2009-04-06: Destiny's Care


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Summary: Ricky awakens in a lab, to find out that he's been fixed.

Date: April 6, 2009

Destiny's Care

Rating: PG

As Ricky begins to stir to consciousness, he finds himself in a fluid filled tube, with wires and an oxygen mask attached to his face. As his eyes open, the fluid begins to drain until it sinks below his feet. The door slides open, and a deep, almost masculine voice intones, "You may remove the wiyas. You no longah need them."

"What?" Ricky asks, obeying the command to remove things as he looks down at himself and gasps, covering himself briefly. He's not really all that concerned with modesty, but he still likes to be a little prudent. "Where am I? Who are you? Why am I here and not at the hospital?" He asks, trying to be calm. Considering that in the last twenty four hours, he's had his grandmother rip the powers out of his body, had her attacked by a demon, and himself been in the hospital unable to stop shifting his form, he's just a little bit perturbed about the whole situation.

"You're in a safe location, Richard." The voice proves itself to be… a woman? Or a man in drag? It's hard to tell as the face is covered. "I am Dr. Destiny. And I have saved your life, and given you back something you had lost in the process. One of the doctors called me and knew my genetic studies were far superior to most. So, I came and took you in." Compassionate? Perhaps. One never can tell for certain. An attendant dressed in black brings him towels and a black body suit.

"Oh." Ricky looks down at himself. "You're right, I'm not changing anymore." He says when he notices. He quickly towels the fluid off his body before stepping into the comfortable suit. "I really don't have much of a way to pay you back." He admits, softly. "Uhm, will I be able to go back home, soon?"

"Of course, Richard. As soon as we run a few tests." Dr. Destiny says. "Your genetics were in a state of constant fluctuation, not knowing what the proerp form was. Unfortunately, I couldn't completely destroy their adaptability, so instead, I enhanced it. What this means is, You will have an interesting new ability. I am not sure what it is, exactly, but I have an idea, and I'd like to test it." She says. The Attendant reappears with a small black box on a belt. "Wear this belt please. It's simply a monitoring device. It will help me gauge your physical changes and keep me informed in anything important happens to you. I'd like you to wear it for a month. You may take it off to sleep and shower, but I'd prefer you sleep in it."

Not really being one to question doctors… hell, Ricky doesn't even know he was taken without anyone's permission. He just thinks he fell asleep at the hospital… he puts it on, with a quick nod. "Of course uhm… ma'am?" He does put the inflection on the word. He feels stupid afterward, but there's not much he can do about it.

"Still shifting. Interesting. But your form is holding stable. That much is obvious. Richard, in order to repair your body, I added a third helix to your DNA. Your body accepted it faster than any other I've ever seen. Do you understand what this means?"

"I only had a little biology in high school, but yeah… I think I do." He nods, looking around in the bright lights and darkness, unable to see very much.

"Good. That saves me some explanation. Now. You have lost the powers you had. But I believe your genetic structure will absorb other genetic structures to an extent. I believe that your power is to generate other superhuman powers, but we won't know until we test it out, right?" Dr. Destiny says sweetly. "So, we're going to do that." The attendant pushes two wheelchair bound women into the room. Neither one is awake. Perhaps there's something wrong with them as well. "Just touch the blond woman first."

Ricky nods softly, looking at them. This has him a little unnerved. Shouldn't they be allowed to move? Who knows. Either way, he figures he may as well give it a go. Reaching out to touch the blond woman, his eyes glaze over momentarily as an erie calm overtakes his voice. "Mutation: Frictionless Force Field." Afterwards, he jerks his hand back. That felt strange. He shakes his head. "That was… weird."

The Dr. makes notations onto a clipboard she picks up off of machines. "Intriguing. You're still in flux, but not quite adapted after this touch. Now, try touching the other woman." She states as the blond woman is wheeled away. The other woman has pinkish hair, a purplish tinged skin, and bony outgrowths on her body at random locations.

Ricky nods softly, He places a palm against the womans hand. His eyes glaze over again and the same calm overtakes his voice. If one looks close enough, Helices track over his pupils. "Mutation: Bone Weaponry. Recombination of elements: Weapon Field." He blinks and pulls his hand away. "Dude, what keeps happening?"

There's a laugh from the doctor. "You've stabilized, mostly. You were announcing their unique mutations, Richard." She smiles softly. The woman is wheeled out. Another black figure appears and leaps at Ricky suddenly from the front.

Ricky holds up a hand as a whirling wave of bone blades appears in front of his body, twisting and turning, staying between himself and the attacker. "WHOAH." He says, staring. He's never done that before. "Where did that come from."

"You apparently reconfigured their genomes into something new and unique for your own use. Interesting. Well, since it seems to have solidified, you are free to go. However, I would like to ask you a couple of favors. One, Richard, please… wear the box. It will monitor and help me advance my studies. Two, if you can, gather superhuman genetic samples for me. Hair, skin, blood, whatever. I need it to continue studying." The Dr. Says, with a lot of sweetness in her voice. "I'm asking you, because it worked so well for you. You may ask permission and not just TAKE the samples, if you feel that's appropriate."

Ricky nods, thinking. "If they won't let me, I won't provide them. But… if they say it's ok, I will." He's just ecstatic to be alive and well, and even have a potential new ability. "Is that all?"

The Dr. Chuckles softly as a gas begins to pour out of the vents above. "I may ask for another favor later. The most important thing is that you wear the box. If you do collect samples, there's a PO box to mail them to under the lid. Along with that, there's a panic button. If your abilities go out of control, or if your body destabilizes, press it and call me immediately. We'll get to you."

Ricky nods softly, the gas starting to make him sleepy. With a deep yawn, he passes out…

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