2009-04-12: Destiny's Design


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Summary: Dr. Destiny changes number three.

Date: April 12, 2009

Destiny's Design

Rating: Log Rating.

Evening. Easter Sunday. The forgotten go about their business while the remembered have their family affairs. Rebecca sits patiently, watching the tube of fluid, filled with a naked body. This one is older than the other two, closer to her own age. As she progresses, she sees her results coming back positively. Everything is player her way. However, she does note that the figure is beginning to awaken. Pressing a button, the liquid begins to drain away from the tube. "You may remove the wires." She says, as the front opens. "You no longer need them."

With a groan, Randall starts to open his eyes and blink as he doesn't remember much. As his feet touch the ground, the give out from under him and he leans against the back of the tube before starting to remove the wires. He looks around and if he notices he's naked, he doesn't seem to care. "Where am I?" He asks. Once Randall is done removing the wires he starts to push back the long strands of hair in his face.

"My name is Dr. Destiny. You were imperfect. Flawed. Broken. I took pity on you, Randall Greene. Now, you are whole and more than you've ever been before." She says simply, smiling. Dr. Destiny steps forward, rising from the seat. "Stand up. And don't say you can't. You know how to control your legs. You had them most of your life." Her tone isn't angry, it's the sound of a school marm, if not her voice. After all, this woman… sounds more like a man.

"I don't fucking want your pity." Randall spits out bitterly as her words kind of sting a bit on the sensitive subject. "What..are..nevermind." He says as he looks at the attractive woman but that voice…Randall just shakes his head before glaring at her. "Fine." He says as he pushes himself up and moves to stand, even if is a bit wobbily. "What did you do?" He means it in a impressed way, nothing negitive about the way he says it.

"I told you. I made you more than you were. I made you into a GOD, young man." Dr. Destiny says with a smile. "Modern science says we can't do these things, but I feel it's only right. Mutants are born with power. We humans should have access as well. I have mastered the ability to correct what Nature didn't give us, so I've chosen some of those that have lost precious gods-given gifts and given them back a thousand fold." A dark figure approaches Randy bearing a black body suit and towels. "You may dress yourself." His legs are quickly gaining in strength as well.

It's been over a year since Randall last walked so he's not sure if he's dreaming as he takes his first steps and grabs a towel to dry himself off. "Wait wait wait, a god? What the fuck do you mean by a god?" He asks sounding annoyed and confused as he starts to slip on the black body suit. "I just wanted the use of my legs back….Lady.." He says guessing at the gender. "Seriously, thanks for making me able to walk again but stop being so crypitc and tell me what you did."

A light comes on over a treadmill. A super-enforced treadmill. "Go for a run." Dr. Destiny says with a chuckle as the other person holds out a box on a belt. "The belt is simply a monitor, to let me see your condition from a distance, and to alert me if anything goes wrong. Your DNA has been adjusted. You now have three helices in your genetic structure, rather than two. It makes you superhuman." She says with a bit of a shrug. If he doesn't like it, too bad.

Randall isn't exactly happy, she made him into something he blames for his condition…well his former condition. He just glares as he walks over to the treadmill and starts to run. Slowly at first until he starts getting faster and faster, quicker than he's even meaning, until he's running at superhuman speeds, the vibrations of his running occasionally vibrating the warehouse. "What the hell did you do to me?" He's torn on how to feel. On one hand he has the use of his legs back ont he other, he's one of those superfolks.

"Superhumans did this to you. I've evened the playing field. You are now one with the choice of deciding what you want to do with your own life. Will you seek revenge? Will you choose to fight the…" Dr. Destiny makes fingerquotes, "Good Fight?" She laughs softly. "I made you into what you are so that you could LIVE again and not worry in fear." The 'servant' appears next to Randall again. "You may not like it though. I've noted that your body burns through carbohydrates madly. You'll need lots of high energy foods." The servant carries some decent tasting energy bars. Nothing GREAT.

Once he slows down, Randall does notice he is hungry and feeling a bit light headed and he grabs an energy bar and eagerly eats it. "Well I used to live off of these durning the X-Games." He grumbles as energy bars are nothing new to the athlete and speaking of superpowers, having them probably means he won't be able to compete again. "So what the hell are you, this crazy doctor who just gives unfortunate fucks like myself superpowers? Why?"

"For my own personal reasons. I take bits of DNA from superhumans that I gain and combine them. You're the third so far. And you're just as good with them as the others. The only thing I ask, is that you wear the monitor box for a month before mailing it back to me. And, if you choose, to send me genetic samples from any superhuman you meet." Dr. Destiny explains, crossing her arms over her chest. "However, I would recommend against revealing your renewed legs to just everyone. Perhaps, in your day to day life, you would like to ccontinue using a wheelchair, faking a gradual increase in mobility."

"So wait, you fix my legs and I still have to be confinded to that damn chair…" Well at least Randall won't need assistance when it comes to taking a piss now. "So just a monitor box and other superpeople's DNA?" Yeah like that's gonna be easy. "Fine I'll wear your box and do what I can, it's the least I can do since well…walking does mean everything." Randall's not as much of a jerk as he puts a front on for, he's just grown too bitter over the last year. "So you need my information for any bills or anything?" It can't just be a simple as 'wear a monitor'.

"No. There are no bills. I have money. I do this for my own purposes. And yes. That's all. I'm intrigued to see how you use your abilities. Flux has chosen the path of white. Bloodbath has chosen the path of dark. Where will you go, oh velocitous one?" Dr. Destiny says cryptically again as she chuckles, letting a mist seep into the room. "You will awaken in your home again. If you need me for an emergency, press the button beneath the lid. It will call me."

"Flux?…Bloodbath?…what kind of…" And before Randall can finish his sentance the mist starts to creap down and he inhales it's toxin causing him to fall to the floor passed out. He'll wake up not knowing if everything was a dream or not at first, but knowing it's real once he takes his first steps.

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