2009-04-14: Designing Specialty


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Summary: Another super comes for a costume.

Date: April 14, 2009

Designing Specialty

Rating: PG

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Capes and Cowls

The business is not fancy. However, right next to the door is a large sign that says "Privacy Guaranteed and Certified." There are quite a few costumes hanging from racks around the place, all of the 'for fun' variety. The costumes that are similar to those of the heroes of the world. There is a fitting room to the right, and a register near the door.

There is a door leading to a back room, however, with a sign above it. 'Protective Wear'. On the door is an additional sign about guaranteed, certified privacy. For those that DO go into the backroom, there are samples of materials as well as a few designs of actual heroic costumes, with a stack of business cards. "For more information on actual protective, fashionable costumes, please contact Jesse Hartley" His number is listed below.

Despite how little Jesse expected, Capes and Cowls is actually doing well. Sure, most of the costumes are of the standard 'party' type, but people are loving it. It's slowed down for the evening, but that's fine. Jesse's still taking classes. Leaning back in his chair at the counter, he browses a school book in one hand and a notepad in the other.

Since he was now becoming a 'big-time government hotshot' (as the nagging little voice in his head teased him with), Cole Aron has decided he needs a costume better than the old thing he scrounged together back in college. And since Capes and Cowls was right there…well. With the little 'ding' from the door opening, Cole steps into the shop but keeps sunglasses over his eyes. "Certified?" he mutters to himself after seeing the sign.

"It means I sign a waver for the supercrowd that wants protective costumes. I'll never reveal a person's name or abilities. I don't even ask, unless they offer." Jesse says, looking up and putting his pen in his ear as he grins. "Hi. I'm Jesse. Welcome to Capes and Cowls. Can I help you with anything?" He asks, leaning forward but extending a hand all the same.

Cole jumps, tensing but resisting the urge to get into a defensive stance. He'd not noticed Jesse at first. "Well, that's good to know," he says, smiling as he walks over to shake Jesse's hand. The shield-maker takes a moment to look the other man over, snapping back to realirt a moment later. "I'm looking to have a costume made…one of the protective variety."

Rising, JEsse nods and motions for the back room. "Soundproofed back here." He offers, holding the door open and waiting for the other guy to step in. He'll close it behind them when Cole enters. He offers a grin. "Nothing you tell me about yourself will leave this room, nor will any measurements or sizes that I may gain." He says with a firm nod as he extends a hand again. "This, I swear on everything I hold dear." He says with a wink aned a laugh. "What in particular you lookin' for, man?"

Cole nods, following along. "Soundproofing?" he mostly just asks himself that. "That's good…" he trails off. The hand is regarded for a few moments before Cole reaches out to shake it once more. The wink and laugh earn a faint blush but Cole doesn't comment. "Well…I have a costume now but it's old. Unstable molecules…and since it's about time for a new look, a new costume seemed like a good idea."

"Aye… I can't do unstable molecules yet. I don't have a hookup with the Richardses yet." Jesse winces slightly as he sighs. "I can do leather or spandex with nomex or kevlar or a blend beneath."

Cole curses softly. "That might be a little problematic…need something my powers won't trash," he mutters.

"What powers do you have, if I might ask?" Jesse says, locking the door and having a seat,offering the one on the other side of the desk.

Cole moves to sit down, creating a shimmering blue bubble around him. "Energy shields," he states simply. "I can do a few things with them."

"They shouldn't be doing any damage from what I can see. But, there's always the option of trying out maybe some leather for now. And, if and when I get the hookup for UM fabric, I'll be glad to do an exchange for you. My repairs only cost material anyway, not labor." Jesse says with a nod as he looks over the guy.

Cole lowers the shield and nods. "Alright…" he trails off, stretching a bit. He's in jeans and a button-up shirt, both clinging pretty lightly to him. Seems he's got something on under them too. "So how much would this cost?"

"Honestly, it depends on the amount of material, design tools, and how much coverage you want, as well as what base material you want under there. Do you want Nomex which is fire resistant, Kevlar, which is bullet resistant, or a combination? Do you want leather or spandex?" Jesse asks, looking the guy over. "You'd do fine in spandex, honestly, but you'd be hot in leather."

Cole nods, finding this makes sense. "Well, I'm not too worried about getting shot or burnt," he chuckles, skin flashing blue for a moment. He starts to reply to the question when 'hot' registers with him. There's a faint blush quickly replaced by a smirk. "I'd be…hot?" he asks.

"Well, if you don't need the protection, just leather will be MUCH cheaper. Maybe 4 or 500 depending on the coverage and colors and whatnot." Jesse nods. "Spandex about the same because of the tiny stitches to keep it from ripping." HE nods again, chuckling. "Hell yeah, you'd be hot."

Cole leans back a bit. "But only in leather?" he teases. "Colors…I'm a blue and gray or blue and silver kinda guy. Need a lot of coverage…I could show ya what I have now for an idea…" he trails off, gesturing vaguely.

"Alright, do that, if you don't mind. That'll give me a design to base off of and grow from." Jesse says with a nod. "Then after I get a good look at it, I'll need you to strip so I can get measurements."

Cole starts to get up but pauses. "Charming the pants right off me so easily?" he jokes. Standing, Cole takes a few steps back. He begins to strip out of his jeans and shirt slowly, subconciously putting on a little show. After a moment, he pulls out his goggles and gloves and slips them on to complete the look. Gray pants with blue piping up the sides of each leg, simple belt with supply pack in back. Gray shirt with a blue D over the heart, fingerless gloves, hood up, reflective blue wrap-around goggles. It's Defense. "Had this thing for awhile…"

"You've done this before, haven't you?" Jesse says with a laugh as he looks it over, beginning a light sketch on a notepad that he has on the table next to them both. He adds in shoulder pads, The color scheme he switches mentally, giving the gray piping in his own a bit of reflective silver flake to make it sparkle. He adds in a little more here and there. "I can definitely work with that. Do you want to keep the D?" Jesse asks

Cole smirks. "Only once…" he trails off. Standing in his best 'I am a serious hero' pose, the mutant waits. "The D…yeah, I suppose holding onto it would be handy. Sorta helps me look like more than just a well-dressed thug."

"Handsome, you WON'T look like a well dressed thug when I'm done with you. I design for GODS." Jesse states firmly. "It's just that so few people use a letter in their design. It's basically saying 'If you don't remember me for who I am, you may remember a letter.' " He shrugs. Not really his thing, but he's going to shrink it.

Cole quirks an eyebrow. "Thor I am not," he says, rather amused. "I'd hope people remember me more for the whole saving their lives thing than anything else…" he trails off with a shrug.

"Exactly my point. Rather than the letter." Jesse says with a nod and a chuckle. "Ok. Take it off. Everything. I have to know dimensions in order to get full protective gear. You always want extra protection in certain places." He schools his expression so it doesn't look like he's enjoying it.

Cole crosses his arms for a moment. "Usually I don't get naked unless I'm getting a shower or something fun out of it," he says, tilting his head to the side. After just a moment, he starts to strip down. Another few moments later and he's just in a jockstrap. "Once again, not Thor," he murmurs, a little nervous here. He pulls off the last of his clothes to show off he appears pretty average and that he does some grooming.

"It won't be the first I've seen." Jesse says with a firm nod as he pulls a tape measure out of the drawer in his desk and moves over. "Arms out. Legs slightly spread. I promise not to touch things more than I have to." Nothing but business in his voice, possibly because that's how he HAS to be in this situation.

Cole quirks an eyebrow but withholds comment on the pose as he gets into it. "And now we test my balance," he mutters. "Oh, touch away…" he chuckles quietly. The first touch will get a shiver out of Cole but after that, he seems to relax a bit.

JEsse takes the tape and runs it across Cole's shoulders. Then from arm tip to arm tip. Then from shoulder to ground. Shoulder to waist. Waist to foot. He nods before moving around to use the tape to tuck Cole back softly and get a measure. He moves away and begins making notations into the notepad. "I should have something decent for you in two days. Leather or Spandex? You never did say for sure."

Cole draws in a breath relatively quickly as the tucking, swallowing. When Jesse moves away, Cole gets into a more comfortable stance and holds his hands in front of himself. "Let's go with leather since you say I'll look so hot in it," he says. "'Sides…I don't have the butt for spandex."

"Alright. It'll be ready in a couple of days." Jesse says with a quick nod. "And I'll see the definite cost and let you know. IF you don't like it, I will just do something else with it." He says with a nod.

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