorter…more primal." He offers in his opinion. "Should make people scared of fucking with me, for fear they might get thier eyes torn out."

Adjusting the design, Jesse rearranges things so that the legs are much shorter, barely covering the thighs. However, he doesn't kill the shirt altogether, making it more of a vest… black with red drippings again. He makes gloves with short steel spikes on the outside as well as a red collar with spikes. "Primal enough?" He asks, looking at it and tilting his head. Though he can't help but add in a "Heeeeee fetishy. Nifty."

Tanner gives a nod. "No collar." He comments. "Makes me look like I'm in someone's control…" he offers as he looks is over. "I like it…" He offers however. "Fingerless gloves, barefoot." He offers.

"Alright. No collar it is." He says, scratching that out and dropping the feet. The gloves were already fingerless. "Actually, for as little as that is, I can do the leather for 750." He states, looking up with a grin. "Less material to dye and cut."

Tanner gives a nod of his head and taps the ankles and wrists. "But the spikes there….can you mold metal? Some kind of iron…I think….give it the collar feel but with the idea that I'm loose, not bound."

"I can't, but I have someone I can contact that can. Or, I can give you their number after you get the rest of the costume. The blades on the gloves are just small things I can get easily and cheaply." Jesse says as he looks over the image and chuckles again. "I'll tell ya. You'll definately look strong in this. Hot, but strong."

Tanner shakes his head. "Don't need the claws." he comments quietly as he flexes his wrist and squeezes his hand into a fist. A row of savage looking ridges popping out against his knuckles. "I got my own protection…" He thinks as he looks over the mask and points. "What do you think would go with this?"

"Probably nothing more than a domino mask. Just a little eye blockage. Your face is already altered by your powers as it is." Jesse says, standing up again to take a few measurements around the eyes. "Basic domino mask with a little black makeup." He says with a nod. His fingers as he measures are firm, but not pressing.

Tanner gives a nod of his head and stretches a bit. "Sounds good to me. Keep the money and use it for repairs when I come to you later. Who is your friend who can give me the spiked manacles?"

"Just an ironsmith over in the Village." Jesse says, jotting down an address and phone number. "He's good. I can't work with iron or metal other than basic sewins." He says, sliding back in his chair to spread his legs out a bit, obviously getting more comfortable for the sketching. "I don't know what he'll charge, though."

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